“Vegawatts” Now Getting Fed Into Energy Grid… German Power Utility Now Offering “Vegan” Electricity And Gas!

A German power utility now offers “vegan power” and “vegan gas” to consumers who wish to buy energy that is green, sustainable and whose production and use are gentle to animals.

German energy company now offering vegan energy to consumers. Credit: www.pixabay.com. CC0 Public Domain.

Many of us are familiar with the strict aspects of the vegan diet, which calls on humans to refrain from eating any type of animal-based products such as meat, eggs, dairy and so on.

Also vegans are careful not to buy or use any type of product made from animals, such as leather.

The protection and welfare of animals are the top priorities of veganism. Many claim health benefits as well, but this is hotly disputed, e.g. see here and here.According German DLF public radio, a power provider in Ludwigshafen Germany now offers electricity and gas to vegans that do not cause harm to animals.

Hat-tip: EIKE here.

Free of “bird strikes”

Vegawatt offers the so-called “vegan energy” to consumers nationwide. The company is a subsidiary of the Technische Werke Ludwigshafen AG –a German energy utility. According to the Vegawatt’s website, the power is: “100% solar electricity: environmentally friendly, sustainable and free of bird strikes.”

Sorry, no wind power please

Not surprisingly vegan power from Vegawatt is not allowed to be generated by wind turbines because of bird and bat strikes. Moreover, the destruction of forests to allow the construction of wind parks destroy homes for animals.

According to the DLF, nuclear power, coal power and electricity from biogas plants are unacceptable to vegans as well. Also hydroelectric power is not okay because of fish-kill. The DLF broadcasting wonders: “Are there enough fish ladders?”

Only certain sources of solar power

The only energy that remains which can qualify as vegan power is solar generated electricity. But here not all solar generation systems are certifiable as “vegan”, writes the DLF. For example solar parks built on fields do not qualify because they adversely impact habitats of wild animals.

Solar energy from panels installed on barns are acceptable, but only if the housed animals are “free range” and not kept on an industrial scale of any kind. It’s probably safe to assume that these free-range pasture animals must also later never be slaughtered or milked for the purpose of satiating the appetites of the carnivorous humans.

Also the solar panels probably also need to be installed on buildings that are built to be sustainable, and are not connected to any non-sustainable activity.

Broad market acceptance

According to DLF broadcasting, Vegawatt power has found broad acceptance, especially among the vegan culture, which “can take on partially sectarian characteristics”, says a spokesperson for parent company TWL Energie Deutschland GmbH.

Vegan gas in short supply

Vegawatt also offers “vegan gas”, the DLF reports. But the gas also must be of strictly controlled origins. For example, biogas produced through the fermentation of corn grown as industrial monoculture is not permitted to be given the “vegan” label.

Real vegan gas is currently made from sugar beet residue from sugar beet presses. The sugar beet residue is waste which cannot be used as fertilizer or as feed for animals.

DLF reports: “Since the raw materials for biogas production must also be completely free of animal raw materials, Vegawatt can currently only offer small amounts of vegan gas.”

17 responses to ““Vegawatts” Now Getting Fed Into Energy Grid… German Power Utility Now Offering “Vegan” Electricity And Gas!”

  1. spike55

    The AGW cult really is becoming TOTALLY UNHINGED !!!

    And people who fall for this malarkey…. even more so.

  2. Bitter&twisted

    Anyone who buys into “Vegawatts” must be clinically insane.
    Either that or they have far too much money and enjoy living in the dark.

  3. Sean

    Vegan gas? Must be eating a lot of Sauer kraught.

  4. Adam Gallon

    Is this a newly discovered script for an unrecorded Monty Python’s Flying Circus sketch?

  5. Curious George

    Are vegans permitted to ride horses? Trains? Cars?

  6. Yonason


    How many birds and bats did your vegan certified energy source kill today?



    Vegan electricity is as imaginary as their food.


    “Cats kill more birds than windfarms.” – Greenie Propagandist

    Here kitty kitty.

    Do you think a bird big enough to take down a wolf is at risk from Sylvester the cat? Oh, wait. If you’re a vegan (or a faux greenie), you probably are gullible enough to believe it.

    1. spike55

      Darn, and that’s only a little raptor !!

      Make you wonder what a Wedge-Tail could take on.


  7. Steve

    This morning I will head out for a Vegan walk, get some Vegan air and sun, and polish it all off with some Vegan water.

  8. spike55

    If the “Vegan” electricity is fed through the main electricity connectors,

    .. doesn’t it get mixed with the “really bad” REAL electricity?

    How does the meter know which is which?

    Where’s our troll when we need him, I really am cornfused about this whole “Vegan ” electricity thing.

  9. spike55

    Actually, these vegans have it good,

    Unlimited access to COAL,

    .. which is purely from plants and trees, and does no harm to animals.

  10. spike55
  11. sasquatch

    I was at one time a vegan. All of my gas was vegan generated. I was in no way going to have a diet that consisted of meat and dairy, no eggs, just bunny food.

    The gas has to have some value, vegan gas from humans, it contributed, so pay me.

    One night I dreamt I was eating a roast beef sandwich.

    My vegan days were over and my dream came true, no one should be surprised, a complete diet is what you need to be able to think and survive.

    What a relief the roast beef sandwich was. I could finally eat like a human and have no guilt.

    What vegans do cannot help humanity whatsoever. You compete against yourself, a war, and you will never win.

    1. Yonason


      “…a complete diet is what you need to be able to think and survive.” – sasquatch 3. September 2018 at 1:03 PM

      Yes. It’s the “think” and “survive” that they oppose (but don’t want you to know they do), as Cox & Forkum so astutely portrayed here.

  12. JCalvertN(UK)

    So do they string special exclusive ‘pure extra vegan’ wires from the chosen source of purest power, directly to the vegan volks’ immaculate vegan home to ensure they are UNCONTAMINATED by carnal intercourse with unclean non-vegan power sources?
    Or will they fit some kind of ‘St Peter’ filter on their meter box that is able to interrogate each incoming electron – admitting the vegan-positive ones and rejecting the unclean negative ones.

  13. dodgy geezer

    ….The only energy that remains which can qualify as vegan power is solar generated electricity. But here not all solar generation systems are certifiable as “vegan”, writes the DLF….

    I understand that any large array of solar panels confuses wading birds, who mistake them for lakes. That being the case, Vegawatt can only offer power from isolated single panels – surely they can hardly have any product to sell most of the time?

  14. dennisambler

    Solar power is notoriously unreliable, especially at night.

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