“Climate of Hate: His Children Are Urged To Kill Him”…David Rose Becomes Victim Of Vicious Hatred

Many readers and myself have become quite dismayed by the Vatican’s new position on the junk climate science-based, anti-humanity movement against fossil fuels.

Interestingly today I read a report in the Catholic Herald here where it is clearly miffed by how Britain’s UKIP party “now commands the support of an estimated one in six Catholicsand is “causing increasing alarm among Church leaders.” My, how could that be!

Well, we all understand that things move glacially slow at the Vatican, and we don’t expect them to see the light any time soon, even though it’s staring at them straight in the face. These things can take centuries.

Catholics reject intolerance and hatred

One reason Catholics are rejecting the positions held by the Church is no better illustrated than by the following article appearing in the The Daily Mail:

I’ve never supported the British National Party or the Ku Klux Klan. I’ve never belonged to the Paedophile Information Exchange, or denied the Holocaust, or made a penny from the banking crash.

But if you read The Guardian newspaper’s website, you might think otherwise. A commentator on it urged my own children to murder me.

He did so because of one of the many stories I’ve written for this newspaper about climate change. I first reported on the subject nearly six years ago: my article was about the ‘climategate’ scandal, where leaked emails…”


…”But ultimately, where are they taking us? Citing climate change is certainly an effective way of making schoolchildren feel fearful and guilty, much as preachers once used to.”

Read more at the Daily Mail.

Leaders will have to learn to face one fact: thanks to the Internet followers are much better informed today and many can see the cliff up ahead which their leaders are blindly leading them to. The Catholic Church is part of that green movement.

Catholics want nothing to do with and are appalled by the hate and bigotry that gets aimed at honest dissenters such as David Rose. And we reject the deception-riddled plot to deny the world of life-giving fossil fuels as well as the mentally ill hysteria of a world coming to an end.

If anything what we need is an encyclical on the necessity of fossil fuels.

It’s truly stunning that the Church can be so tolerant of the bigotry and intolerance on one side of the debate, yet be so quick to condemn honest dissent on the other.


Video Analysis: Nazca Lines Cultural Heritage Site Permanently Ruined…”Marks Left By Greenpeace Are Irreparable”!

UPDATE: Trek of Fools – Ric Werme provides the link to a Spanish language video…the pictures tell the whole story:

The documentary provides the names and passport numbers of some of the Greenpeace activists.


Here’s a Spanish-language video clearly showing the “irreparable” damage to the Peruvian Nazca Lines done by renegade Greenpeace activists earlier this month.

In the video Ana María Cogorno, director of the Asociación Maria Reiche Internacional para el Arte & Ciencia, explains the “irrefutable evidence of damage” to the UNESCO World Heritage site. The video clearly shows Greenpeace protestors trampling the site, moving stones in order to hold down the signs so that aerial photos could be made for the purpose of publicity. And publicity they got.

Unfortunately I do not know Spanish and if any Spanish speakers could provide the important points made in the video by Ms Cogorgno, who is clearly showing the damage done, please do so and I will post.

Meanwhile Greenpeace is no longer a loved organization in Peru, as Russian RT news site here shows. The Greenpeace director unsuccessfully tries to manage the exploding public relations disaster amid angry protesters demanding justice:

Russian RT news site quotes one angry protester, writing:

The first thing that the people of Nazca are demanding in the name of everyone who makes a living from tourism is the punishment to the individuals responsible for this,’ a demonstrator said Friday.”


Activist Idiots At Work…Greenpeace Officials Shirk Responsibility… Spiegel: Peru Says Publicity Stunt An “Insult”

CFact RuckerMany outlets are reporting on Greenpeace’s desecration and exploitation of ancient Incan and Nazca historical sites for political and fund-raising purposes. See here.

Photo: Craig Rucker questions Greenpeace spokesman. Photo cropped from C-Fact video.

Today the online Spiegel covers (instead of buries) the story: “Nazca Lines in Peru: Greenpeace apologizes for cultural contamination“.

That apology of course comes only after a huge wave of negative publicity. When asked by C-Fact’s Craig Rucker at a press conference about what the activists had done, a Greenpeace spokesman seemed completely indifferent about having used the site for their stunt, and even thought that everyone just loved Greenpeace.

Well, I’ve been with them. I’ve been in the village and we were basically in the village for a day and everybody loved them, there was no problem.”

Indeed here it appears that the Greenpeace higher-ups were actually there at the site and aware of what the activists were doing. It seems as if the stunt even may have been orchestrated by the higher-ups. Will Greenpeace officials take responsibility for the actions of their activists members? Spiegel writes:

“On their homepage Greenpeace showed themselves as demonstratively proud about the stunt even still on Thursday morning. […]

However in the meantime Greenpeace no longer considers the spectacular action as a good idea.”

Note how Greenpeace officials quickly backpedalled once the massive backlash became undeniable. Greenpeace higher officials are (suddenly) acting as if they had nothing to do with it, and that it had been carried out solely by the activists on their own.

It’s a pity that Greenpeace officials always distance themselves from the actions of their activists whenever they go awry, but are always quick to collect the cash donations that flow in afterwards when the actions succeed. Spiegel adds:

Also the head of the Greenpeace delegation at the climate conference, Martin Kaiser, said he expects that the activists to always take the responsibility for their actions.”

Unbelievable. What about Greenpeace officials taking responsibility for once?

Greenpeace chief Kumi Naidoo will personally fly into Lima by jet and apologize. But that may be too little, too late. Spiegel writes:

Peru’s Deputy Cultural Minister Luis Jaime Castillo is requesting the state attorney to file charges for ‘the attack on archeological monuments’, a crime that is punishable by as much as six years in prison.”

Of course European governments and other organizations will express disgust at the Greenpeace activists’ action for awhile, but behind the scenes they’ll be working out a deal with the Peruvian government to get them off…probably in exchange for cash and support.


Excuses Abound As Sea Shepard Negligently Dumps Up To Half A Tonne Of Diesel Fuel Into Trinity Inlet

Here’s a another example of how environmental activists like to beg, plead and claim real excuses when severe environmental accidents happen, yet when an accident is caused by anyone else they demand heads on a plate.

The Cairns Post here has an article: Sea Shepherd guilty of diesel spill that dropped up to 500 litres of diesel into the Trinity Inlet.

