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Blaming 0.01% Of Atmosphere As Insane As Blaming 0.6% Of Human Race For World's Ills

Blaming 0.01% Of Atmosphere As Insane As Blaming 0.6% Of Human Race For World’s Ills

What follows later, below, is a short commentary by Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt and Dr. Sebastian Lüning recently appearing at Die kalte Sonne site here. Indeed, it’s truly mind-boggling how a single person or a trace gas now gets all the blame for every weather problem. The hysteria-filled Dark Ages of the Inquisition are back. Torches […]

Amazonian Cold Snap Grips South America...Veteran Meteorologist Calls It "Spectacular"

Amazonian Cold Snap Grips South America…Veteran Meteorologist Calls It “Spectacular”

Yesterday at Twitter here meteorologist Joe Bastardi, a well-known climate science antagonist, directed our attention to the NCEP temperature situation for South America. Yikes! The massive scale of the cold is of Amazonian proportions, with temperatures well below normal across the entire continent. Bastardi even called the cold “spectacular”. Recently snow was reported to have fallen in […]

Swiss Physicist Concludes IPCC Assumptions 'Violate Reality'...CO2 A 'Very Weak Greenhouse Gas'

Swiss Physicist Concludes IPCC Assumptions ‘Violate Reality’…CO2 A ‘Very Weak Greenhouse Gas’

 CO2 Contributed Only 0.12°C  To Global Temps Since 1850 A Swiss scientist known to have published hundreds of scientific papers in physics journals has authored a new scholarly paper that casts serious doubts on the effectiveness of CO2 as a greenhouse gas influencing Earth’s temperatures. This paper has been added to a growing volume of peer-reviewed scientific papers […]

Wind Energy’s 8 Serious Disadvantages: Hurts Everything From Wealth To Health

What follows is a list of reasons compiled by this German site here on why wind is a poor source of power. There are eight disadvantages that cannot be ignored, the site writes. What follows are the eight reasons along with my own descriptions. 1. Unstable, erratic power supply The wind doesn’t blow constantly, and […]

Euopean Climate Institute EIKE Says Antarctica Ice Calving “Totally Normal”, Natural Causes

The Vice President of the Germany-based European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) Michael Limburg wrote that the recent ice chunk breaking off the Antarctic ice shelf has everything to do with natural cyclic calving, and that the media reporting has been mostly alarmist hype. EIKE writes: Antarctic ice shelf breaking is a totally normal […]

Caving To Trump On Climate? Paris Accord Still Up For Talks, Says Macron At Press Conference

Before getting to the yesterday’s Trump/Macron press conference, first I wish to bring up the nice reaction we got from Curtis Stone, the urban farmer I featured here a couple of days ago here in a less than flattering manner. (Now I wish I had not been so hard on him). Here’s the comment he […]

New Paper Indicates Subantarctic Glacier Retreat More Extensive In 1700s Than Now

New Paper Indicates Subantarctic Glacier Retreat More Extensive In 1700s Than Now

2nd Highest Subantarctic Glacier Advance Of Last 1,000 Years Occurred 50 Years Ago Yesterday we learned that a giant iceberg just split off from the Antarctic Peninsula. Most media outlets were uncharacteristically mild with their declarations of concern.  Even The Guardian pointed out that the breakup of the ice is naturally occurring, glaciologists are “not unduly concerned […]

Swiss Daily: "Record Cold July In Greenland"...Alarmists "Struggling To Explain" As Arctic Island Cools

Swiss Daily: “Record Cold July In Greenland”…Alarmists “Struggling To Explain” As Arctic Island Cools

We have all heard about the record-breaking ice mass balance and cold temperature reading of -33°C recently set in Greenland — the Arctic island that is supposedly the canary in the climate coal mine. It turns out that things up there are colder than we may be led to believe and that the alleged warming […]

Urban Farming Is Not A Planet Savior...More A Lifestyle For Modern Hypocrites And Ingrates

Urban Farming Is Not A Planet Savior…More A Lifestyle For Modern Hypocrites And Ingrates

Urban farming seems to be one of the latest trends among activists obsessed with environmental-footprints, and is being billed by some as the solution for all the world’s ills. In the following video urban farmer Curtis Stone is just the latest example of how people can get intoxicated by a dogma, become blind to their […]

3 New Papers: Greenland 3-5°C Warmer With 40 Kilometers Less Ice Area 4,000-10,000 Years Ago

3 New Papers: Greenland 3-5°C Warmer With 40 Kilometers Less Ice Area 4,000-10,000 Years Ago

Greenland Cooling Since 2005 Arctic Region Cooler Now Than Most Of The Last 10,000 Years It’s official.  According to a new paper published in the journal Scientific Reports, Greenland has been cooling slightly since 2005. This trend development may be a harbinger of what may be in store for the coming years.  Shifts in North Atlantic temperatures typically […]

The ‘Pause’ Returns As Global Temperatures Plummet, Warming Hiatus To Extend To 20 Years!

It was just reported that Greenland set a new all-time July cold record, where the mercury plummeted to -33°C. Read details here. What follows are excerpts from the most recent analysis of global temperature at A Greenland record low shouldn’t come as a surprise since in the wake of the recent El Nino global temperatures […]

Surprise: 2 Recent Papers Show Sea Level Variability Have Little To Do With CO2

Sun rules sea level: Scientists discover unexpected relationship By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt (German text translated by P Gosselin) A group of researchers led by Adrian Martinez-Asensio have found an 11-year Schwabe solar cycle in the European sea level. The authors published their findings 19 November 2016 in the Geophysical Research Letters: […]

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