Professor Vahrenholt: Climate Science “A Real Effrontery”… “Scientists Leave The Room When They See Me”

Co-authors Professor Fritz Vahrenholt and geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning unleashed a wave of harsh reactions from the old crusty climate establishment earlier this year with the release of their controversial book Die kalte Sonne.

Fritz Vahrenholt has become l’enfant terrible in climate science. Photo source:

Vahrenholt recently granted interviews with some Austrian newspapers. The Die kalte Sonne site presents some excerpts of these interviews.

Die Presse:

DP: You criticise the IPCC for ignoring certain issues. Aren’t you also cherry-picking only the studies that suit your claims?

FV: It’s true that natural causes like the sun or oscillating ocean currents do not appear in the long version of the IPCC report. In the summary report for policy makers, they are airbrushed away.

DP: Do you approach it differently in your book?

FV: No, I intentionally wrote an anti-IPCC-book. Like the IPCC, I chose from the literature the thousands of sources that support my hypotheses. In good conscience I purposely formulated an antithesis. Now it’s up to policymakers to resolve the two. I hope they take note of the natural climate fluctuations. These have been frowned upon for a long time now.

DP: How much of a desire to provoke is still left in the 68-generation Vahrenholt?

FV: I’m a person who likes to rock the boat when things start to go the wrong way. Thirty years ago I wrote against the chemical industry. Back then I was scorned by the chemical industry. Today many climate scientists leave the room when they see me. Today, 15 years later in the chemical industry, they are saying: Good that someone has written about it. I’ve been in the renewable energy business 20 years and have seen plenty of mistakes. I knew that if nothing happened, people would turn against renewable energy.”

It is not difficult to understand why the established warmist scientists “leave the room” when Vahrenholt pops in. It tells us something about the insecurity, small-mindedness and arrogance some scientists suffer. They expect to be believed, and not questioned – hardly the traits of good scientists. Arrogant people never cope well when challenged.

Man of courage and principle

Whatever you may think of Vahrenholt, he comes across as a principled and honest man. Back in the 70s he spoke out against an industry that had been reckless with our environment. Today he is speaking out against a science has been reckless with the truth. Indeed it takes courage to be the first to go out on a limb. Since the publication of Die kalte Sonne, no effort has been spared in attempts to belittle and marginalize the 2 authors.

The Tiroler Tageszeitung (Tirol Daily News) also recently looked at their controversial book:

Fritz Vahrenholt […] decided to critically examine climate studies. ‘In the last 15 years there has been no temperature increase,’ he said. The Earth warms according to 1000-year cycles and then cools. Vahrenholt: ‘It’s a real effrontery what some climate scientists are claiming. The fear-mongering and warnings of the man-made climate catastrophe are false, Germany’s energy policy is too hasty. Because of subsidies and their overproduction, renewable energies reduce the value of conventional energy, which results in making gas-fired plants and pump-storage facilities unprofitable. […] Vahrenholt also warned against getting carried away with energy efficiency and savings: Germany’s target of reducing consumption by 25% is dangerous in times of electromobility and an aging population, which will mean more consumption.”

The Austrian Standard reports:

‘The energy transformation to renewable is being done too hastily and with the false arguments,’ claims the energy expert and RWE supervisory board member Fritz Vahrenholt in his speech at the Austrian Energy Congress 2012, and warned against being pressured by the supposedly imminent rapid climate change. […] The biggest driver behind the transformation to renewable energy, i.e. climate change, according to Vahrenholt, has turned out to be less urgent than assumed: The average global temperature has not increased in 15 years. Vahrenholt even expects a cooling in the coming 30 years. […] Vahrenholt sees the Earth’s cooling and warming being due to natural [solar] cycles: ‘The sun gives us the time to transform our energy systems in a sensible way. By 2050 50 percent of the energy could come from renewable sources. That would be a reasonable aim.’”

Overall, Vahrenholt and Lüning have had to face a hurricane of harsh criticism for their position on the science. There’s been lots of childish name-calling, tantrums of indignation and blind eyes from the usual suspects. But up to now not a single warmist scientist has been able to refute the book “Die kalte Sonne”.



4 responses to “Professor Vahrenholt: Climate Science “A Real Effrontery”… “Scientists Leave The Room When They See Me””

  1. DirkH

    Calling what the warmists do a science is absolutely ludicrous. Would you call what they come up with “scientific discoveries”? No, you wouldn’t, because all you get from them are guesses. There is nothing any other branch of science can learn from them as they continue to fix up and rig their models. They didn’t invent anything in modeling either. They are very highly paid useless eaters.

  2. Mindert Eiting

    There are no property rights in science. Whereas writers or musicians may claim artistic property rights, scientists just have to wait till other scientists refute their pet theories and everything ends up in the trash bin. Vahrenholt and Luning are doing what scientists ought to do.

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  4. Edward

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