Lifestyles of the Rich and Alarmist

German Solar Energy: From “Technology Of the Future ” To Extinction In Just 10 Years!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter3Google+0emailSpiegel here calls it “the end of an era”. Once ballyhooed as the technology of the future bearing the promise of economic revival in Germany, solar equipment manufacturing has crumbled and gone the way of dinosaurs, all in a matter of a decade. So rapidly can economic evolution send subsidized industries into extinction. Germany’s […]

DiCaprio's Private Jet Junket Burned 30,000 Liters Of Fuel ...Enough For 10,000 Cars An Entire Day!

DiCaprio’s Private Jet Junket Burned 30,000 Liters Of Fuel …Enough For 10,000 Cars An Entire Day!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter2Google+0emailImagine an arsonist receiving the Fireman of the Year Award, or Satan being canonized a saint by the Vatican, or Hitler driving a tank into Oslo – to pick up his Nobel Peace Prize! It all sounds utterly ridiculous, but unbelievably something about as nutty happened recently. Everywhere in the media we read how […]

Climate Campaigner Beyoncé Exposed As Lavish Living, Slave-Driving Sweat Shop Labor Exploiter

Share this…Facebook0Twitter0Google+0emailBritish tabloid The Sun recently featured a story exposing hypocrisy by entertainment superstar Beyoncé titled: Sweatshop ‘slaves’ earning just 44p an hour. The Sun article describes how a sweatshop, contracted by Philip Green’s Topshop, produces the high-end Beyoncé garments in Sri Lanka and employs “mostly young women from poor rural villages” who “can only afford to live […]

Shameful Celebrities ...Preach Low-Energy Lifestyles But In Fact Have Monster CO2 Emissions!

Shameful Celebrities …Preach Low-Energy Lifestyles But In Fact Have Monster CO2 Emissions!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter0Google+0emailImagine a Catholic priest who preaches us Catholic doctrine, but then after Sunday services visits bordellos, gets hammered, commits murder, rapes, molests children, beats women, steals, attends KKK gatherings, etc. over the rest of the week – and does that week after week, year after year. Of course it wouldn’t be long before his flock […]

Billionaire Environmentalist Coral-Reef Destruction Yacht Club Allegedly Has A New Member: Microsoft's Paul Allen!

Billionaire Environmentalist Coral-Reef Destruction Yacht Club Allegedly Has A New Member: Microsoft’s Paul Allen!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter0Google+0emailIt’s annoying enough watching green-preaching, limousine liberals go public and demand ordinary people scale back their lives to protect the environment and climate, and then scoot away on a private jet – or mega-yacht. For example, see here, here, here, here, here and here. Mega-yachts at the port of Porto Cervo, Sardinia. Photo credit: Heinz-Josef Lücking; CC […]

Climate Change Now Damaging Leo DiCaprio’s Love Life?

Share this…Facebook0Twitter0Google+0emailCaught at climate denial? Leonardo DiCaprio and model Kelly Rohrbach split By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin. Note: Quotes by DiCaprio translated from the German) On December 30, 2015, the Bauer Media Group made an important announcement with a press release: Leonardo DiCaprio in TV movie: “My partner has to believe […]

Sweden King Carl XVI Gustaf (Who Resides In 1430-Room Palace) Proposes Banning Bathtubs To Protect Climate!

Sweden King Carl XVI Gustaf (Who Resides In 1430-Room Palace) Proposes Banning Bathtubs To Protect Climate!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter0Google+0emailThe online German-language FOCUS magazine here has an article on Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf’s latest idea to curb emissions of fossil fuels in order to rescue the climate: ban bathtubs! Hat-tip DirkH According to FOCUS, The King’s idea was reported this weekend in the Svenska Dagbladet, but has been met with a fair […]

Woman Who Ignored CONSENSUS “Nutritional Guidelines For Good Health” Turns 116!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter16Google+0emailI can hear it already. Like the climate activists who now deny there was a global cooling scare 40 years ago, in 10 years time or so we’ll be hearing the media and all the proponents of the low-fat/high carb diet claiming that this too was never a consensus. Remember how eating saturated fats was supposed […]

The Wolf Of Climate-Protection…Leonardo DiCaprio’s Monster-Size, Fuel-Guzzling “Rolling Palace”

Share this…Facebook0Twitter40Google+0emailMany of us are familiar with climate jihadist/ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio’s über-hypocritical lifestyle of cruising on billionaire mega yachts, private jets and living in huge mansions. Well, it doesn’t end there by any means. There are times when DiCaprio actually has to slum it, and put up with travel on the road, along with the rest […]

President Bill Clinton No Longer Believes The “Consensus Science”. Why? Because It Almost Killed Him!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter11Google+0emailFor decades the science told us that humans needed to cut back on fatty foods like red meat, eggs, chicken, cheese, butter and that we should switch to high carb diets, with lots of exercises. High carb, low fat was The Consensus. Backed by all the US medical associations and 99% of all doctors. […]

Hypocrisy Exposed...Spiegel Publishes Undisclosed German Survey Results: Green Voters Like Flying The Most!

