FridaysForFuture Fizzles With Kids On Summer Break… Greta Sees Only 2000 In Berlin, Mostly Adults/Organizers

Not 20,000, rather only 2000 people see Greta in Berlin!

(Text translated/edited by P. Gosselin)

Four months ago in March, 20,000-25,000 pupils and demonstrators took part with Greta in the demonstration in Berlin. But last Friday, only about 2,000 people showed up despite the fact that the demonstration with Greta was greatly advertised in the social media by Fridays For Future and the Scientists For Future. It didn’t amount to anything. The hype about Greta and Fridays for Future now seems to be over.

Mostly a hard core over age 30

The students have flown with their parents to their summer holiday destinations, and so only a hard core of professional activists mainly over age 30 gathered. They held up signs with slogans like: “Milk Chocolate Kills”, “Kale Instead of Coal”, “Vegans for Future/ Planet”, “Kerosene Tax Now”, “Parents in Panic” and “Winter Is Not Coming!” Everything with climate experts, who are familiar with climate change, and no kooky people.

“Longhaul Luisa”

Greta was accompanied by Luisa Neubauer, a.k.a Longhaul-Luisa, and the lead staff of Fridays For Future. Most of them are no longer students, rather professional activists from various NGOs. At the podium Greta announced her well-known perseverance slogans and was then shielded off by her companions and the police and led by the demonstrators into a hidden off building.

A swan song from Fridays for Future?

I would see it that way. The hype around Greta died down already in the spring. A rebound was then provided to Greta by the award of the Golden Kamera, a visit to the Pope, her “spontaneous” appearance of Scientists For Future and finally the “spontaneous” appeal by YouTube vlogger and influencer Rezo and his YouTube friends. (Rezo in reality is called Yannick Frickenschmidt and is over age 30).

Thus the last chapter seems to have been opened, and a fresh new face coming on stage is not foreseeable. All trump cards have now been played, even if Greta still plans a sea voyage to America. In September the 16-year-old wants to participate in the United Nations climate summit in New York, in the world climate conference in Santiago de Chile in December, says her leadership staff.

It remains to be seen whether this will trigger new hype around Greta.

17 responses to “FridaysForFuture Fizzles With Kids On Summer Break… Greta Sees Only 2000 In Berlin, Mostly Adults/Organizers”

  1. sasquatch

    When somebody claims they can see CO2 gas, it doesn’t blend too well with their credence.

    When you are short eighteen thousand souls exhaling 50,000 ppm of carbon dioxide with each breath they take, it becomes even more difficult to see the CO2 let alone the forest for the trees.

    At least all of the lunatics in charge of the asylum were there.

    Flip flop, it never stops.

  2. R Shearer
  3. Kurt in Switzerland

    Will Saint Greta travel to NYC via climate-friendly sailboat? (I don’t think there are any train departures to Grand Central from Stockholm).

    1. Henning Nielsen

      She is considering hitching a ride on a freighter, so I’ve read. Though they are co2-spewing evil-doers as well.

      “Thunberg, 16, told Swedish outlet Dagens Nyheter that it was a difficult decision to take more time off school, but that while her education won’t suffer by being delayed for a year, fast action is crucial in tackling climate change.

      As part of her commitment to the cause of reducing carbon emissions, Thunberg does not travel by plane. Accepting an invite to the UN’s special climate change meeting in New York in September means a lengthy transatlantic voyage ahead, so she’s decided to take a sabbatical year to make the journey.”

  4. Chris Hanley

    On the video one of the infant phenomenon’s adult fans is holding up a placard saying ‘green coal instead of brown coal’ with a crude drawing of a ‘dirty’ cloud coming from the top of what looks like a cooling tower.

    1. Henning Nielsen

      I would not be surprised if some enterprising person managed to sell green-painted coal to “climate savers”, claiming it is co2-free and “clean”.

  5. Yonason

    The new biofuel?

    Burn “Kale Instead of Coal”

    …but only until the kale runs out.

    1. tom0mason

      The new meme…
      Kale, leave it in the ground!

      😁 😀 😍

      1. Yonason


        LOVE IT, TOM0!!!

    2. sasquatch

      Dried kale does burn hot. Not the leaves, the stumps. They burn fast though when they are dry. Burned plenty of kale stumps in months of October and November. Not much ash involved and no more kale stumps, cleanup is less of a problem.

      Might as well start burning old furniture, chairs, sofas, tires, anything that can burn. Landfills will have more room for more stuff that can’t be burned.

      Just grow and harvest trees, pelletize the wood and ship the pellets to the power plant. It will be a lot less work.

      How are you going to grow enough kale to fuel a power plant that generates electricity? Just plain looney.

      Why can’t the Germans build new nuclear power plants to generate electricity?

      They can, it will be more environmentally friendly and you won’t need fossil fuels except for cars and trucks for employees to make it to work. Have electric cars and charge the batteries at the nuclear power plant.

      The employees won’t have to buy petrol.

      There will enough fossil fuels to power the machinery to dismantle all of the wind turbines that are going to inevitably fail. It’s just a matter of time.

      Wind farms wreck the idyllic scenery of the countryside, the only choice is to decommission them then dismantle them and start something new and different.

      There they were… gone.

      1. tom0mason

        “Why can’t the Germans build new nuclear power plants to generate electricity?”

        Obviously because the kale is not radioactive enough. 🙂

  6. Lasse

    May bee swimming in the rising see?

    No sign of change coupled to CO2 emissions.

    1. Yonason

      Reality. A minor nuisance. Nothing that an oft repeated false narrative can’t keep people from noticing.

  7. Coeur de Lion

    Why is she not asked a question or two? Viz “What level of CO2 in the atmosphere would you like to see?” I note the dying Guardian newspaper has a daily CO2 reading and a ‘safe level’ said to be 350ppm. Then “How long does CO2 reside in the atmosphere?”

    1. MGJ

      Perhaps all Climate Scientists should have a Climate Passport for our perusal, containing answers to the following questions:

      What is the ‘correct’ level of CO2?
      What is the ‘correct’ global temperature?
      What is the ‘correct’ global population?
      How many people is it worth killing to achieve your climate goals?
      Does any political solution exist other than Global Communism?
      In which year do we get ‘Ice-free Arctic’?
      How many years does humanity have left?
      How much will sea level rise by 2100?

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