Berlin: 200 Shivering “Scientists For Future”, Donning Winter Clothes, Protest Inaction Against Warming!

In Berlin today, some 200 scientists shivered at a scientists4future demonstration in front of the Chancellor’s office in order to protest government inaction on combatting global warming.

German activist scientists silently demonstrated before the Chancellor Merkel’s office to protest inaction over warming. Cropped image: ScientistsForFuture.

One prominent attendee was FridaysForFuture activist Prof. Volker Quaschning, who proudly took the day off from lecturing on taxpayer expense. Here’s what he tweeted just before attending the modest demonstration:

Quaschning, a HTW Berlin professor, is seen above at a bus stop on his way to the demonstration, holding the propaganda temperature stripe chart to protest the German government’s inaction on fighting global warming. Unfortunately the professor looks rather silly all dressed up for winter cold in gloves, knit hat, scarf and coat – to protest warming!

200 scientists shiver to protest warming

The activist Berlin professor wasn’t the only scientist trying to stay warm today while protesting climate warming. Two hundred other scientists also showed up in front of Chancellor Merkel’s office, all bundled up in winter clothes, demanding a stop to the warming and that they be listened to – instead of the working class taxpayers.

The science-is-settled scientists held up signs declaring, “Everything has been said! Act now!” or: “Decades of climate research: Ignored!”

The question is whether they will be taken seriously by the hundreds of millions of Northern Hemisphere inhabitants who are getting socked by a premature frigid winter this year.

Silent protest

The scientists4future all appeared with their mouths taped shut in order to symbolize a “silent protest”. Or perhaps the tape was to keep their teeth from chattering as they shivered in the bitter November cold.

Of course, the scientists didn’t stick around too long. Reportedly they left for an early start to the weekend – in the warm comfort of their homes.

Today the German government voted to pass measures that among other things will make heating and fuel more expensive for ordinary citizens starting next year.

35 responses to “Berlin: 200 Shivering “Scientists For Future”, Donning Winter Clothes, Protest Inaction Against Warming!”

  1. Petit_Barde

    German actual workers should go on strike until those idiotic parasites are sacked.

  2. Shoki Kaneda

    Apparently, irony is a concept that eludes German climate activists.

    1. Yonason

      That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever saw!

      Well, I guess if they can’t afford a proper costume, some electrical tape will just have to do. But they could at least learn how to apply it correctly.

  3. Philip Verslues

    Shivering “Scientist for Future” Look Mom NO BBBBRRRains

  4. Bernd Felsche

    Why are the signs in English?

    What future is there for Germany if this is the calibre of scientists that it’s producing … scientists without a true appreciation of the fundamentals of natural sciences. ??

  5. John F. Hultquist

    The lady on the right, with red coat, has the right idea.
    Does she also have tape under the thick full-neck scarf?

  6. pochas94

    I think they’re just starved for attention, poor babies. 😟

  7. dennisambler

    The top picture, with their mouths taped up, clearly shows that someone has told them they breathe out carbon dioxide.

  8. mike

    funding must be drying up

  9. Yonason

    What can I say. The last war killed off nearly all their best and brightest. Now their idiot rulers, with the sanction of the electorate, are trying to finish the job, and rid Germany of what’s left. Sad end to what could have been a great nation.

    1. SebastianH

      This is funny because it comes from a Florida man who regularly defended Trump (don’t know if you still do). Oh the irony …

      1. Josh

        Trump may not be the perfect president but he has more guts and brains than all German politicians combined. I find the German obsession with Trump hilarious.

  10. JaKo

    Also, the next IPCC (better be IPPC … Policy Change) should be held in Saskatoon, SK, Canada in February AND NOT on Bali or such place!

  11. SebastianH

    Unfortunately the professor looks rather silly all dressed up for winter cold in gloves, knit hat, scarf and coat – to protest warming!

    Why is that a “silly look”? Why does it have to be warm in order to protest against the climate politics of his government?

