Arctic Freezamageddon…Sea Ice Volume Surges 3 TRILLION Cubic Meters Since Early March!

Using a comparison, Japanese skeptic blogger Kirye at KiryeNet drives home how “the real Arctic sea ice volume is much higher than in 2008.”

Source of images: DMI:

Using images and data from the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), Kirye put together and posted a comparator showing the immense March/early April sea ice volume increase the Arctic has seen since 2008. It totally defies the panicky claims of a “melting” Arctic, she tweeted.

You can see the animation comparator Kirye put together in action here at Twitter.

Arctic sea ice volume surges a whopping 3000 cubic kilometers since March 1st. Chart: DMI.

Kirye comments that although we have not once seen alarmists’ climate predictions come true, they continue to threaten us with sea ice doom.

Amid rapidly growing Arctic sea ice volume, they continue to cling to the claim it’s melting. That’s irrational.

Media hyperbole

Yesterday Anthony Watts posted here on the Arctic, remarking that the media claims of earlier this year of an unprecedented Arctic warmth had much more to do with hyperbole than with reality. Lately the Arctic has been a generous source of fake news from the global mainstream media giants, all claiming something that is not real, or making something that’s happened many times before look “unprecedented”.

Warm 12°C temperature spikes more than 70 times!

Back in January, 2016, I wrote here how “the Washington Post screamed bloody murder that the North Pole was in meltdown as temperatures at that singular location rose some “50 degrees above normal”, making it sound like this event had been an unprecedented phenomenon.

For that post I had gone back and examined DMI data Arctic temperatures above 80°N latitude going back some 58 years. Here’s what I found:

And examining all the years since 1958 we see that a temperature spike of some 12°K or more in a matter of a few days (during the November to March deep winter period) occurred more than 70 times! And over 100 times for spikes of 10°K and more.”

Once again, hat-tip: KiyreNet.

66 responses to “Arctic Freezamageddon…Sea Ice Volume Surges 3 TRILLION Cubic Meters Since Early March!”

  1. AndyG55

    Great work as usual, Kiyre. 🙂

    1. Kirye

      Thank you for your compliment. (^-^)

  2. SebastianH

    Well, compare summer ice extent/volume then 😉


    That’s where the decrease in Artic sea ice is happening and what is meant by a possible ice free Arctic in the future (ice free means less than 1 km² of sea ice).

    You can clearly see the development (extent, not volume) here:

    1. Newminster

      When you can come up with a graph that starts in, oh .. let’s say 1910 then you might be worth listening to — but probably not.

      There is ample evidence, though not from satellites, that ice cover in the 1930s was also considerably less than in the 1970s. Indeed it seems that, fortuitously for them, the climastrologists point at which “records began” coincided with a 20th century peak in Arctic ice cover. Had they had access to satellite technology 40 years earlier you would be singing a different — but doubtless equally inaccurate — tune.

      1. SebastianH

        If only there were reconstructions of summer ice extents, right?

        See the graph in figure 3? Summer extent was between 9 and 11 million km² for the last 1000+ years … the graph ends with a value of around 8 million km² and last year it was below 5 million km².

        What tune would you like to sing? Something about “the data is fake” maybe to wiggle yourself out of this dead end?

        1. AndyG55


          All but 4 are selected land based temperature records .. for reconstruction sea ice though a nonsense driven model

          The temperatures on Greenland certainly DO NOT follow this pattern, neither to temperatures anywhere else.

          This passes for science in seb’s world. WOW. !!!

          Odd that it bares ZERO resemblance to any historic, biological, or other record.

          Paper has been ripped apart on several forums as being a monumental joke.

        2. AndyG55

          Annual MEAN in the mid 1950s was 6 million km²

          The Kinnard graph is just nonsense.

          Kinnard’s reconstruction used circumpolar TERRESTRIAL paleoproxies for temperature (yup, Yamal tree rings, upsidedown northern Scandanavian lake varves) and then a modeled guestimate for ensuing sea ice.

