Europe’s Greatest Fear

For Europe, the huge welcoming applause Palin got after being introduced just before her speech was loud thunder accompanied by tectonic tremors. The signs for catastrophic (political) climate change are clearer than ever.

UPDATED 8/29 12.15 p.m.This blog is supposed to focus on climate and energy, and not politics. But the future of both issues are tangled up in politics, and so it is unavoidable.

Make no mistake about it. The ruling elitists in Europe and Germany are about as far from America’s foundational principles as they have ever been. Looking at the German media headlines yesterday, Beck’s rally was labelled as a gathering of “ultra-conservatives”, “religious right”, “God-fearing, gun-toting Americans”-patriotic folks in T-shirts and caps who chant “USA! USA!” and “God bless America!”. It’s just so unsophisticated – so say the euro-elitists through their noses. Europe’s elite media are marginalising and villainizing American conservatism. Call it the Cold War of the 21st Century. That’s the reality.

The euro-media of course would never broadcast the speeches, fearing their listeners might draw the “wrong conclusions”. So the media select the pictures they think their viewers ought to see and deliver pre-packaged thoughts and commentary to tell them how to think. It’s the responsible way of informing citizens.
Europe’s spite for original American ideals is deep.

Should someone like Palin take the Presidency in 2012, then prepare for headlines from Europe that normally would be reserved for history’s worst dictators. It’ll be “freeze it, personalise it and polarize it” in über-doses. In secular environmental Europe, things like Christianity, God, freedom, small government, life, capitalism are extreme, and thus talk about such things must be reigned in and controlled by the heavy hand of the state and media.

America itself is deeply divided, and it’s going to stay that way. And there’s no question which side Europe’s elites in media and government align themselves with. It’s the believers of the USA’s Constitution, i.e. conservatism, against the rest of the world. It really is that precarious. Those who believe in the founding principles of America have very few allies left in the world.

The differences between the American right and European left (the American left is the European left) are now far beyond reconciliation. The two sides could not be more polarised. What’s the way out? What can be done when reconciliation has no chance? The American right, the believers of its Constitutional principles, are alone on the globe. Do you compromise? Do you try to change the mind of the rest of the world? Conflict and uprising seem to be pre-programmed.

Although American conservatism appears to be making a comeback now, the reality is that it is completely surrounded on all fronts, almost hopelessly outnumbered, with very few political weapons. The NGOs, the UN, the elite media, academia, Hollywood, Russia, China, Europe, the Third World, the “environmentalists”, the billionaires, the special interests, the powerful US Left and all dictators are arrayed against American conservatism. People are to be ruled by governments, and not vice versa.

As President, who could someone like Palin possibly find as an ally? Other than Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel and Georgia, you’d be hard pressed to name one that’s influential. I’m not saying Palin should not be elected for that reason, I’m just telling you what the world is like for the last bastion of American ideals.
The odds are very long.

23 responses to “Europe’s Greatest Fear”

  1. Ed Caryl

    I believe Sarah has more allies than you believe. Hare in the USA, for every Tea Party attendant, there are 100’s that stay home, cheer her on, and wait for November. Americans have awakened. I think there are many “ordinary barbarians” in Europe waking up also. If you are interested, follow:
    Reply: True, she has got lots of allies in the USA, and perhaps even some among the “ordinary barbarians” in Europe. But, like Bush, she’s the princess of darkness in the eyes of the elitists in Europe. In fact, they hate her even more than Bush – because 1) she expressed doubts on AGW, which in Europe is blasphemy, 2) she gave birth to a handicapped child instead of terminating the pregnancy, 3) she is much prettier than all the other European female politicians, 4) shoots animals with guns and 5) she’s provincial! I’m just saying if she got elected in 2012, they’d let bloodhounds and dragons loose. PS: Don’t get me wrong – I like her. But reality is reality.

    1. DirkH

      Well. I have no doubt that all my Spiegel-controlled colleagues will blindly repeat everything said about Beck in our holy leftist media. I, on the other hand, have watched several of Beck’s exploits and can attest that he’s right more often than he’s wrong.

      They always wonder why it is i don’t share their perception of reality. To me, Germany looks like an enchanted forest where up is down and darkness is light, at least that’s what all the little people in this enchanted forest believe.
      Reply: Tell your colleagues they should listen to the speeches themselves and draw up their own conclusions, instead outsourcing that to the Spiegel snobs. – PG

      1. DirkH

        Hehe. I’m working in Hamburg. Doubting Der Spiegel is heresy up there. Nice suggestion, Pierre, but i can’t do more but heckle them a little here and there.

        1. DirkH

          Oh, and another thing. It might not be that obvious to you, as you’re not a native German. Germans in general are incapable of watching english or American video and understanding the speakers. American TV productions are always overdubbed so the population here never gets accustomed to really apply the English they learned in school. The Dutch and the Scandinavians can; the Germans can’t. So showing them a bit of Beck’s shows won’t do anything at all.

          This might also be the reason why Germans in general ALWAYS misunderstand anything that happens in the English-speaking world; they have to trust their journalists about it – an approach that usually backfires badly.

          The fact that i’m constantly blathering in English and getting all my news from English-speaking sources is nothing but a personal decision of mine. I’m as German as it gets but sometimes i just don’t behave like it. 😉

    2. Ed Caryl

      They will be shocked when the bloodhounds lick her hand and the dragons que up to give her rides.