    Prof. Volker Quaschning, who proudly took the day off from lecturing on taxpayer expense.

    You might not be aware that a professor doesn’t lecture 5 days a week and most have only a 4-day work week and can use the 5th day for whatever they want.

    1. Josh

      Give up Seb. No one here buys the stuff you’re trying to sell.

  12. Yonason

    They are so traumatized by being deprived of snow, that they have to compensate by acting like blithering idiots?

    SNOWFALL will become “A very rare and exciting event…
    Children just aren’t going to know what snow is.”
    Dr David Viner – Senior scientist, climatic research unit (CRU)

    “Winters with strong frosts and lots of snow
    like we had 20 years ago will no longer exist at our latitudes.”
    – Professor Mojib Latif (2000)

    “Good bye winter. Never again snow?” – Spiegel (2000)

    “Milder winter temperatures will decrease heavy snowstorms” – IPCC (2001)

    “End of Snow?” – NYTimes (2014)

    Some people will believe anything.

  13. peterr

    I truly wonder why all the negative responders think that climate change will not touch them. Why they are so sure that their lives and that of their children and grand children will not be uprooted if the government does not act extremely fast? Why do they think that extreme cold spells can not be part of a changing climate?

    If scientist tell me that the safety of my home and my family is at stake I get worried. Let me give an example.

    I not do feel well, and go to my doctor. He tells me I got cancer and that I should start treatment quickly. I do not want to believe that, and i go to another doctor. Same story, I should start treatment, and fast, every day counts. I do not want to accept that, and I go the a third doctor. That doctor also says that I really should do something quickly if I want to live. I go on searching, and yes, doctor 97 out of 100 has a different story. That doctor assures me all the 97 colleges are silly, there is nothing wrong with me, cancer does not exist, it only exist in the minds of the 97 alarmist doctors wo are anyhow only afraid they will loose their job if they admit that cancer does not exist.
    I go home and read on the internet. I find lots of reassuring information, doctors do not agree about cancer at all. Mistakes are often made, and after all, what do these pea brained doctors know anyhow. That feels good. Why should I believe all those doctors if that make me worry and feel bad? I prefer to believe some politicians that state that 97 out of 100 doctors are wrong.

    You may ask why I take the time to write this long response. You may think I have an agenda, some secret reasons to try to disguise and mislead you. But the only reason I wrote this is that i am truly afraid and confused and do not know how to act.

    I am unsure about my situation, unsure about my family and loved one’s, unsure what the future will bring. When half of what i read on the internet tells me I can ignore my problem and the other half tells me it is to late anyhow, what should I do?
    Believe my doctors and fight?

    1. Yonason

      “Let me give an example.”

      Not another one?!

      1. Yonason

        PS – Here’s why peterr’s hysteria is utterly ridiculous.

        Everything the greenie activists know is as wrong as wrong can be.

    2. John Brown

      So Peter,

      being one of those negative respondents here, who seems to be dead worried, what do you think?
      Have you already been touched by climate change? How so? Where is the impact, that we would otherwise not call weather?
      Is some tenth of a degree average calculated warmer temperatures during your own live span noticeable or worthwhile to worry about?

      You seem to be a person that would not trust any science or as in your example doctor. So why would you think you are unsure? Is it maybe you have to rely on others to tell you what to do? Are you capable enough to do your own reading and making your own decisions?

      When you state 97 out of 100 doctors then you remain ignorant of what has been posted here over years. Maybe some reading is in order.

      We do not trust in a consent. I do not trust in a consent. You should not trust in a consent. This is as simple a message as I can put forward for you.
      And I can only give you one more advice: be not afraid. It supports your confusion.

      Start reading this blog and make up your own mind. Then decide.
      You have been open to admit confusion, now its time to do something about it.

    3. tom0mason

      “If scientist tell me that the safety of my home and my family is at stake I get worried.”

