European Climate Institute EIKE: European Winters Show Clear Cooling Trend Since Hansen’s 1988 Testimony

Right on schedule, winter will be making its real debut at the end of this week as a colder air mass pushes westward into Central Europe, so writes German weather portal here.

This does not come as any surprise to those who ignore the warming hysteria in the media and follow the observed data. Today, according to the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) here, data from the DWD German national weather service shows that winters in Germany have been cooling significantly and in parallel with those in Austria for close to three decades – despite rising CO2 emissions. If Co2 has a warming effect, it hasn’t been seen in Central Europe since James Hansen testified before Congress in 1988!

Temperature Germany 27 years _Kowatsch

Germany’s mean winter temperature has been falling since NASA scientist James Hansen warned in 1988 of a rapidly warming planet. Chart: Josef Kowatsch, EIKE.

EIKE also presents a mean winter temperature chart for Germany since 1882. Here we see the long-term trend is modestly upward.

Teamperature Germany winter since 1882

Germany mean winter temperature, based on DWD data.

But EIKE adds that there is a good explanation for this modest warming:

The reason for this heat is mainly the consequence of the urban heat island effect. During the above period, Germany has changed profoundly. Compared to the much smaller and far less frequent heat islands back then, today’s heat islands are far more expansive and involve heat zones. And the surface measurement stations in 2014 are sited differently than they were 130 years ago. Forest chalets at the edge of wilderness and unheated monasteries no longer exist. The surface measurement stations, often under the same name, have been moved to inside heat islands where people live and heat mightily in the wintertime. And also the weather stations next to the landing strips of our airports in conjunction with the hot exhaust of jet engines did not exist 130 years ago. All homes are heated entirely today, and not just 2 or 3 rooms like 50 years ago. This applies to both Germany and Austria. Today’s thermometers are simply measuring man’s additional heat along with that of nature.”


12 responses to “European Climate Institute EIKE: European Winters Show Clear Cooling Trend Since Hansen’s 1988 Testimony”

  1. DirkH

    “All homes are heated entirely today, and not just 2 or 3 rooms like 50 years ago.”

    I hope the “Young Leaders” from the Green Party read this. Isn’t this a great idea to save the planet, “Young Leaders”?

  2. John F. Hultquist

    The last quote regarding heat islands is a good addition. I do wonder though:

    Forest chalets at the edge of wilderness and unheated monasteries no longer exist.
    The next statement implies, although this might not be intended, that the above places were where temperature readings were taken and, further, that using the same names the readings now are taken elsewhere. Not that a fireplace would have much impact on an outside temperature reading but did not monasteries have any heat or cook any food?

    1. JB Harshaw

      You apparently do not comprehend the meaning of the phrase “heat island”. The effect is well known, and describes what is (or at least what used to be) called a “microclimate” of urban areas.

      It isn’t simply a matter of whether or not some “monastary” or “forest chalet” was itself heated, it is the fact that urban areas, dense with buildings, pavement, the exhaust from furnaces, thousands of vehicles, etc (and also largely absent previous vegetation, tree covers, etc); can and DO rather substantially alter things like wind patterns, thermals, precipitation, and so on… and those things ALL have a slight (and sometimes significant) affect on temperature.

      1. Somebody

        It’s not ‘slight’. It’s quite way bigger than the ‘warming’. For my city (not such a big one) I typically measure 2C difference between the urban area and the one surrounding it. Others have reported similar differences.

  3. DirkH

    German system medium Focus and US climate change promoter NASA have a great idea: If we color CO2 red it looks more evil. Rapture anyone? Computer game animation video:

    1. DirkH

      Headline is “These red clouds are becoming a danger for humanity”. Clickbait language.

  4. Peter Charles

    Interesting long term graph. If you tale 1914 (for no other reason than it s 100 years) as the starting point it would appear to be flat.

  5. edmh


    Since the year 2000 the UK Met Office Central England Temperature CET record has shown an overall drop of about -0.89°C in 13 years. Perhaps more significant the winter season temperatures (December January February) have diminished even further by -1.55°C

    This matches well with other temperatures across Europe especially in Germany

  6. BobW in NC

    Siting is a real problem in gaining an accurate measurement of temperatures as much in Germany as in the US.

    It would be interesting to subject the recorded temperatures to adjustments according to Anthony Watts’ “Surface” project. One of the stations from 130 years ago would have no adjustment (Class 1; CRN1); one from next to an airport runway (Class 5; CRN5) would have 5° subtracted. See:

  7. Mervyn

    The global warming alarmists can spread their propaganda as much as they want. They may even succeed in shutting out the climate realists… er, sorry, skeptics and deniers. But one thing their climate model projections, scenarios or predictions will never be able to do is make Mother Nature obey their green environmental agenda.

    I predict that the global warming collective will be utterly debunked by the weather that Mother Nature reveals to us over the next decade. And based on the evidence of what the sun is currently doing, or not doing, global cooling rather than global warming will become blatantly evident.

    1. DirkH

      Setback for warmist propaganda movement:

      After cuts to ABC’s bloated budget the wheenies are forced into Hunger Games style knockout competition games to see who gets culled and who isn’t:

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