Hat-tip: reader Jim

The article is from earlier this year, but it neither got media attention nor the attention it deserves.

What really strikes me is that the environmental organization comes in with its lawyers and fights tooth and nail in claiming that they really acted responsibly and that the accident was not entirely their fault. The excuses they presented are truly sad and pathetic and show an amazing ignorance when it comes to industrial safety regulation and management.

For example, the Cairns Post writes:

A FAULTY switch and instruction manuals written entirely in Japanese have been blamed in court for why a ship owned by conservation group Sea Shepherd dropped up to 500 litres of diesel into the Trinity Inlet.”

Sorry, but using a piece of equipment that you do not understand is gross negligence. Sea Shepard’s motto here obviously was: Let’s just get this thing running (and safety be damned!)

It’s not for nothing that the fundamental industry standard for any piece of such equipment is: Be sure you have read the manual and have UNDERSTOOD it! The crew obviously could not read Japanese, let alone understand it. Here they should have requested a manual in English from the manufacturer, or at least shelled out the money for a translation, before recklessly attempting to put it into operation at sea. They should especially have at least understood the critical technical points dealing with fuel.

The Cairns Times reports that “a crew member named Gabor Nosty failed to manually flick the “low level” switch during a fuel transfer, despite being aware the switch was faulty.”

If that isn’t gross negligence, then I don’t what is. It is management’s responsibility to be sure that its personnel are qualified and trained to carry out the work they have been assigned to do. Most industrial norms and regulations aren’t there to harass companies, but to prevent accidents involving human life and health, property and the environment. The Sea Shepard crew ignored this entirely.

And not only could they not read the vessel’s operating manual, according to the Cairns Times the Sea Shepherd Australia had bought the ship from Japan a week earlier and “had yet to translate signage and manuals or repair the switch“. Again putting a piece of equipment into operation when its crucial safety signs cannot be read is extremely reckless. The crew can count themselves fortunate nothing much worse happened. We are not talking about a TV here, rather a large piece of industrial equipment with lots of power – with people on board – and all around you.

The article also writes that because the chief engineer did not have a manual they could understand, the crew “had to work out the ship’s systems ‘by his own devices’“. This means they were guessing its operational function. This is something you never should do. You wait for a manual you can read, then you read it, and make sure you’ve understood it. Then you can start to use it.

The article also writes that the crew included some Germans. My wife’s company does a lot of translations of German industrial manuals and handbooks. The Germans are gurus when it comes to industrial safety regulation, policy and management. If any one should understand industrial regulation and the importance of adhering to safety standards, it is the Germans. Obviously the Germans on the Sea Shepard crew did not complete a German apprenticeship, or they slept through it.

All the crew members came from an advanced technological country. It’s amazing how activists are always calling for more stringent safety regulations and environmental protection laws, yet they themselves can’t even adhere to the most rudimentary and obvious safety rules. It’s the Japanese manufacturer’s fault!

Despite all the Sea Shepard’s gross negligence, recklessness and disregard for human, property and environmental safety, it appears the crew will get off real easy.


Hypocrisy Exposed…Spiegel Publishes Undisclosed German Survey Results: Green Voters Like Flying The Most!

Online Spiegel has a piece titled: Preaching travel by rail, but flying Business Class.

It would be natural to expect environmentalist greens and climate activists to take commercial flights very rarely, opting for rail, bus, or bicycle instead. However, it turns out they do not practice what they love to preach.

Spiegel news magazine writes of an unpublished survey commissioned by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftverkehrswirtschaft (Federal Association of German Aviation Industry) to find out which voters in Germany fly the most often. Some of us will not be surprised to learn that hypocrisy is alive and well in Germany.

Spiegel writes.

Hardly anyone criticizes air travel as vehemently as the Greens do. An unpublished study now shows: It is precisely the voters of the ecology party who most prefer hop onto commercial airliners.


Green love most flying the carbonated skies. Public domain photo.

 Spiegel writes that the survey was conducted by a “renowned polling organization”.

The results of the survey show that the Green Party voters fly the most: 49% have flown at least once in the past 12 months. They were followed by the communist Die Linke (42%), the conservatives CDU (36%) and lastly by the socialists SPD (32%).

When asked who had never ever flown in a jet, 17% of the communists said they had never flown, 16% of the conservatives, 13% of the socialists and 0% of the greens. All Green party voters surveyed said they had flown at least once in their lifetime.  Flying for me, but not for you.

When asked if they agree that it is good that so people today can afford to fly today, the percentage answering “yes” was 77% for the conservatives, 77% for the socialists, 69% for the communists and only 48% for the jet-setting greens.

Spiegel reports that green voters tend to be younger and hold high-income jobs, and so fit the profile of frequent fliers. What’s strange is that 60% of the flights in Germany are domestic, trips that could easily be done by rail. Apparently railcars are not good enough for environmentalists.

According to Spiegel the survey was conducted in September with 1032 persons interviewed. 77 of those interviewed identified themselves as Green voters.

Casino-Capitalism At Greenpeace! “Blows Millions In Donations” In Currency Speculation! “Rocked By Finance Scandal”

Looks like the anti-capitalist, tree-hugging Greenpeace organization doesn’t practice what it preaches when it comes to the evils of capitalism.

A number of newspapers in the German speaking part of Europe are reporting how the environmental activist organization took millions of the money received as private donations and has blown it in high-risk casino-grade investments – instead of using it to protect the environment.

Spiegel here reports, “Greenpeace has been rocked by a finance scandal” and that it has “blown millions from donations“. According to Spiegel:

An employee at Greenpeace Central in Amsterdam lost a total of 3.8 million euros in currency speculation. According to Spiegel information, the money comes from donations transferred to Amsterdam Central from financially sound Greenpeace regional organizations like those in Germany…”

Note how the blame gets shifted to “an employee”, as if Greenpeace management is not accountable. Well, management is responsible and those donating deserves answers as to why their donations were being blown in dubious get-rich-quick schemes.

According to Spiegel, the employee was betting on a falling euro. Mike Townsley of Greenpeace International says the employee has since been sacked and calls the bad speculation “a serious miscalculation”, which was discovered by an “internal control system”. Greenpeace assures that the problem is solved and everything is back in order.

Instead of firing the poor employee, Greenpeace could have taken the socially compassionate step of sending him to training, or perhaps to Gamblers Anonymous. But no, instead they do the cold-hearted capitalistic thing and throw him out onto the streets. Or better yet, they could pay him a huge bonus, and then ask the government for a bailout.

