Scientists On Trial? Retired Lawyer’s Blogsite To Examine Earlier “Predictions” Made By Climate “Experts”

38 Models_ Joe BastardiWe already have Climate Audit, but now it looks like we may be getting “Climate Scientists on Trial”. Here’s a site you’ll want to subscribe to, bookmark – or at least visit on a regular basis:

As the name says, it focusses on earlier climate predictions made by the global warming alarmists (and there have been many) and compares them to what really happened. The site is run by Ian Hipwell, a retired lawyer from Sydney, Australia.

I think Ian will be a real asset because in his profession one is often trained to hold people’s feet to fire. Many like to say or write things, but are they able to back it all up later on. After all people who listen to these experts often act and make decisions based on the things said, and thus may incur either benefit or major damage as a result.

Alarmist scientists have said lots of things in the past, and it’s time to go back and look at them. The approach could be something like: Mr. Scientist, 15 years ago you said snow and ice would be things of the past, yet we are now seeing record snowfalls and harsh winters. Which is the lie?

In an e-mail to me Ian has written that although he is not scientifically trained, he has “followed the climate change issue as a hobby for some years. It was the name calling by AGW supporters that first made me suspect that the case wasn’t as strong as we had been led to believe.”

He writes that his intention is “to invite people to consider that perhaps the science isn’t settled after all“. Yes, the jury is still out.

And because so many of the earlier predictions made over the past 40 years have been within the realms of absurdity, Ian writes that the blog will surely provide a fair amount of humor. Indeed. For us skeptics the earlier claims of snow being “a thing of the past” and the Arctic being ice free by 2014 still continue to be the source of much laughter.

I think having this kind of blog, which devotes effort on examining past predictions, is a great idea because this is what science really gets down to. After all if the observations contradict the hypothesis and predictions, then the hypothesis is simply wrong.


Al Gore’s Serial Extreme Climate Exaggerations Now “100 Times More Common Than 30 Years Ago”

If anyone needed more proof showing that former US Vice President Al Gore is a pathological serial exaggerator, look no further. He has proven it yet again, this time at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a location where dozens of world economic leaders have flown with private jets.

The Guardian reports here, quoting Mr Gore:

I think that these extreme weather events which are now a hundred times more common than 30 years ago are really waking people’s awareness all over the world [on climate change], and I think that is a gamechanger.”

This gaffe is even worse than his remark claiming that the core of the earth is 1 million degrees hot. It’s truly embarrassing that a vice president of the United States could say such a dumb thing.

In Gore’s view we can only assume that a 100-fold increase in extreme weather events is what it would take to get policymakers to take real action. The reality, however, is that there has been no detectable increase at all. Thus it all means we are light years away from “the climate crisis” Gore likes to hysterically bellow about.

And let us recall what the last IPCC report concluded on the subject of extreme weather event trends: No data exist showing extreme weather events have become more frequent. That’s from the IPCC itself.

Gore is obviously a very desparate man trying to get attention. He’s beginning to appear like the village marketplace fool.

Now responsible journalists are shaking their heads at Gore’s doozy of an exaggeration.


For example Spiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowski has reacted in a head-shaking way at Gore’s mega-whopper, calling “curious” and sarcastically commenting at Twitter:

Why have there been 5 IPCC reports?

Gore delivers another blow to the global warming science. Let him keep talking.


Serial Exaggerator Al Gore Loses All Sense Of Reality…Exaggerates German Wind And Solar Power 178%

When listening to Al Gore’s numbers and figures, we really do need to worry that he may have completely lost his sense of reality. Otherwise we can only conclude that he is a stunningly unscrupulous fraud.


Image cropped from: Rush Limbaugh site.

In Gore’s self-imagined climate-crisis world, global temperatures are accelerating, the center of the earth is several million degrees, mankind has only a few months left to live, and the ocean will soon swallow ground zero, where the World Trade Center once stood. His latest wild exaggeration: Industrial country Germany is now getting 37% of its energy needs from wind and solar.

“Journalistic fraud”

This and other claims made by Al Gore in a recent article in Rolling Stone Online, however, are completely false and totally foreign to reality. I know because I live in Germany and have written often about this topic. Gore’s portrayal of a German success is completely false. Moreover, Climate Depot here also brings up an interview where German renewable energy expert Steffen Henne calls Gore’s claims “journalistic fraud”.

Early in the Rolling Stone piece, Gore claims:

Germany, Europe’s industrial powerhouse, where renewable subsidies have been especially high, now generates 37 percent of its daily electricity from wind and solar; and analysts predict that number will rise to 50 percent by 2020. (Indeed, one day this year, renewables created 74 percent of the nation’s electricity!)

