The Wolf Of Climate-Protection…Leonardo DiCaprio’s Monster-Size, Fuel-Guzzling “Rolling Palace”

Many of us are familiar with climate jihadist/ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio’s über-hypocritical lifestyle of cruising on billionaire mega yachts, private jets and living in huge mansions. Well, it doesn’t end there by any means.

There are times when DiCaprio actually has to slum it, and put up with travel on the road, along with the rest of the world’s lowly mortals.

To help the Hollywood superstar cope with such horrible hardships, a “rolling palace” gets used, this according to Steve Austin of WQYK here. Hat-tip Graeme No.3.

DiCaprio’s monster-size vehicle is reportedly supplied by KING KONG Production Vehicles Inc.

According to the company, it is a 53-foot “celebrity suite” that includes extra capacity air conditioning and heating systems, large hot water heating system, heated floors, fireplace, home theatre, and plasma TV. According to the KING KONG website:

No expense will be spared on the luxurious interior, with only the finest fabrics, fixtures, appliances and floor coverings hand picked by our interior designers.”

These are precisely the sorts of things the rest of the world’s citizens are to shun if there is any chance of rescuing the planet. The following YouTube video unabashedly boasts about all the features the rolling palace sports, such as a $50,000 shower!

The total price tag for the “celebrity suite” is $1.5 million and probably consumes by itself as much energy (diesel fuel) as three American homes. And even if it did use renewable power, the manufacture and transport of all the components to assemble the palace leaves a carbon footprint that is as big as a crater.

What’s really amazing is that DiCaprio expects us to take him and his planet-saving message seriously. It’s all worse than a B-rated comedy.

These people are truly spoiled phonies with a few loose screws.

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President Bill Clinton No Longer Believes The “Consensus Science”. Why? Because It Almost Killed Him!

For decades the science told us that humans needed to cut back on fatty foods like red meat, eggs, chicken, cheese, butter and that we should switch to high carb diets, with lots of exercises. High carb, low fat was The Consensus. Backed by all the US medical associations and 99% of all doctors. Dissenters were dismissed, marginalized and labeled as kooks.

Decades later, America (and much of western society) now finds itself on the brink of a public health catastrophe with tens of millions having suffered heart attacks and tens of millions becoming obese and diabetic. Even the most optimistic of statistics show an even gloomier future.

What’s even worse, these nutrition-related diseases, once known to almost only afflict adults, are now spreading rapidly to children. The scientific consensus on nutrition has turned out to be disastrously wrong and it will go down as the greatest scientific folly in the history of mankind.

Bill Clinton, it turns out, a person who has had his share of heart trouble, has had enough of the “scientific consensus” on nutrition: Ex-Vegans Anne Hathaway And Bill Clinton Praise Paleo-Style Low-Carb Diets For Energy And Weight Loss

Also Anne Hathaway has woken up to the junk science (religion) of “climate-saving” veganism.

Anne noted that the difference between eating a vegan diet and consuming animal protein was notable overnight.

‘I just didn’t feel good or healthy,’ Hathaway recalled of her vegan days.”

Read more here.

Hypocrisy Exposed…Spiegel Publishes Undisclosed German Survey Results: Green Voters Like Flying The Most!

Online Spiegel has a piece titled: Preaching travel by rail, but flying Business Class.

It would be natural to expect environmentalist greens and climate activists to take commercial flights very rarely, opting for rail, bus, or bicycle instead. However, it turns out they do not practice what they love to preach.

Spiegel news magazine writes of an unpublished survey commissioned by the Bundesverband der Deutschen Luftverkehrswirtschaft (Federal Association of German Aviation Industry) to find out which voters in Germany fly the most often. Some of us will not be surprised to learn that hypocrisy is alive and well in Germany.

Spiegel writes.

Hardly anyone criticizes air travel as vehemently as the Greens do. An unpublished study now shows: It is precisely the voters of the ecology party who most prefer hop onto commercial airliners.


Green love most flying the carbonated skies. Public domain photo.

 Spiegel writes that the survey was conducted by a “renowned polling organization”.

The results of the survey show that the Green Party voters fly the most: 49% have flown at least once in the past 12 months. They were followed by the communist Die Linke (42%), the conservatives CDU (36%) and lastly by the socialists SPD (32%).

When asked who had never ever flown in a jet, 17% of the communists said they had never flown, 16% of the conservatives, 13% of the socialists and 0% of the greens. All Green party voters surveyed said they had flown at least once in their lifetime.  Flying for me, but not for you.

When asked if they agree that it is good that so people today can afford to fly today, the percentage answering “yes” was 77% for the conservatives, 77% for the socialists, 69% for the communists and only 48% for the jet-setting greens.

Spiegel reports that green voters tend to be younger and hold high-income jobs, and so fit the profile of frequent fliers. What’s strange is that 60% of the flights in Germany are domestic, trips that could easily be done by rail. Apparently railcars are not good enough for environmentalists.

According to Spiegel the survey was conducted in September with 1032 persons interviewed. 77 of those interviewed identified themselves as Green voters.

World’s 6th Largest Newspaper Displays DiCaprio’s Hypocrisy…”Private Jets” and “Luxury Mega-Yachts”

Online German daily Bild, the world’s sixth largest daily in print by circulation, reported on the climate demonstration in New York and on the stars who appeared, foremost Leonardo DiCaprio.

At first Bild describes the event as the “largest climate demonstration of all time” and how the event drew more than 300,000 in New York, making it sound impressive.