          We know that is bogus because it ignores the impact ocean currents have on underside melting.

          Nor does it even match know temperature proxies.

          The Kinnard abstracts only takeaway was “extreme uncertainty remains”. ie.. they haven’t got a clue.

          Even more gigo is to append the satellite era ice observations to the bogus ‘guesstimate’— Mann’s Nature trick regurgitated.

        3. AndyG55

          Some basic reading , seb.

          Try to keep up….

          The main proxies used don have that spurious fabricated hockey stick at the end.

        4. AndyG55

          “Something about “the data is fake””

          No, just the graph and the methodology.

          Seems you already knew that, didn’t you seb !! 🙂

          1. AndyG55

            Actually, that O18 data looks quite realistic.


            2 Degrees warmer than now 2000 years ago.

            Cooling down into the LIA cold anomaly,

            Then a slight bump up starting around 1800, to a small peak in 1998

            Even the 1940s shows up in the grey lines

            (Just ignore the weird red AGW Agenda driven reconstruction)

          2. SebastianH

            SD units aren’t degrees …

          3. AndyG55

            You are right though, The differences need to be divided by about 0.6.

            Since these are anomalies, that makes each δO18 unit equal to about 1.7C difference.

            Thanks for the correction, seb 🙂

            Now take another faceplant !!

    2. AndyG55

      Massive gain from the El Nino affected 2017 summer extent.. Wouldn’t you agree seb??

      Russian charts ALSO show the BIG gain in old ice. !!

      Anyway, as you are by now WELL AWARE, Arctic sea ice extent is still well inside the TOP 10% of extents of the last 10,000 years.

      Surly you don’t DENY that fact. !!!

      Only time its been higher being the EXTREMES of the LIA period, Late 1970s extent was up there with the LIA, or were you UNAWARE of that , as well.


      Here’s a RELEVANT little analogy for you…

      If you have a block of ice in the freezer (LIA) and put it in the refrigerator section (current)..
      …. what happens to it ?

      And thanks for the pics showing the increase in thicker sea ice since 2008, even after the massive El Nino and battering. Quite amazing how well the sea ice held up, wouldn’t you agree, seb. !!

      And starting in 1980, at the very peak of sea ice extents, up with the EXTREMES of the LIA…. seriously.!!!!

      Do try to learn that that sort of mindless propaganda doesn’t work here. !!

      Try a more REALISTIC approach , that actually matches temperature quite well. (you do agree that temperatures drive sea ice somewhat, don’t you)

      You do agree that the late 1970s was the coldest period in the Arctic since the last WARM period around 1940, don’t you

      Or are you deep in de-nile, and unable to swim. !!!

    3. AndyG55

      “(ice free means less than 1 km² of sea ice).”

      You mean 1 Wadham of sea ice.. correct 😉

    4. tom0mason

      Just goes to show how dynamic the coverage can be. Vast lumps of ice floating in the potentially warmer waters, and subjected to the vagaries of the weather. Is it any wonder that it varies.

  3. Yonason (from a friend's comp)

    Tony Heller exposes the “Arctic is melting” nonsense, using historical scientific data that the climatastrophists ignore.

  4. Greg61

    ‘Linear fit’ – please never post anything ever again. You can’t apply a linear fit to a process that is so obviously not linear.

    1. SebastianH

      A polynominal fit would mean an even earlier ice free time.

      1. AndyG55

        A polynomial????

        WT* makes you think it should be fitted to a polynomial ?

        Irrational anti-mathematical twaddle.

        DUMB !!!

    2. Yonason (from a friend's comp)

      He doesn’t “get it.” He never has, and probably never will.

  5. tom0mason

    “Warm 12°C temperature spikes more than 70 times!

    Back in January, 2016, I wrote here how “the Washington Post screamed bloody murder that the North Pole was in meltdown as temperatures at that singular location rose some “50 degrees above normal”, making it sound like this event had been an unprecedented phenomenon.”