Hypocrisy Exposed…Spiegel Publishes Undisclosed German Survey Results: Green Voters Like Flying The Most!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter20Google+0emailOnline Spiegel has a piece titled: Preaching travel by rail, but flying Business Class. It would be natural to expect environmentalist greens and climate activists to take commercial flights very rarely, opting for rail, bus, or bicycle instead. However, it turns out they do not practice what they love to preach. Spiegel news magazine writes […]

World’s 6th Largest Newspaper Displays DiCaprio’s Hypocrisy…”Private Jets” and “Luxury Mega-Yachts”

Share this…Facebook0Twitter50Google+0emailOnline German daily Bild, the world’s sixth largest daily in print by circulation, reported on the climate demonstration in New York and on the stars who appeared, foremost Leonardo DiCaprio. At first Bild describes the event as the “largest climate demonstration of all time” and how the event drew more than 300,000 in New […]

Double Hypocrisy: Climate Crusader/Pro-Obamacare George Clooney Takes Private Jet To Germany – For Healthcare!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter94Google+0emailHere’s some double-barrel hypocrisy, again straight out of Hollywood. Photo by: Nicolas Genin, licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Last week big Obamacare booster and anti-CO2 activist George Clooney took his private jet all the way from Las Angeles across the US, Canada, and the Atlantic, before finally landing in Germany…to […]

Paging George Clooney...99% Of All Doctors Agreed On Cholesterol. Now It's Turning Out They Were All Wrong!

Paging George Clooney…99% Of All Doctors Agreed On Cholesterol. Now It’s Turning Out They Were All Wrong!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter13Google+0emailClimate alarmists like to claim there’s a 97+% consensus that CO2 is driving our climate…a claim that is patently false, of course. But even if it were true, it wouldn’t mean the science is settled and that they are right. Having been on the subject of meat-diets and nutrition over the last few days, […]

Marc Morano's Knockout Question: "Who Is Bill Nye To Tell Them They Cannot Have More Carbon-Based Energy?"

Marc Morano’s Knockout Question: “Who Is Bill Nye To Tell Them They Cannot Have More Carbon-Based Energy?”

Share this…Facebook0Twitter35Google+0emailIt’s becoming very clear that the real thrust behind the anthropogenic global warming movement is the systematic denial of cheap, efficient energy for the poor world so that they never attain a standard of living that developed countries have long been enjoying. Bill Nye confirms it in a debate with Marc Morano on FOX. Image […]

Multi-Millionaire, (Private)Jet-Setting Hollywood Actor George Clooney Requests World's Poor Forgo Affordable Energy

Multi-Millionaire, (Private)Jet-Setting Hollywood Actor George Clooney Requests World’s Poor Forgo Affordable Energy

Share this…Facebook0Twitter23Google+0emailWhat would George Clooney have against brutally throttling the plentiful supply of affordable fossil fuel energy that billions of people living on the planet rely on? Nothing, he recently said. George Clooney puts on an Oscar-winning green act. And an act is all it is. Hollywood actor has a mammoth carbon foot print. Photo: […]

Germany’s No. 1 Daily – Bild – Puts Focus On, Slams Climate-Cash-Making Gore – 11,000% Wealth Increase!

Share this…Facebook0Twitter56Google+0emailNo. 1, multi-million circulation national daily Bild here has an unflattering piece about Al Gore and his newly found mega-riches titled: “Al Gore earned 75 million euros – in one month!” So profitable can the global warming scam be! Never mind that there hasn’t been a bit of warming in 15 years. The Bild […]

Lance Armstrong, Livestrong And Climate Research

Share this…Facebook0Twitter0Google+0emailI commented at Facebook about Lance Armstrong earlier today, writing that I had pretty much lost respect for Lance when he paired up with jet-setting climate activist and “rock star” Sheryl Crow, and watching John Kerry acting like his best fan at the 2004 Tour. Today it doesn’t surprise me that he has turned […]

Al Gore Purchases $9 Million Dollar Mansion – Consumes More Energy Than An Entire Working Class Neighborhood

Share this…Facebook0Twitter21Google+0emailIf you look at the photos here, you’ll notice there are no solar panels on the roof – even though the region gets lots of sunshine. In fact the house indeed is a real energy pig and probably consumes more than an entire working class neighborhood. Think of the huge carbon footprint created by manufacturing […]

Fraunhofer Institute Director (Who Has Vacation Home In California) Demands Expensive Electricity For The Poor

Share this…Facebook0Twitter4Google+0emailRudolf Kipp at Science Skeptical reports on Director of the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany brings us this glittering example of how arrogant and detached from reality the scientific elite among us can be. How the Fraunhofer Director saves energy in his vacation home in California By Rudolf Kipp Professor Eicke R. Weber, Director of the […]

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