But then Bild pours cold water on the noble planet rescue attempt and made it look like one hijacked by big Hollywood publicity seekers, and making star Di Caprio look like a hypocrite for demanding climate action while living a lavish life of luxury, mega-yachts, private jets and limousines.

Bild writes:

DiCaprio’s dedication however drew derisive comments. US news site “The Daily Caller“ accused the actor of hypocrisy.

At Twitter critics ridiculed how the star flew over to New York for the demonstration with his private jet. Others pointed out with outrage that the actor was a guest on the giant yacht of an Arabian multi-billionaire earlier this summer.”

Reactions/comments by Bild readers are practically unanimous, with the underlying message: Climate science is a farce and DiCaprio is behaving like a hypocrite. What follows are just a random few I’ve translated:

Reader Liliia Lilianenko comments:

Leonardo di Caprio should refrain from his luxury yacht if he doesn’t want climate change.”

Flecha Rota wrote:

In the meantime lots of scientists are recognizing that solar activity influences the climate one hundred times more than man ever will! But it just doesn’t register in the heads of climate fanatics. As is the case with all fanatics, facts that counter their nonsense are simply blocked out.”

Carlos Hathcock writes:

The great climate lies – and (almost) everyone is fooled by it!”

Stephen Putt:

Climate swindler Al Gore: In 2013 Arctic will be ice-free, but the ice sheet of the Arctic compared to a year earlier has grown by more than 50%.”

Robert Robson:

Photos of Leo spending his holidays on some luxury yacht is what first impressed me along with the headline…Likely he also rides in an SUV to the organic food store three blocks away :)”

And so is the tenor of almost every single reader comment at Bild on the Hollywood star led demo.

Double Hypocrisy: Climate Crusader/Pro-Obamacare George Clooney Takes Private Jet To Germany – For Healthcare!

Here’s some double-barrel hypocrisy, again straight out of Hollywood.


Photo by: Nicolas Genin, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

Last week big Obamacare booster and anti-CO2 activist George Clooney took his private jet all the way from Las Angeles across the US, Canada, and the Atlantic, before finally landing in Germany…to seek medical help for his chronic back problems. Apparently Obamacare and America’s best physicians are unable to take care of it.

Much of the German media have been reporting on Mr. Clooney’s visit to a clinic in Solingen last Friday, see video here.

Spiegel writes:

The actor had himself examined last Friday by the Neurosurgery Department of the Städtischen Klinikums Solingen, so confirmed clinic director Hermann-Josef Bökmann, according to the DPA news agency.”

I guess Obamacare and the US medical system aren’t good enough for the ailing actor.

And how does the environmentally conscious Clooney justify burning tonnes of jet fuel and spewing greenhouse gases directly into upper troposphere (where it supposedly really hurts the climate)? Well damn it, my back hurts! And Obamacare is for the simple folks, anyway.

The media also report that this month Clooney will be taking his jet to Italy to get married. For that event Hollywood stars Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon will also be flying in on private jet(s), also spewing more tonnes of greenhouse gas into the upper troposphere on the carbon account of Mr. Clooney.

Spiegel writes here that last Friday’s examination took “several hours” and looked into his chronic back problems/pain stemming from an accident he suffered while filming “Syriana. Spiegel also adds Clooney had admitted to alcohol problems, and taking pain-killers to keep the back pain bearable.

Searching for that 1 non-consensus doctor?

So why did he really fly by private jet all the way to Europe for private care? I’d guess he’s decided not to take the advice of 99% of the doctors at home, who have likely advised him that the needed treatment is (risky) back surgery involving who knows what.

This is not really the kind of medicine anyone likes to swallow, especially when you know the treatment could seriously alter lifestyle. Yet, let’s recall how Clooney once spoke to the public on following doctors’ advice and that of activist climate scientists:

If you have 99 percent of doctors who tell you ‘you are sick’ and 1 percent that says ‘you’re fine,’ you probably want to hang out with, check it up for the 99. You know what I mean?”

Obviously George is searching the corners of the globe, in his private jet, for that 1 doctor who doesn’t agree with the other 99, climate protection and medical consensus be damned. Do as I say, not as I do. Skepticism for me, but not for you.


Marc Morano’s Knockout Question: “Who Is Bill Nye To Tell Them They Cannot Have More Carbon-Based Energy?”

It’s becoming very clear that the real thrust behind the anthropogenic global warming movement is the systematic denial of cheap, efficient energy for the poor world so that they never attain a standard of living that developed countries have long been enjoying. Bill Nye confirms it in a debate with Marc Morano on FOX.

Stossel FOX NEWS

Image cropped from

In a FOX News debate here Bill Nye keeps repeating that the big problem today is that the planet is inhabited by more than 7 billion people. Yes it’s a grave problem that so many people are living, he would like us to think.

At the 9:30 mark he says the problem is that poor people “are using more energy than they ever used to use“. Yet Bill Nye has no qualms whatsoever about his comfortable and prosperous life, which is in large part due to the exploitation and amazing use of the energy he now says has to be denied to the poor.

Marc Morano’s shocked reaction is palpable: “Who is Bill Nye to tell them they cannot have more carbon-based energy?“.

If the global warming fraudsters ever got their way with energy policy, the chances are high we’d see a mass die-off and extremely violent uprising. People with nothing to lose usually react like they’ve got nothing to lose. Thankfully, the poor aren’t listening: India, China and many developing countries are building fossil fuel power plants faster than ever.

