Summer 2010 – Boy That Was Short! Snow Forecast For Alps Under 2000 Meters

Snow already!

A cold blast of polar air has moved over central Europe, pushíng temperatures far below normal. Snow is forecast in the Alps at elevations as low as 1400 meters.

The following chart shows the forecast for the next 2 weeks. It shows that summer is finished for much of Europe. In fact, as mentioned above, the lower Alps are expected to get snowfall in the couple of days ahead. Continue reading below.

According to Snowfinder, it’s time to get your skis out. Snow is in the forecast at many ski resorts. At Mürren Schilthorn in Switzerland elev. 2360 meters, snow is forecast for early this week. The same is true for Kitzbühel in Austria at 2000 meters elevation.

Heck, even below 2000 meters snow is in the forecast, for example Steinplatte Waidring in Austria , which is only 1800 meters elevation. Maybe Nature will publish a study attributing it to global warming.


Update 1,  August 30: Rain mixed with SNOW was reported on the Brocken summit, elevation 1141 meters, In north Germany this morning on north German NDR radio.

Update 2, August 30: Snow line has dropped to 1400m (below the 5000′ line) in the Alps. Heavy snow is in the forecast. See following chart (h/t: Reader Patagon):

4 responses to “Summer 2010 – Boy That Was Short! Snow Forecast For Alps Under 2000 Meters”

  1. Patagon

    Tonight the forecast is at 1400 m, and lots of it:

    (look at the webcams in St Anton:

  2. R. de Haan
  3. R. de Haan

    Watch this snow/temp map from Mont Blanc and watch the dates.

  4. JPA Knowles

    A little early coolth is no big deal but I note that snow has also fallen on some Californian peaks. Maybe this is related to the jetstream which has been behaving strangely of late.
    Snow lying on the ground is definitive indication of zero degrees. Thermometers, satellites and academics can hardly argue with that.

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