178% exaggeration

This is complete nonsense and it is obvious that Gore, or his researchers, never bothered to check the readily available facts. Just a quick look at Wikipedia here (hardly a shill for the fossil fuel industry) and we get the de-fantasized figures on the share of total power (2012) that wind and sun have in Germany:

Wind: 8%
Solar: 5.3%
Total wind and solar: 13.3%
Gore’s claim: 37%
Factor of exaggeration: 178%

In fact, all the renewable energies combined, i.e. solar, wind, biogas, hydroelectric, etc. amount only to 25% share of Germany’s total energy supplied as of 2012. Already leading officials concede there is little chance of reaching 40% total renewable energy by 2020, let alone 50% with only solar and wind.

Germany’s skyrocketing electricity prices

Far more significant is that Gore totally ignores the dark side of Germany’s renewable energy push: It has caused Germany’s electricity prices to soar, so much so that 600,000 German households were having their power cut off every year. Peter Altmaier, former environment minister under Angela Merkel, said Germany’s renewable energy obligations will cost consumers almost 1 trillion euros by 2030.

And Gore forgets to mention that almost every solar module manufacturer in Germany has gone bankrupt, resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of “jobs for the future”.

Unstable power grid

In addition, the erratic feed-in of the constantly fluctuating supply of wind and sun is putting the stability of Germany’ power grid in serious jeopardy. Many industries that rely on stable source of electricity are thinking twice about investing in Germany and are increasingly considering moving operations to foreign locations.

Gore also fails to tell his rock-and-roll readers that Germany has brought on-line more coal power over the past years in an effort to stabilize its base power supply. German CO2 emissions are back on the rise.

He fails to mention that many of the generous renewable energy subsidies have since been scaled back in an effort to keep the exploding costs and power grid stability from careening completely out of control.

Biodiversity genocide

Gore forgets to mention that Germany’s biogas industry has turned a large part of the country’s landscape into a giant corn-field monoculture that has resulted in large-scale biodiversity genocide. Germany’s imports of palm oil from tropical countries has also led to the mass deforestation of once pristine rainforests abroad. These biotopes are now lost for a very long time, if not forever.

Already just the first few paragraphs of Gore’s Rolling Stone piece are so detached from reality and false that everything he writes thereafter is likely of the same quality. People should have stopped listening to Gore a long time ago.


PS: See “Frozen Wasteland” featuring Al Gore.


Al Gore’s 10-Year “Scorching” Prophesy Emerging As A Grand Hoax…Global Temperatures Declined Over Last Decade

More an eight years ago Al Gore, according to Laurie David, prophesized that unless we acted immediately we had only “ten years left to save the planet from a scorching.” The ever skeptical Rush Limbaugh put up his countdown clock (see below) on January 27, 2006.


Rush Limbaugh’s countdown to a scorching clock. Cropped from:

With less than 2 years away to go to the prophesized “scorching”, now is a good time to check to see how much closer we have gotten to it temperaturewise – to see if we should be making plans to move up into the Arctic.

What have global temperatures been doing since then? The chart shows: nothing!

Woodfor trees2005_14


If anything, the trend is showing a slight cooling and there are no signs of any “scorching” in sight.

Conclusion: Al Gore’s prophesy has been nothing but a hoax. And because Al Gore continues to claim to the contrary, despite what the data show, and continues to profit by perpetuating the scare, he stands accused of defrauding the public.


Aside: For our German readers, the most stinging parody of the Energiewende on public television yet: It appears the German Energiewende is on its last leg.


Uncovered 16th Century Hallucinatory Images Suggest That Today’s Climate Science Is Nothing But A Persistent Human Mental Disorder

Fire in the sky, torrential rains, droughts and Biblical floods – all supposedly brought on by the sins and wickedness of man. Is it really a surprise we are hearing it all once again today?

Taschen Publishing

Hail storm in Dordrecht, Holland, May 17, 1552. Image: Taschen Verlag,

The online Spiegel today has a report on a new book titled The Book of Miracles which presents and examines a collection of 16th century depictions of celestial phenomena and portentous signs. They were recently discovered as part of a collection of 169 illustrations created in Augsburg, Germany around 1552. End-of-world visions, it turns out, are a human mental disorder that has been around for as long as civilization itself.

The images were created as Europe was in the grips of the Little ice Age, a time of bad weather, bitter cold, storms and crop failures, starvation and human misery. The 16th century depictions reveal images of a civilization obsessed with the end-of-the-world. Priests and elitists of the time conducted terrifying witch hunts to find those allegedly responsible for the black magic that cooked up the extreme weather.

Sound familiar?

The book containing the collection of images was authored by Joshua P. Waterman of the University of Indiana and Till-Holger Borchert of the University of Oregon. The collection of images depict demons, fire, drought, and torrential rains – of blood, stones and hail falling from the sky, which brought or warned of unimaginable misery for sinners on earth.

When one compares these hallucinatory depictions to today’s bleak climate scenarios coming from climate scientists, and their shrill demands that we radically change our behavior, the parallels could hardly be more striking.

Spiegel writes:

The Augsburg Book of Miracles (German title: Wunderzeichenbuch) illustrates how mankind from antiquity to the Renaissance imagined the end of things. As a rule: frightening. Only very few positive heavenly appearances are seen in between.”