Even in rich Germany the government is scaling back on green energies because the population here is so angered over the high energy prices and the false promises made.

Moderator John Stossel at the end adds: “This idea that politicians can fix the climate strikes me as arrogant.”

It is. No one has that kind of power. Anyone claiming they do is either totally ignorant or just a plain fraudster.


Multi-Millionaire, (Private)Jet-Setting Hollywood Actor George Clooney Requests World’s Poor Forgo Affordable Energy

What would George Clooney have against brutally throttling the plentiful supply of affordable fossil fuel energy that billions of people living on the planet rely on? Nothing, he recently said.


George Clooney puts on an Oscar-winning green act. And an act is all it is. Hollywood actor has a mammoth carbon foot print. Photo: Nicolas Genin, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

“All you’d be doing is cleaning up the planet a bit,” the actor said in a recent interview. Who cares if the poor have to go without it – so long he has more than enough to taxi between his two multi-million dollar mansions in California and Italy.

How green is Clooney really?

Expensive mansions in Italy and California

According to, Clooney owns an 18th century mansion in Laglio, northern Italy. The “house” overlooks Italy’s famed Lake Como and “boasts 25 grand rooms” and has “magnificent decorated ceilings”. The house contains an outdoor theater, a large swimming pool and a garage for Clooney’s assortment of motorcycles and scooters.

According to Bornrich, Clooney’s net worth is estimated at $160 million

The Hollywood actor also owns a 7354 square-foot home in Los Angeles which he bought in 1995 from “Stevie Nicks” for $2.2 million. Today the home is surely valued much higher. The LA home features “comfy and well cleaned spacious rooms with brilliant light systems” and includes “a well equipped bar and a modern kitchen fully equipped with up to date appliances including custom cabinetry, oven and stainless steel fridge with George’s favorite salads and juices”. Outside the home has a basketball court and tennis court.

“Almost always flies via private jet…despite his claimed environmentalism”

Do you think Clooney commutes between his LA and Italian villas on a regular commercial jet, maybe even in economy class from time to time? No way, not for him. And what is not good enough for Clooney in air travel is much too much for the regular folks. Regular folks are supposed to forgo flying in order to save the planet. According to this site here: “George almost always flies via private jet…most of the time nowadays Clooney flies by private jet despite his claimed environmentalism as anyone who follows him knows.”

Clooney has the “ultimate solution to the world’s energy problems”

Clooney owns a variety of vehicles, such as a 1958 Chevrolet Corvette V8 C1 convertible. He even lined the seats with high end leather. And in addition to expensive Italian scooters and classic motorcycles, Clooney also sports around in a Tango 600, which features “a unique battery-powered car design with dimensions measuring 39 inches wide and 102 inches long and offers an ultimate solution to the world’s environmental and energy problems”. Gee, now why hasn’t the “ultimate solution” been mass-produced in the hundreds of millions for the rest of the world’s regular drivers? Clearly neither the clueless Clooney nor the Clooney-ass-kissing Bornrich writer have an idea what’s involved in manufacturing the”ultimate solution” for the world’s energy problem. They likely don’t even know where the power to charge the batteries comes from.

Clooney also owns a 2008 limited edition Signature 100 model Tesla Roadster – er, well, he used to. Apparently it was auctioned to support a Sudan Charity. What the heck, the car only had 1,700 miles on the odometer anyway. Driving green wasn’t much fun after all.

Jet-pit-stop in LA on the way to Europe – to dine with friends

So where does Clooney spend his vacations? Do you think he vacations locally, you know, to help save the planet? Well, that’s the little people, and not for Hollywood sex-gods like Clooney. Bornrich reports how he jets to places like the French Riviera with his green pals, like U2’s Bono or super model Cindy Crawford. There they spend much time “jet skiing and chilling out in sun on a yacht.”

While in Europe, Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler might be “spotted boarding a boat with some other close friends in Lake Como” or visiting George’s Italian mansion – before jetting off across the Atlantic to “relax in the Mexican sun”. And before jetting back to Europe together, “they stopped in LA and dined out with his best pals. Reportedly, Jennifer Aniston also managed to link up with pal George Clooney recently while off on her European vacation”.

Burning all that jet fuel.

Acting all concerned about the climate and saving the planet, you’d think Green George would cut back a bit. Not chance. Clooney’s green act truly deserves an Oscar. In reality he is just a jumbo-sized eco-hypocrite.


Germany’s No. 1 Daily – Bild – Puts Focus On, Slams Climate-Cash-Making Gore – 11,000% Wealth Increase!

No. 1, multi-million circulation national daily Bild here has an unflattering piece about Al Gore and his newly found mega-riches titled: “Al Gore earned 75 million euros – in one month!”

So profitable can the global warming scam be! Never mind that there hasn’t been a bit of warming in 15 years.

The Bild piece starts with:

Rich, richer, Gore! The former vice president of the USA, Albert ‘Al’ Gore, alone in January earned 75 million euros. Now he has an estimated wealth of 153 million euros (200 million dollars)!

[…] That’s an increase in wealth of 11,000%!”

Much of this comes from spreading fear over global warming (which, again, hasn’t happened in 15 years). The more fear that Gore spreads, the more his investments in green energy and “climate-protection” technologies and activities pay off.

Bild also informs readers that Gore earned huge amounts from sales of shares of Apple and Current Network TV.