Spiegel writes that the money had been earmarked to set up regional Greenpeace offices. But that money is gone, and the loss is deemed as “substantial”.

I remember Greenpeace activists asking me for a donation on the streets of Rome when I visited last April. Boy, I sure am glad I didn’t give them anything.

As one Spiegel reader comments, “Like everywhere, it’s easier to speculate with other people’s money.”


Greenpeace: “Executives Of Major Fossil Fuel Companies Could Face Personal Liability For Funding Climate Denialism”!

Aztec sacrificeAttention skeptics.

Greenpeace International is calling to make executives liable for funding “climate denialism“.

This would be tantamount to abusing the legal system as a weapon to harass and shut down freedom of science and the fundamental human right of freedom of expression.

Are bloggers next?

The next obvious step would be to go after bloggers for spreading “climate denialism“, as most of them, this blog included, are not funded at all and are running purely voluntarily. All the blogs I know operate independently of any funding activity taken by fossil fuel companies. Greenpeace writes:

Greenpeace International, WWF and the Center for International Environmental Law have written to the executives of large insurance corporations as well as fossil fuel and other carbon major companies [1], seeking clarity on who will pay the bill if such a lawsuit is brought against their directors or officers [2].

Generally, liability policies provide coverage for claims that put individual directors’ and officers’ assets at risk. These liability policies protect individuals who are conducting their business in good faith but are at risk of being held liable for undesirable business occurrences, which may be beyond their control.  However, a serious question is whether these policies would cover a director facing a climate-related claim [3].

The belief that corporate executives are guilty of brewing bad weather events is no different than ancient tribes psychopathologically blaming and sacrificing humans at an alter in a bid to appease angry gods.Today environmentally fanatic activists like those at Greenpeace are calling for the same thing. This gets down to raindancing and weather-brewing. Read on…

Leanne Minshull, Greenpeace International’s Climate and Energy Campaigner, says the cost of climate change is personal. ‘It’s personal to the victims of super typhoon Haiyan who lost family members and homes in the Philippines. It’s personal to farmers in California and Australia whose land is now too dry for farming. It should also be personal for any oil, gas and coal company directors who mislead the public by funding climate denialism and stopping action on climate change. The responsibility – not just the devastating effects – should be personal.'”

If anything, NGOs and Greenpeace need to be held personally accountable for blocking Golden Rice in Asia, a food that could have prevented millions of children from going blind and thousands of dying prematurely from vitamin deficiency.  That we know is absolutely very clear.

Carroll Muffett, President of the Center for International Environmental Law, says from ‘asbestos to tobacco to oil spills, history shows that those who mislead the public, the market or the government about the risks of their products, or the availability of safer alternatives, can face substantial legal liability, both as companies and as individuals. As the impacts of climate denialism and regulatory obstruction become clear, we want to understand how corporations, insurers, and officers and directors are allocating those risks among themselves.  Just as importantly, we ask what steps they’re taking to prevent the misconduct that creates those risks in the first place.'”

Samantha Smith, leader of WWF‘s Global Climate and Energy Initiative, says fossil fuel companies owe it to their shareholders and the public to tell us the truth about the devastating impacts of their activities on our shared climate. ‘Sooner or later, those who hide the facts and oppose policies to fight climate change will be held to account by the courts. By signing this letter, we hope to bring attention to the importance of truthful, transparent and responsible corporate reporting and policy engagement on climate change.”

The responses from the fossil fuel companies and insurers and will be published on the Greenpeace International website.”

The Greenpeace proposal is the latest authoritarian bully-tactic designed to intimidate those who have different scientific opinions, to stamp out scientific dissent, and to force a universal junk-science based green ideology on the rest of the population. Greenpeace is pioneering the newest path to thought totalitarianism.


German Interview With Patrick Moore: Greenpeace Living “In An Absolute Dream World”…Poverty Is Biggest Threat

Patrick_Moore_(environmentalist)German online Novo Argumente here features an interview with Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore. Today he is one of the environmental organization’s harshest critics.

Photo right: Partick Moore, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Moore tells readers how things have run amok at the activist organization, claiming it has changed from one that “not only cared about the environment, but also about people” to one that has since transformed to today’s radical organization “that characterizes people fundamentally as enemies of the earth.” He continues:

I believe that its refusal to make demands that are scientifically based combined with a leftist, anti-American and anti-market-economy attitude has led the environmental movement into an ideological dead-end in which it finds itself today.”

Later in the interview Moore says that today’s biggest environmental challenge facing the earth today is poverty.

Poor people today cannot afford to treat wastewater, to clean the air, to reforest, etc. Poverty is a problem for man and for the environment. Fighting poverty helps both. There’s no contradiction.”

Moore says he left Greenpeace because the organization opted to follow a course based on confrontation and anti-development. He also believes that the organization’s popularity is because the environmental movement has indeed become a religion.

Radical environmentalists he says are hypocritical and confused in that they don’t understand that the gadgets that they themselves love using, like mobile phones, bicycles and rapid transport, buildings and wind turbines, come from the very things they protest. “It’s an absolute dream world.”

He illustrates further:

To demonstrate against fossil energies, Greenpeace attacked a Russian offshore drilling rig with a large boat equipped with diesel engines. […] When we sailed to Alaska to protest nuclear testing, we had no atomic weapons on board. They act like their new 32 million dollar boat is powered by sails when in reality it has a 5000 horsepower diesel engine. […] I just want to underscore what a dream world these people live in.”

Moore thinks that that fear and guilt play a big role in the religion. “This works the best with the global warming issue.

At the end, Moore blasts Greenpeace’s opposition to approving golden rice.

Two million children die annually from diseases related to Vitamin A-deficiencies. If I take the precautionary principle seriously, then I can only demand that golden rice be immediately approved. If Vitamin A deficiency were a disease like malaria and someone discovered a medicine to heal the disease, it would not be long before people would use it.”

The whole interview is well worth reading and it hopefully it will appear soon in English.


Greenpeace Warns Russia! … Hopes For COP 19 Already Fading … Green Cheerleader Germany Spews More CO2

If Russia doesn’t behave responsibly soon, then there’s going to be a price to pay, Greenpeace is warning. Greenpeace thinks it can put the political pressure on Russia. We suspect that Russia as a result is getting really nervous by now and that she will soon cave in to Greenpeace’s mighty demands…maybe even within a few days. (Some sarcasm here).

