Gore’s Last Gasp – German Media Completely Ignores His Bitter Slur-athon

A scan of the larger German online dailies such as DIE WELT, Bild, Der Spiegel, FAZ, etc.  here in Germany shows absolutely no interest or any coverage of Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality.Maybe the old continent is losing interest in a movement that once appeared to be scientific, but has long since been reduced to childish name-calling and data manipulation.

The AFP here put out a news blurb, but little else is out there. It could be that editors will print something later, if space allows. But in general the silence is deafening.

Gore’s long losing streak

Objectively speaking, Al Gore is on serious a losing streak. His book sales have hit rock bottom, the Chicago Climate Exchange is dead, so is the Kyoto protocol successor, skepticism is growing, and his new Climate Reality Project is getting few visitors after a brief jump right after it opened. Indeed the global warming issue is out – totally passé.

A big problem is how Gore combatively frames the issue. For him it’s either you accept the science of climate catastrophe, or you are a despicable denier. Gore simply doesn’t grasp that most people are somewhere in between.

Even the warmist/alarmist sites in Germany are not even bothering to report on Gore’s senseless rantathon. One gets the feeling that he is appearing more and more washed up with every passing month. And with every emotional outburst, he is being regarded more and more as an embarrassment to the movement rather than a bonus.

14 responses to “Gore’s Last Gasp – German Media Completely Ignores His Bitter Slur-athon”

  1. mindert eiting

    First my congratulations that you and me survived his shock and awe attack yesterday. Although it is difficult to judge from a distance, I get increasingly the impression that Al Gore is becoming mad. I got it for the first time with his bulls**t speech. That reminded me of a mad Dutch professor who also showed that loss of good manners in public. I also noted that he began to fish for money among his followers on the internet, whereas he has plenty of his own. If you see his movies or sheets in the campaign, well, what do you think?

  2. matti

    It is no surprise that there is so little interest in Al Gore’s climate alarmism. It is a flawed ,failed and obsolete message that he continues to give . Here in Canada , the public interest in the green movement is also fading fast . There is only one federal member of our Parliament who comes from the Green Party. It is even worse in Ontario .


  3. Ulrich Elkmann

    “Elvis Comeback tour: no tickets sold.” If there is one thing more pathetic than an ex-rock star, it is an ex-superhero.

  4. Russell C

    Gore’s message may have failed, but my question is about what extent his efforts propped it up, specifically in his repeated message about ignoring ‘corrupt’ skeptic scientists. Marc Morano allowed me to detail those problems several months ago, please see: “Smearing Skeptic Scientists: What did Gore know and when did he know it?” http://www.climatedepot.com/a/11168/Climate-Depot-Exclusive-Smearing-Skeptic-Scientists-What-did-Gore-know-and-when-did-he-know-it

    If the mainstream media hadn’t acted as gatekeepers to the general public hearing the skeptics’ science assessments, isn’t it possible that AGW would have died of a natural death over a decade ago?

    1. DirkH

      The mainstream media don’t serve as gatekeepers… they MAKE the news by stirring up a hype. When they realize that something can be hyped, they make it big and sell it for all its worth. They knew that CAGW would be the new Acid Rain, Waldsterben, Ozone Hole and Chernobyl rolled all into one and still milk it, at least in Germany – Der Spiegel as well as its counterpart Der Focus both have a “Climate Change Special” area on their websites; it’s a fixture; a category that has become a mainstay; the frame in which every weather news can be re-interpreted as catastrophic, as an Omen of things to come.

      The mainstream media are the major cause of the ongoing CAGW movement.

      1. Nonoy Oplas

        “mainstream media are the major cause of the ongoing CAGW movement.”
        Dirk, I’d like to think it’s the big 3 of CAGW: WWF, Greenpeace and Oxfam.
        Of course, the UN and country governments also want to keep the hype. They need more money via carbon taxes, petrol taxes, environmental fees, etc.

        1. DirkH

          Western politicians need to follow public opinion… See Merkel’s nuclear U-turn. Public opinion is shaped by the media. German media LOVE to have a Greenpeace expert spout his lies (I am safe to say that; I can point to several documented examples of Greenpeace knowingly spreading untruth). They collaborate; it’s a symbiosis, a shared business plan. But the media were the key enabler for this money-combustion engine.

          Or maybe it is a positive feedback loop – the media sense a hunger for disaster reports in the public so they serve this need.

          I stand outside like an observer. It’s getting madder by the minute. Gore has been thrown under the bus by the media but the madness continues here in Europe.

  5. mwhite

    From the Guardian


    “Is Al Gore now a help or hindrance to the global warming cause?

    Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project is broadcasting its message to 24 time zones across 24 hours”

  6. mwhite

    From the Independent


    “Showing 1 comment

    David Cage 3 hours ago

    Is this another example of al the comments disappearing or is there now no longer any interest or belief in the claptrap from this greedy corrupt and self important anal orifice? “

  7. DirkH

    Maybe after the “crazed s*x poodle” affair the newspaper editors filed Gore under “C-List celebrity” and ignore him when he pretends to know something, to avoid losing the last remainders of their authority.

    1. DirkH

      The MSM are filling the CAGW frame now without the help of Al Gore; they want to be the puppetmasters themselves. They just don’t need his powerpoints anymore.

  8. Nick

    Exactly Dirk, he is a liability to their movement now and I’m sure they wish he would take his millions and just go away.

    Meanwhile we all still suffer from the panic/religious zeal/political expediency/moneymaking opportunism/funding bonanzas/idealistic hippie greenie dreams he and Hansen helped start. Some unlikely bedfellows there
    who have all found mutual backscratching to be additionally beneficial.
    An example would be the UN/EU we pay into funding Greenpeace/WWF to lobby governments on AGW so it makes it easier for governments to force taxation and restrictions on the electorate who have been softened up by campaigns run by these same NGO’s – it’s just a big merry-go-round.

    As the realization begins to dawn among the general public that it’s starting to get colder and will stay that way for many years, and that sea levels are now falling and will continue to do so as the oceans contact as they cool, and that energy is getting excessively costly while rich people are getting richer at their expense as a result of the above combinations: an angry revolution will begin.

    How long before Joe Public realises they’ve been conned by an engineered CO2 mania and how quickly will ‘our masters’ (the elected and unelected ones) realise they’ve been rumbled ?

  9. Bernd Felsche

    I’m sure Al will argue that hanging chad explains the apparent lack of support. 🙂

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