This was sold in January for 382 million euros to ‘Al-Jazeera,’ a TV network in Qatar. An estimated 70 million euros found their way into Gore’s bank account. The politician is a stakeholder in various companies and investment funds. Among other things, he’s a co-founder of ‘Generation Investment Management’, which made a profit from 2008 to 2010 of 166 million euros.”

Not too shabby.

Gee, suddenly where are all the anti-capitalist, anti-speculation greens? Bild also tells its readers of another source of income:

Because of his popularity, Gore receives a fee from industry associations, symposiums, and other events of up to 130,000 euros – per speech!”

So what on Earth could Gore be possibly doing with all that climate-cash? Bild tells us:

With his millions, Gore bought a 20-room mansion in Nashville/Tennessee and a luxury beach house in Montecito, California. So nice losing can be: Had Al Gore won the US presidential election election in 2000 against George W. Bush, he would have earned ‘only’ 306,000 euros per year.”

Most Germans have a strong aversion to wealth of this sort. An unflattering piece for Al Gore. Bad publicity to say the least.

Hat-tip: Meteorologist Dr. Wolfgang Thüne, by e-mail.

PS: Another reader wrote: “Yeah, this is how someone can get filthy rich with supposed climate-protection. No wonder so many so-called environmental scientists and countless institutes want to imitate him.”

Things are beginning to come around for Al Gore and his scam.


Lance Armstrong, Livestrong And Climate Research

I commented at Facebook about Lance Armstrong earlier today, writing that I had pretty much lost respect for Lance when he paired up with jet-setting climate activist and “rock star” Sheryl Crow, and watching John Kerry acting like his best fan at the 2004 Tour.

Today it doesn’t surprise me that he has turned out to be a dishonest cheater. Of course, he doesn’t see it that way. Such folks never do.

Climate research robs cancer research

But whatever you may think of Lance, you have to respect the work he’s done in raising awareness and millions for cancer research. The key to fighting many types of cancer is researching and developing life-extending drugs and treatments. Many patients are literally on the brink, hanging on, hoping they’ll still be around long enough to see the next new effective treatment.

I friend of mine was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Although it was a devestating blow, and the outlook at first looked pretty bleak, there are some good news out there. Firstly, at the age of 49, he is relatively young and strong, and thus can endure different life-extending treatments.

Secondly, I’ve read up about it and was encouraged and impressed by the variety of new, promising treatments that have been developed so far, or are now in development. Multiple myeloma, once a death sentence, is now becoming a treatable cancer, and many patients’ lives are being extended for years. However, development is slow and extremely costly. There just isn’t enough funding out there. Sure progress is being made, but I can’t help but wonder what treatments would have been developed by now had cancer research been more generously funded – had it not been robbed.

Imagine what could have been accomplished by now if a part of that enormous sum of money sucked up by climate research had gone into cancer research instead. With $100 biliion, imagine the number of treatments that could have been developed and the number of lives extended or even saved. Those of you who know someone with a serious case of cancer, you know all to well the hope they desperately cling to, hoping the next treatment arrives before they leave. For many, it’s a race.

Sure some climate research has produced good results, and I’m not saying all the climate funding could be shifted to cancer research. However, looking at the massive climate conferences and bogus studies out there, one can’t help but to think that a considerable share of climate research has been dubious, and even bordering on fraud and lunacy. Eventually, this is going to cost us. Just today, they’re finding out their climate models have been completely wrong. They couldn’t even get the first 15 years right.

Lance needs to lobby the government.

I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, but I’d like to ask many world-travelling IPCC climate scientists out there how they’d react if one day they had the misfortune of being diagnosed having an incurable form of cancer, with the doctor saying, “Well, there’s no effective treatement out there, at least for now. With the current level of research, we may find an effective treatment in maybe 10 or 15 years. Unfortunately, you’ve got only a year or two to live.”

You’d probably wish they had done more research.


Al Gore Purchases $9 Million Dollar Mansion – Consumes More Energy Than An Entire Working Class Neighborhood

If you look at the photos here, you’ll notice there are no solar panels on the roof – even though the region gets lots of sunshine. In fact the house indeed is a real energy pig and probably consumes more than an entire working class neighborhood.

Think of the huge carbon footprint created by manufacturing and importing all the marble, furniture and fixtures from Europe and other places all over the world.

Read more about Al Gore’s lifestyle of the Rich and Alarmist at News Busters here.

He’s probably living next door to carbon fighters Laurie David, James Cameron and Leonardo DiCrappio.


Fraunhofer Institute Director (Who Has Vacation Home In California) Demands Expensive Electricity For The Poor

Rudolf Kipp at Science Skeptical reports on Director of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany brings us this glittering example of how arrogant and detached from reality the scientific elite among us can be.

How the Fraunhofer Director saves energy in his vacation home in California
By Rudolf Kipp

Professor Eicke R. Weber, Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg, Germany, recently expressed his opinion in a commentary appearing in the daily Badischen Zeitung. It bothers him that German companies simply are not acknowledging the huge potential of photovoltaics. They simply lack faith, he claims.

Completely unimpressed by the the wave of bankruptcies that has rippled through Germany due to low-priced competition from China, and despite all the generous subsidies pampering the industry, Weber is still convinced that photovoltaic systems will undergo a boom in the future.

Lack of faith as a reason for bankruptcies?

