VW Files “Criminal Complaint” After Greenpeace Removes 1000 Keys From New VW Cars

Greenpeace under investigation for “trespassing”…”serious theft”. VW files criminal complaint

Last month we reported here how, according to police, some 40 Greenpeace activists used ladders to make their way into a fenced-in port terminal in Emden and withdrew more than 1,000 car keys from new cars awaiting to be exported.

Image: Greenpeace.

“Today we are taking hundreds of combustion engines out of circulation for the time being,” a spokesperson for Greenpeace even told the NDR public broadcasting just after the action.

The late May stunt by Greenpeace was aimed at pressuring the VW Group to stop its worldwide sale of internal combustion engine cars by 2025.

“We do not tolerate violations of the law”

But the May stunt of breaking in and committing grand theft appears to have not amused the VW Group.

German tagesschau here reports VW seems to have had “a change of heart” and since has filed a criminal complaint.

“Initially, they had reacted surprisingly moderately to the Greenpeace action at the end of May and refrained from filing criminal charges,” reports the tagesschau.

“We do not tolerate violations of the law,” said a VW spokeswoman in Emden.

“trespassing” …”serious theft”

The tagesschau also reports how the public prosecutor’s office and police are already “investigating about a dozen activists on charges of trespassing and particularly serious theft.”

“In order to initiate a criminal prosecution, today’s criminal complaint by VW would therefore no longer have been necessary.”

Greenpeace Munich stunt

Now it remains to be seen if the authorities will also move harshly against Greenpeace with respect to a reckless stunt performed by one of its members at Munich’s Allianz stadium before the kickoff of the opening match between France and Germany.

6 responses to “VW Files “Criminal Complaint” After Greenpeace Removes 1000 Keys From New VW Cars”

  1. Harry Davidson

    I think the highly dangerous stunt at the Euros has convinced a lot of people that these guys will never stop, so they need to be stopped.

    I wish that UK law enforcement would do the same with XR.

  2. Tom Anderson

    Greanpeace and their ilk are brainless hooligans. It is worth re-reading 0ne of the several scholarly works describing the intimate involvement of environmentalists with the Nazis.

    1. tom0mason

      You mean like Alfred Toepfer (1894-1993), an extremely successful German tycoon, an avid environmentalist, and a key influential supporter for the development of the European Union.
      Toepfer made his fortune in agri-business during the fateful years of the Weimar Republic (1919-1933). During the 1930s, Toepfer was also very loyal to the Nazi regime, even though he was never a card-carrying member. Toepfer was particularly loyal to Heinrich Himmler (1900-1945)’s dreaded SS, the greenest faction of the Nazi Party.
      From https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2012/04/the_green_nazi_tycoon_alfred_toepfer.html

  3. Greenpeace hrdinně ukradli 1000 klíčů od nových aut VW a ta zlá firma je za takovouto záchranu planety zažalovala - Reformy.cz
  4. tom0mason

    Greenpeace are not only hypocrites but liers too —
    Greenpeace lies to save the planet — erasing Patrick Moore again. Donald Trump quoted Patrick Moore this week — the skeptic with an ecology PhD who was once a Founder of Greenpeace. So Greenpeace leapt to do some damage control on their brandname and created more damage instead. They promptly tweeted that he was never a founder and …joannenova.com.au/2019/03/greenpeace-lies-to-save-the-planet-erasing-patrick-moore-again/

    From https://www.express.co.uk/comment/expresscomment/444470/Greenpeace-s-true-aim-is-to-destroy-industrialised-life
    “… With five million households in Britain already in fuel poverty thanks to the Government’s green energy taxes some of us are doing that already: about 25,000 elderly people die each winter from excessive cold.
    That’s what’s so truly offensive about Greenpeace’s campaigning.
    They pose as our cuddly, caring friends – the “good” people who only want to make our world a better place – but what they’re really into is spreading fear and lies to scare and emotionally blackmail us into giving them money to finance their campaigning to destroy Western industrial civilisation.
    And they’re very successful at it too.
    On BBC Newsnight the other week Greenpeace’s executive director Kumi Naidoo was granted 10 minutes of licence fee-payer funded airtime, ostensibly to discuss the plight of the Arctic 30 but really to get more free publicity for his morally bankrupt cause.

    IMO Greenpeace is anti-Western Government is plotting to bring about the downfall of Western Nation, here is some evidence of their mischief …

    Greenpeace ship has been dropping huge boulders into the sea off Brighton to prevent fishing. — BBC

    Greenpeace activists have seized a cargo ship at Sheerness Port, Kent, to stop thousands of Volkswagen diesel cars from entering the UK. –BBC & rt.com/uk/404131-greenpeace-environment-policy-criticism/

    In 2007, six Greenpeace protesters were arrested for breaking into a power station in the UK, climbing the 200 meter smokestack, … BBC & biggreenradicals.com/group/greenpeace/

    Greenpeace’s executive director was met with protests calling for “Justice for Nazca” outside a Peruvian court following a reckless stunt during which activists trampled Peru’s world-renowned Nazca Lines in an attempt to promote renewable energy. — BBC & rt.com/news/216295-nazca-lines-damage-greenpeace/

    Thirty four Greenpeace activists were under arrest in France today after breaking into the country’s oldest nuclear power plant to demand that it is closed. Up to 90 protestors …

    These ‘protestors’ are from a very wealthy lying and hypocritical organisation is shown by their luxury yacht ‘Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior III’. Built of metal and (oil derived) man-made plastic and materials. Rainbow Warrior III motor-assisted sailing yacht was custom built for environmental activist group Greenpeace International.

    Construction of the ship was completed in October 2011 and it entered service in December the same year.
    A $32m (€23m) contract to build the ship was awarded to Fassmer Shipyard, Germany , in July 2009. Funds for Rainbow Warrior III’s construction were sourced from about three million sponsors. The 57.9m-long ship allegedly should use mostly wind energy instead of fossil fuels and incorporates green marine technology. However elevating and lowering the sails, like all the creature comforts afforded to the crew are electrical — from a diesel-electric generator.
    “It, however, has a back-up engine, 1,425kW Caterpillar C3512, that runs on diesel-electric propulsion. The ship, running on the back-up engine, moves at a maximum speed of 15knts. Power from the diesel-electric engine reaches the Schaffran propellers through an electromotor.
    The ship is also installed with a Schottel STT60, 110kW bow thruster.”
    —notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2018/09/16/greenpeaces-making-oil-history-tour-courtesy-of-diesel-engines/ and _ww.ship-technology.com/projects/rainbow-warrior/

    This vessel was used to block the entrance of the Brofjorden port to stop all tanker traffic to and from Swedish Preem’s oil refinery for the *peaceful* protest to the refinery expansion in September 2020. Blockading a port is an act of piracy on the high seas. IMO, the authorities had every right to either impounded the vessel or have it sunk!

    Greenpeace is NOT a campaigning group for the good of the planet, it is a Religious Movement!

  5. Stephen Richards

    About time someone hit back. It’s time for corporations to stop taking the knee to all these marxists no matter what their flavour

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