Nowness site here quotes co-author Borchert on what the dire images signified.

The Protestant viewer would have reflected on the greater significance of these wonders: Why are there dragons in the sky? Why does it rain blood? Why are there three suns overhead? We know from contemporary sources that the answer was general: Things are wrong in the world. Repent and prepare for the end times, which are possibly now.”

Aren’t the similarities to the climate science establishment absolutely stunning? Once again today mankind is being led by obsessive, paranoid charlatans warning of unprecedented colossal weather disasters. Really, there is no other way to accurately describe today’s climate science schizophrenia.

Spiegel writes that the book’s 167 pages “illustrates the angst” of the times, many having to do with weather extremes. For example one illustration (see above) shows a massive hailstorm hitting Dordrecht Holland on May 17, 1552. Note the perceived “weirdness”.

Spiegel writes:

Lightning strikes, comets and the unknown were regarded as the Wrath of God, or as omens for bad things to come. … Starvation, disease, locusts and falling stars. Many of these signs were distributed as pamphlets. And many of these phenomena indeed happened, says Waterman. But the ten-headed monster with horns and a crown of course never existed.”

Extreme weather events being taken as signs for the coming end, unless sinful ways are repented, is as old as civilization. Today’s climate panic is merely just the latest relapse into a very old mental disorder that has afflicted mankind for thousands of years. The only antidote is reason and knowledge.

Order here.


German Scientists Blast LA Times For Going Medieval…Compare Its Censorship To The Inquisition!

It’s obvious: The alarmists have run out of arguments and lost the debate. North America shivers in a nasty cold snap, global sea ice is approaching the highest levels in decades, and global temperatures haven’t risen in over 15 years. Nothing is going right for them.

Ironically, maybe the debate is over. It just ended up with the alarmists as the losers.

Recall how the debate used to be about whether or not the warming was caused by man-made CO2. Today it’s not even that anymore. Now it’s about whether or not the Earth is warming at all!

Yesterday in a CNN debate with Marc Morano, Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune reaffirmed that the alarmists have lost. Brune doesn’t even bother citing data any more…and is left with nothing but to repeat the bogus “the science is settled” claim and thinks that weather anecdotes are proof of man-made climate change. If a cold winter or a couple of cold winters cannot be a trend, then how can a single one-day storm be evidence of global warming?

LA Times becomes the sister of The Inquisition

Things are so pathetic for the alarmists that the only strategy left is declaring the debate over and refusing to let other views be made known. Such is also the case at the LA Times.

At their Die kalte Sonne website, German scientists Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt have reacted to the LA Times’s move to keep dissenting views on climate change out of their newspaper, and even compare the daily’s draconian tactics to something from Medieval times…you know, the Dark Ages. They write:

The Los Angeles Times has now resorted to unusual measures in order to avoid inconvenient discussions: In the future no more reader letters to the editor coming from climate skeptics shall be printed. Thus this finally clears the way for the followers of the climate alarmist side. It’s the end of inconvenient discussions where in the recent times things just got too uncomfortable for the friends of the climate catastrophe.”

To summarize, Lüning and Vahrenholt quote Johann Nepomuk Nestroy (1801 – 1862), an Austrian dramatist, actor and playwright:

Censorship is the younger of two disgraceful sisters. The other is called Inquisition.”


Hans von Storch On WBGU: “Suffering From Planet-Rescue Fantasies” … Neil Cavuto On Gore: “He’s Nuts”

Von StorchToday I bring an assortment of short, unrelated stories.

1) Hans von Storch at Klimazwiebel comments of the WBGU.

Hans is known for his direct speech and speaking his mind. Yet, I found a comment he left at his blog even more direct than usual – about the German FDP party blocking the re-assignment of the WBGU, the advisory board of alarmist “experts” who are tasked to advise the German government of matters concerning the environment and climate.

For me the WBGU is essentially a club of alarmists that is suffering from planet-rescue fantasies and a chronic overstepping of competence. Actually it is a good thing that a political group is for once requesting a reining in.”

Unfortunately the latest news is that the FDP party has ended its resistance to the re-appointment of the WBGU members. So they will still be there, yet no one says they will have to be listened to.

2. Stefan Rahmstorf concedes natural factors (at least when it cools).

At the German RealClimate sister-blog klimalounge, bedwetter in-chief Stefan Rahmstorf boasts about the Klimalounge site getting a million hits since coming online 5 years ago (NTZ reached that mark after just a year, and WUWT gets three times that every month). Anyway, while boasting about that, Rahmstorf brings up the global temperature stagnation, telling readers not to worry, the climate catastrophe is coming. For those who question this:

The answer is still the same as in 2008: no, global warming is unfortunately not over and has not slowed down significantly, the deviations from a steady, continuous warming trend are part of the usual short-term fluctuations, which are caused by, among other things, El Niño, ocean circulation fluctuations and solar activity.”

(My emphasis) At least he finally admits natural factors, though only for the short-term. So you see how simple it is for them.  When it cools, it’s because of natural factors. But when it warms it’s all because of CO2. Not surprisingly, this is how they’ve rigged their models. And so you warmists can all go on wetting your beds without worry.

