2014: The Year Arctic Meltdown Stories Completely Vanished From Our Media!

Two years ago at about this time of year the media were overflowing at the brim with apocalyptic stories of high-speed Arctic meltdown. Everywhere the media used words like “dramatic”, catastrophic”, “accelerated”, “tipping point” and so on.

Except for the story of an overall long-term trend claimed by one paper from the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) claiming a long-term accelerated ice melt at both poles, the media have been eerily silent on news about sea ice extent in the Arctic.

Right now the media silence is so deafening that you can hear a pin drop on the Arctic ice.

This year so far has indeed been a bad year for weather catastrophes. The pickings have gotten awfully meager for the alarmists and the media, who have had to content themselves with hyper-inflating anecdotal weather events to keep the climate scare living, albeit in a coma.

Tornadoes have been well below normal, cold temperatures have prevailed over many populated areas this summer, hurricanes have been scarce (not even a tropical storm on the globe today), Antarctica is at near record high sea ice levels, global temperatures stagnant almost two decades now…and now even the Arctic has moved into the skeptic column. Nothing is going the way the alarmists had projected years ago.

That’s why we’re getting phony weather forecasts for year 2050. There’s nothing else!

Arctic may have already reached low point – 2 weeks early

Some charts are showing that the Arctic sea ice may have already reached its low point in late August…more than two weeks early:

Arctic_2014 Sept 1

Source: www.ijis.iarc.uaf.edu/seaice/png

The chart above shows this year’s late summer extent could be higher than half a dozen other years on the recent record. So it’s no wonder that the climate catastrophe-cheerleaders in the media have been dead silent on the Arctic this year. Nowhere in the German media are there  catastrophic, dramatic Arctic meltdown stories announcing the tipping of the climate system. All gone this year.

For that we will have to wait until next year, perhaps. Or maybe the year after, or maybe when the missing heat comes out of hiding – a time that no climate model is able to tell us so far.


4 responses to “2014: The Year Arctic Meltdown Stories Completely Vanished From Our Media!”

  1. DirkH

    “Or maybe the year after, or maybe when the missing heat comes out of hiding”

    It must first violate the laws of thermodynamics for that to happen. But I guess Global Warming can do that.

  2. Kurt in Switzerland

    Wait another two weeks for the upturn to manifest itself.

    But the minimum Arctic ice extent this year will likely be tied with the extent from 2009 (put another way, that would make it the highest since 2007). Still too early to say that the minimum Arctic Ice is growing – but it would appear that the fear of ice disappearing altogether anytime soon has vanished.

  3. Mick J

    PIOMASS have updated their graphs and data file for August..
    Ice volume continues to increase over recent years, something else unlikely to get top billing media wise.


    Data at http://psc.apl.washington.edu/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/schweiger/ice_volume/PIOMAS.2sst.monthly.Current.v2.1.txt

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