Japan’s Media Blackout: Findings That Hurricane Intensity Driven By Natural Oceanic Cycles Go Unreported

Media in typhoon-prone Japan ignore new important findings suggesting hurricanes and typhoon intensification speed depends mostly on natural oceanic cycles, and not related to atmospheric CO2.

Recently I posted on the surprising and science-realistic German DLF national public radio report on how hurricanes are intensifying more quickly today than they did 30 years ago.

Findings by scientists from the US Department of Energy (DOE) and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory show it all has to do natural oceanic cycles that change every 30 years.

Hurricane intensification speed depends on natural ocean cycles, scientists recently determined. Yet much of the media remained silent over the findings – even cyclone-prone Japan. Photo image: NASA, public domain

Cyclones of great importance for Japan

And now that NTZ is committed to putting some focus on climate news and developments coming from Japan, I naturally wondered how these new, sober findings were received by the media there. After all, Japan is a country that regularly gets hit by typhoons, and so the subject of tropical cyclones and their genesis and future trends ought to be of great public and civic interest. Moreover, better long-term forecasting is crucial and could save lives.

Yet, no real media reporting by Japanese media

So I asked Japanese blogger Kirye of KiryeNet climate blog to do a quick Google search of the Japanese sites for reports on these findings, which she kindly did. Regrettably I’ve got to report that her search did not find a single report from any major Japanese media outlet on these latest findings.

She informed: “There seems to be no link of those articles published in the Japanese version of Google this year.”

Why would the media in a typhoon-prone country like Japan not find the recent finding worthy of reporting? This is somewhat mind-boggling (unless of course the media’s aim there is to just keep its own people in the dark when it comes to climate facts).

Kirye also wrote that the Japanese media generally have remained steadfast in their promotion of climate alarmism, and that skeptics don’t get any coverage in Japan.

Japan typhoons show no link to “global warming”

Not only do the recent DOE findings show that Atlantic hurricane intensification speed depends on natural ocean cycles, and thus these cycles need to be examined in the Pacific as well, but also the climate-science critical Japanese blogger mentioned other good news concerning cyclones earlier at her blog, namely the number of landings in Japan show no link at all to “global warming”.

Citing the Japanese Meteorological Agency, she wrote:

The number of typhoons formed decreased and the number of landings in Japan has been flat since 1951:

And Kirye provided the following chart:

Chart of typhoon non-alarmism. Courtesy of KiryeNet.

Here she is in fact being somewhat modest because as you will notice the reality is that trend for the number of typhoons forming has been clearly downward, and thus it defies all the earlier predictions of more storms made by the “climate experts”. Things were considerably worse back in the 1960s when the planet was cooler and atmospheric CO2 lower.

In summary it is puzzling that the Japanese media would so recklessly handle the critical topic of typhoons and mislead the public of Japan in the face of glaring facts.

It’s the sort of information management one would come to expect for Japan’s nearby foe, which the world is currently grappling with.

Link to natural cycles provides useful forecasting tool

By having found a strong link between ocean cycles and tropical storm development, a very useful, longer-term forecasting tool emerges – if only it were acknowledged.

Sometimes it takes awhile before truth trumps obstinance.

28 responses to “Japan’s Media Blackout: Findings That Hurricane Intensity Driven By Natural Oceanic Cycles Go Unreported”

  1. sunsettommy

    When any large group with power and influence deliberately keep the people in the dark, the decline of the nation is the inevitable result.

  2. oebele bruinsma

    “By having found a strong link between ocean cycles and tropical storm development, a very useful, longer-term forecasting tool emerges – if only it were acknowledged.” As it apparently has not been acknowledged, the CO2 Mantra seems still in place….

  3. Doug

    The reason this did not get reported was that it did not mention Trump.

  4. Denny

    I looked for a chart similar to the one above but produced by JMA and on their site. No luck. I wonder why.

    I also looked for scholarly articles on the history of typhoon landfalls on Japan during the 20th Century. Again, no luck.

    Are they afraid of having this lack of an increase in the trend of typhoon landfalls publicized? One would think so.

  5. Bitter&twisted

    A preemptive DNFTT

    1. SebastianH

      Don’t worry, may comment will be deleted automatically or by the moderators anyway. There is nothing ironic about this and the claim that something is kept from the people by not reporting on it 😉

      P.S.: One comment in the spam bin or whereever they go when they don’t appear as being in moderation after hitting “Post Comment”.

