Prepare For Climate Change-Related Public Health Scares – New Paper Exposes The Warmists’ Next Mind Games

There’s a new study out titled: A public health frame arouses hopeful emotions about climate change – A Letter in the Journal Of Climatic Change. It is a rare and precious glimpse at the warmists’ future strategy. The study’s conclusion: Framing climate change in terms of public health and/or national security may make climate change more personally […]

Jackboot Warmists – Climate-Science Dissenter Vahrenholt Needed To Use Personal Security For His Safety!

We’ve heard how the warmists have equated critical e-mails they’ve received to “threats to their personal safety”. Well, German climate-catastrophe dissenter Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt, on the other hand, now reveals the real danger of open dissent on climate change science in Germany. He had to be protected by “personal security” from enviro-nutjobs and climate greenshirts. German […]

Environmentalists Take Aim At “Senseless Surfing In The Internet” By Bored People!

Steffen Hentrich here brings our attention to a report appearing in the Austrian pressetext titled: Senseless Surfing in the Internet Is Destroying The Environment“. If the entire Internet were a country, it would be the 5th largest consumer of electricity globally, moaned Claudia Sprinz, super-nag of Greenpeace Austria. And that figure, she claims, will triple […]

Spiegel Lets The Genie Out - Writes On Germany's "Church of Environmentalism" And "Its Absurdities"

Spiegel Lets The Genie Out – Writes On Germany’s “Church of Environmentalism” And “Its Absurdities”

Christian churches nowadays are pretty much always empty in Germany. But there is one church that is always full: the Church of Environmentalism. So comments Jan Fleischhhauer of Spiegel yesterday here. Environmentalism fad in Germany ready for the scrap heap as absurdities get exposed. Public domain photo: John Muir, 1907. Few countries have gone as fanatic as Germany […]

Germany’s War On Skeptics 1: Greenpeace-Germany Labels Vahrenholt “The Ice-Cold Denier”

We always knew they were going to get nasty – really nasty. That’s because we are truly dealing with intolerant zealots here who react viciously and emotionally when their religion comes under fire. Their latest reaction is proof enough. It’s enough to make any normal person sick. These Greenpeace fanatics are losing it. We saw it with […]

Greenpeace Copenhagen Gatecrashers Convicted – Fret They Are Being Persecuted

Here’s something you won’t find in the MSM, but thanks to NoTricksZone, a few of us out there will hear about it. (Just imagine if they had been tea-partiers).It’s official: Some of Greenpeace’s members have found guilty. Eleven activists from Britain, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States were found guilty today […]

Green Party Leader Says Germany Consumes Only 80 Gigabytes Of Power At Lunchtime

One reason for all the hysteria throughout Germany, and elsewhere, is because there are people out there who don’t know what they are talking about. Here’s an example: Cem Özdemir, a leader in Germany’s Green Party, said on national ARD television: You know, we know the arguments. The arguments are not that new. At peak […]

Biofuel Disaster – Environmentalists Backpedalling Big Time, Europe’s Plans Like Adding 26 MIllion Extra Cars To Its Streets

Not long ago, biofuels were vigorously pushed with great enthusiasm and urgency by environmentalist groups, for example Greenpeace here: Instead of cutting tax on fuels that wreck the climate, Gordon Brown should use this week’s budget to boost genuine green fuels like biodiesel, hydrogen and green electricity. And Greenpeace here: Although the plant-based fuel is not […]

Climate Change Dis-Education At German Primary Schools

I’ve mentioned at least a couple of times at this blog how the German public school system is pounding the climate protection religion in school classrooms. For example former minister of environment Sigmar Gabriel of the SPD socialist party was so impressed by Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth propaganda film that he procured 6000 copies and had […]

Reaction From Germany (The Sane Part)

Reaction From Germany (The Sane Part)

Steffen Hentrich of the Liberal Institute at the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation for Liberty blasted the 10:10 No Pressure clip, calling it a manual for climate terrorism. Read here in German. Here the term “Liberal” is the so-called “classic liberal, and not to be confused with the kind one finds in the USA. He warns that the windmills turning in […]

Pachauri: “We Have To Sensitize The Young” – The Next Tool

Scaring the bejesus out of kids and terrorizing them is what IPCC chairman Pachauri advocates to bring about change. h/t: eureferendum.blogspot. It’s an effective way of drawing the parents in emotionally. Celestial Junk has put together a compilation of “fear movies”, targeting children. It’s kind of reminds me of the old mobster line: You’ll do […]

Science And Genocide

I can’t recommend the following video (below) enough: h/t: Stu, reader at Climate Progress. I admit I’m backpedalling, and took the 1010 clip too lightly. I realise now why some people are so very upset about it. They are right to be so. The following video hits it home as to why radical anything is […]

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