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Wikileaks: Officials Knew Way In Advance Copenhagen Would Fail

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI’m wrong with my last post. There is some climate material in those Wikileaks documents. I started sifting through and found this one. Nothing earth-shattering, but you see the deals being done behind the scenes. May 8, 2009 Here we see China was never going to accept any targets on CO2 emissions. But they […]

Wikileaks - Are Climate Documents Getting Buried?

Wikileaks – Are Climate Documents Getting Buried?

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailI’ve been keeping an eye on the Wikileaks disclosure of classified documents, which has deeply embarrassed a wide collection world political leaders, and particularly the US government in general. I was hoping that among all of these confidential documents, some would be protocols, messages or reports on discussions on climate policy. So I did some […]

FOCUS: “Many Of The Widespread Horror Scenarios Are Baseless”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailYesterday I wrote about the latest issue of FOCUS news magazine HERE. I just picked up the new issue, out today, and read it. It’s an unmistakable departure from usual doom and catastropheism, which had generated so much of the fear and urgency needed to justify the rush to reckless policy making and profiteering. FOCUS shows that the urgency […]

Focus Magazine: “Global Warming Is Good For Us”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email**  BREAKING NEWS!   **  BREAKING NEWS! **  BREAKING NEWS! ** Stunning! Another huge slab of the Climate-Berlin-Wall has fallen. It’s a climate skeptic jail-break! I imagine the Climate-Politburo members must be quivering and trembling in their bunkers in Potsdam by now. Big hat-tip to NTZ reader Ike. A leading German news magazine has decided to depart from the […]

Predicting The European Climate From The CET Record - Lesson Learned

Predicting The European Climate From The CET Record – Lesson Learned

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWe were told that the mild winters we experienced in Europe were due to global warming. Now, suddenly, we are getting hit with yet another nasty cold winter. Why? Guest writer Juraj Vanovcan presents his observations and interesting evidence that it has nothing to do with CO2. He presents what I think is an […]

Photo source: Wikipedia

Snow In China Arrives 40 Days Early – 700 Heads Of Livestock Die. Record Cold IN UK

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNot only Europe is getting walloped by winter, so are some regions in China, where the most snow has fallen in 30 years. The early snowstorms have isolated herdsman living in remote areas, see map, and Chinese relief services dispatched assistance. According to Snow storms has hit four towns in Xing’an Prefecture, a pasture […]

Die Zeit Takes Aim At The Skeptics In “The Abetters of Doubt”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe Climate-Berlin Wall surrounding Germany has been cracking for some time now, and crumbling with increasing speed. Die Zeit’s online smear The Abetters of Doubt takes aim at the skeptics, who have scaled the Wall and are exercising their right to free expression. They are hammering away at climate science dogmatism in Germany, much to […]

Dr Böhm, 4th from left. Photo source: ZAMG.

Austrian Weather Service Scientist: COP16 “Usual International Climate Hype”

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email Prof. Hans von Storch’s site Klimazwiebel here brings our attention to a new site called Information portal climate change posted by the Austrian ZAMG – Austria’s Central Bureau for Meteorology and Geophysics. Normally Klimazwiebel posts in English, but because, I suppose, the links and related literature are in German, Prof. von Storch posted this one in German. The new ZAMG site […]

3rd International Climate Conference – Henrik Svensmark Speaking

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email Only 8 days to go! A new paper published today in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics suggests that the relationship proposed by Henrik Svensmark is supported. Svensmark proposes that changes in the sun’s magnetic field modulate the density of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) which in turn seed cloud formation on Earth, which changes the albedo/reflectivity […]

NAO headed into negative mode, rbinging hot summers and cold winters. Source: Wikipedia

Negative NAO Bringing Cold Winters Back To Europe

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailScandinavia is getting hit hard by extreme cold weather and snowfall, and central Europe is about to follow. Temperatures in northern Sweden have plummeted below the -30°C mark. I don’t know if any records have been broken – perhaps our Swedish readers can let us know. For years we heard that the warm winters in […]