3. Joe Bastardi on climate science at his Saturday Summary of the 4th of May (see video, right side bar). The warmists he says are only making excuses when they start changing the terminology:

You folks have to understand that it’s been getting cold in a lot of places and that it hasn’t been reported on. And of course, the value, if you want to call it that, in this climate fight that is going on, the value is that it’s waking some people up in America. They’re saying, ‘Where in the heck did this come from?’ And again, I don’t think you can change the playing field from global warming to climate change. You know, you just change the terminology – you know you’re wrong about what is going on, and you’re giving us excuses. So that’s what I think. Get used to it because that’s what nature does.”

4. Neil Cavuto in a Fox News interview with Joe Bastardi on Al Gore’s latest unhinged performance in Hollywood, at the end of the clip:

He’s nuts, by the way. I just think he’s nuts. But that’s just me.”

You can include me.

Source of photo Hans von Storch: institute/coastalresearch/.en

Joe Bastardi Rips Al Gore: “Stunningly Ignorant…He Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About”

Precisely how I feel.

If you haven’t seen this yet, then watch it now.

Video: Bastardi rips Al Conjob Gore

“That’s stunningly ignorant, or stunningly deceptive what Al Gore said. […] He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And ever since he shot his mouth off over Katrina, we’ve seen total global tropical activity go to record low levels.”

Photo credit:, GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version.


George W. Bush Was Right About Global Warming Non-Consensus 12 Years Ago. 2010 Being Hottest Year Refuted!

Surely most readers here can remember the furious reaction of environmentalists, media, and alarmist scientists when George W. Bush refused to sign on to the Kyoto Treaty in 2001. He was immediately labelled the dumbest man on the planet when it came to climate science for that refusal. Later, a good part of Al Gore’s AIT was aimed at ridiculing him and marginalizing skeptics as flat-earthers. The Earth was warming and the consensus was overwhelming, they told us.

George W. Bush told us there was no scientific consensus way back in 2000. (Photo by Shawn Clark of Lazyeights Photography, GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later, Wikipedia)

So we ask: just who are the real flat-earthers today?

The online UAE Khaleej Times has written a piece on the global warming stop reported by The Times, quoting a George W. Bush comment made in a presidential debate in the year 2000.

‘Some of the scientists, I believe, haven’t they been changing their opinion a little bit on global warming? There’s a lot of differing opinions and before we react I think it’s best to have the full accounting, full understanding of what’s taking place.’

Twelve years later, his statement actually seems quite true.  While recent scientific studies have been warning people that the Arctic is melting at record-breaking speed, a new report by the UK Met office dampens the predictions of environmental doom by claiming that global warming, in fact, stopped 16 years ago.”

The Khaleej Times also writes that 2010 being declared the hottest year is “a claim that is quite obviously refuted by the findings of the report”. Moreover, the Khaleej Times states what is today becoming increasingly obvious and it is what George Bush tried to tell us 12 years ago: there is no agreement on global warming science. The consensus is dead. In fact, it was never alive. The Khaleej Times writes (my emphasis):

…global warming is a sphere that has witnessed very little action by the international community. And that’s partially because there’s little agreement over the scope and seriousness of the phenomenon that we are facing.

When it comes to global warming science, the Khaleej Times concedes: George Bush was right. Gore, the media and “climate scientists” were dead wrong.

Read the entire story here.

Hat-tip: Reader ArndB


New Paper Confirms CO2 Lagged Global Temperature – Models Get It All Wrong Again

Today website Die kalte Sonne tells us there’s a new paper appearing in the Geophysical Research Letters on the relationship of CO2 and temperature.

Al Gore teaching science to a gullible audience. (Image from film: An Inconvenient Truth)

Let’s recall how Al Gore in his Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth proudly stood before the CO2-temperature curve of the last several hundred thousand years and fooled his gullible audience into thinking that CO2 drove global temperature in the past, and not vice versa.

Too bad Gore didn’t take a closer look at the curves. If he had, he would have noticed that temperature rose first with CO2 following, and so CO2 could not possibly have been the main driver. What really happened is that a warming Earth warmed the oceans, which in turn released CO2 into the atmosphere. That’s the real inconvenient truth.

Now there’s a new study by Jinho Ahn et al of Seoul National University. His team has taken another look at the temperature fluctuations 39,000 years ago. What did they find? Did CO2 lead temperature, or was it the other way around.

The data don’t lie, but obviously Gore does.  The results were clear: In the abstract the authors write (emphasis added):

This rise in CO2 was synchronous with, or slightly later than, a rapid increase of Antarctic temperature inferred from stable isotopes.”

Morover, it was thought that atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature in Antarctica varied on millennial time scales and that these changes were gradual. But the authors of the paper write:

In a detailed analysis of one event we now find that approximately half of the CO2 increase that occurred during the 1500-year cold period between Dansgaard-Oeschger (DO) events 8 and 9 happened rapidly, over less than two centuries.”

