Young Arctic Sunrise Activist Denied Bail…Greenpeace Insists It’s The Moral Conscience, Truth Of The Planet

The latest Greenpeace activist has been denied bail by a Russian court in the Arctic port city of Murmansk. The online Mail here features photos of a young Greenpeace woman-activist behind bars – the face of innocence. Greenpeace portrays itself as the moral and ethical conscience of the planet and insists it is simply an innocent victim […]

Greenpeace Accuses Russian Authorities Of Holding Activists As "Captives"

Greenpeace Accuses Russian Authorities Of Holding Activists As “Captives”

I watched the following  Greenpeace video clip of Camila Speziale, the youngest of the 30 Greenpeace activists. I really wonder if Greenpeace is getting the message at all. I found it peculiar that at the end of the video Greenpeace added the text (my emphasis): “Camila is one of the 30 activists taken captive when […]

Meteorologists Continue Foreseeing Harsh European Winter, "The Worst For Decades" + Greenpeace Update

Meteorologists Continue Foreseeing Harsh European Winter, “The Worst For Decades” + Greenpeace Update

Germany’s online Bild newspaper here quotes German meteorologist Dominik Jung: “For the coming winter give a probability of 70:30% that it’s going to be a colder-than-normal winter.” Photo: SnowKing1, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported. Jung is not the only meteorologist forecasting a colder-than-normal winter. Bild also reports that also Michael Klein of […]

International Experts: Greenpeace An “Extremist Organization” …”Often Uses Illegal Methods”…Now “Getting Its Due”…

The Moscow Times here writes that a Russian court has denied the Greenpeace activists bail, and the prospect of spending a long time in a Russian prison is increasingly becoming a grim reality. But unlike in the past, Greenpeace is now also being sharply criticized worldwide. The English-language Voice of Russia aims harsh criticism at Greenpeace, writing that […]

The Two Faces Of Greenpeace International’s Kumi Naidoo – From No Compromise To “Dialogue Is Paramount”

It’s long been known that Greenpeace environmentalists are condescending, know-it-all activists, who believe to hold the moral high ground, to be the keepers of the truth. That sort of mindset has led Greenpeace activists to a false belief they are above the law, that their perceived law is supreme to everyone else’s. Time and again […]

Russia May Lock Up Some Greenpeace Arctic Activists For Life In Wake Of Combative Tones By Kumi Naidoo

The online Ria Novosti news service has a report on the 30 activists who Russian officials have locked up for allegedly trespassing and attempting to storm onto a platform facility in the Arctic last month. According to the latest report from Ria Novosti, the Russians are now “hinting at drug charges against the Greenpeace activists” and […]

Greenpeace’s Militant Pacifism…Protests Often Turn Violent, Pose A Danger…But Russia Stands Her Ground

Greenpeace is back in the media, right where it likes to be. This is what brings in the donations. But this time they are not finding the headlines quite to their liking as 30 of its members are now being accused of piracy by Russian authorities. Piracy? You mean the peaceful and angelic Greenpeace activists […]

Greenpeace Activists Destroyed Sight-Saving Golden Rice. NYT, Beeb, New Scientist Made False Reports

Greenpeace Activists Destroyed Sight-Saving Golden Rice. NYT, Beeb, New Scientist Made False Reports

Bill Gates tweets Revkin on the need for Golden Rice. Green activists acting out of pure ideology and emotion sabotage sight-saving crop… The True Story About Who Destroyed a Genetically Modified Rice Crop By Mark Lynas Did you hear that a group of 400 angry farmers attacked and destroyed a field trial of genetically modified […]

Embarrassment To Science: WWF Postulates Climate Change Will Lead To More Seafaring Accidents

Die kalte Sonne site here has a report on how the WWF claims that climate change will likely lead to more ship accidents on the high seas, caused by stormier weather. Science Speechless Over Embarrassing WWF Claim: Environmental Activists Postulate More Ship Accidents Due To Climate Change By Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt Former East […]

Veteran German Journalist/Author Michael Miersch: “Green Zeitgeist Is An Anti-Humanistic Ideology Down To Its Roots”

The Foundation for Freedom recently featured a speech by German journalist/author Michael Miersch, whose works often appear at FOCUS and who is a regular contributor at the Achse des Guten (Axis of the Good) blogsite. The title of his speech: “Courage for the Future”. Rarely do I see a message delivered as powerfully as seen by Miersch […]

Number Of German Flyers Who Volunteer to Offset CO2 From Flights Is “Too Small To Be Measurable”!

I often have to listen to German greenies lecture the rest of the world about “responsible behavior” and “climate protection”. But when they are asked to make a contribution, they say no. Per capita, Germans are close to no. 1 worldwide when it comes to flying. And hearing them constantly pontificate about protecting the climate, you’d […]

Now Backyard Barbeques Are Destroying The Planet – Leading German Alarmist Site Frets

The demonization of the outdoor barbecue has begun – expect it to be banned soon in our lifetime. I like visiting the German alarmist websites. Among my favorites is klimaretter “climate rescuers”, a leading alarmist site run by a gaggle of tree-hugging, panic-spreading kooks who insist the end is near. They’re aligned with Joe Romm, Bill McKibben […]

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