    It is indeed and interesting phenomena and as any weather person knows, it happens quite often in NH winters. It seems happens more often when the sunspot count is declining (after the solar peak) and it appears to affect the North polar region more when the sun is at a minimum (like now, last year, and 2016).
    Usually these episodes are cause by a Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) event. SSW happen when the some warming happens very high up (at a pressure level hight of 10-30 hPa) in the atmosphere above the pole. Here is a record of this year’s warming back in February – Up in this rarefied atmosphere the warming causes some atmospheric expansion. Usually if this warming has any effect on the lower levels of the atmosphere (it doesn’t always, and no one knows why) it will take from 1 week to a month to work it’s way down (why so long? No one know for sure.)
    The method of affecting the lower atmosphere is basically that the SSW causes an expansion in the upper atmosphere, this exerts a pressure on the lower layers of the atmosphere above some part of the polar region, where it resolves into a warm high pressure region in the troposphere. This high pressure will displace some, or all, of the normal polar vortex sending it to the outer polar regions, or the temperate regions.

    So to recap — SSW expands air in the high stratosphere, stratosphere then exerts downward pressure on atmospheric layers below it, resulting in high pressure weather pattern in the troposphere over the polar region (or part of it), whilst the increase in air pressure warms the air. This high pressure on, or near, the pole displaces the polar vortex and jet-stream out towards the temperate geographical areas. And so the polar cold air mass and all it’s attendant volatility hit places like Europe, or North America, or Siberia/Russia/Eurasia or maybe (sometimes) all of them. And it gives us the characteristic wobbly jet-stream — this persists for some month after the initiating SSW event.

    The strange correlation that has occurred many time recently with these particular dynamic SSW events is that they have occurred either just after or during a period when there has been an Earth facing solar coronal hole. So far this aspect has not been scientifically proven to be so — yet. We do know that solar coronal holes are known to send out charged particles that can warm up the very high atmosphere, as well as causing nature’s light show of the Northern auroras.

    1. tom0mason

      Sorry everyone messed up the formatting (again) — the quote at toptop should only be in italics.

      1. yonason (from my cell phone)

        I sometimes find this link helpful to check my formatting prior to publishing.

    2. tom0mason

      That wobbly jet-stream is still playing havoc in the USA…
      here’s a few weather effects they are suffering
      — it’s all natural, just what is normal with a sun with lower activity….

      As I’ve said before, it is quite normal for ice to melt while we are coming out of the LIA, ice build-up over a long term is a big warning that we are no long leaving a warming period but starting a cooling period.

    3. tom0mason

      Basically sudden warming of the Arctic has nothing to do with CO2 levels or the mythical ‘Global Warming’.

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  7. KnutA

    I would love to see an ice free Arctic. That would a proof of a warn and nice climate. Climate improvement. Perhaps Sahara could be a forest again as in the «near» past. But this is just the wet dream of the alarmists. Now colder times are approaching for tens of years.

    1. tom0mason


      And Spain’s interior desert would be replenished as the wild life filled forest and grassy plains that the Romans knew, complete with the lions, hippos, giraffes, etc., that they use to hunt there.

      Warm climate was so good for all life back then.

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  9. Yonason (from a friend's comp)

    The icecaps are melting! The icecaps are melting!

    On Mars?


    1. SebastianH

      Mars and Earth orbits are not in sync, Yonason. It’s an orbital or rather axis tilt thing.

      Be very skeptical of what Soon says and/or publishes.

      1. AndyG55

        Soon is far more likely to be correct than basically ANY of the AGW stall-warts that you worship.

        1. Yonason (from a friend's comp)

          “Be very skeptical of what Soon says and/or publishes” – SebH

          He gives me advice I didn’t ask for, don’t need or want, and which is totally wrong. Talk about being in a totally different orbit and/or tilt.

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