Switzerland’s ‘WeltWoche’ Features “The Silence Of The Climate Scientists” … How The IPCC “Concealed Good News”

The print edition of the Swiss Die WeltWoche has a story on the IPCC and accusations that climate scientists have misled policymakers: The Silence of the Climate Scientists, authored by Markus Schär.

In it Schär claims that “the IPCC lead by Thomas Stocker concealed good news in its report” and that “a new report shows that the warnings of climate change have to be called off.”

Weltwoche writes that in view of the record Antarctic sea ice, 17 years of no global warming and cold records peppering the globe, it is obvious that “the climate models of climate scientists can’t be right“.

The Swiss news weekly cites a recent report by Nicholas ­Lewis and science journalist Marcel Crok that was recently released by the British think tank Global Warming Policy Foundation. In it Lewis and Crok claim the IPCC kept silent about important findings because “they contradicted their warnings of a climate catastrophe“.

CurryWeltwoche describes Lewis and Crok as persons who don’t let themselves be labeled deniers and that the report’s foreword was written by renowned Georgia Tech Professor Judith Curry, “a leading atmospheric physicist who as a critic of climate science has advised the US Congress over the last weeks. For this reason the report stimulated attention worldwide, even if not in the media, who still prefer to warn of catastrophes“.

In the report’s foreword, Curry calls the GWPF report “technically sound, well-organized and readily comprehensible”.

Weltwoche writes how Lewis und Crok pointed to a number of recent studies indicating that CO2 climate sensitivity has “a far lesser value of between 1.5 and 2°C” and that “there is no reason for warnings of catastrophe.”

Weltwoche writes:

For this reason the IPCC people are silent about the recent papers in their summary for policymakers, refrain from providing the most probable values and instead spread the message that despite all the uncertainty, their certainty is greater than ever.”

According to Weltwoche IPCC lead author Thomas Stocker was rankled by claims in the GWPF report, accused them of cherry-picking and that he had no intention of responding to a “non-peer-reviewed paper published by a think tank.”

WeltWoche appears somewhat surprised by Stocker’s irritability, concluding:

­Lewis and Crok actually only did what the IPCC should have done: that is to look at the important studies and to draw the obvious conclusions from them. The lessons of their report are recommended for Stocker to consider.”


16 responses to “Switzerland’s ‘WeltWoche’ Features “The Silence Of The Climate Scientists” … How The IPCC “Concealed Good News””

  1. DirkH

    ” that despite all the certainty their certainty is greater than ever.”

    Typo? ” that despite all the uncertainty their certainty is greater than ever.”

  2. Buddy

    “a new report shows that the warnings of climate change have to be called off.”

    WOW…..THAT….is GREAT NEWS. Now….if you can just convince all the glaciers around the world, and the 3 major ice sheets of that…….that would be AWESOME……:)

    Because until you do…..they are continuing to melt at increasingly higher rates…:)

    1. DirkH

      There’s a glacier the size of a continent; it’s covered with one foot of dirt, and it’s called Siberia. Nothing’s melting there. Would be great if it would; that would make more agriculture possible than we would ever need.

    2. Ed Caryl
  3. Buddy

    More global cooling………


    And central Europe may be in for a warm year………


    That global cooling just keeps on trucking…..:)

    1. Mindert Eiting

      Dear Buddy,

      This is the truth table of the implication

      p q p implies q
      true true true
      true false false
      false true true
      false false true

      Just have a look at the third line. Do you see that a false theory (p) may have a true consequence (q)? So you may go on for ages showing us your warm items but that will be of no help. Do you see on the second line that a true theory cannot have a false consequence? That renders the fourth line for false consequences. The past seventeen years the earth did not warm as AGW predicted. This is the good news you may tell the world from your chat room.

      1. DirkH

        Way above Buffy’s mental faculties.

    2. Ed Caryl
  4. Kurt in Switzerland

    The “Lewis and Crok Exposition” is from a Lukewarmist viewpoint. For the Warmists, it actually looks like their prognosis is getting worse. But see how they attack the messengers (of what should be good news for the climate, but alas: bad news for the climate fear industry). Sort of lets on where they’re coming from.

    Meanwhile, Buffy’s friends across the border in Fessenheim (Alsace) are protesting a nuclear plant:


    One hopes that someday they’ll get a bill for the trouble they’ve caused. Not holding my breath, however. The justice system is as equally incoherent as the Eco-warriors.

    Kurt in Switzerland

  5. DirkH

    The buffies who control the EU subterritories meet in Brussels to discuss reduction of CO2 output by 40% in 2030.
    “This week, the heads of the EU member states will meet in Brussels to discuss the adoption of a 40 percent greenhouse gas reduction target for 2030.”
    PIK buffy Kriegler is all giddy:
    “The crisis-stricken EU is asking itself whether it can still afford climate leadership” says lead-author Elmar Kriegler of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research. “If international climate action remains muddled, and if it takes a leader to rise above this, an EU initiative could make a big difference. A more than one degree reduction of global warming translates into a host of avoided climate damages.”
    English article.

    IIASA buffy Keywan Riahi warns: “Today’s energy planners are making investment decisions in the order of hundreds of billion dollars, which can turn into stranded assets once climate policies are introduced. ”

    Ain’t that sweet? They threaten to strangle the economy, and warn everyone who wants to invest, be careful, we might make your investment worthless on a whim. Go long tar and pitchforks.

  6. Loodt Pretorius

    I just love the new shield, the call on higher authority, the hallowed peer-review parchments, printed on lambs fleeces with bats blood, sacred documents.

    Until about a fortnight ago the consensus for the medical profession, backed up by red, yellow, orange and green peers was that unsaturated fat is bad for you. Now studies have shown that a nice fatty pork chop is actually good for you! The consensus did a 180 degree turn at the drop of a hat. Just shows you how bankable a peer review study is.

    How long before we start missing the warmer weather that was promised, but did not materialise, while we shiver in the cold?

    1. DirkH

      “Now studies have shown that a nice fatty pork chop is actually good for you!”

      Hey, at least this shows that scientists still listen to the public.

  7. Ulrich Elkmann

    “…that was promised, but did not materialise, while we shiver in the cold?”

    As one of the followers of William Miller, Washington Morse, wrote just after 22 October 1844, after the Rapture did not arrive on schedule for the 2nd time: “Still in the cold world! No deliverance – the Lord did not come!” According to Francis D. Nichols’ history of that Millenial sect, ‘The Midnight Cry’: “one Adventist wrote that on being told to prepare for another cold winter he ‘left the place of meeting and wept like a child’.”
    Déjà vu all over again…

  8. DirkH

    Totalitarian Green politician in Bremen wants to search homes to find forbidden electric heaters. Because CO2. I can’t make this stuff up.

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