Frustration At Deutsche Welle Forum

H/T: Benny Peiser

This is the final day of the Deutsche Welle’s Global Media Forum, this year’s conference is titled “The Heat is On – Climate Change and the Media”. If any conclusion can be drawn, it is that elite warmists are extremely frustrated. Read here.

Bob Ward:

British journalists don’t know difference between fact and fiction.

Peiser’s GWPF report reads: “But he also concedes that there have been grave mistakes made by researchers”. And Ward called for scientists to handle their findings and knowledge responsibly. Ward goes on to say:

The IPCC is too slow in correcting the faults.

Naomi Oreskes, non-consensus denialist:

The statements from scientists are so greatly disconnected from the media in the USA because the journalists unknowingly and inaccurately repeat what was said.

…so-called climate skeptics are nothing but “contrarians” and can’t be taken seriously because their critique isn’t scientifically based.

Can you hear their teeth gnashing?

2 responses to “Frustration At Deutsche Welle Forum”

  1. Ed Caryl

    And people like Naomi can’t see that their beliefs aren’t based on science either. They don’t understand that what they are told is biased away from good science by all the politics and money involved. Science must be done without preconceived notions of the outcome. All the “warmists” have forgotten this basic practice. All measurements must be performed with all precautions taken to avoid errors. The current state of surface temperature measurements is so bad they should be completely ignored. They cannot be corrected, “homogenized”, or “adjusted”. Massaged c##p is still c##p. Models based on it will still smell. /rant off

  2. Brian H

    It all reminds me of that video that surfaced during the US election of a tearful blonde 17-ish guy in agony because some people were dissing Obama. He couldn’t bear to have his devotion mocked!

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