CNN Accused Of Spreading Meat-Is-Bad-For-You “Fake Science” …”CNN Reporter Should Know Better”

CNN and the Guardian just reported on a new study suggesting meat is bad for human health (even though humans and their ancestors have been eating and thriving on it for some 3 million years).

The authors also suggest that the healthy alternative is the vegan diet!

Meat tax “could save 220,000 lives per year”?

The team of scientists led by Dr. Marco Springmann who authored the new study published in the journal Public Library of Science ONE claim that a global meat tax “could save 220,000 lives and cut health care bills by $41 billion” a year.

The study’s authors assert that meat consumption increases risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes, and is even “carcinogenic when eaten in processed forms, including sausages, bacon and beef jerky” and thus comparable to “cigarettes and alcohol”.

11 responses to “CNN Accused Of Spreading Meat-Is-Bad-For-You “Fake Science” …”CNN Reporter Should Know Better””

  1. SebastianH

    Wow, you are surely jumping on that Trump-everything-is-Fake-and-leftist train …

    I just hope you and your fellow skeptics will wake up some day and wonder how you could have been this wrong the whole time. Maybe by „reading more“ helps.

  2. Billy

    Seeing how well Keto and carnivore diets work, I will never go back to eating any major amount of carbohydrates. It is a real revelation to me.

  3. sasquatch

    There is the Howard Lyman story.

    A former rancher from Montana who became a vegetarian.

    Slaughtering animals is not a kind thing to do.

    Howard is just feeling guilty, can’t handle the reality.

    Sorry, Howard, I was once a vegetarian, however, it didn’t last.

    I have chopped off the heads of hundreds of chickens, gutted them, plucked feathers and singed pin feathers. Done it for hours on end. Throw the dead chicken in cold water, two hours, clean them good, freeze them. I don’t like eating freshly butchered chicken the same day that I have butchered them. I feel like the fox guarding the hen house, but too bad. Never cried a tear for the chicken, maybe a few crocodile, but that’s it.

    Butchered deer, made sausage, all of that, I have even caught a fish and eaten fish too. The horror of a diet that includes meat eating. Tell that to the hunters of the wooly mammoth.

    I can’t really see to eye to eye with Mr. Lyman.

    You have to eat and humans just have to know that it is ok to have an order of Kung Pao chicken. The words beef, pork, lamb, are innocuous, you don’t have to feel guilty for eating a burger in Hamburg.

    One thing I know for sure, the Chinese are not going to give up eating Chinese take-out and will not stop eating chicken, pork, shrimp, this list goes on. Not gonna happen.

    Hogs eat what humans eat, compete, the food chain dictates what happens, humans kill hogs so they will stop eating what they eat. Consequently, after you kill the pig, you can dig a pit, then cook the pig with lots of bbq pit sauce. You won’t be going hungry.

    The dogs will be there too, they know what an empty stomach feels like. You just have to know what really is good for you, dogs will show you the way. If you don’t have the Captain Cooker for breakfast, lunch and dinner, dogs will oblige. Don’t argue.

    It is human nature, the hog rooted out your garden, it has to die. There is no love lost, believe me. The gardener is not happy when the wild hogs eat the cabbage, potatoes, celery, beets, and carrots. The hogs are going to be in a sty, then later on, going to be dinner, the end of the story.

    An orangutan story from Vietnam: A soldier on patrol sat down for lunch one day in the jungle. Soon afterwards, an orangutan showed up, the soldier, being kind, fed the orangutan some of his lunch. On day two, the orangutan returned in hopes the soldier would share once more, he did.

    On the third day, the orangutan was waiting for his lunch. He wanted it all, the soldier wasn’t going to give the orangutan all of it. The orangutan proceeded to ‘slap the snot out of the soldier’, the words used in the conversation, and had his lunch the soldier brought for him to have. Can’t make up stuff like that.

    Top of the food chain, the orangutan got what he wanted.

    That is the way it is in this world.

    Smarmy news reporters can go without beefsteak, pork chops, and fried chicken for all I care. Eat the portobello mushroom sandwich then.

    Humans want to be self-righteous, unctuous, all that stuff.

    Once they go hungry, all bets are off.

  4. Brian G Valentine

    If meat was really that bad for Homo Sapiens, that evolutionary line would have perished about one hundred thousand years ago

  5. Brian G Valentine

    Of all people who prepare meat, Germans do it best!

  6. dc

    Maybe I’m kinda lucky, but being out on the bike sometimes pushing it, you can’t whack stew and well-buttered spaghetti x2 big dish-ups about an hour apart an hour or so before. Variations of stuff like penne doesn’t work.

    Similarly,long grain rice is miles better than basmati. Oh, and fling in a thin-sliced red pepper and zero onions.

    [Hunger strikes… beer has been consumed and the fridge is gettin it – ha!].

  7. Steve

    The fact is that meat eaters live longer than vegetarians all over the globe and the same can be said for moderate drinkers who live longer than abstainers.

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