Happy 90th Birthday, Dear S. Fred Singer! Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!


Very few have shaped the climate science debate and forced the unwanted discussion on climate change like Prof. S. Fred Singer has. Photo: Heartland Instiute

One of the differences I’ve noticed between the USA and Germany is how birthdays are regarded and celebrated, especially the “round ones” ending with a zero, mostly beginning at age 40 (I’ve had a couple myself). They really are a big deal out here and big parties are always in order. The “round ones” are sort of seen as real lifetime milestones.

Today one of the giants of climate science rationality and realism is celebrating his 90th birthday: S. Fred Singer.

Without his leadership and wisdom, the global warming skepticism we see today no doubt would have been very different. It certainly would have been nowhere near as strong and nor feared by alarmists as it is today. We owe him a huge thanks for that.

It would take days or even weeks to write about all his accomplishments. To get an idea you can click here here or here. In 1990 he founded the Science & Environmental Policy Project.

He has authored or co-authored books on global warming, one of which was key in forming my own positions on the subject: Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years. German Geologist Sebastian Lüning even credited Dr. Singer for playing a an important role in shaping his positions. It goes without saying that the same can be said for thousands of others.

So NoTricksZone wishes Dr. Singer a wonderful and happy 90th birthday, and I’m sure readers, friend and foe alike, will also join me in wishing him many more years participating and playing an instrumental role in the exciting climate science discussion.

So, heart-felt congratulations to one of my heroes!


17 responses to “Happy 90th Birthday, Dear S. Fred Singer! Alles Gute Zum Geburtstag!”

  1. Mike

    You are looking pretty good for 90.

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  3. oeman50

    I join you, Pierre, in wishing Dr. Singer a happy birthday. I got the chance to meet him once and shake his hand and I felt honored.

  4. Henning Nielsen

    Heartfelt congratulations and thanks for the long hard battle for truth and science.

    Many happy returns!

  5. Robin Pittwood

    I’d like to join you too, in wishing Fred a very happy birthday. He is such a wonderful fellow. While I do not know him, I wish I did, for I observe his demeanour in his writing and engagements so calm, so polite, always willing to share his thoughts, while his depth of knowledge and experience beyond description.
    It was indeed very lucky of you to catch this day just in the nick of time. You better put an a note in your outlook diary for 2024. We wouldn’t want to miss his 100th.

  6. Sebastian Lüning

    Dear Fred,

    Happy Birthday also from me! Thank you for everything!



  7. Luc Ozade (@Luc_Ozade)

    Happy 90th Birthday Professor Singer from me too.

    And thank you for all your wonderful work over so many years.

  8. Green Sand

    Respect and joy!

    Many happy returns!

  9. EnergiewendeUberall

    [-snip —-Comment confirmed precisely the low life sewage scum we have out there who have to hide their identity…as low as an unemployed drunken neo-nazi skinhead with no education -PG]

    1. DirkH

      Energiewende Über Alles, you’re not losing because of Fred Singer; you’re losing because you’re liars.

  10. Gerhard Gerlich & Ralf D. Tscheuschner

    Dear Fred

    Happy 90th Birthday, Dear Fred !
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Neunzigsten, lieber Fred !

    von Gerhard und Ralf (G&T)

  11. Bob Armstrong

    Dr Singer is a confirmation of the correlation between accomplishment and longevity .

    He gives me hope that I may still have a couple of decades able to battle on the very front lines .

  12. Pointman

    Tüten, tüten.


  13. Edward.

    Yeah! happy birthday Fred – you’re a good un lad and not half bad at physics either – may you see many more happy returns.

  14. Mervyn

    Dr Singer is a living legend in the field of climate science, and even a greater legend for his stance taken against the scaremongering catastrophic man-made global warming dogma.

    Unlike global warming alarmists, Dr Singer has used science rather than propaganda to support his arguments.

    Well done to him for reaching 90 years old and still able to participate in the fight for truth in climate science. Take a bow, Fred Singer!

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