In its recent blog piece Greenpeace is sending a message that it lining up a formidable political army against Russia, writing:

Let me take you on a small world tour, which illustrates the depth and breadth of the support we have received. Especially when you remember, that this is just a small selection, a snapshot.”

Greenpeace writes that even Iran and 13 Nobel prize winners have joined. Gee, Russia better back down real soon.

Hope at COP 19 already fading

Ingemar Nordin’s Swedish climate blog Stockholms Initiativet here today is already warning COP 19 is already looking like a failure, citing Reuters, which writes:

World governments are likely to recoil from plans for an ambitious 2015 climate change deal at talks next week, concern over economic growth at least partially eclipsing scientists’ warnings of rising temperatures and water levels. […]

Since 2009, scientists’ warnings have become more strident and new factors have emerged, sometimes dampening the impact of their message that human activity is driving warming. […]. Emerging economies such as China and India, heavily reliant on cheap, high-polluting coal to end poverty, are reluctant to take the lead despite rising emissions and pollution that are choking cities. […]

…many governments, especially in Europe, are concerned that climate policies, such as generous support schemes for solar energy, push up consumer energy bills.”

Nordin concludes: “The old hope that these mega-summits will lead to a binding international agreement is small.”

Renewables Cheerleader Germany Spews More CO2

Lastly, Germany’s flagship daily the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung here writes that despite the hundreds of billions of euros Germany has spent or committed on curbing its CO2 emissions, its emissions of the “climate gas” increased in 2013. Not only are Germany’s efforts very costly, but they are also proving to be completely ineffective. And even if they were effective, Germany’s CO2 reduction would result only in less than a tenth of a degree of reduced warming by 2100. Either way it all represents economic imbecility.

The FAZ writes that Germany’s emissions are expected to be 20 million tonnes more in 2013, a sharp rise of 2%.

The reason for Germany’s failure to combat the supposed climate-warming gas? The FAZ writes: “Foremost the cold winter has driven the consumption of gas upwards. Emissions from greater coal and petroleum consumption have also increased considerably.”

In a nutshell: Cold weather is foiling Germany’s attempts to fight warming! The tremendous nonsense never ends.


Russian Tones Turn Harsher – Tough Sentences Looking More Likely For Greenpeace-30 Activists

Having read the latest on the Greenpeace-30 activists detained by Russian authorities last month, I sense that they probably will be spending a few more years in prison than what some us thought just a couple of days earlier, just after it was announced that piracy charges would be dropped and that the activists would be facing the lesser charges of hooliganism.

The lesser charge was seen as a ray of hope. But that seems to be fading away.

Since then, the tones coming out of Russia have once again become notably harsher, with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov commenting. The German edition of Ria Novosti writes:

The arrested Greenpeace activists from the Arctic Sunrise vessel knew what they were getting themselves into. Now we simply have to wait for the court’s decision, so says Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

‘This action was planned. All those involved very well knew who and what they would photograph,’ said Lavrov.”

Obviously Lavrov thinks they are guilty of serious offences. These remarks by Lavrov weren’t reported in the English version of Ria Novosti.

The Russian media also points out that the Greenpeace activists also have other charges to worry about, in addition to the serious charge of hooliganism. The English language Ria Novosti writes:

Russian investigators earlier said some of the detained activists could face additional charges, including ‘assault on an official on duty.’

Russia seized the Greenpeace ship, the Arctic Sunrise, and its multinational crew after several activists tried to scale an offshore oil rig belonging to Russia’s state-run gas giant Gazprom on September 18.”

Unfortunately, sympathy for the Greenpeace environmental activists is also running low in Russia. Ria Novosti writes:

Only 20 percent of Russians believe that the Greenpeace protest was actually in defense of the environment, whereas 42 percent think it was part of a conspiracy to take away Russia’s valuable natural resources, according to a survey released Monday by respected state-run pollster VTsIOM.”

Greenpeace management obviously had completely miscalculated in sending the activists out to protest in the Russian Arctic. When you take on Russia, you take on the whole system: judicial, political, and even the state-run pollsters. It’s awfully clear who is going to lose this one. The activists won’t be coming back anytime soon.


Greenpeace Arctic Sunrise Activists Charge Reduced To Hooliganism – Now Face Only 7 Years Prison Time

Various reports are coming out claiming that Russian authorities have reduced the charges against the Arctic Sunrise activists from piracy to hooliganism.

Russia’s RT here reports the lesser hooliganism charge carries a maximum sentence of 7 years in prison.

‘The actions of those involved in the criminal case have been  reclassified to the charge of hooliganism,’ the spokesman for  the Investigative Committee, Vladimir Markin, told the RIA  Novosti news agency.”

There seem to be conflicting claims on how long the activists may have to spend time in jail if convicted of hooliganism. CTV news here reports that the charge carries 15 days in prison only.

The piracy charges carry a 15-year prison term, while hooliganism is usually punished by 15 days in jail or a fine.”

That is likely very inaccurate. Back in the 1980s a young nutjob German pilot Matthias Rust famously flew his small Cessna through then Soviet airspace and landed on Red Square in Moscow, embarrassing the Soviet empire. For that deed he was, according to Wikipedia, “sentenced to four years in a general-regime labor camp for hooliganism, disregard of aviation laws and breaching of the Soviet border. He was never transferred to a labor camp and instead served his time at the high security Lefortovo temporary detention facility in Moscow. Two months later, Reagan and Gorbachev agreed to sign a treaty to eliminate intermediate-range nuclear weapons in Europe, and the Supreme Soviet ordered Rust to be released in August 1988 as a goodwill gesture to the West.”

Should the activists be convicted of hooliganism, they’ll probably be sentenced to a couple of years and be out within a year or so. That probably won’t be long enough to teach a number of them a lesson. In fact, expect them to be given a hero’s welcome when they return. Barf! gag!


Greenpeace Activists Pawns Of A Gazprom Revenge Plot … Spiegel Warns That Holland Is “Losing Patience”

Updated: 20 Oct 2013, 14:30 CET
New update: nofrakkingconsensus.com/look-again/
Greenpeace tweet from 17 September: “…we’ve got 4 boats in the water heading towards Gazprom’s Arctic rig. We’re going to try and stop the drilling.”

