Prominent Japanese Scientist Reiterates: “Sun Is Main Climate Driver”…Manmade “Global Warming A Hoax”!

Skeptic climate science news also from Japan

I’ve been regularly bringing you climate and energy news from Germany, with Kenneth in USA posting on the latest science.

Now NoTricksZone is happy to report we are also working with skeptic Japanese climate blogger Kirye, who runs KiryeNet. This means we’ll also be occasionally presenting skeptic news out of Japan in English.

For example in last Tuesday’s post Kirye delivered the key parts on the Arctic Freezamageddon. Our aim is to provide more of such posts in the future.

Views from other countries like Japan are always extremely useful. There really isn’t any global climate science consensus. It’s fraudulent to claim that there is.

Last year KiryeNet here reported on prominent Japanese scientist Dr. Takeda Kunihiko (image right) making an appearance on a popular entertainment/information TV show, where he presented another view on climate change before a national audience. He called manmade global warming was “a hoax”.


Prominent Japanese Scientist Tells National Audience Global Warming Is A Hoax

By Kirye

Just over a year ago on a popular TV program called ‘HONMADEKKA!? TV’ that was broadcast on January 4, 2017, Chubu University Professor Kunihiko Takeda told the audience: “In 2017 finally it will be exposed that global warming is a hoax.”

The show also reported that “CO2 in the early times of the Earth was 95%; now it’s 0.04%”. The discussion round took place between Dr. Takeda, actress Kiriko Isono, comedians Kosugi, and Yoshida, and host Sanma Akashiya. What follows is the English transcript of the pertinent segment:

Dr. Takeda:
“At last it will be exposed that global warming is a hoax in 2017. A skeptical person who is critical of the EPA will become the new administrator of the EPA. That is scheduled. Therefore, that is for sure.”

“Isn’t the earth warming?”

Dr. Takeda:
“Of course it is not.”

“I think I heard that the Antarctica and the Arctic are melting.”

Dr. Takeda:
“The Arctic ice is melting, Antarctica ice is increasing.”

Sanma Akashiya (the host):
“The earth has a good balance.”

“Really? Even if the total of the ice in the Arctic and the Antarctic remains unchanged from the past, it is over when one of the poles become ice-free, right?”

Dr. Takeda:
“No, no. Originally, by reason of the distance with the sun, it is normal that there is no ice on the earth. Though as you know that there is the so-called the ice age. The ice age is when there is snow which cannot melt even in summer. So we are in an ice age now.”

Sanma Akashiya (host):
“Do you think that the water will flood (when the Arctic becomes ice-free)?”

“I think so!’

Sanma Akashiya (the host):
“Hey you, when the ice in the glass has melted, does the water overflow?”

Mr. Yoshida:
“It doesn’t overflow.”

Dr. Takeda:
“Mr. Sanma Akashiya and I remember studying the principles of Archimedes during the junior high school days. He and I are right.”

Dr. Takeda was also once featured as a prominent skeptic by CFACT:

And Dr. Takeda once commented:

CO2 emissions make absolutely no difference, one way or another… Every scientists says this, but it doesn’t pay to say so…Global warming as a political vehicle, keeps Europeans in the driver’s seat and developing nations walking barefoot.”

Other fascinating quotes by Dr. Takeda here.

Clearly there is no consensus when it comes to climate science. Consensus is not formed by dismissing those who dissent.

32 responses to “Prominent Japanese Scientist Reiterates: “Sun Is Main Climate Driver”…Manmade “Global Warming A Hoax”!”

  1. Greg61

    The last quote from Dr. Takeda is the most important. The entire goal of the global warming movement is to force developed nations to provide welfare checks to the poor in developing nations and pay them to not improve their lives. Environmentalists have always been this way. Billionaires give money to Greenpeace and others to protest mine development in poor countries for example. This has happened all over South America. Even in a developed country like Canada, they give money to the poor indigenous people to pay them to protest pipelines, when instead these people could become more independent from being employed working on pipelines, and receiving money for allowing the oil to flow over their lands.

