Criminalizing Canada – German Enviromental Chief Wants Canada On The Dock, And Germany To Bully The World

Many people view environmentalist groups as friendly folks who only want to protect nature. The reality, however, is that many are very powerful, intolerant, and have the means to bully, intimidate, and criminalize people just for having a different opinion.Take for example Hubert Weiger of the powerful German environmental group BUND (Bund für Natur Deutschland). At eco-website Klimaretter (Climate Rescuer) here, Weiger fumes at Canada and wants the UN to start a legal process because the country backed out of the completely useless Kyoto treaty. Klimaretter writes:

In 2012, the United Nations should introduce a breach of contract process against Canada because the country backed out of the Kyoto contract. This is what the Chairman of the environmental association BUND, Hubert Weiger demands. ‘Also the German government must apply pressure,’ said Weiger in a interview with”

Still not clear to you? Well you listen, and you listen good! Klimaretter continues:

‘The community of nations cannot stand by and simply let a country throw this kind of crucial human rights binding contract into the dustbin,’ he believes.”

There are plenty of German eco-kooks within the government, and so Canada ought not take these threats too lightly. Canada can reckon with a massive smear campaign from the intolerant environmentalists in Europe. Weiger then adds:

“Not only did Germany reach its targets without any problems, but also did so reaping economic benefits. Climate protection is a central innovation driver for the economy and creates considerably more jobs than it destroys.”

In addition to scientific papers, Herr Weiger also obviously hasn’t been reading the financial papers. The reality is quite to the contrary. Germany’s energy sector is nearing a meltdown of unprecedented dimensions (soon to appear in English). This year the country went from being a major net exporter to a major net importer of energy. Germany’s solar companies are drowning in red ink and teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. Moreover, conventional power companies have announced the sackings of thousands of well-paid workers. Also read here, Green Economy 2011 in a Nosedive.

And in the wake of Fukushima, Germany elected to wipe out an entire industry in which it was a global leader when it came to safety and innovation: nuclear power. For some, the shutdown of nuclear plants can’t come soon enough. Klimaretter writes:

Weiger is demanding that the nuclear exit be moved up to 2012 or 2013.”

Shutting down all of Germany’s nuclear reactors might be tough to explain to the public. No problem though, Weigner has a solution for that too:

What we need is a ‘comprehensive information and motivation campaign, beginning with kindergarten and extending through to seniors, on TV, radio, Internet at all levels – from the federal government on through to the municipalities and local communities.”

Talk about scary. Sounds like something from the old playbooks of authoritarian regimes. It wouldn’t be scary if this was just from an obscure green kook from a fringe organization. But these are the recommendations of an organization that is widely quoted by the media daily and is well-connected to Germany’s top government levels.

Canada, beware! They hate you because you have a different opinion and you refuse to fall to your knees before them. And you’ve been making too many plans for your damn dirty tar sands.

One final note: One of the main contributors to Klimaretter is centre-left SPD honcho Michael Müller. I can only surmise that he condones this type of highly intrusive, authoritarian-style of global and local interference.

22 responses to “Criminalizing Canada – German Enviromental Chief Wants Canada On The Dock, And Germany To Bully The World”

  1. thebiggreenlie

    HA!………we Canadians are really “scared” of people like this idiot………….NOT!
    if anyone gets a chance to speak to this guy personally, tell him to look up these two words: “Juno Beach”.
    First of all, Germany was the example that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty used to try and sell his Green Energy Plan to the citizens of Ontario and like Germany he has destroyed our once beautiful Canadian Province. Like German, we are all paying twice as much for electricity that used to be affordable. Huge sectors of Farmland has been destroyed to accommodate useless Wind Turbines and wildlife has been mutilated in the tens of thousands by these Industrial monsters. People have had to abandon their homes because of ill health from the Infra sound not to mention the Real Estate decline because of their close proximity.
    We had the “pleasure” of having your Hermann Scheer over here “selling us” on the success of Germany’s Green agenda and was basically “run out of town” before he could address a University audience with his lies!….also he will not be missed!
    So tell Heir Muller to come on over to Canada and tell us to our face that we are being bad for denouncing the criminals involved with anything “Kyoto”!
    I’m sure he will treated as well as Hermann was…!

    1. DirkH

      “We had the “pleasure” of having your Hermann Scheer over here “selling us” on the success of Germany’s Green agenda and was basically “run out of town””

      I would have LOVED to see that. BTW he won’t come back, he died in 2010. Couldn’t stand the self-righteous idiot.

  2. Sean Peake

    Herr Muller, don’t make us come over there. Again.



  3. Robert of Ottawa

    That’ll be the third time, Germany. We are warning you.


  4. Ulrich Elkmann

    Kanada, I call you bluff. Just komm over hier, ze Krauts vill put up massiv reziztance. Just like they did the last time, AFTER the Allies crossed the Rhine…
    (i.e. geezers & 14-year-old pimpfs with airguns. And orders to the own troops to blow up the whole of the remaining infrastructure. Mandatory blackouts for the few electric lights still left – and the industry. Cars running on wood gas.

    While the leaders bawl about the end of the world. Sounds like a kinky green wet dream.)

