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July 2010 melt was the slowest July.

Arctic Sea Ice Melt This July Slowest On Record – "Death Spiral" Is Dead

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailToday I’m coming out a day early and declaring July 2010 as the slowest melting July since the AMSR-E satellite record has been kept. The once ballyhooed “death spiral” is dead. Reminds me of that line in Tarantino’s cult film Pulp Fiction: “Who’s Zed?” “Zed? Zed is dead.” At the end of June I […]

Projections for September sea ice minimum, made 2 days ago.

Arctic Sea Ice Level Projections Adjusted Upwards

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe July Arctic sea ice outlook for September is out. Click here. Here’s a graphic of the prediction made by 16 different institutes this month, now that they are all 30 days wiser. Now compare this to the projections made 30 days ago, late June. Then again, some are incapable of learning anything. Anyway, at […]

Temperature reconstruction goes only until 2001

New German/Russian Temperature Reconstruction Shows No Correlation With CO2

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA new temperature reconstruction carried out by a team of German/Russian scientists has yielded interesting results. It finds no correlation over the last 400 years between atmospheric CO2 and the temperature in the Arctic regions studied. Yuri Kononov of the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and Michael Friedrich of the Institute […]

Malignant Science: Next Gate-Update Coming August 3

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNext week on August 3, I’ll be releasing my latest list of climate scandals, a gate-update (see Current list of climate scandals). This is a month earlier than originally planned. The list that’s posted now is visited on average about 100 times a day. Clearly it has become some sort of resource. Unsurprisingly, the new list […]

Foodchain-Angst: Scientists and Media Spread More Enviro-Shock & Awe

Foodchain-Angst: Scientists and Media Spread More Enviro-Shock & Awe

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailUpdate 7/30/2010: WUWT debunks this scare: here! Reading the German online daily news this morning, today’s scare-de-jour is the “shocking” reduction of phytoplankton now underway, all due of course to manmade climate change. The “news” is based on a report just published in Nature by scientists Daniel Boyce and Marlon Lewis of the Dalhousie University (Halifax) […]

Judith Lean Forgets Clouds, Water Vapour And Longer-Term Ocean Oscillations As Factors

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSome of you will recall this pretty face we saw a couple of months ago. We got to know her here, here and here. The IPCC based solar impact on climate on the “consensus of a single astronomer, who agreed with herself”. In March, 2008, Dr. Lean made a presentation on global warming, see the following video […]

Next Crisis: Water Consumption

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailClimate journalism is like being at a third-world bazar where the media behave like merchants all shouting, pitching their catastrophe stories.Die Welt’s recent piece From Proud Jordan River, To A Smelly Trickle (roughly translated) features the crisis of water consumption and the injustice of water’s uneven distribution. Now water needs to be redistributed, along with wealth and […]

John Kerry’s Enviro-Vessel With 10,000-Liter Fuel Tank

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailJohn Kerry is a co-sponsor of the latest Cap & Trade bill, which thank God has been put off indefinitely. The bill, should it become law, God forbid, would force all working Americans to pay more for energy and to live more humbly. But living humbly and paying more taxes to the government applies only to […]

Ocean Acidification Doesn’t Lead To Species Die-Off, Surprising Scientists

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailPia Heinemann reports in Die Welt today, Ocean Acidification Does Not Lead To Species Die-Off, on a new study appearing in the latest edition of Science. The study contradicts the assumption that ocean acidification leads to species die-off, surprising scientists.Abstract in Science here Manmade emissions of CO2 are thought to be partly absorbed by the oceans, […]

Duisburg Love Parade Disaster: Sceptics’ Warnings Were Dismissed

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email19 dead and up to 400 injured, many seriously.These are the latest gruesome numbers from yesterday’s Duisburg Love Parade, crowd-control disaster. It’s a classic case of what can go wrong when warnings are ignored or played down. City officials were warned that the location was seriously inadequate, but nobody wanted to be a party-pooper. Germany’s techno-music […]

Water Vapour And Climate Change

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailHow is it that a settled science keeps finding things never expected? For example, the HIAPER Pole-to-Pole Observations (HIPPO) mission was launched in January 2009 and will make a series of five flights over three years covering more than 24,000 miles to sample the atmosphere in some of the most inaccessible regions of the […]

Environmental Protection Ad Absurdum

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailEnvirozealots are now moving against street sweepers, burning firewood and wood floors, claiming they emit dangerous aerosols. Expect microscopic aerosols to become the next environmental catastrophe.   The Swiss online news magazine Die Weltwoche has a report by journalist Alex Reichmuth called Environmental Protection Ad Absurdum (in German).  Environmental protection in Switzerland, like much of Europe,  has […]

New Laws Of Physics: More Heat Equals More Ice! Watch Joe Bastardi's Latest Video

New Laws Of Physics: More Heat Equals More Ice! Watch Joe Bastardi’s Latest Video

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailUpdated 23 July 2010, 18:54 MET. Calamitologist Stefan Rahmstorf once defended his alarmist sea level rise scenarios by saying: I can’t help it. It’s simply the laws of physics. The question is: Whose physics? No science has rewritten the laws of physics like climate science. In climate science, it works like this: 1. Develop a […]

Chicken Little Was a Calamitologist – by Ed Caryl

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email  Last week I asked readers to submit their own essays: Wanted! Readers As Guest Writers. Well, I’m happy to present the first one! Ed Caryl observes that skeptics tend to have more training and real life experience in the art of forecasting than warmists do. So who should we believe? Yeah, it’s a tough question.  […]

Arctic meltdown

NOAA Models Predict Big Arctic Deep Freeze

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailScientists often say that if you want to see the climate change signal, then look at the poles, especially the Arctic. How often have we seen the following red-coloured graphic, or similar, and thought: Oh my God! Well don’t panic. Even with all the “hottest-ever-first-6 months” in 2010 belly-aching, temperatures are about to take a […]

More Masseurs Come Forward

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI know the other uptown climate sceptic blogs don’t want to get anywhere near this red-hot potato of a topic, as the details are explosive, too sketchy and the sources are to some extent dubious. Caution has to be exercised  in drawing conclusions. It’s far too early for that. But where there’s smoke, there’s fire. […]

GKSS Frets There Are No Reliable 3-Month Forecasts For Europe (Yet Climate Scientists Are Confident In Their 50 And 100 Year Forecasts)

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe German GKSS research centre located near Hamburg has put out a press release that kind of baffles me. Early Warning System For Heat Waves Necessary. The press release starts: After a very cold winter, a heat wave has gripped Germany. All signs point to July being the hottest month ever since records have been […]

Just For The Record: Thomas Friedmann:

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThanks to Tom Nelson for posting this. Thomas L. Friedman has earned a spot in my category: Lifestyles of the Rich and Alarmists. Normally I avoid riding on the coattails of other blogs,  but this time I’ll make an exception.If  Thomas Friedman walked around barefoot preaching his gospel like Kung Fu did, then I’d have a […]

Bitter cold grips South America

South America Cold Kills 175 – Where’s The Media?

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWhen the temperature sinks far below normal and people freeze to death, you hardly hear a peep from the media anymore.But as soon as the temperature rises a few degrees over normal for a day or more, the media explodes with headlines of “HEAT WAVE!” and “SCORCHING HEAT!”. Thanks to the internet and a few […]

The Legal Problems Of Climate Therapy

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe Max Planck Institute has an interesting article (in German) here When Man Engineers Climate concerning the international legal aspects of employing technical means to engineer climate change. Personally, I think there isn’t much man could do, unless all resources were focussed in doing so. But others think it’s possible and even feasible.Scientists are developing processes […]

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