Happy Thanksgiving! The Pilgrims Adapted (And Avoided The Folly Of Mitigation)

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailAs an American citizen living in Germany, today is just another regular work day here, but of course I still celebrate Thanksgiving, and do so by having a lavish turkey dinner on Friday evening with friends and family. For the non-Americans who visit this site,  here’s a short version of how Thanksgiving started and became a […]

Extreme Winter Weather…-36°C…Sweden Calls In The Military!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailThe winter has even overwhelmed winter-hardened Sweden. So much so that the military has been called out to assist. Temperatures as low as -36 degrees Celsius have been recorded in Sweden as snowfalls and storm winds play havoc with transport services. Transport agency calls for caution after snow (23 Nov 10) Sweden braces for […]

Predictions Of Warm Winters Get Buried In Ice

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailWith the bitter cold and snowfall forecast for the days ahead in northern and central Europe, this winter is truly shaping up to be the 3rd consecutive hard winter to batter Europe with snow and cold. This of course all flies in the face of projections made 10 years ago and even less. I thought […]

Green Police Orders Confiscation Of Enviro-Contraband

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+email Lubos Motl here wrote up a piece on this story about 2 German engineers who were busted for attempting to bring environmental contraband (incandescent light bulbs) across the Climate Berlin Wall. Last year the EU banned the 100-watt bulbs as the start of an incandescent light bulb phase-out that will take place over the […]

Dr. Karsten Brandt says CO2 is completely overblown in climate models. Photo source:

Meteorologist Dissects Computer Model Forecasts Made By State-Funded Climatologists

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA couple of days back I wrote about a German meteorologist Dr. Karsten Brandt here, who claims climate prognoses are “not worth the paper they are printed on“. At his website here, Germany’s new climate enfant terrible posted a report titled: The Future Of Our Climate In Europe (in German) where he fires blistering criticism at […]

Another One Makes It Through!

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailA top East European climatologist, who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with UN global warming colleagues, jumps a sinking ship as ocean data signals a cooler climate. Dr. Lucka Kajfež Bogataj left cold clear water between herself and her former UN shipmates by declaring that rising levels of airborne carbon dioxide probably don’t cause […]

Extreme Cold To Grip Europe. Forecast -38°C in Switzerland…Will Be Even Colder Later…Pattern Not Seen in 70 Years.

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailComputers have been forecasting a wicked cold winter for Europe this year. Looks like it’s shaping up to be just that. Later this week a blast of Arctic air is set to sweep across northern and central Europe, as a huge high pressure zone off in the Atlantic combined with low pressure system Gundula to […]

Swiss Academy Of Sciences: Skepticism Is Scientific - Unless It Comes From Climate Skeptics

Swiss Academy Of Sciences: Skepticism Is Scientific – Unless It Comes From Climate Skeptics

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailPro-Clim, a forum of the Swiss Academy of Sciences, has recently put out a news release titled: The Arguments of the Climate Skeptics. Below you’ll find the news release translated in English by yours truly. Hat tip to NoTricksZone reader John Patagon. The Swiss Academy is apparently unswayed by the change in direction recently adopted by the […]

Papers Show Low CO2 Climate Sensitivity

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailNTZ reader and contributor Ed Caryl brings us his newest essay. This one is about the climate’s (low) sensitivity to CO2. ================================================================== On CO2, Did You Know That… ? By Ed Caryl Nearly all the papers on CO2 and high global warming are based on climate models, not actual data. Did you know that there […]

Climate Hypocrite Of The Week: Disney And Selena Gomez

Share this…FacebookTwitterGoogle+emailSometimes you have a slow day in climate news and so you have to post something trivial. This is such a post. But it’s short.Hollywood environmental campaigns always seem to involve some “star” who sings and lectures us on saving the planet. But then the star hops on a private jet and flies circles around the […]

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