  5. mwhite

    we will write you a letter, telling you how angry we are

    I don’t think Canada should worry just yet

  6. Klimaathoorzitting Canadese parlement met Ross McKitrick et al

    […] hoorzitting waarin een reeks sceptici waaronder Ross McKitrick hun zegje mag doen.En zie dan hierrr op hoe zo’n Duitse milieu dodo als Hubert Weiger van BUND (Bund für Natur Deutschland) op de […]

  7. Tom Roe

    The warning to Canada is spot on (spot on being Tennessee slang:) Unfortunately the land of my birth is front and center in pushing the alternative energy alternative reality. Your government has bet your economic future in this chimera and it’s efforts run wide and deep throughout the world economy. Take my beloved Tennessee where we host a rising Wacker-Chemie AG plant tied to solar. This project and a similar one in our state are soaking up massive tax subsidies. One of these subsidies borders on the sublime. If the TVA which produces electricity for the voltage intensive plant undertakes CO2 control initatives, including solar which raise the cost of electricity to the plant a state funded off-set kicks in. Who says the corporate welfare queens of renewable energy don’t know that their product will result in higher costs? Bravo Canada and kudos to this site from the neues Grunwunderland.

  8. DirkH

    They’re not only fighting Canada.

    German Greens have submitted a formal complaint against Poland’s nuclear power program to the EU commission, using the usual green tactics, saying the Poles have not assessed the environmental impact correctly.

    “Germany’s energy sector is nearing a meltdown of unprecedented dimensions (soon to appear in English). ” — That’s a bombshell of a report, thanks for the link, Pierre!

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      Nice of the Germans to try to shut down the power plants they will have to rely on once they have finished with their Great Leap Forward. This wouldn’t have anything to do with the newfound entente cordiale with Czar Vladimir in Moscow…?

  9. DirkH

    You have to look hard to find CAGW alarmist nonsense these days. Thankfully my internet provide t-online finances its own Ecopropaganda portal, that makes it easier. (I’ll get me a new provider someday soon; I don’t want them to use my money for their propaganda.)

    Truffles threatened by Climate Change.

  10. GregO

    So the Greens are worried about Man-Made Global warming.

    What are they talking about? What warming? If Mankind is warming up the planet, we are certainly taking our time about it.

  11. DirkH
    Alexa Traffic Rank: 405,168 Traffic Rank in DE: 27,434 .
    Alexa Traffic Rank: 744,870 Traffic Rank in US: 413,918 .

    Not too bad, Pierre…
    Alexa Traffic Rank: 388,841 Traffic Rank in US: 220,684 .

    1. DirkH

      For everyone who wants to play himself;1/DE

  12. John F. Hultquist

    Perhaps the German Greens should have a look at all the green grapes the homeland turns into wine each year. The by-product of yeast munching on grape sugar is carbon dioxide. Best to shut that industry down. I’ll sure miss the Trockenbeerenauslese!

    Canadian Alberta Premium 100% rye whisky will make a suitable replacement.

    Juno Beach – I was just a few months old. Go Canada!

  13. dave ward

    Being impatient I pasted your science-skeptical URL into Google translate. The result isn’t perfect, but even a quick skim through the first few paragraphs is very illuminating!

    Here’s a shortened link:

    One bit regarding pumped storage caught my eye (English tidied up by myself): “It found that to buffer a low wind doldrums period of 10 days, 313 times the currently installed pumped storage capacity is required.”

    And some idiots suggest using batteries to cover the gaps…

  14. Edward.

    Herr Weiger, would have us all back to year zero and all in arable bliss back on the land – ala Pol Pot, why are these nutters [Klimaretter] all to the left of Chairman Mao?

    Tremendous stuff Canada, doesn’t matter what the eco-commies in Germany think, the USA is just to the south and you have minerals and resources galore – what [fruit cakes in] Germany thinks hardly matters.

    What does worry me though, is that doubtless, nuts like Herr Weiger have sway in the EU and I happen to live in the EU, suffused as it is in the Marxist ideologies of; AGW, welfarism, equality madness, multikulti and pumping money into useless federal pipedreams which are doomed to fail.

    Time for Britain to leave the communist bloc of the EU and to join our ‘cousins’ in the Anglosphere.

  15. matti

    “Not only did Germany reach its targets without any problems, but also did so reaping economic benefits. ”

    I think Herr Muller and Weigner conveniently neglect to mention that Germany did not get to their present economic state after the 2nd World war by means of non fossil energy usage . It took a lot of less expensive fossil fuel and Western economic generosity for Germany to rebuid and recover . Yet they would now deny the same economic opportunty to other developing countries who need the less expensive energy and those that produce and supply that energy today. Extremely disinengenous for these two men to preach to the rest of the world how they should act and yet they ignore the actions of their own government that is switching from nuclear to fossil fuel . Some body has to produce this fossil fuel and each supply country will utilize the best resorces and technology to produce it . What they seem to be saying is that it is ok for us to use fossil fuel energy but its not ok for you Canadians to produce any with the latest extraction technology.
    . How hypocritical of them and I am troubled by this constant autocratic preaching to the rest of the world . This not the way one behaves in a true family of nations .There are troubled times ahead for EU if voices such as these advise or set the agenda for dealing with the outside world .

    1. DirkH

      matti, the BUND comrade also forgets to mention that Kyoto was penned by a commission of the German parliament, so that the condition it sets were automatically fulfilled by the shutdown of heavily polluting East German old industries which had already happened.

      Kyoto was German power politics to force competing countries dumb enough to sign the treaty to de-industrialize, giving German industry an edge.

  16. DirkH

    The ecopropagandaportal of t-online has an interesting article. The mysterious bee death epidemic seems to have been caused by a hitherto unknown parasitic fly which lays its eggs in the bodies of worker bees and somehow triggers them to fly away from the beehive, leaving an empty beehive behind. The bees later die from exhaustion and the fly brood consumes them.

    I remember the Greens suspecting evil industry and insecticides…

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