Leading Japanese Scientist Tells National Audience Focus Needs To Be On Cooling, Not Warming!

Co-written by Kirye

Two days ago, on July 4th, Chubu University scientist Professor Kunihiko Takeda told a national audience on popular Japanese TV program ‘HONMADEKKA! TV’ that cold will be reported on rather than global warming in the second half of 2018.

Japanese scientist Dr. Takeda Kunihiko

Dr. Takeda said we will be reading in the newspapers about global cooling and not global warming in the second half of this year’. ‘HONMADEKKA!? TV’ is broadcast nationwide ever Wednesday evening on Fuji TV. And when questioned about an mini ice age, he affirmed it – adding crops would be adversely affected.

Screenshot illustration of Dr. Takeda’s appearance on HONMADEKKA!? TV’ with translation. Credit: Kirye.

He also said that sunspots have been decreasing, and so the amount of cloud cover will increase as cosmic rays from space increase and the magnetic field of the sun diminishes. In that case the temperature of the Earth would fall somewhat.

The story that the ice of Antarctica and Arctic is melting is a lie, he stated further.

“Global warming is a hoax”

It’s not the first time Professor Takeda appeared on national television to dismiss global warming. In January 2017, on the popular ‘HONMADEKKA!? TV’ program, Takeda told the audience that it would be exposed that global warming was “a hoax” and that the earth is not warming as claimed. Read our post here.

In the January, 2017, show he reminded the audience that the earth in fact currently finds itself in an ice age and that “Antarctic ice is increasing”.

Takeda also said “CO2 in the early times of the Earth was 95%; now it’s 0.04%”.

Dr. Takeda was also once featured as a prominent skeptic by CFACT:

And Dr. Takeda once commented that global warming was “a political vehicle that keeps Europeans in the driver’s seat and developing nations walking barefoot.”

Other fascinating quotes by Dr. Takeda here.

23 responses to “Leading Japanese Scientist Tells National Audience Focus Needs To Be On Cooling, Not Warming!”

  1. spike55

    Wow, look at the North Atlantic temperature anomaly dropping!!

    A sure sign it is gaining more energy 😉

  2. spike55

    Also worth reading and digesting the data.


  3. Joe

    If we are entering a cooling period after the peak of a warming interval, then, temperature-wise, the next few years is not a big deal. I am inclined to think that weather patterns: rain fall, a warming period in the early spring – followed by a frost, is the bigger issue instead of average temperature.

    1. Penelope

      I agree Joe. In any case, the entire ice variance isn’t a huge percentage. Just like many natural phenomena– a sine wave up & down. I doubt the cold will come upon us too abruptly cuz the oceans are such a vast heat sink.

  4. Yonason (from a friend's comp)


    As Richard Lindzen writes: “When an issue becomes a vital part of a political agenda, as is the case with climate, then the politically desired position becomes a goal rather than a consequence of scientific research. … [and the consequence of this is that] …scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions.”

    1. Dave Ward


      Yes, an “Agenda 21” driven hoax:

  5. Steve

    Of course the global cooling will be caused by humans burning fossil fuels to …you guessed it…STAY WARM.

  6. spike55
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  8. Truth

    Isn’t it funny how these “leading scientists” are out of work engineering or business professors on the pundit/book circuit? Never climatologists.

    1. SebastianH

      Yep, and it’s also funny how whatever those “leading scientists” (or “veteran whatever”) put out is believed without any doubt in the skeptic community.

      1. spike55

        Usually based on data and science, easy to check.

        Yet most of the crap you link to is provable wrong and based on junk science or zero evidence at best.

        Just “believe” seb .. its what you do.

        You are the most anti-science AGW-gullible troll around.

  9. Il principale scienziato giapponese definisce il riscaldamento globale una bufala : Attività Solare ( Solar Activity )
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