      And there is your basic mistake! Order this book now and learn
      Also of note is that scientist have a VERY poor record of foreseeing the scale of probable benefits or catastrophes when something new is used. Believe them about global warming? No, not without verification (especially of their models), and clear-eyed rationally logical (apolitical) assessment of the risk/benefit of ALL probable outcomes — including a probable global cooling period happening.

      Now please reassess your condition and get some perspective about this planet and the way it works now, and has always worked while humans have been on it. Generally during warm periods the biosphere flourishes. Consequently food is easier to find, grow, and easier to adequately maintain stock levels etc. Human physical and social stressor lower, human morality improves, and wars are less likely to happen.
      During cooler periods the biosphere recedes. Food is harder to find and stocks run out. Human social and physical stressors increase and mortality rates rise, with wars are more likely to happen.

  14. peterr

    Consent, that was the base of my question. If you do not trust in consent, were does the belief come from that all will be well?

    And you got me wrong, I am confused worried and afraid about my house, my familly, my future. Not about the the facts, but about the consequences.

    1. John Brown


      its the problem right there. What consequences? What catastrophic event that can be attributed to CLIMATE have you experienced that makes you worried?

      Have you seen any impact from rising average temperatures on you house, while it still got cold in winter and warm in summer?
      Climate is a statistic of weather. All direct impacts you might come up with are from weather. If you look at the natural variability of your location, you will find that nothing unusual is going on.

      That last storm that you have seen was the worst since 50 years. Replace 50 with xx for any other weather event that you are being told is unprecedented and you will find, it is not, for a time span of under hundred years.

      The consent is not a scientific argument. Its just personal opinion. So it does not count to answer the question if all will be well or not.

      If you want, keep worrying, because everyone else does. It seems the current consent.
      But it does not make it any more true and it is very unhealthy to be worried sick about something that you have nor been able to name yet.

      So maybe you want to agree with me, that you should not be worried about anything to do with climate. What you should be worried about is people telling you to be worried.
      If you live with consent, then consent with me on the matter, and all the others thinking the same.

    2. Yonason


      (1) – I don’t know what you mean by “consent.”

      (2) – “…I am confused worried and afraid . . . . Not about the the facts, but about the consequences.”

      Consequences of what?

      If you are worried about the consequences of warming, they will be minimal and can be dealt with a lot cheaper than by wasting trillions on what can’t possibly solve anything.

      If you are worried about the harm that greenies have caused, and will continue to cause, then you have every reason to worry. They are irrational and inconsistent, and all their plans will cause much more harm than a little warming.

      The “scientists” who are pushing warming (they are few, but in powerful positions so they are more influential than they should be) are doing so for reasons that have nothing to do with science.

      Corrupt politicians, their activist science allies and unethical businesses are driving the warming scare, not unbiased scientists, who are the majority but whose results are suppressed by the activists. Lousy situation to be in, but we’re all in it. Best to get educated, vote out any politician we can’t trust, and hope we can replace them with those we can.

  15. peterr

    > They are irrational and inconsistent

    Is it irrational to believe our scientists, just like we believe our doctors when we get ill?

    >The “scientists” who are pushing warming (they are few, but in powerful positions.

    Few? what gave you that idea? There is not *one* learned society in the world that does not say that human driven climate change is a real, and crucial important for our future wellbeing, our safety and that of our childeren and grandchildren.

    >unbiased scientists who are the majority.
    I am sorry, but that statement is simply false, and it certainly does not help to dispel my worries about my future. I find no relief in stating that the whole world is mad, and it is only me that can see the truth.

    1. Yonason

      “Is it irrational to believe our scientists, just like we believe our doctors when we get ill?” – peterr

      You are laboring under the deceitful misconception, propagated by activists, that most scientists think warming is (1) human caused, and (2) will be catastrophic. Neither are true.

      The people telling you to be afraid are liars.

      Don’t be hoodwinked by charlatans.

