Watershed! BBC Now Sees Sun Developing Into A Potent 21st Century Climate Factor As A Real Possibility!

Slowly, almost imperceptibly, but surely, the once diehard the-science-is-settled mainstream media are conceding that the climate debate isn’t over after all – and likely not by a long shot. And if you pay attention, you can see them quietly opening that back door for the quick exit.

The cracking started long ago, and now chips and pieces of the global warming science are starting to fall on the floor around us.

Earlier today the BBC featured a short report “Has the Sun gone to sleep?”

This report looks at the implications of a protracted quiet solar period, potentially lasting decades. Global cooling is turning out to be a real possibility, now even at the BBC!

Today we know a huge body of historical observations shows there is a pronounced relationship between cold winters in Europe and low solar activity. Moreover there’s a huge body of persuasive evidence, comprising mainly proxy datasets, that show the phenomenon is not regional, but global. As much as the BBC tries to play that down, the video holds a couple of big surprises.

Mirrors the Maunder Minimum!

The BBC starts by telling its viewers that the current solar maximum “is eerily quiet“. Solar physicist Professor Richard Harrison says the sun hasn’t been this quiet in 100 years and that the current activity mirrors the activity of the 17th century – the Maunder Minimum, the time of the dreadful Little Ice Age. What we have here is the BBC telling viewers to associate low solar activity with potential cold.

At the 3-minute mark, the BBC reporter asks the key question: “Does a decline in solar activity mean plunging temperatures for decades to come?” For an answer the BBC interviews three scientists.

Could impact the climate – “not fully understood”

Scientist Dr Lucie Green actually thinks that low solar activity could affect the climate, but she isn’t sure “to what extent“, and then even points out that varying amounts of solar radiation impact the globe’s upper atmosphere and that this is something scientists “don’t fully understand“. Therefore, don’t rule anything out.

“Fastest solar decline in 10,000 years”!

At the 4:17 mark, Mike Lockwood says we are witnessing the fastest decline in 10,000 years. He then claims that there’s a close to 20% chance that we may be actually entering a Maunder-like minimum. As one of the scientists who is more than 95% sure that man is now causing the climate change, 20% seems to be a very high figure and so we might suspect Lockwood’s true probability figure to be much higher than 20%.

Note how Lockwood does his best to portray solar impacts on climate as being regional phenomena, affecting the Jet Stream and Europe’s climate, but not the global mean climate. Lockwood here is not being completely forthcoming.

Sun now on par with human activity?

At the 5:26 mark the BBC journalist asks the right question, and the answer the BBC provided truly surprised me. Question:

The relationship between solar activity and weather on earth is complicated. But if solar activity continues to fall, could the temperature on earth as a whole get cooler? Could there be implications for global warming?”

The answer, provided by Dr. Lucie Green:

On the one hand you’ve perhaps got the cooling sun, but on the other hand you’ve got human activity that can counter that. And I think it is quite difficult to say actually how these two are going to compete and then what the consequences are for the global climate.”

Wow. The BBC has really opened the door, perhaps looking to upgrade the impact of solar activity to be on par with human activity. That’s huge compared to what the IPCC scientists claim about the impact of solar activity (negligible). You almost get the feeling that even the BBC is starting to have doubts about the supposed coming warming, and are opening up to the possibility of cooling.


21 responses to “Watershed! BBC Now Sees Sun Developing Into A Potent 21st Century Climate Factor As A Real Possibility!”

  1. Ed Caryl

    This has been around for a while, but is worth reviewing.
    What strikes me is that the Russians, with all their Arctic territory, have little reason to prove cooling unless that is the truth.

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Meanwhile, a German publisher shuts down a science journal after publication of a paper that concludes from observations of solar activity, that the IPCC’s predicted warming might not happen.

    Göttingen-based Copernicus Publications cancelled the journal Pattern Recognition in Physics; writing to editors Nils Axel Mörner and Sid Ali Ouadfeul:

    PRP was never meant to be a platform for climate sceptics.

    via Tallbloke

  3. Eric Gisin

    You should link to http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25743806 instead, it has article and video.

  4. Kevin R. Lohse

    The really surreal thing about the furore is that the paper is easily rebutted. See WUWT.

    It must have taken Anthony about 5 minutes to work that out. I thought that Germany had had enough of book burning?

    1. DirkH

      Hey it’s Göttingen. As red green as it gets, with a strong Red SA (a.k.a. Black bloc) faction. 3 bombs planted at state offices over the past weeks. Didn’t go off. Not enough hard sciences at Göttingen uni to build a bomb that actually works but they tried. (In sympathy with the 7300 head Black Bloc trying to burn down Hamburg because Rote Flora)

  5. Buddy

    “And if you pay attention, you can see them quietly opening that back door for the quick exit. – See more at: https://notrickszone.com/#sthash.5mQ84T2o.dpuf

    You’re cracking me up. Really. You’re turning your coal site into a comedy site now…:)

    1. Konrad.

      Comedy was it?

