German Interview With Patrick Moore: Greenpeace Living “In An Absolute Dream World”…Poverty Is Biggest Threat

Patrick_Moore_(environmentalist)German online Novo Argumente here features an interview with Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore. Today he is one of the environmental organization’s harshest critics.

Photo right: Partick Moore, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Moore tells readers how things have run amok at the activist organization, claiming it has changed from one that “not only cared about the environment, but also about people” to one that has since transformed to today’s radical organization “that characterizes people fundamentally as enemies of the earth.” He continues:

I believe that its refusal to make demands that are scientifically based combined with a leftist, anti-American and anti-market-economy attitude has led the environmental movement into an ideological dead-end in which it finds itself today.”

Later in the interview Moore says that today’s biggest environmental challenge facing the earth today is poverty.

Poor people today cannot afford to treat wastewater, to clean the air, to reforest, etc. Poverty is a problem for man and for the environment. Fighting poverty helps both. There’s no contradiction.”

Moore says he left Greenpeace because the organization opted to follow a course based on confrontation and anti-development. He also believes that the organization’s popularity is because the environmental movement has indeed become a religion.

Radical environmentalists he says are hypocritical and confused in that they don’t understand that the gadgets that they themselves love using, like mobile phones, bicycles and rapid transport, buildings and wind turbines, come from the very things they protest. “It’s an absolute dream world.”

He illustrates further:

To demonstrate against fossil energies, Greenpeace attacked a Russian offshore drilling rig with a large boat equipped with diesel engines. […] When we sailed to Alaska to protest nuclear testing, we had no atomic weapons on board. They act like their new 32 million dollar boat is powered by sails when in reality it has a 5000 horsepower diesel engine. […] I just want to underscore what a dream world these people live in.”

Moore thinks that that fear and guilt play a big role in the religion. “This works the best with the global warming issue.

At the end, Moore blasts Greenpeace’s opposition to approving golden rice.

Two million children die annually from diseases related to Vitamin A-deficiencies. If I take the precautionary principle seriously, then I can only demand that golden rice be immediately approved. If Vitamin A deficiency were a disease like malaria and someone discovered a medicine to heal the disease, it would not be long before people would use it.”

The whole interview is well worth reading and it hopefully it will appear soon in English.


15 responses to “German Interview With Patrick Moore: Greenpeace Living “In An Absolute Dream World”…Poverty Is Biggest Threat”

  1. DirkH

    German Black Bloc (AntiFA; EU commission thugs) call for disruption of all AfD meetings in the run up to the (pointless) EU parliament elections. Black Bloc site:
    Call AfD racist. (While AfD refuses even to criticize Islamisation or mass immigration.)
    We can expect more brass knuckled attacks. For now, they showed themselves as incapable fighters, though. Maybe weakened by excessive vegetable consumption – or exotic cigarette usage.

  2. DirkH

    AfD thinks about stopping campaigning for (pointless) EU parliament elections in Lower Saxony completely as their people get attacked by Black Bloc / AntiFa all the time and posters get destroyed.

    Article, photos of destroyed posters.

    Not a peep in the system media.

  3. Gordon Cheyne

    Poverty is the biggest threat, and the most cost-effective technology to prevent poverty is to provide family planning.
    Once the mother has control of her own fertility, she has some control of the family economy.

  4. John F. Hultquist

    There have been reports that Patrick has been “disappeared” from the Greenpeace roll of honor and co-founder list. He apparently was not around on the first day but did become useful. Now not so much. So, bye bye Patrick.

    I think he now, also in addition to GM Golden Rice, supports nuclear power.

    1. Jeremy Poynton

      He has, and Greenpeace did a real smear job on him.

      As one would expect.

      1. DirkH

        But they’re still proud of their late dictator David McTaggart.

        A typical totalitarian organisation careening into madness. Would be nice to know what internal wars broke out after McTaggart’s death. They seem to be a sclerotic shadow of their former selfs lately.

  5. Mindert Eiting

    Another former Greenpeace activist is Diederik Samsom, who managed to become the leader of the Dutch Labour party (PvdA). Although I cannot prove it, I surmise that he is the architect of the latest Dutch windmill plan, with horrible consequences for our landscape. A broad resistance is growing here as people begin to realize what it will mean. In stead of Dutch sources, see

  6. Pointman

    I do know where he’s coming from. The follies of our youth.


  7. Loodt Pretorius

    DirkH mentions the US$5000 threshold. I recall reading a UN report which showed, with examples from Korea, that is also the threshold when people start buying motorcars. And once you have a motorcar, you have a decision to make, fill the car up or buy new shoes for the kids. Once you start living an ordinary urban life with work during the week and watching football over the weekend, you have additional calls on your money, and children becomes a drain on your resources and not a source of income.

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