Lüning and Vahrenholt at Die kalte Sonne find this interesting. They write:

…about half of the total CO2 increase took place within just 200 years. This brings up important questions. The authors point out that the models based on the CO2 cycle are unable to to reproduce the rapid changes in CO2 condentrations.”

Back to the drawing board for climate modellers. But this time they really ought to put the horse before the cart.


Number Of German Flyers Who Volunteer to Offset CO2 From Flights Is “Too Small To Be Measurable”!

I often have to listen to German greenies lecture the rest of the world about “responsible behavior” and “climate protection”. But when they are asked to make a contribution, they say no.

Per capita, Germans are close to no. 1 worldwide when it comes to flying. And hearing them constantly pontificate about protecting the climate, you’d think they’d be the first to offset their flight CO2 when flying. A recent radio report reveals that although Germans like to preach, they sure don’t care much about practicing it.

Show projects and talking about it are enough.

Rainer Hoffmann here steers our attention to a DRadio report about German fliers voluntarily paying a little extra on the price of an airline ticket to offset the CO2 emissions produced by the flight. German radio interviewed green journalist Phillip Schnee.

When booking an airline ticket online, some websites tell you how much CO2 your flying will cause. Then you can check a box if you wish to offset some of that CO2. Checking the box means you’ll have to pay a little extra (3 to 15 euros) for your flight. Now you’d think many Germans would be checking that little box if they were truly concerned and sure about manmade climate change.

Well, it turns out that they are not that concerned about it at all. The DRadio moderator asks Phillip Schnee how many people actually volunteer to offset some of the CO2 their flights produce (4:32). Schnee tells us the answer:

“At the biggest provider, at, every year 100,000 flights are compensated. […] The experts from atmosfair estimate that less than 1% of the flights are compensated, and at less than one percent, they believe that the amount is so small that it is not really measurable.”

At the 1:00 minute mark, the moderator asks Schnee if the voluntary donations really offset the flight CO2 emissions? Schnee answers:

No, not really. […] You have to view it as a donation, and it’s better than doing nothing. The best thing one can do is to not fly.”

So the next time you’re in Europe and someone starts preaching about your environmental responsibilities, just nod in agreement, smile, say it’s a lovely story, and flash a little wink. Works every time.

The choice is really very clear, do you spend 10 euros for an offset that does nothing for the climate, or do you donate the money to a really worthy cause?


Snake-Oil Salesman-In-Chief – Imagine A Government That Controls Funding Of Science

There’s a line between offering words of hope, and cruelly making false promises that cannot be delivered. US Vice President Joe Biden went way beyond that line in a recent speech. Or could it be the guy is actually dumb enough to believe the things he said?

Click here to view video.

It’s  utterly disgraceful that the VP of the US would stoop so low. Biden symbolizes what’s wrong with science today. Either it is being run by absolute ignoramuses, or just plain deceitful people. The evidence indicates it’s the latter.

According to Biden, government running science can only produce wonderful miracles, and quickly – in just a few years!

All that’s needed is your trust.

Already today they have the means to control global climate, they say. A world without ills awaits you! What are you waiting for?

Excerpts of Joe Biden speaking at Cypress Bay High School graduation ceremony (emphasis added, and not in order):

Imagine the breakthroughs that are on the horizon and just beyond it. Imagine by the time you’re in a position to buy your first home, putting a roof of solar shingles that will cost no more than today’s ordinary shingles that will be able to power your home, heating, cooling, running appliances at a fraction of the cost your parents pay today.  Imagine a world in which hunger is vanquished by crops that don’t depend on the soil or water or fertilizer or pesticides to thrive! They’re just around the corner. Imagine famine being a memory — and with it, the end of so much war and conflict that plagues so much parts of the world! Imagine a day when the lightweight materials, cleaner fuels, [and] advanced engines simultaneously make our air cleaner — allowing us to go the equivalent of hundreds of miles to the gallon. And maybe, most importantly, freeing us from our dependence on foreign oil and all that entails for a nation. Imagine a day within your lifetime when doctors can and will engineer your white blood cells to attack cancer cells and leave healthy cells untouched, allowing cancer patients to live out a full life without undergoing the difficulty some of you observe, painful chemotherapy and radiation procedures. Imagine a day, when in your, doctors are able to regenerate entire body parts and limbs that have been damaged and lost, not only saving tens of thousands of lives, but restoring the thousands of  our Iraq and Afghan veterans coming back in need of prostheses, so they will be able to live a full and ambulatory life.”

If his audience believes all that, then those graduation caps really need to be replaced with dunce hats.

Remember:  if anything ever happened to Obama, he’d be President! With a little luck, only another half year before we’re out of the woods.


The USA’s Imelda Marcos President

!!! UPDATE: Story now (indirectly) on the Drudge Report !!! (31 May 2012, 20.00 h CET)

Not only does he not feel bad about the tab taxpayers have to pick up for his haircuts, President Obama obviously also does not care much about the massive carbon footprint his haircuts are leaving on our planet which, we are told, is tipping precariously.

