Climate Change Dying As An Issue In German Media…Empty Seats Pack Hamburg “9th Extreme Weather Congress”!

This past week the 9th Extreme Weather Congress took place in Hamburg. Curiously this year there was very little coverage by the German media. Doing a Google search of the event turned up very few stories from the mainstream media.

9th ExtremWetterKongress 2014

Empty seats pack Day 3 of the Hamburg 9th Extreme Weather Conference, just minutes before starting. Source: here (11:12 mark).

The above photo is a snapshot from a Youtube video, just minutes before the start of Day 3 of the Congress.

Looks like the German media have grown fatigued by climate science in general and have sensed that something isn’t right with what the “experts” have been claiming. Record high sea ice, lack of hurricanes, low tornado activity, spectacularly failed climate models and bitter cold winters have a way of sobering them up.

Some German public television networks showed up on the first day, see here for example, but there too we see many empty seats – unusual given the opening first day hype.

Not a peep about Antarctic sea ice record

We begin to sense the media is feeling increasingly embarrassed about the climate issue overall. Any reminder of how they’ve been duped gets avoided altogether. Little wonder when Googling “rekord eis antarktis 2014“, we quickly find that the German mainstream media have totally ignored this year’s record high south polar sea ice event altogether. Too embarrassing! Besides, German viewers are totally bored by the climate issue.

Some small sites have reported the event, though. The online German weather site writes that Arctic sea ice is “considerably greater than the record low year of 2012” and that the German Polarstern research vessel of the Alfred Wegener Institute “did not succeed in crossing the Northwest Passage of the American continent in the second half of August“. also looked at the situation at the Antarctic, which this year smashed the all-time satellite era sea ice record. The site however, avoided the use of the word “record” and wrote:

…the sea ice around Antarctica reached 20 million square kilometers. Thus the 30-year maximum of last year was exceeded by about 0.4 million square kilometers.”

Of course this new satellite record high has baffled climate scientists, who are left stumped and only to speculate what is behind the unexpected trend. Wetteronline writes:

The reason for this, scientists suspect, among other factors, is a weakening sea current around Antarctica. Thus there is less mixing of the water masses which favours the growth of the sea ice.”

There’s no data to back this up, and so it just means the scientists don’t have a clue, are just shooting in the dark, and they should just say so.

Meanwhile, alarmist site Klimaretter presented its polar sea ice summary for 2014, but forgot to mention anything at all about the South Pole.


10 responses to “Climate Change Dying As An Issue In German Media…Empty Seats Pack Hamburg “9th Extreme Weather Congress”!”

  1. Mike Spilligan

    It looked like a good “bandwagon” to jump on before it reached critical v. Now it’s there it’s just too dangerous to try to get off – but they’ll do that, one-by-one, as the speed drops off, hoping we won’t notice.

  2. Stephen Richards

    The reason for this (their latest guess), scientists suspect, among other factors, is a weakening sea current around Antarctica. Thus there is less mixing of the water masses which favours the growth of the sea ice.” –

    This is guess number ?? 55 ?

    They never provide any evidence for their “suppositions” do they ?

  3. Graeme No.3

    Another very cold winter with blackouts will turn public attention to the problems with “renewables”. You won’t need the Pied Piper of Hamelin to see a horde of rats scurrying for the exit.

  4. Stephen Richards

    No-one can forecast the weather seasonally but there are some indications (NAO, PDO? SST NAtlantic) that this is going to be blinder of a winter. I don’t want to hear that anyone has died unnecessarily but they will if the winter is bad, in germany, uk and all points east.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    There are only 2 people in that day-3 photo. Gray-hair is likely the 1st speaker. Dark-hair is the building audio-visual geek tasked with powering the equipment on and off; then turning out the lights as the crowd leaves.

    Guess #55? I’ve lost count. At some point a researcher will figure this out and tell us all. Then the person that had the correct guess will come forward, say I told you so, and become a media star. Unless, of course, it is because Earth is cooling.

  6. Stephen Richards

    Mike Spilligan 11. Oktober 2014 at 17:10 |

    Ole mikey probably won’t notice that everyone has jumped. He’ll still be peddling his crap.

  7. Physicist with 50 years experience

    There is absolutely no other way to explain how the necessary energy gets into the surfaces of Earth and Venus than by non-radiative heat transfer, because the intensity of solar radiation just is nowhere near enough. It’s not hard to understand once you understand what thermodynamic equilibrium is all about, and if you have no idea why this is important to understand then you are best either working it out for yourself, reading my book “Why It’s Not Carbon Dioxide After All” or keeping out of all discussion pertaining to planetary temperatures, because these temperatures are not determined by radiation alone – not by a long shot, and the world has been very seriously misled by the biggest scientific blunder of all time.

  8. DirkH

    The death of Climate Change as a political campaign in Germany – and therefore the lack of media and Green foot soldiers at the event – is caused due to a shift to a different area: The “refugee” issue. Germany will get 200,000 illegal immigrants / “refugees” this year ; mostly transported from North Africa across the Mediterranean by traffickers and Frontex to Italy, and then equipped with train tickets to Germany by the Italian state; openly violating the Schengen treaty.

    The redgreen foot soldiers and journalists therefore focus on “supporting” the “refugees” with “political work” and demonstrations. So they have given up on climate change; one can’t dance on every party at the same time. It is now not so much about conquering the world with German made “sustainability”; but saving their local project of “multiculturalism”.

    The issue has its vortex in Green-governed Berlin Kreuzberg.

    The dwindling and dying forces of the red green political and journalist movement will not recover from this and will not have the strength to return to climate change.

  9. David

    Same thing here in Santa Fe NM..USA,
    A few weeks back we had climate change march like they had in New York. Not a mention in our paper which surprised me being a super Lib town. Last summer we had a green festival know telling
    us we need wind and solar and that fossil fuel is bad…even tho the paper did a massive campaign about…not a word afterwards.

  10. Weekly Climate and Energy News Roundup #154 | Watts Up With That?

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