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Why Climate Science’s Condition Is Terminal …”Science” Has Suffered The Very Same Fatal Disease Before

If you’re looking for an outstanding, powerful analogue that shows the likely future fate of climate science, Ian Leslie (of the Guardian, no less!) has it here. Hat-tip: Mikky The high carb, low-fat science is crumbling with ever accelerating speed and in spectacular fashion. And because climate science was established in the very same way, it […]

The Emissions Certificate Grand Scam. Spiegel: “The Money-Printing Machine” …”Three Quarters Led To Higher Emissions”!

The online Spiegel (SPON) here has a highly critical story on the scam of climate protection emission certificates and their trading. The German renowned weekly writes that it may have sounded like a good idea in earlier times, however: “it often enriched only business dealmakers. A study now shows just how brash the tricks were […]

Big Insurance Getting Set To Use Junk Science To Gouge The Poor…”Climate Liability” Insurance

If you do an Internet search of “climate liability insurance“, you will quickly find that it is one of the latest schemes being promoted by insurance companies, banking and even fossil fuel companies to curb “dangerous climate change”. Here they stand to make huge piles of cash by claiming CO2 is causing bad weather. It’s the latest proposed […]

100+ Papers – Sun Drives Climate

Proven by thousands of temperature datasets, the earth’s climate fluctuated cyclically in the past, and there’s an overwhelming body of evidence showing a close correlation with solar activity and other powerful natural factors. If the IPCC had truly examined past temperature developments and compared them to solar data, they’d have seen there is something remarkable […]

Krauthammer Blasts Climate Science Cynicism: "It's Sort Of The Essence Of The Denial Of Scientific Rigor"

Krauthammer Blasts Climate Science Cynicism: “It’s Sort Of The Essence Of The Denial Of Scientific Rigor”

Charles Krauthammer dismantles climate science in one and half minutes. Click here to see video. Image cropped from clip. I particularly like the following he said: To me it’s just plain cynicism to seize upon any event and then to use it as an example of a theory, which is not a way to prove […]

German Meteorologists Ridiculing IPCC – PIK Science: “Climate Hysterics Are Back…Coming Out Of Their Caves”

Sometimes it takes awhile for bad science to be exposed. Often it starts with one person finding an inconsistency, digging a little deeper, and then announcing that something is rotten. That person in turn gets attacked and smeared as an outcast. But a few other, open-minded persons take a closer look and they too realize that […]

Fulfilling The Global Need For Climate Science Information: NoTricksZone Reaches 5 Million Hits

Fulfilling The Global Need For Climate Science Information: NoTricksZone Reaches 5 Million Hits

And with that, many many heartfelt thanks to all the readers, partner blogsites and guest authors. NoTricksZone is something I do on the side as a hobby. One I admit that has consumed far more time than I ever bargained for and has morphed into an unshakable obligation to write a post every day. It is something […]

Germany’s No. 1 Daily – Bild – Puts Focus On, Slams Climate-Cash-Making Gore – 11,000% Wealth Increase!

No. 1, multi-million circulation national daily Bild here has an unflattering piece about Al Gore and his newly found mega-riches titled: “Al Gore earned 75 million euros – in one month!” So profitable can the global warming scam be! Never mind that there hasn’t been a bit of warming in 15 years. The Bild piece […]

Richard Lindzen On Climate Science: “The Field Is Corrupt – Without Any Question.”

From 2009, a good refresher – especially if you haven’t seen it yet. Yes it’s a scam. 47:15 “The field is corrupt, without any question. I would say most scientists don’t believe this and didn’t believe it 20 years ago. But the young scientists know they have trouble if they say it, and so they […]

German Insurance Industry Fanning The Fears Of “Climate Change” – Takes Over At The IPCC To Cash In

The insurance industry is one of the primary beneficiaries of the climate change panic. The more people fear climate-related disaster, the more inclined they’ll be to buy up insurance or to pay higher premiums. No industry has a a greater interest in fanning climate panic than the insurance industry. Hat-tip: a reader. German insurance industry moves to […]

Governments To Cut Back Up To $45 Billion On Climate Protection Investments – Green Europe Leading The Way!

While reps from European countries are in Durban demanding we go green, CO2 Handel here reports that the very same governments are cutting back on “climate protection” investments. That makes Durban a farce. According to a report called Durban Dynamics: Navigating for progress on climate change“, by consultancy Ernst & Young, governments around the world […]

Climate Change Now Causes More Boredom! Interest In Climate Change Reaches 5-Year Low In Sweden

We’ve all heard how climate change causes everything that’s bad for humans and the planet to increase and to intensify. Well, ironically, that also now includes boredom on the subject of climate change itself. Many are simply just getting bored to death by it. Indeed a spate of recent studies have shown that people are growing tired and […]

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