Branding of Dissenters Has Begun – Clearing The Path To A Climate Science Pogrom

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UPDATE: Lubos Motl here.

What is it with these intolerant zealots who refuse to learn anything from history?

Right smack on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, German Parliamentarians, in a frontal assault, are now openly calling out and branding scientists for the crime of scientific dissent. These out-of-control parliamentarians are demanding that the German government take a position against dissenting views in climate science.

What a number of zealous German parliamentarians are calling for borders on a call to launch a science pogrom.

The climate dogmatists are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the scepticism, free speech, and dissent now spreading in Germany and Europe, and therefore want to stamp it out using the might of the federal government – and now.

The upcoming 3rd International Climate and Energy Conference, REGISTER HERE, has got them spooked as well.

Journalist Dirk Maxeiner here brings our attention to the latest development on the exploding intolerance that has gripped certain factions in Germany. Maxeiner publishes the text of a query written by the Green parliamentarians sent to the German government, read below.

As the text shows, branding of climate science dissenters has begun. Fred Singer and EIKE (European Institute For Climate and Energy) are the first to feel the sting of the denier-branding-iron. German greenshirts have sent the bloodhounds afterFred Singer because of his speech in a German parliamentary forum discussion on the economic impacts of climate protection held by the FDP Free Democrats, the junior coalition partner of Angela Merkel’s CDU/FDP coalition government. Read background here.

Some may think that I’m being over-dramatic here. I am not. The situation that the few, yet very vocal, sceptics face here is precarious. Just read the following query written by a faction of Parliamentarians to the German Government, translated of the German text presented at Dirk Maxeiner’s site (emphasis added, and note the use of the term “denier” throughout the text):

Short Query [from the Green faction of Parliamentarians to the German Government]

from Parliamentarians Dr. Hermann Ott, Bärbel Höhn, Hans Josef Fell, Sylvia Kotting-Uhl, Oliver Kriseher, Undine Kurth (Quedlinburg), Nicole Maisch, Dorothea Steiner and the Parliamentary party BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN (ALLIANCE 90 / THE GREENS)

Subject: Deniers of climate change in the coalition government

The so-called “climate change sceptics” or “climate change deniers” for years have been a permanent fixture in American politics. Their influence on American politics is not insignificant. They are mainly supported and funded by the fossil fuels industry like Exxon (Esso) or Koch Industries. Now it appears that their influence is now growing in Germany and in Europe. In the past weeks various press releases and other reports have appeared in the “Financial Times Deutschland” and news magazine “Der Spiegel” about on how certain climate change deniers were given a discussion forum by the CDU and FDP Bundestag’s factions and that some parliamentarians of the ruling CDU and FDP factions were sympathetic to the ideas put forth by climate denier Fred Singer. This and a range of other activities by the so-called climate sceptics in Germany compel us to ask the German Government for its assessment.

We ask the German Federal Government:

1. Is the German Government aware of a scientifically published paper that has been subjected to peer review that questions climate change caused by man, and that is supported by scientific data?

2. In the view of the German Government’s leadership, is there a scientific discussion on whether climate change is taking place and whether man has a decisive impact on climate?

3. Is the German Government aware of the publications from American physicist Fred Singer on the subject of climate protection? How does the German Government view the scientific reputation of Mr Singer in regards to climate protection?

4. For the German Government, do the arguments made by Fred Singer and other arguments presented have merit and are they “enlightening”? How do you assess the statements by Mr Singer that “Politicians that are embedded in climate change are more dangerous than climate change itself”?

5. Is the German Government aware of the ideas Mr Singer has previously promoted? What is your view on the fact that he, for example, questioned the hazards of passive smoke, or that he contested the fact the ozone layer was damaged by CFCs, or that he trivialized acid rain? With this background, how does the German Government judge the credibility of Fred Singer’s activities with regards to climate protection?

6. Is the German Government aware of who financed Mr Singer for his activities? Is the Federal Government aware of the funders who – like Exxon und Koch Industries in den USA – fund the activities of the climate change deniers in Germany?

7. Does the German Government share the opinion that events involving Mr Singer provide a forum for the pure interests of the fossil fuel industry, and thus enhance their unscientific work and non-serious activities?

8. Are there voices within the German Government who question the anthropogenic causes of climate change?

9. How does the German Government view the activities of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) with regards to climate change? EIKE is supported by Fred Singer. In the Federal Government’s view, does the Institute work on the scientific question regarding the subject of climate change?

10. Is the German Government aware of whether climate denier conferences are also being financed by public funds, for example by the Liberal Institute of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation?

11. Fundamentally, does the German Government approve of the use of public funds for spreading the ideas of climate deniers like Fred Singer?

Berlin, 3 November 2010

Renate Künast, Jürgen Trittin and Fraction


There it is folks. All this because some people are asking questions about the science. These Green radicals are scared crapless.  Their media hacks did everything possible to slander and destroy Fred Singer, EIKE, and other dissenting German scientists – but to no avail.

