Sex And Drugs And Blood N’ Soil …Top German Green Party Official Busted For Crystal Meth Possession!

Leading German Green Party official Volker Beck has resigned from “several of his posts” amid charges of illegally possessing the drug crystal meth.

Berlin authorities allegedly caught the high-profile politician early this month. He has not yet resigned from his post as a parliamentary member of the Bundestag.

German online weekly FOCUS reports today that Beck told police “the banned substance was not for himself, but for someone else“, thus possibly opening himself up to drug dealing charges.

Frankly I find it peculiar and somewhat telling that the uproar over the affair has been comparatively low-key, giving the impression that Green politicians routinely get off easy whenever involved in scandal.

DW German public radio even went so far as to accuse center right tabloid Bild of being “gleeful” over breaking the news of Beck’s drug possession arrest, writing here that the newspaper “was not slow to drag the politician over its own moral coals, splashing the headline ‘Green caught with Hitler drug!’ on its front page – a reference to the Nazi leader’s regular use of methamphetamines.”

Green Party’s pedophile past

Surprisingly DW reports that Beck used to be a proponent of legalizing sexual contact with children:

In 2013, he raised a furor in Germany when he called for decriminalizing sexual contact with children.”

In the early days of Germany’s Green Party, 1980s and 1990s, the founders loudly called for the legalization of sex with underage children. The Greens‘ advocacy of pedophilia rights was part of the party’s platform as it pushed neo-liberal ideas like “free and open relationships”.

Thomas Birk, Green Party Berlin parliamentarian and author of a commissions report investigating the scandal, mentioned in March, 2015, that there had been “up to 1000 victims”.

Green Party Chairwoman Bettina Jarasch publicly apologized for what she called an “institutional failure”. She said:

On behalf of the Berlin Greens, we ask for forgiveness.”

According to the Berlin based left-leaning Tagesspiegel here, the investigation and commission report shed light into an “abuse network” within the forerunner of the Green party, the Alternativen Liste, which included at least three leading figures who set up a “youth center” in a Kreuzberg recreational center.

According to witnesses, they abused numerous youths who had been recruited at elementary schools.“

Brown roots

The Green movement has also come under scrutiny and suspicion for its brownish “blood and soil” environmentalist roots and its thinly veiled contempt for the human species. Recently television producer and director Martin Durkin wrote a meticulously researched essay on the roots of the green movement titled:  “NAZI GREENS – An Inconvenient History”.

Also read here,

It’s time that the German Greens be taken for what many of them really are.


16 responses to “Sex And Drugs And Blood N’ Soil …Top German Green Party Official Busted For Crystal Meth Possession!”

  1. DirkH

    But, state attorneys still blocked from investigating. The Bundestag refuses to give the go ahead. I guess they want to sit it out til after the elections on sunday to protect the Greens and delay the headlines. The media is obediently complicit in this as always.

    1. DirkH

      A recent comment of mine regarding the state of Berlin as the world’s drug capital starting as early as the Weimar republic.

  2. Leonard Lane

    If there is equal justice under law in Germany, then those found guilty at trial should be sentenced to the maximum time in prison the law allows. The should also be bared from contact with children for life,if that is possible under German law.

    1. DirkH

      Oh don’t worry – You can be assured a social pedagogue will have an earnest half hour talk with him. And that’ll be it in my estimate.

      1. yonason

        A strongly worded memo, or perhaps a passionate appeal to reason, should be sufficient, don’t you think? That or a promotion.

  3. Santa Baby
  4. yonason

    As DirkH pointed out recently, the affinity of German Greenies and the Nazi party was far stronger than that of the average German.

    “Whereas only 10% of the German population belonged to the Nazi Party, between 60 and 70% of the environmentalists in various conservationist groups were Nazi Party members. This is not to say that every German conservationist was a Nazi Party member or a Nazi sympathizer, or that every conservationist joined the Nazi party because of ideological convictions, but it certainly does show that there was a convergence between Nazis and environmentalists.”

    From what I know of the Greenies of today, things haven’t improved much.

  5. yonason

    Many gruesome details here:

    It’s a critique of a book by a woman writing an expose of, while apparently also being sympathetic to, aspects of the Green movement.

    The critic, however, is neither sympathetic to it, or to her.

  6. Bernd Felsche

    Green philosophies belong in the topsoil, not parliaments.

  7. AndyG55

    “Top German Green Party Official Busted For Crystal Meth Possession!”

    A couple of topics ago, sob said that this is the type of guy he would vote for.

    He admitted that he couldn’t relate to a Green politician that didn’t partake.

    1. sod

      “A couple of topics ago, sob said that this is the type of guy he would vote for. ”

      That is a total misrepresentation of what i said. Actually this whole discussion is a rather stark example of missrepresentation.

      1. AndyG55

        No , its exactly what you said.

        If you want to see mis-representation….

        go back and read most of your own posts.

        1. sod
          1. AndyG55

            Direct quote from sob….

            “The drugs affair will have no influence, because nobody can even imagine Kretschmann using drugs.

            And you are right, i am not happy with him. He is much too conservative for me.”

            Too conservative.. does not take drugs…

            read your own posts , sob.

  8. Sex And Drugs And Blood N‘ Soil …Top German Green Party Official Busted For Crystal Meth Possession! – sentinelblog

    […] No Tricks Zone, by P […]

  9. tom0mason

    The original German Green party might have approved?

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