It’s not really clear if the Professor Weber really means solar companies in Germany are going bankrupt one after another because they lack the faith that he himself demands. That seems to be the least of the problems for German manufacturers. They all believe their products are better than those from China, and that the only way to a sustainable future is if more and more customers buy more and more of their solar modules.

Indeed faith can move mouintains, but it cannot pay a single bill from a supplier or employee wages. And because this is the reality, we are currently experiencing a die-off of an entire industry. The problem is not a lack of faith – it’s the lack of profitability.

Rising electricity prices are no problem for the professor

Another thing that agitates the professor from Freiburg is “the myth that German pensioners with their electricity bills are financing rich property owners who own buildings covered with solar panels and Chinese industrial bosses”. But it is indeed true that in Germany mainly land and homeowners are the ones profiting the most, along with Chinese solar panel manufacturers, while low income earners with no possibility to invest wind up footing the bill. Weber makes no attempt to refute this.

Instead, he simply recommends that low wage earners consume less power. And to ensure that they really do this, incentives need to be created. Here the professor, who resides in Germany, prefers a graduated price structure. He explains how this would work:

My electricity bill in my vacation home in California is structured as follows: 13 cents/kwh for base consumption, 29 cents/kwh for up to 200 percent of the base consumption and much more for households with large consumption.”

When you read this, it becomes clear why Professor Weber is not afraid of rising power costs. The man can obviously afford it. Clearly he has enough money to fly to his vacation home in California multiple times a year – emitting huge quantities of CO2 as he does so.

Moreover, the professor has the chutzpah to expect other people, who can only dream of having the professor’s lifestyle and who emit only a fraction of his CO2, to limit their energy consumption in order to rescue the planet. To reach this target, he considers it absolutely necessary to make energy so expensive that the “little man” is no longer able to afford it.

If at some time rising energy prices should lead to unrest, then I would recommend that Professor Weber remains at his California vacation home instead of staying in Germany. In earlier revolutions such arrogant elitists ended up facing angry mobs armed with pitchforks and torches.


Number Of German Flyers Who Volunteer to Offset CO2 From Flights Is “Too Small To Be Measurable”!

I often have to listen to German greenies lecture the rest of the world about “responsible behavior” and “climate protection”. But when they are asked to make a contribution, they say no.

Per capita, Germans are close to no. 1 worldwide when it comes to flying. And hearing them constantly pontificate about protecting the climate, you’d think they’d be the first to offset their flight CO2 when flying. A recent radio report reveals that although Germans like to preach, they sure don’t care much about practicing it.

Show projects and talking about it are enough.

Rainer Hoffmann here steers our attention to a DRadio report about German fliers voluntarily paying a little extra on the price of an airline ticket to offset the CO2 emissions produced by the flight. German radio interviewed green journalist Phillip Schnee.

When booking an airline ticket online, some websites tell you how much CO2 your flying will cause. Then you can check a box if you wish to offset some of that CO2. Checking the box means you’ll have to pay a little extra (3 to 15 euros) for your flight. Now you’d think many Germans would be checking that little box if they were truly concerned and sure about manmade climate change.

Well, it turns out that they are not that concerned about it at all. The DRadio moderator asks Phillip Schnee how many people actually volunteer to offset some of the CO2 their flights produce (4:32). Schnee tells us the answer:

“At the biggest provider, at, every year 100,000 flights are compensated. […] The experts from atmosfair estimate that less than 1% of the flights are compensated, and at less than one percent, they believe that the amount is so small that it is not really measurable.”

At the 1:00 minute mark, the moderator asks Schnee if the voluntary donations really offset the flight CO2 emissions? Schnee answers:

No, not really. […] You have to view it as a donation, and it’s better than doing nothing. The best thing one can do is to not fly.”

So the next time you’re in Europe and someone starts preaching about your environmental responsibilities, just nod in agreement, smile, say it’s a lovely story, and flash a little wink. Works every time.

The choice is really very clear, do you spend 10 euros for an offset that does nothing for the climate, or do you donate the money to a really worthy cause?


Financial Times Deutschland Talks Openly About “Germany’s Dirty Wind Energy Secret”

Horst von Buttlar writes at the online Financial Times Deutschland a piece called: Wind Energy: The Dirty Secret of the Energy Transformation.

In the aftermath of Fukushima and Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, Germany rushed madly, in a state of collective hysteria, to alternative energies, ignoring all warnings that it would cost a bundle and wouldn’t work. Now with the big bills rolling in, the country is beginning to show some signs of returning to a little sanity.

Von Buttlar in the Financial Times begins his piece:

Slowly it is beginning to dawn:  The energy transformation is not only stalling, but it is also is exposing the well-hidden secret that it has long been a huge redistribution program from the bottom up.”

He writes that it’s about large landowners and farmers parking Ferraris between their tractors, or a famous law firm investing an 8-digit sum in a solar park with the state guaranteeing a handsome profit. It’s about a Bavarian farmer with hundreds of solar panels on his barn’s roof laughing his way to the bank: “That’s 20,000 euros per month.”

The German socialist and green parties used to be about protecting the little guy, making sure that their money and assets don’t get transferred from the bottom to the top. Today, however, they’re making sure that it does get transferred to the top! It just happens many Greens and socialist honchos are at the top reaping the benefits of political sellout.

Slowly but surely, it is all coming out. Von Buttlar writes:

… a few days ago the Consumer Protection Agency complained about high electricity costs: In 2007 every household paid on average 35 euros for alternative energies. Beginning in 2013, when the share in the costs rises from 3.5 cents to 5 cents, that number will jump to 185 euros.”