Now for the first time they’re going after the liberty-oriented Liberal Institute of the Friedrich-Naumann-Foundation. They are de facto demanding a declaration of war on scientists and groups that have a different opinion. This level of intolerance has not been seen in Germany in over 65 years. This is their “Either-you’re-with-us-or-against us” declaration to Angela Merkel’s coalition government made up of the CDU Christian Democratic Union and FDP Free Democratic Party.

I hope this query backfires. It would be deserved.

Read here on what happens when someone dares to speak up in Germany.


83 responses to “Branding of Dissenters Has Begun – Clearing The Path To A Climate Science Pogrom”

  1. Michael Snow

    Too bad that this American sentiment [though also ignored here on this and other topics] does not find a place there:

    Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas stated (1953): “Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us.”

  2. Ernst

    The current CO2 rise is unprecedented in 800,000 years of ice core history. The Vostok samples show that CO2 has always lagged by a few hundred years behind temperature rise. What there is no precedent for is our current man-made record spike in CO2. What we are flirting with here is an unprecedented and unpredictable catalyst effect of driving temperature with a preceding CO2 rise which has never been seen before. What is unknown is if this unprecedented man-made CO2 spike could trigger a catastrophic temperature reaction of unknown proportion. Temperature history shows incidents where sharp rises occurred in relatively short earth periods of just a few hundred years or less. So we know Earth is capable of extreme shifts that if they occurred might cause events that could literally kill billions of people.
    I wonder if these typical knee-jerk petty politics live up the ‘real’ potential of what we are talking here? ‘Totalitarian’ would be a mild word in comparison to the epic (really, ‘biblical’) moral depravity involved in entertaining such petty and corrupted politics in the face of this. I think some people are in denial that we now live in a world that is overpopulated, has its natural feedback mechanisms compromised, and is facing world environmental problems because of that. I don’t need this proven to me with pathetically self-serving blind politics designed by people in denial of the obvious.

    1. DirkH

      I’ll have what Ernst had.

      1. Michael Snow

        ROFL. Whatever Ernst had, he could write some fantastic science fiction!

    2. DirkH

      I start to think that Ernst is really one of our typical Green followers. Now, let’s look at one of his statements.
      “I think some people are in denial that we now live in a world that is overpopulated, has its natural feedback mechanisms compromised, and is facing world environmental problems because of that. I don’t need this proven to me ”

      Now, while Germany is surely a densely packed country, we have an overall stagnating population and continuing concentration in metropolitan areas. The Stern, a German left-of-center mainstream publication, had a series of reports about crumbling towns in the countryside 2 years ago.

      Not much overpopulation there… Ernst probably lives in a densely packed metropolitan area and doesn’t even know about the emptiness in a lot of places in Germany.

      “has its natural feedback mechanisms compromised” — Now, Ernst, how would one compromise a feedback mechanism; you really can’t do that without changing the laws of physics, think about it for a minute.

      “I don’t need this proven to me ” – If you don’t need proof, then you’re a True Believer; and that is exactly what Pierre’s post is all about. The True Believer as defined by Eric Hoffer:

      I hope this helps you overcome your limitations and develop a bit of reflection.

  3. Wind Energy

    Absolutley it is one of the best articles which I have read ! Great !

  4. Bernd Felsche

    Dr Thüne writes (in German) on the advance of pseudo-religions.

    It’s a long, complicated piece about environmentalism as a religion that remains unchallenged by the Churches; to their own undoing. I chose the following excerpt to translate at random.

    “Climate protection isn’t just protecting creation; climate protection is a manifestation of atheist, anthroprogenic megalomania and omnipotence. … ‘Environmentalism’ is global and has powerful connections in politics, commerce and science. It is the ideal Ersatz-religion which can be easily used in a new world order. The economic/utilitarian aspects of the religion fit the globalised world like a glove.”

  5. Ernst

    Any smart person could see the contempt and deficiency of honest substance in the replies. These people are not afraid to say the world doesn’t have a population problem. They are simply fringe knee-jerks as they show. Any smart person can see they don’t do honesty or sincere recognition as shown in their replies -or lack of them. They are mainly a mob movement. (Which is why some feel the need to control them). – Thanks.

    Nature doesn’t do politics – it does extinction.

    1. DirkH

      Indeed, the world does not have a population problem, you understood that correctly. If you need to know more, read “The Skeptical Environmentalist” by Björn Lomborg. HTH.

  6. Ike
  7. Gerhard Kramm

    This brief query of the Parliamentary Green Party to the German Government reflects the latent tendency to fascism, now ecologically motivated. This eco-fascism is also the basis for “A Global Contract for the Great Transformation” (see and ). It has been fully supported by Chancellor Merkel’s 1st Cabinet (see Lists of Participants). This means that not only the Parliamentary Green Party, but also other Parliamentary Parties (CDU/CSU, SPD) are involved.

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