President Obama, Chairman Moon, Please Hurry And Stop Global Warming Before We Freeze To Death!!


Chart cropped from:

USA next 7 days:

Temp Anomaly
Temperature USA_2014_01_23

Europe next 7 days:

Temperature Europe 2014_01_23

Above 2 charts cropped from:, 23 Jan 2014.

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7 responses to “President Obama, Chairman Moon, Please Hurry And Stop Global Warming Before We Freeze To Death!!”

  1. BobW in NC

    Now we can all sing, “We’re having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave; it isn’t surprising, the temperature’s rising…” (Irving Berlin, 1933)

    Seriously – this is not good—for anyone.

  2. Ed Caryl

    The water line to the refrigerator ice maker has been frozen for a week. It runs in an outside wall for a few feet. We are two inches (5cm) from an all time local snow record for January. We will blow by that tonight. In blizzard conditions. (Pun intended. Detroit metro area.)

  3. Nonoy Oplas

    Here in tropical Manila, we experienced 16.9 C this morning, the coldest so far since 1987. Last week, famous mountain city Baguio, experienced 8.1 C.

  4. Buddy


    …..and you shall receive my son:)

    Ask again….

    ….and you shall receive again my son:)

    I wonder why it is called “global warming”? Aren’t facts wonderful…..

    1. DirkH

      “I wonder why it is called “global warming”? ”

      Because it is about computing the average global temperature.
      Der Spiegel, 1990: 15.5 deg C.
      NCDC, NOV 2013: 13.96 deg C.
      In 2013 , past temperature time series had been manipulated enough to make it appear as if warming had happened, though…

  5. Buddy

    I didn’t realize you guys look at actual science. This link shows two anomaly maps: The top one shows the air temperature anomaly map, and the second one shows the sea surface temperature anomaly.

  6. Ed Caryl

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