      “There is not *one* learned society in the world that does not say that human driven climate change is a real, and crucial important for our future wellbeing, our safety and that of our childeren and grandchildren.”

      Activists have hijacked those societies. Their editorial boards are representative of the liars, NOT scientists trying to get at the truth.

      Here’s what a physicist has to say about all those warmist clowns…

      “…’unbiased scientists who are the majority’.
      I am sorry, but that statement is simply false,…”

      WRONG! Most scientists are unbiased, and do NOT see increased CO2 or warming as a threat to anything. Only activist socialist screwballs claim to. You can believe what you want, but if you choose to believe nitwits, that’s your problem. Don’t make it ours!

      There is no crisis. Stop believing fools and liars.

      Stop being a chicken little, and grow up.

    2. Yonason

      Just a few more observations…

      300 scientists demanding NASA/NOAA be honest about their data.

      That was 3 years ago, and the data continues to be unethically and illegally “adjusted.”

      Physicist Lubos Motl writes. “I would say that most of the competent physicists at good universities who have spent enough time to study the climate change issue are climate skeptics.”

      Physicist Will Happer says. “… man-made global warming fears [are] “a house of cards” and a “truly a mad issue.””

      Renowned MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen exposes the hype for the nonsense it is.
      …and pay special attention to what he says about this graph…

      Finally, engineer Burt Rutan (designed first private vehicle to fly to space), explains why AGW is nonsense.

      The activists who tell you global warming is a threat are lying to you.

    3. Yonason


      Here’s a short list of topics they cherry pick data for in order to make it appear that a catastrophe is looming.

      In each case, by presenting only data that appears to support their contention, they have omitted data that more strongly undercuts their data. They cannot be unaware of it. In other words, they are lying.

  16. John Brown


    sorry you are being led down the garden path.

    As a colleague of mine phrased it, the world will not come to an end.

    Learn to live, don’t worry and enjoy and never let a scare get in the way of happiness.

  17. peter

    I am not at all saying the world will end soon. I am concerned that changing conditions will alter the future of me, my family and my children drastically. None of the sources shown above point to peer reviewed papers that tell me there is no reason to worry. If I google for scientific consensus I several peer review papers *all* coming to about the same concussion. Scientist agree that we have a serous problem.

    1. Yonason

      Scientist agree that we have a serous problem.

      NO . THEY . DON’T!

      Energy Policy – Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the literature: A re-analysis (PDF) (October 2014)

      Energy Policy – Quantifying the consensus on anthropogenic global warming in the literature: Rejoinder (PDF) (October 2014)

      Science & Education – Climate Consensus and ‘Misinformation’: A Rejoinder to Agnotology, Scientific Consensus, and the Teaching and Learning of Climate Change (PDF) (August 2013)

    2. Yonason
    3. John Brown


      What do you mean by “changing conditions”.
      On a daily basis you have changing conditions, for example temperature swings, natural, daily temperature swings, which are a magnitude higher than what is being sold to you as “Climate Change”. Are you worried about night and day?
      Are you worried about the weather? If you are not threaded by daily changes, then why do you think an for you unnoticeable climate warming, would be a thread???

      Have you ever spent time in the mountains? At the sea? In a different country? In the North or South of your country or even in the East or West?

      Did this create anxiety for you that you will not be able to cope with the change? Are you worried about the seasons?

      All this has a far greater impact on what you could or do experience. But yet here you are and you are frightened of climate, ignoring that you live through weather and changes every day.

      And let me tell you, when googling “consensus” you will find consensus about almost everything. The one about climate is a sham.

      Have you read some of the articles that are presented here? Have you started to do your own thinking? What is your background?

      Get rid of fear, anxiety, fright, alarm, panic and agitation as it paralyses your mind. Open up and cheer with us as there is no issues with a bit of climate change.

  18. peterr

    I would be more impressed if there was a solid peer review paper in this list.

  19. John Brown

    I would be impressed if you understood the papers that are posted all over this blog.

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