With each passing day, Barack Obama is looking more and more like the Imelda Marcos President.

German public radio here has a gossip report on how the world’s most likable Commander-in-chief gets his haircut, and about the cool dude who trims his hair. The President is a man of the common people, the report tells its listeners. He hangs out with regular folks, like his barber for example. Obama’s Chicago barber, who goes by the name Zariff, has been cutting the Chief Executive’s hair 17 years.

But now that the President has his residence in Washington D.C., you’d think he’s find another barber in town to cut his hair and save us lots of costs. Wrong.

According to German public radio, the President flies Zariff from Chicago to DC for a trim dozens of times per year (on the taxpayers’ dime of course). Not only does this cost the taxpayers a bundle, but think about the carbon footprint the supposedly environmentally-concerned President is producing. The German NDR reporter says:

The barber never says a word about what they discuss. Perhaps that’s also a reason why Obama feels comfortable being around him. Otherwise he would not fly his barber in from Chicago to Washington every ten to 14 days.”

Think of all the jet fuel getting burned for them clippers.

In these tough times when Americans by the score are struggling with high unemployment, tight budgets, tattered finances and deep worries about the future, wouldn’t it be more appropriate for the President to get a barber from DC? My God -surely there’s got to be somebody in town who can cut his hair.

With all due respect, Mr. President, such small things make all the difference between a great democracy and a banana republic.


Carbon Market Crash!

Portuguese skeptic site Ecotretas reports on the crashing carbon market:

It’s nothing new. It started over a year ago, when US
carbon trading crashed
. Two weeks later, it
. Now, it’s our turn in Europe. It had already started
earlier this Summer
. But now, as can be seen in the left graphic, obtained from
, carbon prices are diving even more! And this is yesterday’s
graph, as today, as I write, it is diving another -10.773% to € 7.040.

Charts and more here…

Financial Times Admits Gore’s Climate Movement Is Irrevocably Ruined

Simon Kuper of the Financial Times recently wrote a piece called Climate change: who cares any more?, which clearly reveals the frustration and growing resignation among warmists and how the climate cause is irrevocably ruined.

As the hoax of climate catastrophe becomes increasingly exposed, it is being taken far less seriously today than back at the peak of the scare in 2007. For example Kuper describes how he felt when leaving a climate conference in Britain in 2007:

I left feeling that if you were running a country like Britain in 2007, you probably thought climate change was the single overriding issue. Terrorism, immigration and even the economy were details by comparison.”

My how the mightiest of scares have fallen. If that doesn’t confirm that Gore’s movement is lost, then nothing will. In his opening sentence Kuper himself admits to having given up on protecting the climate, realising it is a senseless endeavour:

When someone offered me a trip to India, I said, “Definitely.” A couple of years ago I’d have fretted about the carbon emissions. But like almost everyone else, I have given up trying to prevent climate change.”

Kuper however blames the failure of the movement on the bad economy and human resignation and apathy, claiming people are more worried about their own prosperity. But the reality is that the science behind climate catastrophe has fallen apart, and this is being made known to the public. The public is realising that all the hype over climate change was mostly a hoax perpetuated by a few select greedy interest groups out to make a ton of money. That’s why the public is turned off over the climate issue. It just isn’t a real threat any more.

Now that the scientific data is getting analysed, people are realising it’s no longer necessary to worry about climate when deciding the direction of energy policy – because coal and other fossil fuels simply don’t have the destructive impact on the climate that was once hypothesized. The data simply doesn’t show it. Indeed while coal consumption globally increased 30% over the last 10 years, global temperatures have actually dropped.

The blue line shows skyrocketing global coal use, yet global temperatures have fallen.

Data source: Review of World Energy

So why would any country do something as stupid as cut back on cheap coal during cooling times? Especially when it would only lead to lots of people freezing to death.

Kuper complains and appears baffled by the fact that the media have dramatically reduced their reporting on climate change. Come on Kuper, admit it: It’s not because people have resigned, it’s because people have woken up, and the phony climate catastrophe has since become a non-issue. Few are interested in it, and

Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality clearly demonstrated the folly of crying wolf for the ten thousandth time. Now it’s all falling on deaf ears. Fewer people than ever now believe all the climate catastrophe hogwash. Recall how everyone saw through the whole charade and all the bias behind the reporting of Hurricane Irene, which exposed the desperation of the movement. I ask: just how stupid do you think the public is, Mr. Kuper?

It is over.

A better question is: How stupid can one possibly be not to see the man-made climate change charade, and to continue believing the obvious hoax of global climate catastrophe?

No, it is not resignation by the public. It is an awakening. Rich and poor countries alike have opted to continue to do what they have been doing for thousands of years: ADAPT. As sea levels rise their usual 1 or 2 or 3 mm a year, people will simply take one or two or three steps back each century. That’s what they’ve always done as climate has always changed in the past.