Online Spiegel today has an analysis by Benjamin Bidder and Christoph Seidler on the motives behind the detention of the 30 Greenpeace activists who tried to storm a Gazprom platform in September and the role of Russian politics. According to Spiegel, the story here is one of Russian energy behemoth Gazprom taking revenge on Europe for raids the EU had conducted on Gazprom European offices in 2011.

Spiegel reminds readers that Greenpeace was actually very much admired by Vladimir Putin, and that the environmentalist group until recently “enjoyed cover from the Kremlin“. Last year Greenpeace had even carried out a similar platform-climbing action in the Russian Arctic and had even used its strong connections to the Kremlin to facilitate the publicity-grabbing stunt. The stunt of 2012 was even led by Greenpeace director Kumi Naidoo himself (this year he stayed away). Spiegel also describes a number of special privileges Greenpeace seemed to enjoy with Putin’s government. Greenpeace seemed to have the Kremlin’s blessings.

But obviously something has gone terribly awry in the relations between Greenpeace, European environmentalism, and Russia. As the Greenpeace controversy sizzles, Putin is nowhere to be found on the issue and seems to have delegated the matter entirely to Russia’s justice authorities. Spiegel writes that the tone now appears to be one set by hardliners such as Alexander Prochanov, “one of the ideologues of Putin’s new, nationalistic course” who, according to Spiegel, openly said that they “regret not having blasted the dogs into the sky so that not a trace remains“. Another Russian politician accuses Greenpeace of “environmental extortion“.

So what happened?

Greenpeace claims that it all happened without warning. Spiegel writes that this year the FSB Russian special forces were waiting for the activists and were perfectly happy to watch them “impale themselves on an open knife“. Spiegel writes that according to Moscow-based CPI think-tank director Alexei Muchin, “Putin had nothing to do with it“. But for Gazprom, the “last bit of patience had been exhausted. The company not only wanted to send a message to Greenpeace, ‘but also to the European Union.’ The Commission among other actions had ordered raids of Gazprom offices“.

According to that linked Spiegel article from October 2011, with the Gazprom raids the EU wanted “to break Gazprom’s monopoly“, which was shown “by correspondence and documentation confiscated in an investigation within the scope of the raid from last Tuesday.”

One could speculate that this all seems to point to a very cunning trap set up by Moscow, whereby the Russians pretended to be still best of friends with Greenpeace even after the October, 2011 raid of Gazprom offices in Europe. This false charm in turn emboldened Greenpeace to believe they could get way with anything, even with protest activities in Russia. Finally, last month, Greenpeace activists ran straight into the trap and into FSB handcuffs.

This is all a very messy situation for Europe – and just how the Russians like it. For example Germany’s former socialist chancellor Gerhard Schroder sits on the board of a major Gazprom project, acting as one of the key facilitators who made the construction of the North European Gas Pipeline from Russia to Germany possible. Schroder, a close pal of Putin, was Germany’s chancellor from 1998 to 2005 in a coalition government with the German Green party. Does anyone expect Schroder to lift a finger against Gazprom? Moscow surely has that base covered to insure he never does, and one gets the sense that the Russians are at least a dozen moves ahead of Europe in this complex, multi-dimensional chess game.

What’s more, Spiegel adds that today Gazprom is very closely tied to the FSB, “The son of ex secret service director Nikolai Patruschev is Vice President of Gazprom Dobytscha Schelf, a subsidiary company for offshore production.” For the time being, Europe appears hopelessly outmatched in its chess game against Russia. They need to find a Bobby Fischer quickly.

In its latest move the EU now views the seizure of the Arctic Sunrise as a “hostile act“. Spiegel writes:

The ‘Arctic Sunrise’ is sailing under the Dutch flag and the government in Den Haag is losing patience.”

Dutch Foreign Minster Frans Timmermans has had his staff write a letter of complaint for the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg, claiming that the storming of the Arctic Sunrise “was illegal” and that “the crew should be free until the matter is checked for human rights“. Spiegel adds:

We are giving the Russians time until Monday, says the Ministry. Then we will contact the judges in Hamburg. ‘We will be prepared.'”


Young Arctic Sunrise Activist Denied Bail…Greenpeace Insists It’s The Moral Conscience, Truth Of The Planet

The latest Greenpeace activist has been denied bail by a Russian court in the Arctic port city of Murmansk.

The online Mail here features photos of a young Greenpeace woman-activist behind bars – the face of innocence. Greenpeace portrays itself as the moral and ethical conscience of the planet and insists it is simply an innocent victim of a state that is greedily attempting to exploit a virgin region.

The latest to be denied bail is 27 year-old Briton Alexandra Harris. Harris is among the youngest of the 30 arrested. Now that she has been denied bail, there is little hope of any of the 30 activists getting released. This is truly a tragic development, especially for the younger, naïve activists. They will now get plenty of time to reflect on how they wound up doing long, hard time in a Russian prison.

With time they may come to realize that they had been enticed by a Greenpeace deal: accept hate in exchange for the title of “moral champion of the globe”. An irresistible deal for any soul in the possession of a young, naïve, or just plain dim mind.

Greenpeace is not a peaceful organization. It is one of violence, condescending intolerance, and confrontation, all hiding behind a guise of moral superiority. It recruits the young, teaches them to hate opposing views and to never compromise with them. It rejects dialogue, always claiming the discussion is over and that they are the ultimate keepers of the truth. Greenpeace teaches the young that they can justify acts of violence and law-breaking by simply claiming moral superiority and the struggle for a noble cause.

Perhaps the young activists will come to realize in a few months (or years) that they had been brainwashed into thinking they were environmental saints who in reality had only been used as publicity pawns for a multi-million dollar publicity machine. What moral, peaceful organization does the following to the young?

What’s the difference between the boy above and the following radicalized Islamic boy?

I’d say there is very little difference. Both rants are based on religious faith, both children are irreversibly convinced they are the keepers of the Truth, both have been filled with hatred, both are very angry, and both had been programmed by a powerful organization.

Today Greenpeace higher-ups are all acting indignant that their members would be locked up in prison, under harsh conditions even, and insist their protesters were peaceful and were only demonstrating to rescue the planet’s future. “Does this young girl really look like a pirate to you?” …”Alex is a caring, sensitive person, who cares for the environmental future of  the planet.” … “She was on board the Arctic Sunrise as part of a peaceful protest, in international waters, in the radio room doing her job.”

