“100 Billion Euros For Nothing! Germany’s CO2 Emissions Haven’t Dropped In 10 Years!”

That’s the title Die Achse Des Guten here bears at its website.

Few countries have spent as much as Germany on measures to reduce CO2 emissions. Today German website Die Achse Des Guten here links to a blurb appearing in German “intellectual” weekly Die Zeit here which unwittingly tells readers what Germany has gained for its 100-billion-euro investment in green energies so far: nothing!

DIE ZEIT writes:

Actually, the German government wanted to decrease the emissions of CO2 – also through the transition to renewable energy. However our chart shows the opposite is the case.

Greenhouse gas emissions have been increasing for three years in Germany, 1.2 percent for last year.”

The DIE ZEIT chart shows Germany emitted 913 million tonnes in 2009 (due in large part to the global financial crisis) with emissions rising steadily to 951 million tonnes in 2013. The lion’s share of Germany’s post 1990 reduction stems from the shutdown of dilapidated communist East Germany and it’s dinosauric industry.

For the taxpayers who may be angered by the lack of return on investment, 2014 may post a slight emissions drop…but not because of anything the government and the 100 billion euros have done, but because of the warm winter Germany saw this year.


26 responses to ““100 Billion Euros For Nothing! Germany’s CO2 Emissions Haven’t Dropped In 10 Years!””

  1. nzrobin

    And even if they did manage to reduce their CO2 emissions, that too would be for naught. Real climate change will continue to occur no matter what Germany, or any country, might try to do.

    1. Jimbo

      You could add that China, India and many other countries are ensuring that the global co2 output line continues up and up, no matter what Germany achieves!

      The bottom line is this: It’s not about global warming, it’s about de-industrializing nations towards a green utopia. It will never happen.

    2. Ullie

      Right, there is no man made climate change, the global warming bullies are commies in disguise who want to rob our freedom and wealth and who want to control our lives. Global Warming is the biggest hoax in the history of mankind and had been totally debunked, but the lw media are still promoting it and censoring all skeptics.

  2. Ike

    here is another nice piece about wasting money.


    See page 2 (only german)

    example: “Bei den Thermosolaranlagen auf staatli-
    chen Gebäuden war das Ergebnis ernüchternd: 20 % der untersuchten Anlagen funktionierten gar nicht.”


    1. DirkH

      Translated: “The result for solar-thermal roof installations on state-owned buildings was sobering: 20% of them did not work at all.”

  3. John F. Hultquist

    Maybe our respective governments have a race on to see who can waste money the fastest.

    note: VA = US Department of Veterans Affairs

    “Almost three years after it was built, a wind turbine at the St. Cloud VA Health Care System has become a towering boondoggle.”

  4. DirkH

    The song of the whistling cave frog has changed in the past decades, becoming more high-pitched due to Climate Change, US biologists say.

    German article

    We’re doomed.

  5. Stephen Richards


    Another catstrophe to hit europe by 2025. Valls, the new french PM wants to reduce dependency on nuclear by 50% by 2025.

    These people are lunatics. French nuclear provides standby and base load for every country in central europe including the UK and Germany.

    1. Stephen Richards

      That’s why germany will need it’s coal fired stations. There will be no base load for the enormous green energy industry.

      1. DirkH

        Related: Eon wants to switch off the old nuke AKW Grafenrheinfeld – which worked flawlessly for decades. Reason are likely the onerous costs of compliance in panicky Germany. The state now checked whether this closure would lead to a shortfall and comes to the conclusion – No, as long as the even older French nuke Fessenheim continues to work. Which allegedly lies on fault lines, which gives the Green shocktroups a welcome opportunity to warm up their Spiel. “Carry On Panicking”.

        German report

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  7. Stephen Richards

    Fessenheim is definitely closing. Valls 50% reduction is his solution to the problem of ageing nukes. Just close them ! Saves money, saves the planet destroys european industry.

    1. DirkH

      Either Eon keeps Grafenrheinfeld running or Fessenheim keeps running. Judging by the Welt article, negotiations are underway. Maybe Eon just wants some cash to keep the lights on and this is all bargaining.