      It is now 😉

      The WikiWeasel thought he was helping attacking by the new journal Pattern Recognition. A sceptic journal dealing with…solar cycles. He just went and blew up the AGW fellow travellers only workable exit strategy. And they’d spent months working on it!

      Now if you can’t laugh at that…

  6. Stephen Richards

    These 3 scientists are their pet ones. Green is a BBC presenter (musn’t say that global warming has ended), Hathaway is their favorite goto sun man for global warming (recently announced on the BBC that the sun cannot make any difference) and Lockwood is a colleague of Hathaway.

    Don’t ever trust the BBC they are arrogant fools.

    1. Mike Heath

      Arrogant yes, but fool no. They know the game they are playing.

  7. DirkH

    BBC climbdown comes synchronous with EU commission’s abandonment of CO2 reduction goals. We can now expect the other EU state media to do the same. Population reprogramming. CO2AGW scare has served its purpose, can be junked now.

  8. Loodt Pretorius


    I so wish that what you wrote is true.

    However, if you look at what the One and his EPA are planning in the good old US of A, it appears as if the mail-boat carrying this news got sunk in the mid-Atlantic.

    1. DirkH

      Obama looks weaker and more incompetent by the day.
      Latest: Lifting of Iran sanctions to save the Petrodollar (Iran ran gold for oil business via Turkey with China; this has now been stopped; with some high profile oligarch arrests in Turkey and Iran to placate it).
      Looks like desparate attempts at saving USD as reserve currency. China got what it wanted. Obama in a position of weakness.

  9. Morph

    Its worth noting that the charter which provides for the BBC is up for renewal in 2016 so they will be on best behaviour for the next 18-24 months. There is also an election in the UK in 2015 and they won’t want to upset anyone.

    Once the charter is back they can continue as before and just be Gaurdian TV.

  10. A C Osborn

    Can’t you just see it coming, all the Windmills and Solar Panels will need to be junked because they will not work well with severe cooling, therefore they need to prepare the public for even more taxation to build lots of Coal (maybe), Gas and Nuclear power stations to combat the coming Ice Age.
    If you thought Carbon Taxes were high and stupid just wait till they get going on the new Meme.

  11. A C Osborn

    Anyone know who the Pillock called Buddy is?

  12. BobW in NC

    So, question – Although I’ve lost the original quote, doesn’t the temperature “pause,” the apparent global cooling, and the “quiet” sun fall into Einstein’s “one fact ruining a beautiful theory” statement?

    Seems to me that AGW is being solidly refuted (Popper would be proud) by not one, but three “inconvenient” truths.

    Science is science, after all. Einstein was just pointing out the obvious in a clear and straightforward manner. Good for him, and thank you, Sir!

  13. Edward.

    That is a stunning admission and commences the retreat, the bbc is a cathedral to the supposition man made CO2=runaway warming [bo88ocks].

    The bbc has much to answer for:

    It is worrying, in that, Britain has devoted the last 25 years to nailing its colours to the green agenda mast – thanks in no small part to the green propaganda the bbc pumps out and globally disseminates.
    UK Energy policy and energy generation, all of it the base load is key. But UK base load, is limited to relying upon a few old coal fired power stations and a few aged nuclear plants and some insanely [gas should be used to heat homes not to generate electricity] some gas fired plant.

    FFS, after spending £billions filling the coffers of foreign companies. Firstly the big investment banks, then the Chinese manufacturers and Svensk, Norsk and Dansk facilitators and construction engineers on fashioning green boondoggles which barely produce enough ‘juice’ to boil a kettle. The idiot Westminster politicians with the green lobby and the bbc/media have wrought such a cataclysmic energy policy shambles, it will cause a series of public crises, the like of which we will not have witnessed since the years of WWII.

    A cold snap and it could [will] start soon, the excess capacity is down to ±4%, a really cold few days and the energy crisis could [will] hit. Thus, if a power station goes down for whatever reason, then the resultant blackout will trip the ageing system. A domino effect, crippling the national grid and will burn out the transmissions network – it will take weeks to re-engineer and repair the system network. Meanwhile thousands of people will die of cold.

    A grim prospect but a reality, it will also be grim for the incumbent UK government – heads will roll and I’m not talking figuratively either.

    The Germans have realized this frightening prospect – they are building new coal fired generation – the British wander on blindly tiptoeing over the edge and into the gaping abyss.

  14. Jimbo

    Even if a deep cold period only affected the northern hemisphere can you imagine public support to tackle ‘global warming’ while the Thames freezes and people struggle with the cold and failed crops? 🙁

  15. Watershed! BBC Now Sees Sun Developing Into A Potent 21st Century Climate Factor As A Real Possibility! | Illuminutti

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