The Narrow Tolerances Of Tolerance…”Open Minded” Berlin Student Searching Apartment To Share

Nothing to do with climate directly, but it is funny and to me it serves to remind us skeptics of the people we are dealing with and their hopelessly warped lens through which they view the world. Such are the people we often find in the climate change movement and at Earth Day celebrations.

The following comes from an apartment search website where we have a young lady searching for an apartment to share with others in Berlin.

Hat-tip Steffen Hentrich at FB.

Here’s how she describes herself and what she expects of her potential roommates:

I, 31, am a good-natured open leftist* and openly feminist student of history (HU) and am searching a cosmopolitan and anti-capitalistic apartment to share with others in Friedrichshain/Kreuzberg. You need to be open minded when it comes to other lifestyle models and tolerance should be among your top values. Moreover it would be super if there was already a washing machine that I could also use in the apartment. I don’t like aggressions and power games, and so I’m searching for an apartment that is 100% shared by women who are active against terror, war, racial madness, fascism, chauvinism and US cultural imperialism. I am myself a vegan and think that long-term living together makes sense when absolutely no animal-based products find a place in my apartment.

In general I am easy to get along with, but must also be able to say where the limits are and when I don’t want to see anyone. For me this is part of an honest cohabitation. In the past unfortunately I often have had to make the experience of putting up with people who stayed around even when I asked them to (temporarily) leave the apartment.

In return for a room (20-30 sqm) I offer work in the household, repairs and discussions (also therapeutic). Money is the lever of the powerful with which I cannot identify with. But because I respect other views, I would be willing to contribute to WLAN and electricity (even it belongs to the fundamental needs of a person and thus MUST be provided free of charge.)

I’m looking forward to the “casting”.


*Anarcho-syndicalism (but do not always agree with the International Workers Association)”

At the very top of the want ad, Mona writes that the maximum rent she is willing to pay is 5 euros. And it’s generous of her to offer to help out with the WLAN and electricity.

Note how she’s 31, and still a student. But that is not unusual in Europe. And she’s precisely the kind of “open-minded” and “tolerant” talent German liberal arts universities are putting out today.

So tell me folks, is it really possible to reason with such people? Talk about a failed upbringing. The first thing she needs to do is go on a meat diet.

I wonder why Mona isn’t staying with her parents?


14 responses to “The Narrow Tolerances Of Tolerance…”Open Minded” Berlin Student Searching Apartment To Share”

  1. David Johnson

    Dear God, that just screams intolerance of every viewpoint except her own!

  2. Loodt Pretorius

    Is she related to that American girl Sandra Fluke, the one who complained about getting free contraception from the Catholic University?

  3. DirkH

    The remaining German population of Kreuzberg (approx. 70%) is all like this.
    Once they get kids, they usually leave, as the parties in the middle of the night are not really what you need when you work, have a kid, and need every bit of sleep you can get. Also, there are 98% non-German kids in the schools so a German kid would stand no chance. (anti white racism, violence)

    Judith Holofernes, atheist-buddhist Ultra Kreuzberger and once successful pop singer of the band Wir Sind Helden, had to ponder whether she would do this to her son.

    Kreuzberg is a look into the future of Germany.

    1. DirkH

      …the anti-white racism is of course politically tolerated and very compatible with Proto-Eurocrat Coudenhouve-Kalergi’s 1925 vision in Praktischer Idealismus…

      This is not some unknown crazy but the first recipient of the Karlspreis and inventor of Beethoven’s 9th as EU hymn…

    2. DirkH

      Another example bio for the school problems of German Kreuzbergers.

      Bizarre, prussian and socialist (but I repeat myself): You MUST send your kid to the primary school that is designated for the street you live in. Just like there’s only one sort of condomes in Cuba (or was until they ran out). So the parents in this article found out that they got the 98% migrant school, not the 60% migrant school around the corner.

  4. John M

    There are 13 instances of “I”, “me” and “my” in her ad.

  5. Bob in Castlemaine

    Not long ago we had a female prime minister here in Australia. Mona sounds a lot like her.

  6. Mindert Eiting

    Dear Mona,
    You are precisely the woman I’m looking for. I do not live in Kreuzberg but probably Amsterdam is also OK. There are a lot of vegetarian shops and restaurants in the environment and almost no children. At corner of my street is a women club where you can sit outside and drink beer the whole night, shouting and screaming as much as you want. At a short distance is a porn shop, run by a male chauvinist pig. I need someone to assist me during the night in order to cover the windows of his shop with white paint, something that should be done on a regular basis. We have here two universities where you can study history as long as you want. Have a free room of 20 sqm and you don’t have to pay for electricity which is generated here by wind mills subsidized by our government. I am only interested in therapeutic discussions and will respect your limits when you don’t want to see anyone. Looking forwards to an honest cohabitation,

  7. stephen richards

    My god, how intolerant can you get. “Open minded”, I think she meant empty minded. I love the bit about hating money but she would contribute a bit, presumably after she has asked the german worker to contribute their bit to the gov.

  8. DirkH

    Oh and another tidbit about the Kreuzbergers: They’re the biggest global congregation of Zeitgeist fans.

    Here’s Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist founder, himself, jumping into the razorblades that are Stefan Molyneux’s arguments. Takes a while to gain traction but gets amusing.

  9. M Simon

    “US Cultural Imperialism” – wot a larf. As if making things people want is a new form of imperialism. As opposed to Soviet Cultural Imperialism – which made things no one wanted.

  10. M Simon

    No animal based productis in her apartment? I take it she no longer defecates.

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