Cooling Grips Worldwide: England And Germany Have Seen No Warming In 25 Years, Now At 1980s Level!

Ice breakers getting trapped in near record high sea ice around Antarctica, Arctic sea ice seeing a whopping 50% gain last summer, record killer cold and snow gripping Canada and the USA, rare snowfalls in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The string of cold weather events just doesn’t end. And all this in a non-La Nina year.

So it comes as little surprise when we are told that global temperatures haven’t risen in close to two decades and that they have been trending downwards over the last 8 years or so.

Despite the mild weather that Europe has been experiencing over the last 5 weeks, the overall temperature trend here speaks a very different story.

German weather site here reports that 2013 in Germany was the second coldest year in a decade.

Temperaturen der letzten 10 Jahre in Deutschland

Figure 1: Germany’s annual mean temperature since 2003. 2013 was the second coldest. The 10-year trend is clear: Germany is cooling.

What’s more, writes:

Based on the last 25 years, 2013 was the fourth coldest. If we look at the average temperatures for the last 25 years, we see that they have pretty much remained constant.”

But Germany is not alone in seeing global warming gone AWOL. Benny Peiser’s GWPF site here writes that the same thing is being observed in Great Britain.

Figure 2 below is a bar chart showing annual mean CET temperatures since 1980, along with the 1981-2010 average (10°C).


Figure 2. Source:

Here we observe no temperature rise over the last 20 years. Moreover, cooling has been the trend over the last 15 years. CET temperature now find itself at early 1990s Pinatubo levels!

Next Figure 3 shows the 5-year running average. Source:


Figure 3: CET temperature, 5-year running average.

The 5-year running average of today is at the same level as 23 years ago! So where’s all the warming?

3 responses to “Cooling Grips Worldwide: England And Germany Have Seen No Warming In 25 Years, Now At 1980s Level!”

  1. BobW in NC

    Pierre, you ask: “So, where’s all the warming?”

    Easy answer: It’s in all the hot air being expounded by those shrieking about global warming.

    I didn’t say that…

  2. David Joss of Downunder

    Down here we’re being told that 2013 was Australia’s hottest year on record.
    That’s because of the fabricated “angry summer.”
    For the second year in a row my tomatoes are refusing to set fruit and (when they finally do) to ripen. I live in southern NSW — an area of consistently hot summers where tomatoes are usually very predictable.
    We are currently copping an icy blast straight from the Antarctic.

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