Greenpeace executive director Kumi Naidoo calls the charge of piracy “absurd”. After all, the highest moral conscience and authority on the planet would never engage in such activity.

Naidoo appears to have never bothered reading the Law of the Sea. Legally Greenpeace executives acted recklessly. Now one of their crews has to pay a massive price for it. Could Greenpeace lawyers and executives be sued for legal incompetence?

Naidoo adds:

Now these 30 people are prisoners of conscience and we are all responsible for their fate.”

Now we are all responsible. In Naidoo’s mind, all of humanity must follow, without questioning, his belief, his Truth. This man is a dangerous egomaniac who has completely lost his marbles.

The families of all young Greenpeace activists would be wise to wake up to this quickly.


Greenpeace Accuses Russian Authorities Of Holding Activists As “Captives”

I watched the following  Greenpeace video clip of Camila Speziale, the youngest of the 30 Greenpeace activists. I really wonder if Greenpeace is getting the message at all.

I found it peculiar that at the end of the video Greenpeace added the text (my emphasis): “Camila is one of the 30 activists taken captive when Russian authorities stormed the Arctic Sunrise on September 19.”


When Greenpeace illegally trespasses onto a facility and rams the boats of authorities, they insist it’s “peaceful protest”. But when Russian authorities arrest activists for breaking the law, Greenpeace describes the Russian authorities as “taking captives”…like hostage takers holding people illegally. A rather hostile and confrontational choice of words by Greenpeace lawyers, I’d say.

Greenpeace seems to be confused about who the accused criminals are and who the law-enforcement authorities are.


Meteorologists Continue Foreseeing Harsh European Winter, “The Worst For Decades” + Greenpeace Update

Germany’s online Bild newspaper here quotes German meteorologist Dominik Jung: “For the coming winter give a probability of 70:30% that it’s going to be a colder-than-normal winter.”


Photo: SnowKing1, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

Jung is not the only meteorologist forecasting a colder-than-normal winter. Bild also reports that also Michael Klein of Donnerwetter.de expects better than even chances of bitter cold months: “The first trend points more to a colder-than-normal winter. At least it is not going to be mild.“

The southern Germany’s online Wasserburger Stimme reports here that the chances of an “extreme winter” are as high as ever this year. The site also quotes German meteorologist Dominik Jung, who says that winters in Central Europe in general began to become milder after the 1960s thanks to mild winds coming in off the Atlantic. Jung adds that the highpoint was reached in the 1990s. But: “In the last 5 years the winters have been normal or slightly colder than normal. The series of extremely mild winters appears to be over.”

A meteorologist who believes anything?

Jung feels that this winter could be a really harsh one – the sort not seen in 50 years. But cautions that such a forecast cannot be made with high certainty. Jung adds:

But the probability of a new XXL winter has increased considerably. New theories claim that extended ice melt at the North Pole could lead to significantly colder winters in Europe. It is not that the climate over the whole world will warm up. There are regions that will indeed get warmer, and there are also regions that will get cooler.”

Here Jung is subscribing to the after-the-fact nonsensical theory that the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) desperately had to cook after being caught off guard by cold winters that took Europe by surprise. It’s a dubious theory based solely on IPCC-quality models with no data to support it.

Jung adds that the US NCEP models are also forecasting a slightly colder normal winter than usual (1961-1990 mean).

UK meteorologist predicts possibly “the worst for decades”

Forecasts of a harsh winter are also circulating in Britain. The online Express here bears the title: Worst winter for decades: Record-breaking snow predicted for November.” It writes:

Long-range forecasters blamed the position of a fast-flowing band of air known as the jet stream near Britain and high pressure for the extreme conditions. Jonathan Powell, forecaster for Vantage Weather Services, said: ‘We are looking at a potentially paralysing winter, the worst for decades, which could at times grind the nation to a halt.'”

It’s hard to tell how much all of this is headline-grabbing. Some meteorologists may be getting carried away. My WAG is a more or less normal winter.

Greenpeace Arctic Activists Update

Complaints that the cell is too cold

The UK leftist Independent here writes that some of the 30 arrested Greenpeace activists are complaining of harsh conditions and that their cells are too cold. The Independent quotes the father of a detained activist:

‘There’s no regular access to such simple things as clean water, regular meals and a warm enough air temperature,’ Mr Golubok said.”

What do the activist expect from a Russian prison? Five-star resort accommodations, massages and a sauna?

Captain says he needs to go home because of heart problems

Meanwhile the English language Ria Novosti reports that the captain of the Arctic Sunrise ship Peter Wilcox now regrets going to the Arctic to protest:

RIA Novosti’s legal reporting agency RAPSI quoted Willcox as saying he had never faced such severe charges in 40 years of activism, and that he would have stayed in New York if he could choose to go back. […] Denial of Willcox’s appeal came despite his lawyer expressing concern over his health complications stemming from a heart condition.”

Oh, now suddenly he has heart problems. Strange how just a month ago his heart had been in good enough shape to allow him to venture off into the harsh Arctic conditions for a little protest and boat ramming.

Lavrov warns external parties “not to interfere”

Yesterday Ria Novosti here wrote that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reiterated that the environmental activists “clearly violated the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea” and that “the issue should be left in the hands of the courts“. He also warned external parties “not to interfere“.

Ria Novosti writes that “All 30 have appealed their detention, seeking release on bail or home arrest. The Murmansk Regional Court has rejected all 11 appeals it has heard so far, ordering the activists to remain behind bars until a hearing on November 24.”

Looks to me like none are going to be released on bail. There’s just too much material to sort through and no one wants to decide prematurely. Besides, the Russians have lots of time and there’s no hurry.


International Experts: Greenpeace An “Extremist Organization” …”Often Uses Illegal Methods”…Now “Getting Its Due”…

The Moscow Times here writes that a Russian court has denied the Greenpeace activists bail, and the prospect of spending a long time in a Russian prison is increasingly becoming a grim reality. But unlike in the past, Greenpeace is now also being sharply criticized worldwide.

The English-language Voice of Russia aims harsh criticism at Greenpeace, writing that “experts doubt the adequacy and altruism of that international organization“.

