Warming? Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: “Possibility We’re Going To Break All-Time Global Sea Ice Records”!

Here Joe is talking about record highs!

Weatherbell Analytics meteorologist Joe Bastardi, a person studying and observing the weather for some 40 years, says in his latest Saturday Summary that global sea ice this year has a pretty good chance of setting a new record high since satellite measurements began.

Weatherbell_10 May 2014

Image cropped from Weatherbell Analytics May 10, 2014 Saturday Summary.

At the 8:14 mark Joe starts talking about global sea ice. He shows how the current high Antarctic levels, should they continue, combined with the projected Arctic positive anomaly could result in a new record high.

What’s going to happen if the Antarctic maintains this very very robust anomaly here, and the Arctic actually goes above normal? What’s going to happen? Well, there’s the possibility we’re going to break the all-time global sea ice records.”

I beg your pardon! How can that be? Supposedly we have record global warming taking place. How can sea ice be rebounding with abandon if it’s getting warmer and warmer. It’s not adding up, folks.

Gore about to be humiliated

Joe then reminds his viewers of Al Gore’s 2007 prediction, and chides the former VP:

This is the summer that former vice president Al Gore back in 2007 said that this was the summer that the Arctic ice cap could disappear.”

Also in the summary Joe dumps a good amount of cold water on the probability the earth is going to see a very powerful 1997-like El Nino event, showing that the current circumstances in the Pacific are very different from those of 1997. So the chances of seeing a new annual, global record high temperature, something the warmists have been waiting 16 years to see, are diminishing.

2014 could see record high global temperature – with near record high sea ice?

On a new global temperature record this year, we have to keep in mind that there are a half dozen or so datasets tallying global temperature, and so we have to expect that at least one of them will be corrupt enough to concoct a new all-time record no matter what happens – mark my words. Ironically, this could be the year where we see both a “record warm” planet with near or even record global sea ice. Go figure that one out!

That’s climate science!


6 responses to “Warming? Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: “Possibility We’re Going To Break All-Time Global Sea Ice Records”!”

  1. Gordon Cheyne

    It’s pretty simple: because all the heat is hiding deep in the oceans, the surface is colder than usual, and hence all the surface ice.
    If we don’t do something soon about climate change, it will be a disaster!

    1. Hal Mayo

      That makes no sense at all. Didn’t realize we humans heated up the ocean bottoms first. Seriously, you are right about part of it. NATURAL-cycle warm pool has been upwelling in the arctic for some time and will soon cease. That is why the ice caps have faded some even while we just now may heading toward global cooling. I recently read where a climatogist at a university in Alaska documents this.
      CO2 and temps have been staggeringly higher in past ages, and the planet did not spin out of control.
      I agree with the Russian astronomist who (after saying that huge solar cycle change) says cooling is NOT good news. It means crop failures, population unrest, etc.

  2. mwhite

    Two things that seem to matter


    Temperature of the North Atlantic, and


    where the ice moves during the melt season.

  3. Mick J

    Regarding the long awaited El Nino, I use your link on the right to take an occasional look. What I have noted over the past few weeks is that the blue plots are tending to fall increasingly below the mean value. If I am reading this correctly the blue plots are the most recent model runs and these are beginning to project lower ENSO region temperatures for that all important event.

  4. Jimbo

    This was not supposed to happen with global sea ice. If it does break the old record then expect them to blame man’s aerosols or something.

    We also have Professor Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University has predicted that the Arctic would become ice free in 2015 or 2016.

    The earlier IPCC models projected a decrease in Antarctic sea ice extent. It has been trending up throughout our recent bout of ‘unprecedented’ global warming.

  5. Zeke

    “Ironically, this could be the year where we see both a “record warm” planet with near or even record global sea ice. Go figure that one out!”

    It’s not hard to figure out, really. Global warming causes heat waves, cold waves, more tornadoes, less tornadoes, droughts, floods… you name it, global warming causes it.

    The global warming hypothesis is impossible to falsify. Therefore, it must be true. ~QED

    “That’s climate science!”

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