– 61°F in Siberia…Gee, Now I’m Really Worried About The Permafrost Melting!

I like checking the temperatures in Siberia using the map at Joe Bastardi’s Weatherbell. Today I found a real extreme reading.

Eastern Siberia, -61°F, see center. Source: www.weatherbell.com/.

Now we know it’s been pretty damn cold in Eastern Europe and all over Russia, but this is getting ridiculous. This has been going on for weeks now!

I remember 2010 when there was the big heat wave in Central Russia in the summertime when temperatures soared over 100°F. “An unmistakable sign of global warming!” the media shrieked for days and days.

But now that it is deadly cold. with dozens freezing to death every day, there’s not a peep about that in the warmist media. No, we don’t want to report that.

Don’t ask me where that reading was recorded. That area is just as foreign to me as Mars.

Hansen will probably just chuck out that reading anyway.


3 responses to “– 61°F in Siberia…Gee, Now I’m Really Worried About The Permafrost Melting!”

  1. Sparks

    Have you seen this?

    “It will be like in the good old times – snowy and frosty, with no deviations,” a representative of the Fobos weather center told RIA Novosti.

    The good old times? Uh, People used to frequently freeze to death during the harsh winters in the not to distant past. But, now after a spell of mild winters and fewer cold related deaths, “The good old times” are back?.


  2. Michael A. Lewis

    It was 60 below zero in Fairbanks Thursday night, with a high on Friday of 31 below zero, with ice fog. It normally gets this cold for a week or two this time of year.

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