  2. dennisambler

    “The Arctic ice is melting” and freezing again….

  3. sunsettommy

    Sanma Akashiya (host):
    “Do you think that the water will flood (when the Arctic becomes ice-free)?”

    “I think so!’

    Sanma Akashiya (the host):
    “Hey you, when the ice in the glass has melted, does the water overflow?”

    Mr. Yoshida:
    “It doesn’t overflow.”

    Yoshida is a confused individual……..

    1. SebastianH

      The whole “interview” is confusing. Why would someone claim that the Earth is not warming and that the ice in Antarctica would be increasing? That’s just wrong.

      1. AndyG55

        Ice in Antartica was in creasing before the EL Nino

        The only warming has come from El Ninos.

        The context is “climate change™” ie AGW ie human caused warming..

        …. which is JUST NOT HAPPENING

        Sorry you are too brain-numbed to comprehend the context.

        UNAWARE, yet again, hey seb.

        1. SebastianH

          Yep, I am totally unaware of any ice mass gain in Antarctica and also totally unaware of Earth not warming … must be a parallel universe or something like that.

          1. Kenneth Richard

            Yep, I am totally unaware of any ice mass gain in Antarctica

            Perhaps you should read about it, then, so you can become more aware of what the science says.

            Martín-Español et al., 2017
            “We investigate the mass balance of East Antarctica for 2003–2013 using a Bayesian statistical framework. … We apportion mass trends to SMB and ice dynamics for the EAIS, based on two different assumptions, different remote sensing data and two RCMs. In the first experiment, the model apportions about a third of the mass trend to ice dynamics, +17 Gt/yr, and two thirds, +40 Gt yr−1 to SMB, resulting in a total mass trend for the EAIS [East Antarctic Ice Sheet] of +57 ± 20 Gt yr−1.”

            Were you also unaware that the Southern Ocean has been cooling (Jones et al., 2016) and the Southern Hemisphere sea ice has been advancing (Jones et al., 2016)?

            Were you aware that East Antarctica, which makes up 2/3rds of the continent, has experienced “ubiquitous cooling” since the 1970s?

            Clem et al., 2018
            “This study finds recent (post-1979) surface cooling of East Antarctica during austral autumn to also be tied to tropical forcing, namely, an increase in La Niña events. … The South Atlantic anticyclone is associated with cold air advection, weakened northerlies, and increased sea ice concentrations across the western East Antarctic coast, which has increased the rate of cooling at Novolazarevskaya and Syowa stations after 1979. This enhanced cooling over western East Antarctica is tied more broadly to a zonally asymmetric temperature trend pattern across East Antarctica during autumn that is consistent with a tropically forced Rossby wave rather than a SAM pattern; the positive SAM pattern is associated with ubiquitous cooling across East Antarctica.”


            Previously you have erroneously claimed that the West Antarctic Peninsula was warming “ten times faster” than any other place on Earth. So you obviously are unaware that the Peninsula has actually been rapidly cooling since 1999 and the glaciers have begun switching to mass gains there.

            Oliva et al., 2017
            “However, a recent analysis (Turner et al., 2016) has shown that the regionally stacked temperature record for the last three decades has shifted from a warming trend of 0.32 °C/decade during 1979–1997 to a cooling trend of − 0.47 °C/decade during 1999–2014. … This recent cooling has already impacted the cryosphere in the northern AP [Antarctic Peninsula], including slow-down of glacier recession, a shift to surface mass gains of the peripheral glacier and layer of permafrost in northern AP islands.”

            If you need any more information about what’s happening in Antarctica, SebastianH, we’re here to educate you.

          2. AndyG55

            Not warming from human causes, seb.

            I know you have comprehension issues in English, but do at least TRY to keep up. !!

