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Bogus Predictions of Snowless Winters Are Back …But Reality Tells Very Different Story!

Meteorologist Christian Zenkl: Winter temperatures in the Alps region have fallen about 1°C over past 30 years By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) On September 16, 2015; Gernan public broadcaster Bayerischen Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting, or BR) announced: Farewell to white winters Light mist, no snow: It’s gotten warmer in Bavaria […]

German Renewable Energy Woes Mount: Costly Battle Against Blackouts …”More Expensive Than Ever Before”!

By now we have all learned that wind and solar energy are highly volatile sources, and thus massively strain the power grids they get fed into once a certain scale is reached. This is now especially the case in Germany, a country that has, in an uncontrolled manner, aggressively installed wind and solar energy over […]

Where’s The Runaway Warming? No New Record Heat In 2015 – Despite Help From Strong El Niño

Original article in German here By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P. Gosselin) It’s the end of the year tally at the DWD German Weather Service for 2015. In a press release the DWD reported on December 30, 2015: 2015 second warmest year in Germany – tied with 2000 and 2007 2015 in […]

Engineering Basket Case: $250 Million Solar Impulse 2 Becomes Symbol Of “Green Delusionism”

Tony Thomas at The Spectator here has written an excellent summary on the Solar Impulse 2 plane and how the attempted journey around the world has gone so far. I’ve written on this before here, here and here. If anything the $250 million dollar project has turned into nothing less than an engineering basket case, […]

A New Era? Current Solar Cycle “Abruptly Ended” Most Active Solar Activity Phase Since Observations Began In 1755

Solar activity in December by Frank Bosse and Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated/edited by P Gosselin) The central star of our solar system was quite inactive last month. The measured solar sunspot number (SSN) was 57.7.  That is only 79% of what is the average for this time point into a solar cycle compared to the mean […]

Japanese Expert Slams James Hansen / Climate Scientists, Calling Them “Lawbreakers In The Court Of Science”

There really are many scientists who dispute the alarmist conclusions of the climate scientists. What follows is a scathing open letter from Japanese scientist and modeling expert Kyoji Kimoto to Dr. Syukuro Manabe, Dr. James Hansen and Dr. Robert Cess. ====================================== You are the lawbreakers in the court of science by Kyoji Kimoto 9 January, […]

German DWD Weather Service Says North Pole Heat Spike, Atlantic Storm “Frank” Not Related To Climate Change!

Germany’s centre-left online weekly Die Zeit here presents an interview with a DWD German meteorologist concerning the late December warmth that hit the North Pole, an event that saw global warming activists and alarmists hollering it was evidence of manmade climate change. Surprisingly the usually very alarmist Die Zeit gave a relatively balanced account from […]

Comprehensive Analysis Sends Young/Columbia University Paper To The Dustbin …”Coup de Grâce” Results “Untenable”

Geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt have been busy mapping the Medieval Warm Period using Google as a tool. Lately their focus has been on a number of studies examining temperature reconstructions from the Baffin Island and Western Greenland. This focus has been in part in response to a recent paper by Nicolás Young, a glacial […]

Two Great Destructive Lies German Leaders Refuse To Abandon

Lie No. 1: German renewable energies sun and wind are a success! Chart shows installed rated sun / wind capacity vs actual output (sun yellow, wind blue). Fact is that wind and sun operate at only about 11% of their rated capacity and often there are days when there is relatively no output at all. […]

Data Surprise! Global Temperature Continues Stall, Polar Ice And Snow Cover Continue Surprising Growth

Thanks to German site wobleibtdieerderwärmung for providing what follows. The slightly negative linear trend in global temperature measured by RSS satellite (TLT) continues despite the El-Nino-driven warm 2015. Source: trend This flat trend has held since the end of 1997 and is closing in on two decades – catching a number of scientists by surprise. The […]

“AGW Theory is Collapsed” …Japanese Scientist Finds CO2 Climate Sensitivity Grandly Overstated!

In Paris countries signed a (non-binding) agreement on climate, and now coal will soon disappear from our lives, right? Think again. A new paper by Japanese scientist Kyoji Kimoto published by Energy and Environment here suggests CO2 climate forcing has been grandly overstated, and as a consequence coal will remain an energy backbone for many nations in the […]

Germany’s Sexual-Assault Chernobyl – Public Outraged As Media/Political Cover-Up Crumbles

A stunning story has developed and it is thoroughly embarrassing Germany’s (naïve) policy of welcoming everyone and anyone, from anywhere, and with little border control to speak of. As the world has come to learn of the mass gang-sexual-attacks by mobs of men in Cologne during the New Year’s Eve celebrations, what we have in […]

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