Von Buttlar reminds us that many Germans still accept this and view it as a “good cause” – a position he calls naive.

We should at least be honest – these are times when armies of corporate representatives and “advisers” from Enercon, Repower, or the numerous obscure solar companies are invading the countryside. It is not about a lofty objective or a good cause. That’s the story that gets told at town meetings. No, it’s about money. More precisely said: it’s about lots of money for a very few – money that is being divided up between plant operators, investors, leasing companies and manufacturers. 16.4 billion euros was the energy feed-in allocation in 2011. In the coming year it is going to be 20 billion.”

This is the reality that I hope my friends in Vermont are going to wake the hell up to – soon. The whole thing is a financial scam. And it is not going to have a bit of impact on the weather.

Not only is it going to cost you lots of money, but, as you are now painfully witnessing in Vermont, it is wreaking environmental damage of catastrophic dimensions. Your mountains and landscape are being devoured by industry. How do you like the face of climate protection now?

Citizens are not only going to be paying a lot more for power, but they are paying an awful environmental price right now. Site for 1 of 21 turbines now being installed on Lowell Mountain in Vermont. Photo source: Mountain Talk

Rich landowners, says von Buttlar, are leasing their land to windpark operators for 2000 to 10,000 euros an acre. Farmers can now kick back and do nothing but watch the money roll in.

The alternative energy situation in Germany has skidded so much out of control that even one of the fathers of the environmental movement has switched sides. Enoch zu Guttenberg, symphony conductor and co-founder of leading environmental activist group BUND, left the group in protest in May. Von Buttlar writes:

‘BUND appears to have sold out’, and he no longer wanted to crane his hands ‘near every money barrel,’ that corrupts. ‘Unfortunately we are no longer talking about the responsible future of energy management in Germany,’ zu Guttenberg writes. “We are talking about making a really fast buck’.”

Hopefully Germany’s disastrous energy model will act to deter others from following on the same path, which clearly Vermont has already embarked on in a radical way. Von Buttlar concludes his Financial Times article:

The next time you see a wind turbine, don’t think about whether it is attractive or ugly, or whether it is clean or polluting. Just think: Great! Now there’s sombody that has gotten seriously rich!

And also ask: At who’s expense?


Katherine Hayhoe Cashing In On The Climate Scare…CEO Of Climate Consulting And Fortune-Telling Firm

What if scientists one day concluded that climate was influenced mostly by natural factors and that man had little impact? What would be the result? For one, lots of people would find themselves in the unemployment line. And for many, their companies and operations would have to close shop. Hat-tip: Reader DirkH.

One person who likely would be negatively impacted is Katherine Hayhoe, who is not only an atmospheric scientist with expertise in climate modelling, regional climate impacts and science-policy interface at Texas Tech, but also happens to be CEO of ATMOS Research and Consulting, a Lubbock-based company “providing detailed reports, maps, and other graphics that vividly illustrate changes that have already been observed, as well as highlighting the possible future impacts of climate change over the coming century“.

The bold print in layman terms: climate fortune-telling services.

Climate consulting is surely a business that derives much benefit from the notion that climate change is now happening rapidly and that a catastrophe is imminent. A lot folks want to know what to do in order to prepare, and Katherine takes big money for telling them.  I really don’t see how it is possible for people like Ms Hayhoe to avoid conflicts of interest here. Is it possible to remain objective in a science when you run a business whose very success depends on the output of that science? God knows that consulting fees are exorbitant. Tempting to say the least.

Should we be surprised that Hayhoe, as the CEO and top beneficiary of the climate consulting company, is a big proponent of climate catastrophe scenarios? Seems it would certainly help the ATMOS bottom line.

And how much of the services rendered by ATMOS are actually sourced from the tax-payer funded university where Hayhoe is a professor? As a professor at a state university, is she using research money and all the number-crunching facilities there to supply reports that ATMOS Consulting in turn sells at a high price to clients (after a little cut and paste editing)?  I’d like to know what part of them high-priced consulting reports were actually generated by ATMOS resources alone, and what part was actually generated by her employer Texas Tech (taxpayer). Would Hayhoe confirm it’s 100%/0%?

ATMOS is an ideal set-up as a real money-making machine: scare the bejesus out of clients on one side, and sell them lucrative consulting services on the other. Though legal, there seems to be some ethical issues here.

And who are her clients? What proportion are private and what proportion are taxpayer funded government agencies, who just happen to love scary reports that sway public opinion? It all seems dubious to me and the potential for conflicts of interest is simply too high.

Crystal ball services: possible 100-year scenarios

The ATMOS website does not provide any information about the quality of its products, especially its climate forecast-related scenarios. Do they come with a guarantee? We get the sense that they don’t and that it’s mostly speculation dressed up to look scientific. Indeed if there is no guarantee, then it would be safe to say that ATMOS is actually selling high-priced crystal ball fortune-telling services. The ATMOS website writes that they “provide possible impacts of climate change over the coming century.”

Read the fine print – no money back!



German ZDF Television Satirizes Climate Religion

“I’m a climate pig” – so confesses a climate sinner in a satirical new video clip produced by German public television ZDF. It is a spoof on the whole climate change movement, a parody on the climate religion, and this by an icon of politically correct media, ZDF, no less!

The video is also quite hip – thus targeting the young.

