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German Weather Service Says Predicting More Than 10 Days Out Is “Like Reading Tea Leaves”

Share this… Facebook TwitterWith summer officially about to begin, a number of weather services are making seasonal forecasts for Germany and Central Europe. Read here. The English-language The Local writes: meteorologist Karsten Brandt said odds were ‘high that the weather will turn out sunny with a tendency to be dry.’ meteorologist Dominik Jung […]

Windmill Tower Snaps In Half – Crashes Down Across Path

Share this… Facebook TwitterWindmills are subject to cyclic loading, which means even small cracks in the load-bearing structure can grow and eventually lead to catastrophic failure. One catastrophic failure occurred yesterday near the Central German town of Kirtorf, read here (in German). Hat-tip Dirk H. Many photos here The tower broke 25 meters up. Investigators […]

Array Of Climate Evil (Skepticism)

Array Of Climate Evil (Skepticism)

Share this… Facebook TwitterThat’s most likely what the warmists will be thinking after reading this post :). Here in Germany the Greens and activists are constantly bemoaning the strong undercurrents of climate skepticism one finds in that “backward country” USA, and claim it’s all fanned by “hack” scientists, like Fred Singer, who are funded by Big […]

Kyoto Obitiuaries Everywhere In Germany’s Press

Share this… Facebook TwitterWith the climate conference now taking place in Bonn with the aim of coming up with a successor to the 2012-expiring Kyoto Protocol for Durban later this year, signs of success are non-existent. Obituaries are now being written everywhere in the German press, also see here and here. For that we can all breathe a big […]

World Liberty Day

Share this… Facebook Twitter Today is World Liberty Day Updated: 17 June, 5 p.m. CET The above website I’ve linked to was set up in Germany as a project by liberty-enthusiastic individuals, led by Christoph Widenhorn of the German FREIHEITSWERK. Many people are not aware of this, and so I hope this spreads around a […]

Yvo de Boer: “Kyoto Protocol Is Dead” – Kyoto Countries Plummet From 55% To Just 20%!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe climate change train left the station long ago. Someone needs to tell Romney and Christie because they look awfully silly standing all alone there on the platform, waiting for the train to come. It left long ago with hardly anyone getting on it – just some Europeans and a few panhandlers. […]

EU To Control Energy Consumption By EU Consumers

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe German online Die Welt here reports that the EU plans to force consumers to save energy – 1.5% every year.According to plans by EU Commissar Günther Oettinger of Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU party, energy suppliers in the future have to assure that their customers use less power and gas. Every year suppliers […]

Which Issue “That The Survival Of Civilization Hinges On” Was Missing In The CNN Debate?

Share this… Facebook TwitterFace it – it’s not an issue in American politics. Nobody gives a rat’s butt about it. It’s off the radar, folks! Hot Air here lists the question topics at the CNN debate: Plans for job creation Tim Pawlenty’s plan for sustained 5% growth Raising taxes on the wealthy Repealing Dodd-Frank Wall Street […]

Northeast African Continent Begins Death Spiral As French Scientists Identify Wrong Volcano!

Northeast African Continent Begins Death Spiral As French Scientists Identify Wrong Volcano!

Share this… Facebook TwitterThe media reported that because of ash from the 1625m Dubbi volcano in Eritrea in northeastern Africa being blown 15 km up into the atmosphere, Hillary Clinton had to change her travel plans. So did dozens of other flights have to be cancelled. Satellite photos now show huge clouds of ash blotting out the […]

Rare Russian Twisters – Back When CO2 Was Under 300 PPM

Share this… Facebook TwitterAwhile back Steve Goddard was looking at unusual extreme events that occurred – back in the days when CO2 was at benign levels and the weather was supposedly always “normal”. Here’s another one. Anton Yevseyev of the Pravda.Ru news wrote about rare twisters hitting Russia. Though the main part of his report is […]

NASA Scientists Admit To “Big Data Gap”

Share this… Facebook TwitterA Delta II rocket has launched and is delivering Aquarius ocean salinity monitoring satellite into space. The Aquarius satellite will measure ocean surface salinity every seven days with a precision down to a pinch of salt (1/8 of a teaspoon) in a gallon of water – from 408 miles above the earth. […]

Deaths: Organic Food Deaths 29 – Fukushima 0

Share this… Facebook TwitterHere’s a mix of various news stories in Germany. 1. E. Coli epidemic in Germany (and handling with gloves) Journalist Michael Miersch reports on the double standard in reporting the organic food catastrophe in Germany. Since E. coli bacteria infected the supply of food and so creating Germany’s worst food outbreak and scare […]

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