Europe Disses IPCC Horror Scenarios…Postpones Non-European Airlines Carbon Emissions Charges Until 2017

After Monday’s April Fool’s release of the IPCC WGII SPM and the subsequent gasps of horror coming as a reaction from top government officials, you’d think little time would be wasted in taking clear, decisive actions to “protect the climate”. Recall how the situation is urgent and that decisive, immediate action needs to be taken quickly!

It turns out that the gasps of horror were mere show – designed to appease green activists. In reality, it turns out governments really aren’t that alarmed by the IPCC’s science and don’t take it that seriously after all. As you are about to read, actions speak much louder than words, no matter how quietly and discreetly the actions are carried out.

The German DPA press agency has just released a report: EU postpones climate fees on international flights until 2017.

“Climate protection”, no matter how urgent it is said to be, will just have to wait.

For a number of years the European Commission threatened to force all airlines flying into, out of, and over Europe to pay carbon emission charges, or else face being locked out of it’s busy airspace. Background info: here, herehere and here. But countries like the USA, Russia, China protested loudly and threatened to retaliate massively.

Brussels shoots kneecaps of European airlines

Today the DPA announces that Brussels has backed off and decided to postpone charging international airlines for emission permits until 2017. News of this loss of face is being buried in the back pages of the internet and media outlets. But Internet site CO2 Handel here writes:

In the view of the aviation industry, the postponement is only going to be a burden on the airlines in Europe. The president of the German Association of Aviation (BDL), Klaus-Peter Siegloch, spoke of a European-island-solution. ‘It distorts competition, does not help the climate, and weakens the aviation companies in Europe.'”

What better present could foreign, non-European airlines possibly dream of. Now they have a nice competitive advantage – served to them on a silver platter, courtesy of Brussels.

The Greens are fuming – not because of the unfair competition, but because Europe has decided once again that the climate isn’t really that much in trouble. It can wait, after all.

European green Parliamentarian Rebecca Harms of Germany called the move “irresponsible”:

Originally the law was supposed to cover one third of the global aviation emissions. It’s lunacy to considerably weaken this effective climate protection instrument now.”

The move to postpone this “effective climate protection instrument” just goes to show you what Europe really thinks of the IPCC’s latest warnings. Not much!


4 responses to “Europe Disses IPCC Horror Scenarios…Postpones Non-European Airlines Carbon Emissions Charges Until 2017”

  1. Stephen Richards

    The greens seriously believe that the EU can control the world. Even in 2017 nothing will be done to other airlines. Only European airlines will suffer and eurbusiness will suffer because no other countries will be able to land and take off in europe.

    Only the looney left of the dictators of europe could be sooooo stupid.

    1. DirkH

      Hey, they simply want to help! And the only way they have learned is a centrally planned economy (most of them grew up in the West but got socialized as communists before becoming Greens).

      Good example: Envirominister Hendricks. (Not Greens, but SPD – still the same: SPD got founded as Marxist party by avid Marx fan August Bebel)
      “She” wants to hand out free fridges to the unemployed. (ATTN; photo)

      Usually SPD needs a few years to devolve into full lunacy after coming to power; they’re quick this time round.

    2. DirkH

      Ah, here’s something from the Greens in Schleswig Holstein: They want to increase cost for Internet purchases by making Amazon % co. pay for “the damage to the environment”. Well I thought that’s why we pay 1 Euro 50 for a liter of gasoline – 70% of which are taxes – to pay for that damage.

      So, they want to destroy Internet shopping to save old school shopping. You know what argument Adolf had in 1933 in his election campaign? That those newfangled department stores owned by Jews would destroy old school small shops…

      Wie sich die Bilder gleichen…

  2. sneak a peek at this website

    I seldom comment, however after browsing a bunch of responses here Europe Disses IPCC Horror Scenarios

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