Are the German media now starting to take a satirical view of the whole climate-saving movement? That certainly would be a change of course. But let’s not get our hopes up too much.

The video pokes fun at the feelings of guilt that many people struggle with daily because of their self-perceived CO2 sins, which are simply impossible to avoid in modern living. We all do our best to avoid emitting the climate-killing stuff, but it just can’t be helped! The video starts with a person confessing his climate sins. Dear Father:

– Boiling water: 36 kg of CO2.
– Surfing in the Internet: 391 kg.
– Driving the car: 2 tons!
– Living in an old apartment in Berlin: 3.6 tons
– Holiday flight to New York: 4 tons!

Using this online climate calculator, I reach a total of more than 18 tons per year. But the scientists say I should emit no more than 2 tons per year!

Oh my God, what can I do? Cutting CO2 emissions that drastically would be totally painful. The guilt that’s felt is just unbearable.

But it’s got to be done. There’s no choice, at least so says Regine Günther, Director of Climate Protection and Energy WWF:

If we don’t, then we will be changed, and that in the form of traumatic climate change. And the consequences for people will be much much more painful then you could ever imagine.

Gulp! That’s pretty painful. I myself can imagine some pretty painful things – like root canal treatment without Novocaine. So climate change will be 10 times, no, a thousand times more painful than that? Then we better hurry up and make the brutal sacrifices today. ZDF asks how on earth are we supposed to do get down to just two tons?

Deliver our e-mails by bicycle?
Turn off the heat?
Dear Father, what am I to do? No matter what I do, I commit CO2 sins. Help me!

Norbert Bolz, media theorist, says everywhere there are feelings of guilt, people doing penance by performing acts of offsetting. “People are now praying to Mother Nature, who has taken over for God.”

The clip sarcastically points out that the average person causes 1.24 tons of emissions annually just by default existing, before even taking a breath, and that through government administration, autobahns, and taxation. ZDF asks: “Is there even a chance for me to live a climate-friendly life?”

The movement has become religious and is now even filled with rituals, explains Bolz, citing Germany’s obsession with separating it’s household garbage as a way of being a “good person” and doing penance for our environmental transgressions.

But don’t despair, now private industry allows you to buy offsets, thus allowing you to perform acts without having to feel so guilty. Now that’s service. Pay a little extra for that flight ticket, and bam! Everything is rosy again. Fly guilt-free! A good conscience in exchange for money. ZDF adds satirically:

For singles at, there’s also the climate-neutral complete package for only 10 euros a month!” Is that the solution?

Not for WWF High Priest Regine Günther, who warns offsets are not enough:

The only good emissions are the ones that don’t happen. And for the ones that do occur, you have to try to avoid them. And if that isn’t possible, then you have to offset them. But that’s only possible over a transitionary period.”

So only for a little while? All this offset stuff is just temporary, and will have to go before too long. After that it’s going to be all cold cold turkey, and big time. ZDF on Günther’s warning:

I was afraid of that. First I was a waste sinner, and now I’m a climate sinner. Our Father, give me my daily CO2. Forgive me for my trespasses, and deliver me from climate change. Yours is the state, nature and the CO2 budget for eternity. Amen.

I’ll say Amen to that too.

Climate Hypocrite Of The Week: Disney And Selena Gomez

Sometimes you have a slow day in climate news and so you have to post something trivial. This is such a post. But it’s short.Hollywood environmental campaigns always seem to involve some “star” who sings and lectures us on saving the planet. But then the star hops on a private jet and flies circles around the globe, smothering it in jet exhaust.

One recent campaign is Disney’s Friends for Change campaign in Germany, which has a promo video featuring singer Selena Gomez. I just couldn’t help but notice in the music video, Make a Wave, that Gomez and her hunk are driving to the beach in a huge gas-guzzling 4WD SUV. Why didn’t they go by foot or by bicycle? At the very least, they could have used a small hybrid car?

I often get the impression that Disney and Hollywood elitists believe CO2 is a gas that is emitted only when “other people” use energy, jets and SUVs, but not when they do.

Reading up about Selena, I see that she’s only 18 years old, and so I won’t blame her. Obviously Hollywood is just exploiting her. I really doubt she knows the first thing about climate. Poor girl is all confused.

John Kerry’s Enviro-Vessel With 10,000-Liter Fuel Tank

John Kerry is a co-sponsor of the latest Cap & Trade bill, which thank God has been put off indefinitely. The bill, should it become law, God forbid, would force all working Americans to pay more for energy and to live more humbly.

But living humbly and paying more taxes to the government applies only to the little guys. For the rich, elite and privileged, like Kerry, they’d continue to fly around in private jets, be chauffeured in limousines and frolic the seas in big yachts. Watch Kerry’s reaction when confronted about skirting Massachusetts taxes by birthing his new 76 foot $7 million yacht in Rhode Island:


By berthing the yacht in Rhode Island, Kerry skirts paying nearly $450,000 in sales tax and a yearly $70,000 excise tax bill to his own home state. Look at how pissy he gets when confronted by the media.

Worse, Kerry, who claims to be fighting for American jobs, had the yacht built in New Zealand. The same yacht could have been built at a yard in his own state of Massachusetts. So much for American jobs. And what about environmental friendliness?

What does a 76-foot yacht include?

According to the Boston Herald, Kerry’s yacht has two cabins, a pilot house fitted with a wet bar and cold wine storage.