    2. DocRobot

      The host is confused and so are you Tommy.

      A glass of water is a contained volume of water, the world’s ice, if it all melts, flows from above the oceans down into the oceans which would cause the sea level to rise.

  4. Bitter&twisted

    Dr Takeda is spot-on.
    AGW is a political construct to impoverish the West, keep the 3rd world in poverty and enrich the globalist elite.

    1. yonason (from my cell phone)

      When distilled down to it’s essence, global warming really is reasy to understand.

      1. SebastianH

        And two more advertising their membership in the club of those who shall not be named. WTH

        1. AndyG55

          “keep the 3rd world in poverty and enrich the globalist elite”

          Planned or not, that has been the final outcome.

          ….and seb seems to cheer the whole agenda on.

          Look how DESPERATE and ANTSY he gets when it is mentioned.

          When you are on target, seb gets snarky… WTF !!!!

          1. SebastianH

            Planned or not, that has been the final outcome.

            You are kidding, right? Developing nations are catching up fast. In fact, they are growing faster than developed countries did at that point. Reason: they can skip technology and can immediately use the better options (e.g. cellular phones instead of landline, fiber instead of copper wires, medicine, energy, etc).

            I recommend this website: (“How not to be ignorant about the World”)

            When you are on target, seb gets snarky… WTF !!!!

            I thought it’s the other way around? Everything you feel the need to reply to must be correct as it somehow threatens your reality.

            I get snarky when people who claim to be for science drift into conspiracy themes and tinfoil hat territory. Those two things don’t fit together and it makes one wonder if that “science” facade they put up isn’t just a tool to further their deep fear that somehow they could lose something because of change and the advance of technology.

            Have a nice and sunny day!

          2. AndyG55

            Still on target.

            Noted…. the change in topic because you can’t counter the facts.

            We are talking energy supply seb, you know, the thing that allows all this modern tech to actually work.

            World bank etc have not carried the ball in that most important of areas.

            China has.

            Its not a conspiracy theory when it out in the open, as stated by your AGW masters.

            You are just too ideologically blind to see it.

            “you feel the need to reply to must be correct”

            Basically everything you say is INCORRECT, so yes, it needs correcting.

          3. AndyG55

            Imagine what could have been done in third world countries if Germany and the World Bank had spent the amount of fund there on RELIABLE power supplies, rather than wasting it on an anti-science, anti-CO2 decimation of their own electricity supply system with UNRELIABLES. !

  5. Penelope

    Of course, if the Arctic ice did melt, it wouldn’t raise the level of the ocean. This is because the Arctic is not an ice cap on land, like the Antarctic is. There is no land under the sea ice that we call the Arctic. So this floating ice has already displaced its volume.

    When you add ice cubes to a basin of water the level rises; when they melt the level remains unchanged.

  6. Penelope

    P Gosselin, you are right that the goal is population reduction. Look at who is paying for the global warming hoax.

    This is a minority Senate report on who’s paying for it:…/press-releases-
    It’s called The Chain of Environmental Command.

    This is just the press release. The whole report is available too.


    1. Yonason (from a friend's comp)

      Is this THE LINK you were referring to, Penelope?

      1. Bitter&twisted

        Thanks for this, Yonason.
        It clearly demonstrates the global elite funding their AGW agenda via the funding of local groups of “useful idiots”.

        1. SebastianH

          OMG, you guys are freaking me out right now. You believe in something like this and yet claim to “know science” on the other side. Weird.

          1. AndyG55

            WOW, we are in an area that seb obviously knows a lot about, and DID NOT want being brought into the discussion.

            The DENIAL is being dialled up to 11.

            (there’s that 110% for you , seb)

  7. Penelope

    Sorry. You need -republican?… on the end of that link.
    Or, better— just search Environmental Chain of Command

  8. Doug Cotton

    If you want to know about the CORRECT physics that can be used to show “greenhouse” gases COOL read my website and three papers at

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