Arctic Sea Ice Melt Slowdown Begins More Than One Month Early – And Absolute Dead Media Silence On Antarctica!

In the second half of June, global warming catastrophe worshippers were already salivating worse than Pavlov’s dogs when Arctic sea ice melt accelerated at a dizzying rate (see 2nd chart down below).

Arctic starts refreeze

Some datasets even show a refreeze occurring in late July! Source:

But in mid July, something happened unexpectedly: the North Pole saw one of its coolest summers since instrumental records have been kept, and sea ice melt also slowed down markedly, proceeding at a rate we normally only see only in the second half of August, see chart that follows:

2013 Arctic summer melt

As the slope lines show, the rate of melting in the second half of July is something we normally see an entire month later, in late August.Source:

Suddenly all the salivating among the alarmists has turned to gloom – no Arctic meltdown on which to feast upon this year.

But hope is still holding out among the alarmists as there is a chance some freak storm or something will scatter the sea ice and send the 2013 curve downwards to a near record low. But if 2013’s current course continues, then it will wind up closer 2005-2006 levels. That of course would be a major setback for the alarmists, who then would have to search elsewhere for disaster stories this fall. The next 10 – 14 days will be decisive.

Already we are getting close to being a solid 1 million sq. km over last year, as to most datasets. The DMI even shows us approaching 1.5 million sq. km over last year. If that keeps up, it’s going to be painful for the alarmists.

As far as Antarctica is concerned, record highs are being recorded daily. Here we have absolute dead silence from the media and purveyors of gloom.

As the chances for an Arctic sea ice melt disaster fade with each passing day, expect the focus of the alarmists to increasingly shift to the hurricane season.


15 responses to “Arctic Sea Ice Melt Slowdown Begins More Than One Month Early – And Absolute Dead Media Silence On Antarctica!”

  1. DirkH

    Rowing through the ice free NW passage doesn’t work out as planned by the lunatics.

  2. Ric Werme

    It’ll be nice to hear from the data providers once things start heading back down. I wonder if if some of the melt ponds on top of ice were being recorded as water and have now drained through holes in the ice or have frozen over. I’m sure whatever the story is, things could get back on track quickly or a big storm could form and pile up a lot of ice, dramatically reducing ice extent and area.

    Whatever the story is, it has gone on long enough so it’s unlikely to be equipment failure or clouds blocking the surface view.

  3. Joe Bastardi

    1) Of course it will head back down until Sept, but its a) NOT disappearing and b) not near a record low this year
    2) Which is opposite the southern hemisphere, which is breaking record daily highs and could be its all time record.


  4. John F. Hultquist

    The blue curve (year 2010) had a change in early August of that year and then continued down. In late August of 2007 (purple) there was a similar thing (being later it did not last very long). Anyway, the curves show a decreasing spread around the Solstices and get really sloppy (that’s a technical term) around the Equinoxes. At this point there isn’t much to do or say – just wait.

    Joe B. just posted as I write. Good points. And Ric’s comment about hearing from the “providers” is a winner too. It is always nice to know what went on, even if we haven’t a clue as to what’s next.

  5. Casper

    No, this is the same peak as it was in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. It seems to be a change in the sea current or to be controlled by a specific weather circumstance. It didn’t happen last year.

  6. R. de Haan

    Weatherbell, Joe Bastardi repeating “the points” 03-08-2013:

  7. kramer

    I think its too early to say that the slowdown is occurring a month early.

  8. Silver Price

    If you do look at volume (Antarctica and the Arctic), then there really is nothing to worry about. Global ice volume varies by only a few thousandths of a percent globally each year – even over decades. I discussed this once already not long ago HERE .

  9. Lew

    Alarmism does not get me up out of my chair. I have too many other things to ponder. I’ll let the future events speak for me.

  10. Pedro

    There are currently 35,000 jetliners in the world that leave huge white con-trails all over the earth 20 hours out of every 24. Airbus and boeing between them are adding to the total at about 100 a month.

    Anyone seen an analysis of what that does to global temperatures?
    (Apart from the post 9/11/2001 groundstop “warming” event)

    1. Ed Caryl

      That phenomenon contributes to COOLING! (Shudder) that sort of study is strictly forbidden!

      1. Pedro

        Well, that’s exactly my point: It could be masking the CO2 “hockey-stick” effect and it could be used as the antidote to “global warming” if that really is the consequence of rising CO2.

        Basically, a study of “white fluffy things” would seem to be long overdue.

        1. DirkH

          ” it could be used as the antidote to “global warming” if that really is the consequence of rising CO2.”

          Geo engineers have been fantasizing about increasing albedo with artificial clouds for years now.

  11. ssshh, don’t wake the media … | pindanpost

    […] The media wont see this, they are busy making up other fantasies, like hotter means more violent or something. (Yes ABC, I heard you trump this on Radio National just now) Greenie Watch:  Arctic Sea Ice Melt Slowdown Begins More Than One Month Early – And Absolute Dead Media Silence On… […]

  12. Ray J.

    What is interesting is that this blog, as well as a number of the commenters and many deniers in general, refer to this year’s earlier Arctic data’s impact on the mood of those of us concerned about the broader trends as “salivating”. Actually, it’s a bit more like crying. Crying due both to sadness and dismay.

    The eventual results, in any case, will affect every being on the planet. Regarding continued global warming, I really, really don’t want it, so I will be delighted if it turns out not to happen. I would love it if I am wrong in thinking that it’s what is happening.

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