The first thing that jumps out at you in the Voice of Russia article is the photo of Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise. The front is completely bent in. Have they been engaging in a little ramming lately? Some excerpts from the Voice of Russia (my emphasis):

The Western press launched a loud campaign in support of the Greenpeace. But many experts not to mention ordinary people call the actions of the activists ecological extremism. Here is the view of the situation of Mikhail Voytenko, the editor-in-chief of the Maritime Bulletin:

Everybody was afraid of getting involved with the Greenpeace, starting with corporations and ending with whole countries. And now it encountered somebody who did not get scared. And it is now getting its due. […] In reality, the Greenpeace is a dubious organization, which frequently uses illegal methods in quite different countries. […] On the whole it is practically an extremist organization.”

Voice of Russia quotes Ortis Andres Carlos, an Argentinian expert in economics and energy, a PhD in economics, is of a similar opinion:

It was a real attack on the Russian platform, the activists acted very roughly and provocatively. To call things their names, we are talking about «ecological terrorism». Greenpeace activists are a lot more interested in creating a social response.”

Meanwhile The Mirror here reports that arrested British journalist Keiron Bryan has gotten a letter out to the media in which he expresses real fear of what lies ahead. The Mirror writes: “…he fears a long jail sentence” and that he is feeling “horrible uncertainty and anxiety“. He believes that those arrested were “pieces in a game we didn’t want to  participate in“. Obviously Keiron and the activists initially thought they’d be handled with kids’ gloves, maybe spend a night in jail before strutting out the next day in the limelight of the big sympathetic media. Instead they are now staring at a Russian judge through the bars of a cage.

The biggest problem for the two journalists is the mountain of incriminating evidence Russian authorities likely have seized. All the computers and their contents in the form of e-mails, comments, documents etc. will tell if the journalists were truly objectively reporting, or if they were acting as powerful media representatives aiding and abetting the cause. One gets the sense that Greenpeace hired the journalists for the very purpose of high powered promotion.

“Chilly attitude towards suffering humanity”

Today the Mail Online has a story that is also highly critical of the environmental organization. It writes that the international organization “has a  decidedly chilly attitude towards suffering humanity. It has led a campaign to harass and frustrate ‘the Golden Rice Project’, a not-for-profit scheme backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation“. The Mail writes regarding Greenpeace’s overzealous opposition to the testing of gene modified foods (GMOs): “… it destroys such tests physically, thus showing its fundamental contempt for the scientific method”. In short: Luddites.

Now the reality and the gravity of the situation is dawning on the activists. They are in deep trouble. You can almost see what’s coming ahead: a process involving damning evidence, a harsh sentence, followed by tears and sadness, then by anger and rebellion – and maybe later a hunger strike. That will all pass, however. And after a year or two of deep reflection and thought in their cells, many will probably realize that they indeed had been on an out-of control path and that they had it coming. After a couple of years of good behavior, they’ll be back out on their feet- very likely a whole lot wiser and far less naïve about the world-saving cause they had been indoctrinated with by Greenpeace and its directors.

Also read here: “…either willing participants or unwitting pawns.”


The Two Faces Of Greenpeace International’s Kumi Naidoo – From No Compromise To “Dialogue Is Paramount”

It’s long been known that Greenpeace environmentalists are condescending, know-it-all activists, who believe to hold the moral high ground, to be the keepers of the truth.

That sort of mindset has led Greenpeace activists to a false belief they are above the law, that their perceived law is supreme to everyone else’s. Time and again Greenpeace activists have been arrested for illegal activity only to be let go the next day. Unfortunately that ritual of always being set free almost immediately and knowing you have the full power of Greenpeace’s formidable legal team working tirelessly on your behalf have only emboldened Greenpeace activists. Now comes Russia.

Slowly realizing that the situation this time is different, that his activists aren’t going to be walking out of their jail cells like heroes anytime soon, Greenpeace International director Kumi Naidoo is softening the tone. Compare earlier comments to those of today:

Earlier comments from Naidoo before he realized the seriousness:

– “…we believe that intensifying peaceful civil disobedience is not only ethically justifiable but morally necessary.”

– …the world needs people who are “prepared to go to prison, put their lives on the line if necessary, in the struggle for climate justice and addressing the reality of runaway catastrophic climate change“.

– “I make no apologies, by the way, the fact that we are morally and ethically having to break the law, because history teaches us,...”

– Russian authorities are making “absurd accusations“.

Now today, realizing that the situation has become very serious

– “They, we, Greenpeace, do not believe ourselves to be above the law. We are willing to face the consequences of what we did, as long as those consequences are within a nation’s criminal code as any reasonable person understands that code to be.”

“- My own personal history as a young activist in the anti-apartheid movement has taught me that dialogue is paramount, that in the interests of finding a common understanding we must be willing to talk.”

Suddenly he has stopped viewing Greenpeace as being above the law. Now he wants to engage in dialogue. Imagine that!


Russia May Lock Up Some Greenpeace Arctic Activists For Life In Wake Of Combative Tones By Kumi Naidoo

The online Ria Novosti news service has a report on the 30 activists who Russian officials have locked up for allegedly trespassing and attempting to storm onto a platform facility in the Arctic last month.

According to the latest report from Ria Novosti, the Russians are now “hinting at drug charges against the Greenpeace activists” and that they are considering pressing charges that could lead to life sentences for some of them. The Russians aren’t fooling around and they are playing major league hardball. Obviously some people out in the ‘open and tolerant’ west are having a hard time understanding the situation.

Hat tip: John from Quebec.

Perhaps the threats of life in prison are in response to the combative tones coming from Greenpeace bosses lately. For example Greenpeace’s international executive director, Kumi Naidoo, declared that the world needs people who are “prepared to go to prison, put their lives on the line if necessary, in the struggle for climate justice and addressing the reality of runaway catastrophic climate change.”

Well, if activists are willing to put their lives on the line for Greenpeace causes and are incapable of reasonable dialogue, then perhaps it is indeed best to keep them locked up.

Strangely, Greenpeace seems to be convinced that it can use protests to “out-bully” Russia. Good luck with that.

According to Ria Novosti, investigators on Wednesday said that substances presumed to be poppy straw and morphine “have been found on board a Greenpeace ship seized last month“. This, Ria Novosti writes, raises “the threat of new charges against a group of activists and journalists awaiting trial on suspicion of piracy.”

Moreover, “investigators were trying to determine which of the detainees had ‘intentionally rammed’ border guards’ boats – an act that could constitute an assault on the ‘life and health’ of officials. Under Russian law, the punishment for this crime could range from 12 years to life in prison.”