I wasn’t able to get further specific information on Kerry’s yacht, but looking at other typical 76-foot yachts on the market, we find that they are far from spartan. Take this 76-foot Monte Fino for only $2,450,000 – a real bargain when compared to Kerry’s $7 million cruiser. The Monte Fino includes a 10,000 liter diesel fuel tank, 1500 hp twin engines and is filled with high-tech electronic doo-dads.

God knows what Kerry got for his $7 million.

Kerry spokesman David Wade said Friday the boat is being kept at Newport Shipyard not to evade taxes, but “for long-term maintenance, upkeep and charter purposes.”

John Kerry is married to Theresa Heinz, who is millionaire heiress to the Heinz ketchup fortune, and is a philanthropist and environmentalist.

When you’re rich, you can do things like this. It’s okay. But these rich people should not be making it much harder for the rest of us to make ends meet.

When confronted by the media in the above clip, Kerry defends berthing the floating palace in tax-haven Rhode island, claiming he is paying his taxes. Then he scuttles away – not on a bicycle or in a hybrid car – but in a chauffeured SUV.

“Can I get outa here please!”, he orders his chauffeur.

And let’s not forget Sen. Jeff Greene and 145 ft yacht dragging anchor through coral reef:

Just For The Record: Thomas Friedmann:

Thanks to Tom Nelson for posting this. Thomas L. Friedman has earned a spot in my category: Lifestyles of the Rich and Alarmists. Normally I avoid riding on the coattails of other blogs,  but this time I’ll make an exception.If  Thomas Friedman walked around barefoot preaching his gospel like Kung Fu did, then I’d have a lot more respect for the guy. Now I have zero respect.  Like most environmental hypocrites, it’s: “do as I say, and not as I do”. But hey, they’re entitled to live like kings for all the important work they do in rescuing man and the planet.

The rest of us? Well we don’t really do anything important. All we do is impact the environment, and thus we ought to be relegated back to the mud and rice fields.

It never fails. Take almost any Hollywood star or elite left-winger, and you’ll see their environmental activism is invariably proportional to their wealth, A = kW. The same equation applies for their hypocrisy: H=kW, where k > 10.

Let’s take a look at some of the eco-features of his spread.

1. The pool looks to be about 30′ x 70′, no solar heating for it.
2. The asphalt 2-lane driveway is large and wide enough for a stretch limo to easily curve around.
3. No solar panels on the roof. The place is a virtual heat sink.
4. Judging from the angle of the sun and season, the house faces southwest, yet does nothing to take advantage of that. The south-facing windows are even modest in size.
5. Lots of carbon-storing trees were cleared away.
6. I count 3 chimneys – lots of heating.
7. There’s got to be at least 8 bathrooms in the place, who knows how many heated jacuzzis.
8. Even the white car parked outside doesn’t look like a hybrid.

It certainly tops Al Gore’s mansion (the one in Tennessee). But who knows, maybe he takes the hybrid once a week.

Enviro-DiCaprio's Private Jet Contributes To Air Traffic Chaos At World Cup

Here’s another from the “do as I say, and not as I do” hypocrites department. It’s World Cup time in South Africa and the world’s biggest sporting event is attracting the world’s biggest names (and environmentalists). 

The Financial Times has a report here on air traffic congestion caused by too many private jets flying to and from Durban, South Africa, all thanks in large part to celebrities and leaders; some of whom are well-known for environmental activism. Angela Merkel for example made the flight from Germany to South Africa to watch Germany’s quarterfinal game. Bill Clinton attended some USA matches.

But Leonardo DiCaprio emerges as the World Cup champion hypocrite. Enviro-Dicaprio thinks its okay to jet-set between his mansions, sporting events and Las Vegas nightclubs with Paris Hilton, after making his bust enviro-drama documentary, which admonishes the rest of the world to live more modestly.

Can you see the solar panels? Well, neither can I.

Indeed, congestion caused by the environmentally destructive private jet traffic in Durban got so bad that it caused additional environmentally destructive rerouting of commercial jets. According to the Financial Times

The situation was described as “absolute chaos” by the pilot of one British Airways flight which took off from Cape Town in mid-afternoon but was diverted to Johannesburg. 

The BA pilot added: 

…that the problem was caused by the airport allowing too many private jets to land at Durban, leaving the runways clogged up and unable to accept scheduled flights. 

The BA pilot also 

…told passengers he had no choice but to take the plane to Johannesburg because the plane’s fuel was starting to run low. 

Flights had to be rerouted to Johannesburg so as not to interfere with the travelling celebrities. 

The baggage hall at OR Tambo international airport in Johannesburg was filled with scores of angry fans, some of whom said they had spent up to R10,000 ($1,300) for their semi final tickets. 

Media: No Evidence, No Crime. Let's All Move Along.

I must admit I’m in a bit of shock reading this stuff, especially full police report about Al Gore’s alleged behaviour. I’m not going to draw any conclusion right now. It’s all too stunning, if it’s true.

The other climate blogs have not written a word about it so far. Maybe they want to be extra careful, which is understandable. But then again, Drudge plasters the story as its big headline for the day. Matt Drudge has been in business for years, and surely he’s done his homework. Maybe it’s to encourage other victims to speak out, if there are any.

I read the entire police report and it is shocking – really. Will other women come forward? Is it all a hoax? We’re not talking about Mike Tyson or Kobe Bryant here. We’re talking about the former VP of the USA and the prophet of AGW.


UPDATE; Germany’s top tabloid Bild reports here (German).