  2. Ben

    How’s that cap & trade thing working for you in Germany? Have you built enough windmills and solar collectors yet? Have you destroyed sufficient habitats and flocks to make it worth while? I have traveled around the world on many occasions and heard from many that they wish they could live in America the land of the free and the home of the brave. American exceptionalism is understood and revered by those who lack freedom in their own countries. We like our freedoms and resent anyone, especially elite European journalist, progressive journalist and government officials trying to take our freedoms from us. Perhaps you should read F. A. Hayek and Milton Friedman to learn about real freedoms and the tyranny of a large and powerful state.

  3. R. de Haan

    Excellent article Pierre.

    I personally think the shift is already underway.

    Conservatives who aim for smaller Government and less Europe are stepping onto the stage right now.

    The problem is they have ample time.

    The current bunch of Euro Crooks is running us into the ground.

    After that the EU won’t have the funding to hide it’s ugly corporatist, read fascist mug and the masses finally will wake up.

    Any how, Europe won’t be the “place to be” for a long time and I have taken my measures to leave any moment.

  4. R. de Haan
  5. mitchel44

    “Do you think Chris Matthews or Keith Olberman would lick her hand?”

    I think they will do what they are told by those paying their salaries.

    If she makes it to the next election and is on the ticket, watch for those who own the media to start sliding in her direction, they don’t want the “rent cheques” to stop.

  6. TinyCO2

    I think that you’re right about the US having few allies in Europe and beyond with Palin as president but I’m not sure that they’ve got that many anyway. Jealousy of US success is probably a main part of that, followed by American white hat mentality. They like to feel that they’re rescuing warring nations from themselves (eg Iraq) but don’t seem to understand that it’s not appreciated. If they’d learnt from British failures they’d know that the peoples of the world would rather be tortured by their own than rescued by a foreigner. But since the Brits still haven’t learnt, there’s no reason why the US will change their game any time soon.
    Palin is seen as a bit thick, much as Bush was before her. It might be true or it might be the result of poor media skills. I’m sure many excellent world leaders of the past would have been unelectable if they’d had to appear on tv. Sadly that kind of scrutiny has left the UK with such a bunch of losers that no one wants to vote for any of them and we get very low electoral turn outs.
    The US can now be said to be coming of age. Like older Western nations it is developing a sense of imperialistic guilt. That’s what Cap and Trade is all about, self flagellation. It never works but the indulger can feel better about their soul because they’ve been punished for being rich and successful. I still wonder if Europe (and especially the UK) will take such stupidity to it’s natural conclusion and bankrupt themselves.

    1. Ed Caryl

      Sarah is very quick. Her media skills are getting better by the day. (She was a local TV anchor for a couple of years out of college.) The speech pattern is an Idaho accent, and that is beginning to fade. People in “Heartland” like her just fine.

  7. Edward.

    I smiled when the wall came down, little realising that I would now be living in a Totalitarian bloc 21 years later.

    Between the Germans and their stooges the ‘Vichy’ French, they have stitched Europe up, slowly ever so slowly the last truly ‘free’ country of western Europe has been subsumed by the tentacled monster aka the EU federal state.

    Britain only really ever had true allies in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and of course the USA but most of all the sea was our ally and trade our life-blood.

    In 37 years of membership of the “European Coal and Steel Community”, we have been dumbed down and sold off like slaves in the Roman agora by our mates in the British ‘elite’ who sold their souls to the power of Bruxelles in 1975 – the date of the referendum on membership of the EEC.

    Now a real democratic movement rears it’s head in the States, I salute Palin and Beck and go further and say “**** the MSM and ‘political elite’ in Europe”.

    How I wish sometimes, I had dual nationality, I would be off to the USA yesterday.

  8. Ed Caryl

    El Paso airport. I can fit 8 in the Suburban.

  9. Edward.

    Further to what I said, the USA is the only democracy in the western world that works, it needs attention but it is a real democracy.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Not fair, Edward. Australia’s got a democracy.

      It’s so democratic that at the last elections, the voters decided that all the politicians should be strung up, and now we’ve got a hung parliament.:-)

  10. Bernd Felsche

    Policies in the USA are determined by lobbyism.

    Professional lobbyists have the ears of elected representatives almost to the total exclusion of the voting public. Well, that’s how it looks from over here in Australia. Lobbyism works to perpetuate and to encourage big government. The greater the control from a central location, the easier it is to manipulate the system for the desired outcome.

    While people have the right to be heard by those that they choose to govern, they do not have the right to exclude others from being heard. But lobbyism has the power to do so by simply employing favourable voices to crowd out anything that they don’t like.

    It is not necessary for the country to make laws to curtail professional lobbyists. The elected representatives can choose to who they will listen. And the polling booth is where their electorate will judge their wisdom in doing so.

    The other thing of which elected representatives must be made aware is that they have been elected to represent their constituents; not the political party to which they belong. They are individually responsible for how they represent their electorate. And it is the responsibility of voters to give them hell when they don’t act accordingly.

  11. fred


    As a conservative, I am appaled (apalined?) that we should root for what is, basically, a tart. If we cant find anyone better than Palin, why then not ask Mara Carfagna to run for president? At least, she is really good looking.

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