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Fluctuating Atlantic … German Experts Say “Things Could Become Very Bitter For The IPCC Forecast Models”!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe latest post by Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt looks at solar cycle 24 in January, and the climate impacts of the North Atlantic. The two authors write that the IPCC models may be in for a bitter surprise. ================================== The sun in January 2015 and Atlantic prognoses By Frank Bosse and […]

German Experts: New Paper By Gleisner Shows 2013 Cowtan And Way Arctic Data Hole Paper Was A Lemon

Share this… Facebook TwitterGerman experts Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt tell at their Die kalte Sonne site us why the 2013 Cowtan and Way paper has proven to be a flop. ======================================== Failed spectacularly: Arctic data hole theory for the warming pause collapses By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated, edited by P Gosselin) For […]

Joe Bastardi Schools Dr. Michael Mann On How To Read A Weather Chart ... Heavy Snow "Is Because It's Cold"

Joe Bastardi Schools Dr. Michael Mann On How To Read A Weather Chart … Heavy Snow “Is Because It’s Cold”

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe Northeast USA is being socked by frightful cold and massive snow. The brutal New England winters are back and now we are witnessing last ditch efforts by disgraced climate scientists to blame the brutally cold winters on a warming planet (which in reality has not warmed in 18 years). At his […]

Habitual Offender...Germany's Wind And Solar Power Go AWOL Third Time In Less Than 30 Days!

Habitual Offender…Germany’s Wind And Solar Power Go AWOL Third Time In Less Than 30 Days!

Share this… Facebook TwitterWintertime is when people especially need reliable power for their homes, living and workplaces – especially in a northern country like Germany. Unfortunately wind and solar power just aren’t able to come through and deliver when the chips are down. The above chart shows German power supply by the various sources available […]

A Look At The Utopian Minds Of Environmentalists Shows Derangement, Confusion And Reality-Disconnect

Share this… Facebook TwitterRoger Lewis of the UK online Spectator presents a highly interesting portrait of environmentalist, doomsday-believer Dylan Evans and his Utopia Experiment. Lewis concludes from it: “Designs for living always end in tears, or worse.” So disconnected from reality was Evans, and academic, that he believed he could actually make himself a better life departing the […]

Government (Junk) Science Advances 100 Million Funerals At A Time

Share this… Facebook TwitterAccording to University of California pediatric endocrinologist Robert Lustig, the US had 6 million “seriously overweight” kids in 2001. Since then that number has skyrocketed to over 20 million. Worldwide there are 366 million people with diabetes. By 2030, if trends are not curbed, 165 million Americans will be obese and by […]

German Climate Group Discussion To Focus On 2014 Global Temperature: “No Evidence Of An Especially Warm 2014”

Share this… Facebook TwitterGerman climate science critical group is holding its next meeting at the Freizeitheim Linden in Hannover, Germany, 19 February, at 7:30 pm. The group regularly has meetings on climate and is known for taking the discussions directly to the public, but doing so with respect, courtesy and politeness. It writes: The main […]

The Frigid Winters Of Global Warming: “Uncompromising Cold” … “Conditions That May Be Recalled For Generations”

Share this… Facebook TwitterHow often have we heard the older folks reminiscing about good old fashioned New England winters we used to get 50 years ago? Well, they’re back. Ironically today’s winters are in fact so tough that journalist Jason Samenow of the online Washington Post here predicts that we may remember the current one […]

Long List Of Warmist Organizations, Scientists Haul In Huge Money From BIG OIL And Heavy Industry!

Share this… Facebook TwitterReader Jimbo left a comment which I’ve upgraded to a post. Below he presents a list of 25 examples where climate alarmism organizations and scientists were more than happy to take in big money from Big Oil and industry. Even Michael Mann (Example no. 19) benefitted from the Koch Brothers! ============================ By reader Jimbo […]

Analysis Shows Wind And Solar Power In Europe Is On Average 16 Times More Expensive Than Gas-Fired Power!

Share this… Facebook TwitterCharting the costs and effectiveness of renewable energy in Europe A comparison of both the capital cost and energy production effectiveness of renewable energy in Europe. By Ed Hoskins (Some editing by P Gosselin) The diagrams below show the cost and capacity factors of the major European renewable energy power sources: onshore and […]

Germany 2014 Report Card Is In! Its 25,000 Wind Turbines Get An “F-“…Averaged Only 14.8% Of Rated Capacity!

Share this… Facebook TwitterResistance to wind power in Germany is snowballing. And it needs to be noted that this resistance is grass roots and sustained almost entirely by volunteers and privately donated time and effort. In the latest wind energy critical site here has a report summarizing the performance of Germany’s wind turbines in […]

The Sun And Ocean Cycles Drive Global Temperature...Natural Factors Bringing Cooling For Next 30 Years

The Sun And Ocean Cycles Drive Global Temperature…Natural Factors Bringing Cooling For Next 30 Years

Share this… Facebook TwitterIt has been clear for a long time to those who simply observe climate that temperatures are driven by, in the long term, orbital and Earth tilt cycles, the Milanković cycles, in the medium term by solar cycles with ocean cycles. like the Atlantic Multi-Decadal Oscillation (AMO), and in the short term, […]

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