Ramming into ships? Gee, like this is something Greenpeace would never ever do. Actually, the Russians caught Greenpeace red-handed doing just that. Reader Observer found the following video of a Greenpeace boat ramming the smaller of the Russian coast guard boats:

Moreover all the shows of moral indignation by European officials, haughtily implying that Russia is a sort of a despotic state, likely made things worse.

My advice to Greenpeace and Greenpeace-huggers is that they should tone down their belligerent and condescending rhetoric quite a few levels, and begin to consider that perhaps the activists were acting illegally after all. Humility sometimes is not a bad thing. It can be learned – the easy way, or the hard way.

Yes, we know that admitting you’ve erred is something that is totally foreign to the infallible Greenpeace – but now it’s something they need to learn how to do very quickly.

Life in prison – that sure would send a clear message to those with comprehension disabilities.


UPDATE: Here’s a letter Naidoo has sent to Putin, asking if he could be meet face-to-face on the world stage with Putin. Talk about being publicity-hungry. From the letter, he definitely has toned it down. But it doesn’t look like he’s aware of the boat ramming escapade his “peaceful” activists have indulged in – see video below.


Greenpeace’s Militant Pacifism…Protests Often Turn Violent, Pose A Danger…But Russia Stands Her Ground

Greenpeace is back in the media, right where it likes to be. This is what brings in the donations. But this time they are not finding the headlines quite to their liking as 30 of its members are now being accused of piracy by Russian authorities. Piracy? You mean the peaceful and angelic Greenpeace activists may have criminally behaved like pirates?

Greenpeace is arguing that the piracy charge is nonsense. Piracy, after all, “involves weapons and taking control of another vessel” and that isn’t what the activists were trying to do, at least that’s what the mother of a detained Greenpeace activist is claiming.

Al Jazeera writes: “Several activists scaled the oil platform in the Barents Sea to denounce Russia’s plans to drill in the pristine Arctic.”

Unfortunately for the activists, Greenpeace has a long history of taking the law into its own hands and putting other people’s lives in real danger. Many of their actions do involve real violence. Today Ottawa Citizen.com quotes the mother of one of the protesters: “Nicole Paul said her son has travelled the globe the last seven years to defend his ideals and that he once spent a night in prison in Scotland before being released without charge.” No doubt from that the kid probably learned he can get away with mischief simply by fancying himself as a hero who’s rescuing the world.

Russia throws the book at world-saving activists

I have my doubts about the Greenpeace activists being peaceful. My guess is that plenty of video footage was taken during the whole publicity-seeking stunt. And now that the Russian authorities have reviewed all the material, they’ve decided to throw the book at the Greenpeace out-of-control brats. One of the protesters was a Russian free-lance photographer, according to news reports.

Greenpeace International executive director Kumi Naidoo said the charges are being laid against those “whose only crime is to be possessed of a conscience.” The media also portray the activists as innocent and peaceful protesters, obviously relying solely on Greenpeace statements and not bothering to really check the story.

About three years ago I wrote a piece on Greenpeace violence. What happened in the Arctic waters just seems to fit an all-too-familiar pattern. This time they picked the wrong people to mess with.

Greenpeace has a history of seeking violent confrontation

What follows are some examples and videos of “peaceful” Greenpeace action. Now imagine if the Tea Party or climate skeptics behaved like that.

First let’s recall how a leading Greenpeace official made threats directed at global warming skeptics. Prison Planet writes (my emphasis):

An article carried by the official Greenpeace website written by a Greenpeace member urges climate activists to resort to criminal activity in an effort to reinvigorate momentum for their stalling global warming agenda, while ominously threatening climate skeptics, ‘we know where you live.'”

Next is a video of a Greenpeace ship “peacefully” ramming a Japanese vessel:

Next is an angry and threatening Greenpeace-brainwashed kid, trained to hate those who have a different opinion:

Poor kid will probably have to spend a lifetime in therapy.

Next is Greenpeace resisting arrest in Rotterdam:

Here’s Greenpeace trying to breach security at a G8 meeting. In this fracas some “peaceful” activists were injured:

Also here’s another “peaceful” activist injured by French fishermen, who obviously had become fed up with being harassed:

Just some examples. There are many more out there for sure.

Sure people have the right to protest, but not to put yourself above the law and illegally, and at times dangerously, violate other people’s space.  There are civilized ways of protest.

Greenpeace activists do behave very much like pirates at times, and they do put other people’s lives in very real danger.

Of course their target is not to capture and steal property, rather it is to capture attention – lots of it. The real cash flows in once their on-board filmmakers cut and edit all the raw footage and get it out to the media and television for cash-generating publicity.

What was Greenpeace management thinking sending a group of young, naïve protesters up to the Russian Arctic? Are they using them as pawns for generating cash and publicity? Seems to me that Greenpeace has lots of questions to answer.

If you have a link to a clip of “peaceful” Greenpeace planet rescuers, do post it!

Greenpeace Activists Destroyed Sight-Saving Golden Rice. NYT, Beeb, New Scientist Made False Reports

Bill Gates tweets Revkin on the need for Golden Rice. Green activists acting out of pure ideology and emotion sabotage sight-saving crop…

Bill Gates Revkin

The True Story About Who Destroyed a Genetically Modified Rice Crop

Did you hear that a group of 400 angry farmers attacked and destroyed a field trial of genetically modified rice in the Philippines this month? That, it turns out, was a lie. The crop was actually destroyed by a small number of activists while farmers who had been bussed in to attend the event looked on in dismay.

The nature of the attack was widely misreported, from the New York Times to New Scientist to BBC News, based on false claims by the activists. But then anti-GMO activists often lie. In support of the vandals, Greenpeace has claimed that there are health concerns about the genetically modified rice. In fact there is no evidence of risk, and the destruction of this field trial could lead to needless deaths.

The rice is genetically enhanced to produce the vitamin A precursor beta-carotene, giving it a golden color. …

Andrew Revkin on Greenpeace role in fighting Golden Rice:

I’ve been a fan of Greenpeace’s creative, but legal, work to press big companies over destructive forest practices. I called it “activism at its best” last year. But the group’s distorted and incendiary rhetoric on this issue, mashing up anti-corporate emotion with baseless or distorted arguments about this rice strain, is activism at its worst.” …

Continue reading…