More Masseurs Come Forward

I know the other uptown climate sceptic blogs don’t want to get anywhere near this red-hot potato of a topic, as the details are explosive, too sketchy and the sources are to some extent dubious. Caution has to be exercised  in drawing conclusions. It’s far too early for that.

But where there’s smoke, there’s fire.  I committed myself to keep people posted on the story. I’m not just going to sit here and “suck it up”. My hunch tells me it’s going to boil over. I may be wrong, but two more big puffs of smoke have just billowed up.

The National Enquirer, yes, a yellow journal, has reported that two more lady masseurs have come forward, claiming Al Gore behaved very inappropriately, read NY Post report.

In the first case that came to light late June, masseur Molly Hagerty said in a 2009 police report that she felt Gore had done this many times before, meaning other women had probably endured the same. If Hagerty was just a fraud, then no other women would come forward.

Now 2 more women are reported coming forward and claiming abuse by Gore.

One incident took place at a Beverly Hills luxury hotel when Gore attended the Oscars in 2007. The second allegedly occurred a year later at a Tokyo hotel. This would confirm Hagerty’s suspicions.

I read the entire police report made by Hagerty, and it seemed to me implausible that someone would make up such an elaborate story.

And although tabloids like the National Enquirer are known for untrustworthy stories, would they go after someone like Gore without having real substance? You can screw up a story on a Hollywood diva, but wouldn’t you make damn sure you have your facts straight if you go after the former VP of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize,  Oscar winner, a figure with that kind of influential muscle?

The New York Post writes:

The probe threatens to engulf Gore deeper into a sex scandal once thought unthinkable for the Nobel prize winner who built up an image as a doting husband and family man who fell in love with his wife at the high school prom and lived happily ever after.

Another reason I think the story has substance is because of what Gore has said and done in the past. AIT was carefully crafted to deceive, and so it says a lot. His words say a lot. This is not a man playing with a full deck, in my view.

Who really betrayed the country?

Eventually these things have a way of getting out of control. Global warming is already having enough trouble surviving Climate-gate. This Gore story could put the whole damn thing away for good.

Will more women step forward?

12 responses to “More Masseurs Come Forward”

  1. Brian H

    I’m not so sure. Already CAGWers were pooh-poohing attacks on Gore as irrelevant to “the science”. I think their establishment, which is wide and deep and flush with cash, will throw Big Al under the bus with hardly a qualm, now that he’s served his purpose.

    1. pgosselin

      Pooh-pooh all they want – it would still be a body blow.

      1. Brian H

        [delete – sorry, but I’d prefer not venturing there – PG]

      2. Brian H

        Fair enough; but preferences and survival are not necessarily compatible in this case. The Marquess of Queensberry would not recognize any of the strategy and tactics of the CAGW Cult. I think even Machiavelli would be contemptuous.

  2. TinyCO2

    I was very late watching AIT. I refused to pay for what I already knew was deeply flawed.

    When I finally caught a free viewing I was gobsmacked. That was what earned an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize? It was utter bilge.

    I was prepared for the mistakes but I was also expecting a slick, glossy documentary. Instead, I watched amazed as a recorded lecture was intercut with Al Gore’s election failure pity party. I still haven’t been able to watch the whole thing because I risk damaging my TV as I throw stuff in disgust.

    Anyone who can win plaudits for such a poorly made effort deserves to think he can get away with anything. Hopefully he’s wrong on all counts.

    1. Brian H

      It’s called “pandering to the base”. Bitter Dems are the core of both his political and pseudo-science fans.

      1. TinyCO2

        It’s more than that.

        Prior to AIT, I’d never registered Al Gore’s name. I’m sure I had heard of him in relation to the US political scene but I can’t even remember him being Bush’s opponent. Hanging and pregnant chads and ‘did they really vote for Bush again’ are the main memories. If it was only the US that had gone gaga over the film I’d have understood.

        I can’t decide if it’s the man or the cause that’s got people so mesmerised. I was genuinely shocked at how poor the documentary was. Perhaps I’m spoiled. For all it’s faults and biases, British TV (especially the BBC) has a good track record for documentaries.

        I’m even more bemused that there hasn’t been anything better launched onto the international stage.

  3. Ed Caryl

    I’ve never seen AIT, because I knew it was bilge just from knowing the source. Tiny CO2, that’s a good point. Why has there not been a good production explaining the Calamitologist position? Why did they let Gore carry the water? Is it because they can’t? Or because the won’t? I must think about that.

  4. Vince Werber

    Foolish me! I had always figured I’d have to become a ‘rock-star’ to get this type of action 🙂 perhaps 007?

    Gore seems to have issues with the ‘effects’ of global and IPCC prez ‘Petri-dish’ writes his global problems in a racy paperback…

    I’ll stick with the rock-star thing and toss a few tellies out of a hotel room window 🙂

    vince in Maine

  5. Vince Werber

    Sorry guys… some words were deleted for context but I used the wrong protocol to do it… I should have used “”
    sorry again… darn tabby keeps hitting the ‘shift key… grrrrrrr


  6. DirkH

    I saw excerpts of AIT. Maybe it was interesting for an audience that has never seen a powerpoint presentation and never sat in the audience of a university lecture.

    I can easily stand watching it – some of my professors were not that good so i know how to sit through a boring lecture; and i admire AIT as an enormously successful product that is produced with the least effort possible; an economic masterpiece; an empty shell that people are eager to buy. Near-zero production cost and enormous profits.

  7. Brian H

    Tiny et al;
    There was a detailed rebuttal produced called, “Not Evil, Just Wrong”. Of course it got almost zero MSM coverage. It’s available online, I believe. (Actually, I think the title is wimpy, and should be reversed: “Not Just Wrong, Evil”. 😀 )

    Oh, PG, a wee English correction: a female massager is a “masseuse”. A “masseur” is male. Not that there might not be a few of those he patronized lurking in the weeds, too … 😉

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