Minnesota Is Balmy…Central Russia Shows Temperature Of -65°F Without Wind Chill!

If you think it’s cold in Canada or Minnesota, some Russians would call that mild!

Russia Central -65F

Chart cropped from: www.weatherbell.com/.

In Central Russia the mercury has dropped to below -60°F and lower at some locations. Above the chart shows one place where it’s currently -65°F. Normally such cold is more common further east in Eastern Siberia, but it seems to be more widespread right now.

Right now Hansen’s red hot Russia is cold blue. So enjoy the mild US and Canadian temps!


9 responses to “Minnesota Is Balmy…Central Russia Shows Temperature Of -65°F Without Wind Chill!”

  1. Casper

    Since 1990 I don’t remember such a mild winter in Europe. I’m living in the NRW, and I see the signs of the spring around me. Winter 2013/2014 could be the first one without frost and snow in many years…

    1. Paul R. Bear

      Yes, that’s true. Not snow in Oslo in January! So far only autumn temperatures this winter. So Mr. Gosselin you know this is weather not climate.

  2. BobW in NC

    Here on the North Carolina coast, we’re not expecting the temperatures to break out of the 20s on Tuesday—very unusual. The northern midwestern states are expecting severe temperatures, and Canada? Even worse.

    Over the past several years, I’ve collected numerous blog posts from No Tricks, WUWT, and Real Science that strongly suggest we have entered a significant cooling cycle.

    God help those most affected by it. May those proclaiming catastrophic global warming be brought to their senses.

  3. Stephen Richards

    Casper 5. Januar 2014 at 22:34 |

    Western France had a frosty december, well below average, but has been mild to rather warm for the past 3 weeks or so.

  4. Stephen Richards

    With that much cold sitting to the east of europe it can’t be too long before we see a cold spell.

  5. Lisa

    Meanwhile, in Belgium and neighboring countries, it’s way too mild. 14°C just a couple of days ago, and even 12° right now … a little puzzling to say the least when we see areas such as Northern America and Russia dealing with such extreme cold. The mild temps we’ve been facing for the past few months are generally seen in Spain and Southern Italy at this time of the year; not here.

    That being said, I’m not complaining. Maybe our heating bill won’t be so bad for once. But I do fear we may be hit by a bitter cold wave later on (February / March). I guess no one knows and we’ll just have to see.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      At least we now know where the missing heat is.

  6. Casper

    It is a block, sometimes called an omega block. It has nothing to do with global cooling/warming, but rather with a standing wave in the Arctic:


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