Gore’s Last Gasp – German Media Completely Ignores His Bitter Slur-athon

A scan of the larger German online dailies such as DIE WELT, Bild, Der Spiegel, FAZ, etc.  here in Germany shows absolutely no interest or any coverage of Al Gore’s 24 Hours of Reality.Maybe the old continent is losing interest in a movement that once appeared to be scientific, but has long since been reduced to childish name-calling and data manipulation.

The AFP here put out a news blurb, but little else is out there. It could be that editors will print something later, if space allows. But in general the silence is deafening.

Gore’s long losing streak

Objectively speaking, Al Gore is on serious a losing streak. His book sales have hit rock bottom, the Chicago Climate Exchange is dead, so is the Kyoto protocol successor, skepticism is growing, and his new Climate Reality Project is getting few visitors after a brief jump right after it opened. Indeed the global warming issue is out – totally passé.

A big problem is how Gore combatively frames the issue. For him it’s either you accept the science of climate catastrophe, or you are a despicable denier. Gore simply doesn’t grasp that most people are somewhere in between.

Even the warmist/alarmist sites in Germany are not even bothering to report on Gore’s senseless rantathon. One gets the feeling that he is appearing more and more washed up with every passing month. And with every emotional outburst, he is being regarded more and more as an embarrassment to the movement rather than a bonus.

Marc Morano: Global Warming Alarm Spread By Al Gore And The United Nations “Is In Utter Collapse”

We know that Marc Morano’s latest headline is about Al Gore going ballistic in a cuss-laden tirade against growing global skepticism – probably venting his pent up anger over his evaporating investments and reputation. Anthony Watts also fills us in on that padded-room incident.

So this is as good a time as any to bring you the latest video of Marc Morano and his latest assessment of the global warming movement.

Some of the more notable quotes Morano makes:

…real world data are showing that the global warming alarm spread by Al Gore and the United Nations is in utter collapse…across the board what we thought we knew about climate just 4 or 5 years ago is now in utter collapse – we call it sub-prime science…UN scientists were trying to act as gatekeepers of peer review, they were trying to shut out people like Roy Spencer…peer review is still a corrupted process…It’s always been a political movement…akin to Nostradamus…”

Dave Roberts Of Grist Tells Germans: “Climate Bill Is Dead – Probably For A Number Years…Failed Spectacularly”

According to, a warmist site operated by socialists and green Utopians, Dave Roberts was invited by the Heinrich Böll Foundation as a speaker for climate blogs at the network conference re:publica in Berlin last month. Roberts, you will recall, is the activist at Grist who in 2006 called for Nuremberg-type trials for bastards who deny global warming. interviewed Roberts here and asked him about the US failure to pass a climate bill and the power of American conservatives. He had some interesting responses. Here are some excerpts of questions and answers in paraphrased form (I’ve eliminated all the rambling).

klimaretter: After the wonderful election of Barack Obama, hopes to pass a climate were high. What happened?

Roberts: The idea that it would be enough to replace “bad people” with “good people” turned out to be utterly naive. Barack Obama seemed to be the Messiah we had been waiting for. But his charisma was not enough to solve the USA’s deep problems. The Republicans routinely used delay and disrupt tactics.

klimaretter: Why didn’t the law get passed?

Roberts: Obama thought he could quickly pass health care reform, and then use the momentum to pass a climate bill. But passing health care reform got bogged down and became a very difficult issue. The momentum got lost. So the climate bill died and the only thing left to do is to set our hopes on EPA and its authority to regulate CO2. The Republicans want to defund the EPA. The fight is tough, but it’s not over yet.

klimaretter: What makes the conservative climate skeptics so powerful in the USA?

Roberts: The conservatives really know how to create an atmosphere of controversy in order to block climate protection measures. The Republicans are focused on spreading doubt and portraying scientific consensus as being in dispute. There are great parallels with the tactics used by the tobacco industry.

klimaretter: Will it be possible to expect progress in US climate protection over the next 2 Obama years?

Roberts (see English below): Das Klimagesetz ist jedenfalls erstmal tot – wahrscheinlich sogar auf etliche Jahre. Und auch wenn Obama wiedergewählt wird und die Demokraten im Repräsentantenhaus die Mehrheit zurückgewinnen muss man sich fragen, ob das reichen wird. Denn an dem Punkt waren wir schon einmal – und das Klimagesetz ist trotzdem grandios gescheitert.

In English: “The climate bill is now dead in any case – probably even for a number of years. And even if Obama gets re-elected and the Democrats regain the majority in the House of Representatives, one has to ask whether that will be enough. We were at that point once already, and the climate bill failed spectacularly.”

klimaretter: Will the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe in Japan have an impact on nuclear plans in the USA?

Roberts: The Fukushima issue here is being played down. The catastrophe will not change the course of nuclear power in the USA much. Obama’s energy secretary Steven Chu is a big proponent of nuclear power.

And so what is the reaction of green-eyed Germans to Robert’s dire message from the USA? Answer: “OH NEIN!”