      1. SebastianH


      2. SebastianH

        Tried to submit the comment a second time … didn’t work.

      3. SebastianH

        Pierre? No intention of retrieving that one comment? Are you maybe doing the same as what you accuse the media of doing? 😉

      4. ClimateOtter

        Well, your comment did NOT get deleted


        doesn’t appear to have the slightest connection to the above article.

        But then that’s Normal…

        1. SebastianH

          You really don’t see a connection between an article scolding the media for not mentioning a certain paper and a comment clarifying that they didn’t find much and it’s all based on models. Which begs the question why a so called skeptic wants the media to emphasize such uncertain results, doesn’t it? If those results were about the possibly large impact of AGW, you guys would dismiss this paper right away and call it fake/propaganda …

          1. AndyG55

            “If those results were about the possibly large impact of AGW”

            They would have been front page headlines in every leftist rag (ie 97%+ of newspapers in the world)

            You still don’t comprehend basic English, do you seb.

            And you are STILL FAILING MISERABLY with any empirical scientific evidence for the ASSumption of CO2 warming anything.

      5. AndyG55

        And it would have been totally EMPTY anyway . !!

  6. Penelope

    Japan is still an occupied nation, and not solely militarily.

  7. tom0mason

    Of course it’s not reported.
    It goes against the settled science of the UN IPCC, and all their indoctrinated advocates, including all those in the main stream media.

  8. Yonason (from a friend's comp)

    Slightly OT, except for the fact that this, along with unprincipled politicians, is at the root of the problem.

    “Professor Garth Paltridge, formerly a chief scientist with Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Division of Atmospheric Research, says that the behavior of certain members of the climate science establishment is “seriously threatening the public’s perception of the professionalism of scientists in general.”

  9. SebastianH

    Second try …

    Why are you blowing up this paper and its mention on German DLF to a size that would require every news outlet on this planet to report on it? And the first comment doesn’t surprise either … a conspiracy warning :/

    Shall we take a look at the paper instead of what Kalte Sonne authors wrote about a press release about the paper?

    Although we have attributed much of the increase in RI magnitude in the CETA to changes in the large‐scale hurricane environment induced by a shift in the AMO, the role of anthropogenic climate change cannot be ruled out.

    and …

    […] studies have shown that it can be difficult to isolate the role of the AMO from that of global warming when diagnosing tropical Atlantic SST variability (Mann et al., 2014; Mann & Emanuel, 2006). Further studies are needed to separate the influences of natural variability and climate change on the large‐scale hurricane environment in the tropical Atlantic.

    and …

    Although the AMO is currently in a positive phase, driving hurricane intensification, its future is not entirely clear. While some studies have suggested an amplification of the AMO signal under climate change (Moore et al., 2017), others indicate that we are on the verge of entering a negative AMO phase (Frajka‐Williams et al., 2017; McCarthy et al., 2015).

    So, further studies are needed, nothing is certain and on top of that it is all based on models, something that Skeptics seem to despice. So why were you hoping this paper would make it to the news in Japan? Or are you trying to smear the media with this article? Furthering the conspiracy them that is so prevalent amongst skeptics.

    1. AndyG55

      So, they said basically NOTHING about anthropogenic anything.

      “cannot be ruled out”

      “Further studies are needed ”

      “some studies have suggested “

      Just the airy fairy cow-towing to the AGW meme.

      This is true seb-science.


      Just like you have for CO2 warming anything.

      1. SebastianH

        Just the airy fairy cow-towing to the AGW meme.

        … *sigh*

        Yep, true, zero evidence that what they “found” is correct. Model based, can not rule out AGW, etc …

        1. AndyG55

          You mean like the PROOF that COO2 causes warming?

          “Cannot rule out” leaves room for FANTASY, which is all that the AGW farce is.

          You cannot rule out that the slight but highly beneficial warming since the coldest anomaly in 10,000 years, was anything but totally natural.

          There is no reason to make up fairy-tales

          You have ZERO EVIDENCE of anything else.

          And stop your PATHETIC sighing, you sound like a naughty little child who KNOWS they have been caught out.

          1. AndyG55

            COO2.. new substance !!! 🙂

            A REALLY STRONG GHG, though. !!

            Causes manic delusional behaviour in AGW apostles.

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  11. Furyo kyosi

    Hi! I’m a teacher of high school in Japan.

    I have to use the graph of Typhoon

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