Race Against The Climate Apocalypse – Just In Time For Christmas

If you don’t know what to buy the kids for Christmas, then here’s just the thing: computer game The New Beginning. It’s the latest from Daedalic Entertainment, from German game producer gamecity-hamburg.de, see trailer (Sorry, only in German). It’s the latest for teaching German kids the end of the world is coming, unless…!

It’s the year 2500 and what’s left of mankind is on the verge of absolute extinction. Climate change has taken its toll. The planet in no longer hospitable. The few people left live in caves and tunnels. What’s left of the protective ozone layer is about to get wiped out by a solar storm.

It’s the climate meltdown, and we’re right in the middle of it!

Their time is running out, as shown at the 0:54 mark, where a sort of Mann’s hockey stick is used to illustrate this. Something has to be done!

So a group of courageous heroes find a rickety time machine and decide to risk it all to try and go back in time in an attempt to avert the man-made climate catastrophe. Only hero Fay makes it through the time machine and lands in the year 2050.

There she tries to convince the people of what they are doing to the planet – but damn those sceptics and deniers.

San Francisco under water? Tornadoes in Europe?

Finally, Fay end up meeting cranky climate scientist Bent Svensson and begs him to continue his research on his clean fuel, which he has abandoned because his wife died. Can Fay convince Dr Svensson and save the planet?

Now only you can rescue the planet!

This computer game is sure to provide kids with hours of entertainment and education on living responsibly.

Actually, I’m a bit surprised that the end of the world has once again been pushed back 490 years. Al Gore said it would come in 10 years and Prince Charles said 2 years. Now it keeps getting postponed and we have to wait half a millenium.

If Fay had been clever she would have gone back to at least  2000 and disposed of the “deniers” and the HadCrut hacker (if only we knew who he or she was). 2050 seems awfully late. I’d would interpret that as having at least 40 more years to think about the problem. What’s the rush?

Two thumbs down.

PS: I’m spending a few days at the Balitic Sea to try my luck at some deep sea fishing. So posting may be a little light.

6 responses to “Race Against The Climate Apocalypse – Just In Time For Christmas”

  1. TinyCO2

    I presume that one of the ways Fay has to save the future is persuade Bent Svensson to change his first name? I can imagine the scene.


    MR BIG: So Mr Svensson, you’ve invented a new clean fuel that is going to save the planet from a fiery future?

    SVENSSON: Yes, my friend Fay travelled back from the future to tell me that we’re doomed unless we cut out CO2 to zero. And please, call me Bent.

    MR BIG: Ah, yes, it’s funny you should come here today because you’re the third person this week with a new fuel. The other two were Rob Meblind and Irma Sucker.

    He presses the intercom button.

    MR BIG: Susan? Get onto Sunny View and tell them they’re missing another patient… err I mean scientist. Oh, and tell security they’re fired

  2. Bernd Felsche

    The Baltic in autumn? Take care and keep your head straight.

  3. DirkH

    Look at 1:21 – Rajendra K. Pachauri!

  4. R. de Haan

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