Denmark Monitoring And Analyzing Windpark-Critical Citizens … Opposition To Windparks Growing To Formidable Dimensions

Wind energy country Denmark spying on and analyzing critical citizens
By the European Institute for Climate and Energy

Copenhagen/Hamburg: A Danish study that cost the taxpayer more than €2.6 million and supported by the freeloaders of the wind power, led by world’s largest wind turbine manufacturers Vestas, Siemens, and Vattenfall in Denmark, is to provide for a smooth and unobstructed process for wind turbine projects – without any protests.

Networked wind power opponents are in the sights of the windpower lobby. Image: EIKE

The Danish wind industry is complaining that it is getting increasingly difficult to get citizens’ acceptance for their projects.

Thanks to the Ministry of Research and public financing, an interdisciplinary study was written by scientists from three universities from Denmark, Ireland and England and supported by representatives of those with an interest in the wind industry. The study investigated the exchange between the organizations of the wind energy opponents, covering topics such as windpark fraud, species protection, sleep disturbance and Nina Pierpont, doctors from the state of New York who researched wind turbine syndrome which causes illness owing to low frequency noise, which 30% of Swedish residents living near windparks suffer from.

The connections between 323 websites of national and international wind opposition organizations and associations were monitored and analyzed.

Just in tiny Denmark alone there are currently 200 citizens’ initiatives and associations. Worldwide there thousands of groups and associations with hundreds of affiliated initiatives.

In response the websites of wind power opponents worldwide published a graphic of the study 2050 in order to confirm their strong network structure and to make it clear that they are a force to be reckoned with. The citizens have a democratic right to transparency and participation – worldwide. Preserving nature and its biodiversity, the landscape and human health is the mutual target of this global movement.

Vestas is providing a scandal in that it continues to spread the myth there are no adverse impacts on human health from infra and low frequréncy noise, despite a recently uncovered Vestas-PPP from 2004, which indicates to the contrary:

Anti wind power video:

9 responses to “Denmark Monitoring And Analyzing Windpark-Critical Citizens … Opposition To Windparks Growing To Formidable Dimensions”

  1. Alfred Alexander

    Thank you

  2. BobW in NC

    Breibart News noted today the following – the first formal presentation I’ve seen, although there is much other information published here at No Tricks Zone and elsewhere. The Irish, apparently, are documenting wind turbine effects:

    “Irish Health Official Warns of ‘Wind Turbine Syndrome”

    Excerpt: “‘Wind turbine syndrome’ is a condition suffered by people living within earshot of the noise made by wind turbine blades as they spin round. The blades are known to make infrasounds, vibrations that we cannot consciously “hear”, yet still have an effect on the inner ear.

    “Symptoms include fatigue, dizziness, headache, difficulty concentrating, and insomnia.”

    Wonderful…Maybe the greens should settle within earshot of these monstrosities!

  3. DirkH

    First link doesn’t work. This one does:

    Obviously they scanned the websites and followed the links to get their network. I could have written that for a few thousand bucks. Marvelous efficiency of social democrat governments.

  4. ArndB

    REAL FACT #6?
    What impacts have off-shore wind farms standing in sea current and tides on annual seasons?
    Image from Horn Rev, about 15 km off the westernmost point of Denmark;
    Did they contribute to mild winter 2013/14?
    More here:

    1. Bernd Felsche

      In trying to prevent climate change, they install instruments that guarantee climate change.

      More irony than in the piles driven into the soft mud of the North Sea.

  5. DirkH

    Breitbart has article and video about wind turbines in Ireland.
    Irish Dept of Health says, wind turbines no good; Dept of Environment is expected to ignore that. Interviews with pro/contra members of public in video.
    Video auto-starts.

    1. DirkH

      Oh, video is about people in Des Moines. Sorry.

  6. Mike Restin

    “Vestas is providing a scandal in that it continues to spread the myth there are no adverse impacts on human health from infra and low frequréncy noise”…
    Doesn’t that sound just like the big tobacco deception?
    Our product is safe…

  7. John F. Hultquist

    There is much we do not know about animals and wind power. Locally we have elk, deer, and wind towers. The towers are mostly a few miles from homes. I can see them, though, on clear days. Elk are not fond of people and won’t come near my house. The local deer are the Mule-deer type and they will make pests of themselves, jumping a 4 foot fence to come and walk on our porch. I have seen a herd of elk grazing under wind towers and bedded down for the night. Snowy Owls are having a banner year; so reports the Audubon Magazine. They are coming into urban areas including large airports where they can be trapped and removed. Being unfamiliar with built structures and airplanes their encounters with such usually end badly – sometimes for plane as well as the Owl.
    Instead of building new wind mills all the money should go for useful things. They are useful in a few rare cases in a niche situation.
    Bookmark this site and watch the green line over several months.

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