Wave Of Global Warming Forecast To Sweep Across Europe – Warm Arctic Air To Freeze Northern Hemisphere

The computer models are beginning to show a blast of Arctic air coming to western Europe by next weekend.

Europe temperature forecast for 2 – 10 December 2012. Source: http://wxmaps.org/pix/temp4.html.

Over the last couple of days, the forecast seems to be converging on a cold wave, increasingly indicating a cold blast in the pipeline. We’ll know more in the next 72 hours. Right now there’s about a 2/3 chance this will happen (according to my models).

Explanation why

If this happens, it only confirms that the globe is getting warmer. At least that’s what the latest models and science from leading German, government-funded institutes have been claiming over the last couple of years.

Stefan Rahmstorf said for example that European winters will get warmer overall, but there will be more frequent cold waves because the Arctic is warm, which in turn will act to refrigerate the northern hemisphere in the wintertime – all of this is caused by global warming, even though the southern hemisphere is cooling. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

Let me explain it to you anyway. You see, warm air rising from the 2 million sq km of extra open water over the Arctic causes huge air masses to sweep down south and put the remaining 200+ million sq km of the northern hemisphere into a deep freeze. If you look at the following graphic, you’ll see how this makes perfect sense.

How a warm Arctic refrigerates the northern hemisphere during the winter.



The red dot over the Arctic represents 2 million sq km of extra open water during the autumn, which acts to refrigerate the remaining 200+ million sq-km of the northern hemisphere during the winter. Chart source: Plumbago, the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later. Red dot and arrows added.

So using the latest and most sophisticated model results coming from the renown German climate institutes, we see that 1% of the Arctic indeed overwhelms and drives the remaining 99% of the northern hemisphere.

But wouldn’t the 99% of the northern hemisphere drive the 1% Arctic?


Of course not. The sophisticated models tell us it’s the other way around. Just like 0.04% trace gas CO2 now dominates 99.96% of the atmosphere, 1% of the Earth’s surface domineers the remaining 99%. That’s how nature works today, the Nobel Peace Prize winning climate scientists say. They’re experts and who are we to doubt them? Besides, the media believe it, and so you should too.

Just believe the climatologists.


13 responses to “Wave Of Global Warming Forecast To Sweep Across Europe – Warm Arctic Air To Freeze Northern Hemisphere”

  1. Harry Dale Huffman

    They are not listening. They are officially in “ignore the doubters” mode. Knock them down and sit on them, and they will just go “la-la-la-la-la-la…” They are spoiled children, in charge, and they are in the mood to run with scissors and bungee jump using their shoelaces (“c’mon, it’s easy!”).

  2. mwhite

    So how will the theory evolve when the arctic cycle leads to 1979 levels of sea ice??????????

    1. DirkH

      Warmism will continue to grow a belt of protective hypotheses; one for every possible outcome. After a while most of them will be silently discarded but a few will be confirmed. Rinse, leather, repeat. The way of the degenerative research program.

      At no point in time will warmism add more predictions that would help to falsify warmism as a whole. Warmism is concentrated on protecting itself and show no vulnerability.

      1. mwhite

        There will be plenty to beat them around the head with in the future


        The UK government is now admitting that its green policies are putting up our energy bills


        1. DirkH

          Too funny! A group of economists from PriceWaterHouseCoopers! If economists that are NOT working for a carbon-trading entity bring up a skeptic argument they are instantly dismissed as “Not A Climate Scientist”.

          I wish the people at The Independent the same fate as the people at the Financial Times Deutschland… becoming productive members of society. Finding themselves a table to wait.

  3. mwhite


    Joe Bastardi: Snowfall by opening of December pushes deep into Europe

    1. DirkH

      Just got me my winter tires… (Will have to travel a lot)

  4. Sparks

    We had widespread frost last night and this morning and for the past 5 years my water pipes have frozen, in Northern Ireland a place which is situated in a temperate zone that has mild winters, during the winter of 2008 a woman lost her leg to frostbite when she found herself without a place to stay for the night and tens of thousands of people had to stand in ques for hours to get water in 2010.
    How many people have died thru out Europe alone over the past few years?. at the beginning of this year they began alarming people in the UK that water utility charges would rise because of a severe drought that would last until Christmas, then it rained nonstop and it ended up with the wettest April on record with colder than average temperatures one man died just two days ago when he got caught in a flood, in Ireland it was reported by the RTE that 2010 (approx 31 months ago) was the coldest for 50 years and then it was reported 100 years. The list of reports of colder conditions during winter over the past few years is endless. But a man made warming planet is the cause??? This is a serious lie.

    The Sunspot number is currently maxing out around 50 – 60 as the sun heads into solar maximum and that’s around 65 – 70 percent less solar activity than was seen during the maximum of solar cycle 23. But Arctic sea Ice which is currently around 9 million square kilometers after recovering from a minimum below 4 million square kilometers this year is causing the temperatures to plummet during winter?. Doesn’t the temperatures in the Arctic fall before Ice forms?

    “Stefan Rahmstorf said for example that European winters will get warmer overall, but there will be more frequent cold waves because the Arctic is warm”

    What a first class high ranking Moronic fool. He should be made to stand in public with a large sign that say’s “Village Idiot” on it. lol

  5. MostlyHarmless

    You’ve got it all wrong – warm air from the 99% of the NH sweeps over the Arctic, melting the sea ice, and displacing the cold Arctic air southward (at the North Pole, every direction is south). The cold air creates a colder winter (these were always predicted, the climatologists now say) and triggers extreme weather, called for some reason “Sandy”. This is a result of “global warming”. Next year, when we have a cold summer and warm winter as a result of all that warm air in the Arctic, it’ll be called “Climate Change”, and so on.

    “according to my models” – can we have their names (telephone numbers would be nice).

  6. Ed Caryl

    (Sigh) the calamitologists are always 90 degrees out of phase with reality. As we reach the bottom of the next cool cycle they will switch to the “It’s the start of the next ice age” mantra, just like they did in the 1970’s. there is but one rule, the calamitologists are always wrong!

  7. Mike Odin


    Looking at this US Navy ice animation
    there appears to be an interesting arctic development
    (extraordinary to my limited scientific analysis capabilities)–
    In the arctic ocean, north of the 80 degree arctic circle,
    running along the northern Greenland and Canadian arctic coasts,
    Suddenly, a vast break has appeared in the very heavy sea ice
    (the red and black ice) A thin rapidly expanding line appears
    in this animation in this area that has been
    growing steadily to red and black since october
    (as it always does in the winter).
    (Temperature are minus 25C to minus 35C in that area right now)

    I have followed this animated graph for several years(since I first saw it posted on this site)—
    This has never happened before—and this area of sea ice —in the space of 2 days has
    Suddenly gone from expanding steadily and being thicker than normal to
    become less ice thickness than it ever has in at least the past 2 years,
    including now suddenly having much less thick sea ice than this past summer—
    while at the same time, the remainder of the arctic sea ice
    has continued expanding at the normal rate.
    I can only conclude that an extraordinary monumental
    data computer fudge has been initiated in anticipation of the
    announcement of claiming arctic sea ice loss–
    Or else this vast mass of ice is about to break free and
    descend upon on the north atlantic and totally freeze
    europe and disrupt European weather.

    Watch that line expand.



    1. DirkH

      Looks like bad data. Failing satellite sensor, maybe.

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