AGW Skeptic Marc Morano Receives DEATH THREAT From Sorbonne University Professor’s Email Address

NOTE: The term e-mail “account” has been changed to email “address”, as some readers have pointed out the two are not the same. 


“Even in the USA, we have friends waiting to massacre you”… “a killer will always be very close”

Two days ago, December 30th, anthropogenic global warming (AGW) science skeptic Marc Morano received yet another email threat through the Contact form submission on his Climate Depot site.

Climate researcher Prof. Jean-Luc Melice’s email address as the source of a crude death threat aimed at prominent climate science skeptic, Marc Morano.

Professor at Sorbonne University

The death threat was made using an email address belonging to Prof. Jean-Luc Mélice, a distinguished climate modeling researcher and Director at the Pierre-Simon Laplace Institute, Sorbonne University in Paris, France.

It’s the latest in a series of threats aimed at Marc Morano of Climate Depot, see background here.

What follows is the content of the most recent email threat, translated to the English (Warning: disturbing language):

From: Anonymous
Message: So, the little shit of Morano the Moron, the negroid from Africa, you have to start shitting in your pants. With your filthy monkey mouth. As soon as you set foot in Europe, we’ll demolish with a baseball bat. Even in the USA, we have friends waiting to massacre you. You have no place to hide anymore. We have your address and we follow you step by step. You will never be able to rest… a killer will always be very close

Of course asshole, you do not have the intellectual level and the brain to understand french, wich is once again the language of every educated person…”

Not only does the message contain graphic threats of death, but also racial hatred. According to Prof. Jean-Luc Mélice’s LinkedIn account, he is a faculty member of the University of Sorbonne.

No comment from Prof. Mélice

In an attempt to clear up the matter, NTZ  sent an email directly to Prof. Mélice to ask if he was aware that his email account was being illegally misused:

Dear Prof. Mélice,

Please check your email account because it is being used to send out improper emails and messages, especially to people who are looking at climate science critically. Perhaps a hacker has breached your account and is using it illegally.
Hope this helps you out and that you are well.
Best wishes for 2021,

Dipl.-Ing. Pierre Gosselin

So far no reply has been received. Meanwhile Marc Morano said he would be taking the threats seriously and would contact the authorities.

Unfriendly comment to NTZ

Earlier on the same day, December 30th, also had received an unfriendly comment from someone claiming to be Prof. Mélice:

In English:

So Pierre Gosselin,

Are you trying to play intelligent?

I believe the only solution for you is to quickly enter an old folks’ home.

I’d love for you to send me your CV, which must be lousy…as well as your scientific publications.

Regards, Jean-Luc Mélice.


It’s not clear whether the crude threats aimed at Marc Morano are really coming from Prof. Mélice, or from a hacker. If they aren’t, Prof. Mélice has the minimum obligation of making sure his account does not get used to commit criminal acts and hopefully will notify the authorities to get this situation under control.

And hopefully the authorities will act and execute justice.


Taken altogether, such threats using the email account of a professor is a disgrace to the academic community and to Paris-based Sorbonne University.

And it would be an even bigger disgrace if the authorities failed to act.

13 responses to “AGW Skeptic Marc Morano Receives DEATH THREAT From Sorbonne University Professor’s Email Address”

  1. Didier

    If the screenshot is correct, there are too many French mistake to be considered serious. I doubt it comes from the person who so called signed that email.
    mistake: “le seule solution”, correct: “la seule solution”.
    mistake: “une asile”, correct: “un asile”.
    mistake: “to CV”, correct: “ton CV”.
    So, let’s take a step back and make sure it’s really the person before jumping on the gun…

  2. Yonason

    Being a scientist doesn’t mean one can’t be a psychopath.

  3. bonbon

    Ever hear of Ed. Snowden’s Vault 7 Marble?
    Pathetic example of idiots purveying fake new with inserted “Cyrillic” and now Franglais fingerprints.
    Either the Prof. is marbled, or playing along.

    1. bonbon

      Jeez, this is even worse than Steele’s “Russia Desk” with the Trump Dossier.

      The “French Desk” need Pantagruel and Gargantua to rain on the parade!

  4. Dodgy Geezer


    The ‘From’ heading of an email is user-defined. You can put anything you like in there.

    While it is usually automatically filled in with the address you are using when you create the account, there is nothing to stop you putting ANY string you like in the field.

    You cannot therefore rely on the From field as designating the real sender, and no individual can stop another person misusing their address in this way. It is exactly the same as if I were to send you a letter and write on the back “From President Trump”.

    P.S. For the avoidance of doubt, I am not President Trump..

    1. Paul Aubrin

      You are perfectly right. What is slightly more interesting are the full mail headers with the sender’s IP address.

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  6. AGW Skeptic Marc Morano Receives DEATH THREAT From Sorbonne University Professor’s Email Account |

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  7. Dodgy Geezer

    How does anyone know that the email came from the Professor?

    The From field of an email can easily be spoofed. It is much the same as writing ‘From:’ on the back of an envelope.

    Don’t publish accusations without good evidence…

    1. Yonason

      “How does anyone know that the email came from the Professor?” – Dodgy Geezer

      Herr Dr. Melice (Milice Cimatique [Climate Militia] as I refer to him) has a long-ish history of such histrionics. Here’s a record of one of his outbursts from nearly 8 year ago.

      Please note that John Ray wrote to him at his official address, and received a screwy response, recorded in the above link.

      It seem likely it’s the same guy, not an impostor.

  8. AGW Skeptic Marc Morano Receives DEATH THREAT From Sorbonne University Professor’s Email Account – Climate-

    […] Reposted from the NoTricksZone […]

  9. Brian G Valentine

    As most of this type of nuisance email, the sender is, and will remain, too cowardly to provide their identity.

    The individual will remain a coward for the remainder of their life. They will accomplish nothing, and they will blame others for being failures in life.

  10. werner plüss

    Not quite logical, this story. Why not simply call the professor by telephone? Here, for all to see at linkedin:

    Jean-Luc Mélice
    Expert en modélisation du climat. Directeur de Recherche de l’Institut de Recherche pour le Développement à l’Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace, Sorbonne Université, Paris, France.
    Contact:, cell: +32 471 93 00 28, home: +32 26541555

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