      BTW, the French mostly have electric heating, due to cheap nuclear power, so they’ll REALLY like it when their beloved El Lider ramps up the prices.

    2. Bernd Felsche

      The guilloutine is a French invention.

      The anti-nuke movement in Germany is gaining momentum. They are more panicky than ever. Not surprising given the strong anti-nuke sentiment in the media; especially the publically funded media.

      It seems that there is little on Germany TV but crime/cop shows and environment scare stories of one flavour or another. The latter included the “news”.

      1. DirkH

        Don’t forget the other two big ones:
        -the talk shows in which Gender Ideology on the one hand, Islam on the other are promoted.
        -the non stop heavy rotation of WW 2 “documentaries” to reinforce the guilt complex implanted into the original population.

        1. Bernd Felsche

          I only got a pseudo-random sample of 6 evenings’ TV at my hosts’ pleasure. (Pretty good going as I was on the ground for 19 days.)

          Evidently, the subjects you mention are the click-through programmes in a few households.

          To be fair, it was only about a week after the Tohoku earthquake’s anniversary so anti-nuke sentiment was still getting a lot of fuel. Most Germans seem ignorant of the fact that a “radiation evacuee” family of 4 gets paid the equivalent of about €6000/month in compensation as long as they don’t return to their homes; nor that the “danger” threshold of background radiation levels is so low that if applied to Western Europe, much of it would have to be evacuated; including almost all of Germany.

          Nor are they told that tens of thousands of people remain displaced from their homes by fear mongers. Uncompensated. That safe produce from the region is considered hazardous.

          If Germans were generally capable of stepping back a little from the “WW2 inherited guilt crime documentaries”, they might just get a glimpse of how they got into that situation; and the Goebbelsian media parallels of today. Unfortunately many who are capable of doing that, are also obedient and dutiful Germans who are comfortable in thinking that the problem is not theirs to solve. They feel that they lack the expertise of their “leaders”; and the political classes.

    3. DirkH

      Re Fessenheim / Grafenrheinfeld / energy security in the Southwest:

      Distortions due to planned economy in electricity market become so threatening that Big Government is now making plans for the first new state-owned big powerplant in decades. NO INVESTORS ARE FORTHCOMING given unpredictability of policies.

      A shortfall of 4.8 GW is expected for 2015/2016; more in 2017 when another nuke in Germany gets “phased out”.

      Southwest is the industry powerhouse and they have NO USE for intermittent electricity.

  8. mwhite


    “New EU rules on energy funding phase out subsidies for renewables”

    Can’t come quick enough.

    1. DirkH

      Thomson-Reuters says nothing about the contents or the timeline. This is hot air to strengthen the EU Bloc Parties for the EU parliament election in May.
      “designed to replace subsidies with market-based schemes”

      This means NOTHING. Eurocrats call even the EU carbon trading scheme “market based”.

  9. john

    Total energy production is up but CO2 remains the sanme renewables are takthe place of the nukes that are closing
    Subsidies on renewables wll be phased out but will be covered by the everdropping costs of renewables.

    1. DirkH

      Wrong, wrong, wrong, and unknown.
      Total energy production at least in the EU is stagnant , not rising.

      CO2 rises; it doesn’t stay the same.

      The third wrong is the replacement of nukes by renewables. An intermittent power source will not take the place of a base load power source.

      The “unknown” is whether the subsidies for renewables will be phased out. It is too good of a scam for the politicians to drop it.

    2. Stephen Richards

      You are a clown !!

      Total energy production is up but CO2 remains

      Energy production is not what counts, it’s energy use.

      Renewable costs have not and will not come down. These green idiots are on the high dependence drug called public money. We gave up windmills several hundred years ago because they were intermittent and in efficient and the same problem affects solar panels.

      As I said, you are a CLOWN.

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  11. DirkH

    Important; list of major websites affected or non-affected by the OpenSSL “Heart bleed” bug – you might want to change a few passwords.

  12. Mervyn

    100 billion euros for nothing! And when you add to that the hundreds of billions of dollars spent over the years by the US, Japan, and by other countries, with nothing to show for it, there is only one way to describe this…

    … an absolute obscenity.

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