For example, here’s how yet another socialist/green Utopian site, Klima Der Gerechtigkeit (in English: Climate Of Justice) reacts to the message and US analysis delivered by Roberts:

In a healthy world and in every other democracy, the climate bill would have been passed with huge majorities. Not so in the USA and its political system. No wonder David Roberts felt at times that he was on another planet when he visited Berlin.”

That comment was written by Arne Jungjohann, who is living in Washington. When he talks about “every other democracy”, he is referring to places like the defunct German “Democratic” Republic – former East Germany – the country that imprisoned its people behind a wall of concrete, barb wire and sharp shooters, and where everybody was spying on each other.

Spare us your lectures on “democracy”, Arne. In the USA the topic is being discussed openly, and not being rammed down the throats of citizens by obsessed dogmatists with masterplans. Go back and review history. Your twisted idea of democracy is sickening to any honest and moral person.

The Climate Catastrophism Cult

The prophets of doom and gloom insist the end is coming and that we must fight to save the planet. Join the movement for salvation.

It’s supposed to be based on science and data, yet whenever data that contradicts the end-of-world claims appear, which is often, the prophets take on an us-versus-them approach, often portraying skeptics as infidels or even criminals.

So not surprisingly to many observers, a large part of the global warming movement is seen to have long since departed from the realms of science, evolved and moved into a cult-like realm. Has climate catastrophism become a cult?

When one goes down the list of signs that identify a cult in the list below, the similarities are striking.

Definition of a cult

According to Merriam Webster’s dictionary:
1:  formal religious veneration: worship
2:  a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also: its body of adherents
3:  a religion regarded as unorthodox or spurious; also: its body of adherents
4a: system for the cure of disease based on dogma set forth by its promulgator (health cult)
5a : great devotion to a person, idea, object, movement, or work (as a film or book); especially : such devotion regarded as a literary or intellectual fad b: the object of such devotion c : a usually small group of people characterized by such devotion.

How do we know if a movement is a cult?

Some cults are benign, while others are dangerous and can lead to tragedy. If many of the following apply, then it’s a sure that we are dealing with a cult-like organization (from and other sources):

1. The movement is over-zealous – and regards its belief system, ideology and practices as Truth.
2. The group is elitist, claiming a superior status and purpose (e.g., to be on a mission to save humanity).
3. The group often prophesies the end of the world.
4. The group promises salvation.
5. Dissent is not tolerated and is even punished.
6. The leadership dictates how members should think, act, and feel. Leaders prescribe how they live, whether to have children, etc
7. The group instructs its members not to read information that is critical of the group.
8. The group has a confrontational “us-versus-them” mentality that leads to conflict.
9. The leaders do not view themselves as accountable to authorities, even advocating civil disobedience for the higher cause.
10. The group teaches that the ends justify whatever means it deems necessary. This may lead members to participate in illegal activities.
11. Mind-altering practices, such as the repeated use of propaganda and denunciation sessions are used to suppress doubts. Character assassination is a sure sign of a cult.
12. The group requires members to radically alter the personal activities they had before joining the group.
13. The group is active in bringing in new members.
14. The group is out to make money.

Dangerous cults are totalitarian and do not tolerate any criticism. Dangerous cults not only dictate what members believe, but also how members live. How often have we heard the climate catastrophism cult tell us what we should eat and drink, how to be mobile, what lights to use and how many children we should have? Cults are the antithesis of individual freedom.

Double standards

According to Apologetics Index, a destructive cult often has double standards. Members are expected to be obedient, while the cult leaders have their own special rules. A destructive cult has only two basic purposes: recruiting new members and making money. Destructive cults claim to be for the social good, but in reality the cult’s real goal is to increase prestige and often the wealth of the leader. In the Climate Catastrophism Cult, we see how leaders are getting wealthier and wealthier, while followers are asked to give up more and more.

A destructive cult claims that it is innovative, progressive and that it offers a new and better way that will cure the world’s ills. But, according to Apologetics Index, “These claims are empty and are only used to recruit members who are then surreptitiously subjected to mind control to inhibit their ability to examine the actual validity of the claims of the leader and the cult.”

Who is susceptible?

A cult needs followers. The more followers it has, the more powerful it becomes. One of the main traits that people who are susceptible to joining a cult have is a sense and desire for idealism. Those prone to joining a cult often display:
1. A desire to belong.
2. A desire for spiritual meaning.
3. The inability to say no or to express criticism.
4. Impaired capacity to question what one is told.
5. A need for quick and absolute answers.
6. Cultural disillusionment (alienation, dissatisfaction with the status quo.
7. Low self-esteem and a general lack of self-confidence.
8. to be naive.

Many followers tend to be young, disenchanted, frustrated, lonely and lacking a perspective for the future. Anyone that is going through a stressful period of transition in life is more susceptible to join a cult. It’s no wonder that older, retired people tend to be more skeptical of climate catastrophe. So, is global warming catastrophism a cult? It’s hard to find a movement that better fits the definition.

References:   From Book: Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships